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Part 154, Breaking Taboos: Social Disclosure by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 05/10/13

Today we would like to talk about the ongoing Ascension process. We know you never get tired of updates, especially those which give you some news about the progress toward the uncloaking of ships. Your imaginations are vivid and accurate – you know it will have a very powerful effect on the psychological state of the population when it happens. We believe this is true, for the most part.

Of course, there are still many who trust in the system of values and beliefs you live by now – the religious and social mores which organize your lives. It is difficult, well, nearly impossible, for instance, for them to imagine a world without money or financial systems, without the need for work that absorbs half of everyone’s adult life. They cannot conceive of a life in which “leisure time” is considered living your life. The equation work=responsibility is so ingrained in the consciousness of the people that they cannot imagine a life in which a painter or a musician is valued the way corporate executives are now, and where there are no corporations, nor any need for them.

Now, how do we help the civilization of Planet Earth to rework their belief systems to make room for understandings which defy description in the language you have been raised with, and the concepts you take for granted? We have been working hard to provide you with new information which will stretch your brain connections to make space for the understanding of things which are largely derided or disparaged in your culture.

For instance, sensitivity is a given in higher dimensions. The ability to sense others’ feelings and thoughts is as natural as breathing among beings who communicate telepathically. It would be the equivalent to being deaf and blind for a being to be without the powerful gift of sensitivity – the full use of the senses. In your so-called modern cultures it is considered a weakness – the province of weaklings and sissies, which is also defined as synonymous with female.

How are we to even transmit the simple idea that women are equal to men? and that children deserve respect as much as adults do? There are still large areas of the world where a female child is considered a burden and a curse, while a male child is celebrated. These are not cultures in which the slightly larger physical stature of the male is valued because of his ability to lift heavy objects, for that is not the most important attribute of the male in any culture. There does still remain the sad truth that men do have greater physical strength than women, and can thereby threaten them with bodily harm. This is an extremely primitive level of development.

Imagine, for instance, the reaction of a Right-wing Fundamentalist religious group where hatred and contempt for freedom of choice in every area of life is the norm. What will be the effect of uncloaking and landings to a group of people who despise anyone who is not exactly like them in their beliefs and ways. They are abusive because most of the have been abused at one stage of their lives or another. Their lives are governed by fear, and by the arrogance that springs from fear. Will they gladly accept the suggestions for changing their culture toward gentler and kinder ways, as presented by, say, Athena, whose ship is called “Dove?”

Will any of the large institutions of Planet Earth be willing to voluntarily accept that the era of the feminine has begun, and that in the millennia to come women will be the leaders while men play a supporting role? Advanced technology will not only replace oil, gas and nuclear power. It will also level the physical differences between male and female. When children can drive and women can work at any endeavor a man can, how will males find their balance and their self-worth?

So you see, Dear Ones, there is much more to this decloaking business than simply showing the world that you are not alone, or that your Brothers and Sisters are not hostile. There is the profound experience of Culture Shock to be taken into account. We know from past experience that poor people who win the lottery often wind up a year later with less than they started with. We also know that disruptions in the social network are frequently accompanied by increases in violence and mental illness. We are concerned for the peace of mind of the weakest among you – the vulnerable children and the single mothers, and those in areas of poverty where mobilizing the police force to “keep peace” could create great danger for the inhabitants.

There are, as we have said, numerous variables to be considered as we move toward the greatest Shift to be accomplished in the history of the Universe. It is requiring an educational campaign worldwide to prepare the people for change in the very foundational assumptions which order your world. This series of messages is one of those campaigns. It has had a very positive effect across the U.S and Canada. It is now also picking up steam around the world. It is being read on every continent, in most of the countries of the world.

Now we ask you to help us by sending this message on to five of your friends or family members who have never seen them before. Yes, we are creating a “chain letter,” and it is truly for the Greater Good! Please help us to educate the entire world about The True Way, and to help them feel comfortable with making contact with the Star Brothers and Sisters who have come to help, to share, and to express their love and concern for your welfare. It is our hope to create an environment in which no one will be shocked or terrified; no one will be completely unaware of the growing presence of benevolent ships which are waiting to make friendly contact with you, their little sister planet.

Many governments around the world have very recently agreed to open their files to reveal the truth about past contacts with extraterrestrial life. So far, there has been a boycott on spreading the good news which is being uncovered. As we have told you, the mass media is for the most part useless now, since nearly all the news outlets on the planet are owned by three or four powerful entities which intend to maintain the status quo. The others are simply cowed into offering nothing but celebrity news and a few tidbits of local politics, mostly focusing on the personalities and sexual habits of individuals.

We have often said that everything is perfect just as it is, that events unfold as they need to, and that all will be uncovered when the time is right. This is true of the era you are living through now. Look how the seemingly trivial pursuit of lurid sexual details has had a liberalizing effect on attitudes about sexuality and reproduction. Movie stars who uncover and celebrate their growing bellies and their nursing habits have finally, with the endless repetition of these images, broken down the taboo against associating sex and reproduction! The new interest in celebrity children is opening up a new focus on children and their care, accompanied by a spirited debate about what is and is not good for them.

The iconic photographs of pregnant women have finally, by repeated exposure, extinguished the aversion to discussing, or even acknowledging issues surrounding bonding, marriage, sexuality and childrearing in a way that would have been impossible just 50 years ago. Publicly indulged voyeurism has brought to the light what really happens when two people begin a partnership with the intention of creating a family, and what helps or hinders that process. It is truly a New Era of Enlightenment, where bringing daylight to the hidden corners of life has finally begun to encourage sensitivity to the needs of pregnant mothers and the men who have been equally involved in the creation of new life, and to the profound responsibilities it entails.

Would you have thought, a few years ago, that the Kardashian habit of flaunting and exploiting the voluptuous female form would have led to a series of family life lessons in glorifying reproductivity in addition to showcasing the sexuality of a multiracial family? It has had a greater influence on reducing racial tensions and prudery than 50 years of civics and health class lessons could have accomplished. These themes have laid the groundwork for what is to come: the opening up of the last bastion of secrecy and “privacy” – the belief systems and practices of various religious groups. The precious quality of irreverence has begun to enter the bloodstream of the previously hidebound, self-righteous North American people. Freedom cannot be far behind.

You see, Beloved Children, as in the past, the fears about the dissolution of “family values” – really the fear of open questioning and intelligent discourse – have been proven groundless. Television and the internet have worked their magic. The world is constantly being exposed to an onslaught of images of cowering women in burkas, side by side with daily documentation of the growing bellies of bikini-clad tanned and healthy bodies of proud Western women. Can one planet sustain such absurd contrasts for long? We hope not.

We have given you just a glimpse of the progress toward Disclosure. You were not aware, were you, of what was really in need of disclosure, beyond the activities of the cabal and the Galactic Forces of Light? The opening of minds and hearts is an ongoing worldwide process, and the groundwork is being laid in living rooms and kitchens across the globe. Do your part, Dear Ones, to speed the process by now throwing open the doors to a new view of what Life really entails, beyond the boundaries of the 3dimensional worldview of the past.

We celebrate your growing Vision, your efforts at self-reflection and honesty, and your newfound camaraderie in the Lightworker community. We urge you to continue your push to open yourselves and others to new possibilities, the likes of which you have not even begun to envision yet.

We are Mother/Father God, in company with the gathering Legions of Light.

Via Kathryn May, May 10, 2013, 3 am. http://www.whoneedslight.org

The result is becoming unmistakable. – channeled by Ron Head May 2, 2013


Our message today begins with our congratulations to the channel on his safe and successful move to his new home. We know that he is aware of all the help we were able to provide in that endeavor, and we are gratified that he accepted that help with open heart and mind. Much will be accomplished now.

Our main topic for this message will be, in fact, the help that we can provide now when one discovers and moves onto the path toward fulfilling his or her life contracts. We wish that a new word could be used for that, as it implies things in your current usage that do not apply, however the word will do for now.

These contracts do not have penalty clauses. There is only the promise of fulfillment when they are completed. And let us state now that they are subject to being changed or “upgraded” as your lives progress and your external and internal situations change. The councils, as they have been called, in which these contracts are agreed upon are always, always in session, and you visit them regularly, if you but knew it.

Very soon, as measured in our consciousness, you will become much more aware of these things, and your feelings of having things thrust upon you by fate will dissipate accordingly. Nothing, of course, is, or has ever been, thrust upon you. You are and have always been a free and divine entity. Your circumstances have, at all times been in agreement with your choices, but your choices and the memories of your reasoning have been hidden from yourselves, by yourselves, in order to learn lessons that you felt you needed. You will be ecstatic when you discover what you have accomplished by this, and you have not much longer to wait before the ‘awakening’, as you call it, reaches further and further into earthly consciousness.

You are all lifting each other day by day now, and the result is becoming unmistakable. Continue. Continue. Continue. We shall also continue our loving support in all ways possible.

We end now, for the moment. Good day, dear friends.

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Citizen Hearing on Disclosure – Day 1

Montague Keen’s Message for Sunday, 21st April 2013

The Montague Keen Foundation

On this, the anniversary of your return to Earth, we in Spirit wish you a very special day with your family. You were blessed, my dear, with a caring and supportive family. I am happy to be part of it. It is my soul family.

We watch the chaos in your world. The cabal is becoming careless in its desperation to hold control. Because people are now awake and aware, they cannot be fooled so easily anymore.

The American people have shown courage. They released the EVIDENCE of what they had just experienced and they refused to accept the official line about what they were told had happened in Boston. This is a great step forward in the pursuit of truth. You must now ask yourselves why your TV and newspapers are not interested in the truth. Why do the authorities still insist that their version of events is the truth? How can you ever trust them again? It is obvious that they are a propaganda tool, to keep you in the dark and under control.

There will come a time, soon, when people will switch off the so-called “News” and you will show the cabal that you are no longer puppets; obediently accepting as fact all that they put before you. You are taking responsibility for your own lives and you refuse to be as sheep, obeying the orders of those who are trying to take-over Planet Earth.

When you come together and find your voice, you will experience a freedom and a purpose of such monumental importance that nothing else will matter. You will know, without doubt, that you are on the right track and that this is why you are on Earth at this time. You are the powerful 99%, who say NO to the take-over. Why would you hand over all that is rightfully yours so that you become mere slaves to the usurpers. Did they really believe that you would not be helped to see the Light of Truth?

It has taken much effort to expose the corruption of religion. Fear, through mind control, has been its greatest weapon. When you research for yourselves the truth of how such religions came to exist in the first place, their stories are exposed as a tissue of lies. When religions are removed, then mankind will come together and live as one. All that was stolen will be returned to the people and will be shared by all. Go into your hearts, then you will know the right path to take. You will guided by love and this will change how you perceive everything. The false reality will be exposed and discarded. Man will come together in truth and light. All will be revealed and you will learn about your planet and how man was created to inhabit it. You will learn that everything that man could possibly need is there in plenty, freely available to all. It is just a question of education. Once all the facts are placed before you and all that is corrupt is removed, then you will accept a new way of living life on Earth, free of stress and hardship. It was never meant to be as it is today.

Wars are instigated to cull the population and to create wealth for those who control you. All the so-called reasons for killing will be removed when the parasites leave your planet. You are facing a bright new future. It is up to all of you to come together and share your knowledge and expertise in order to create a world where peace and love reign. You will have help from those who are waiting in the wings in readiness for the right moment to make themselves known to you. Trust me, you are not alone in this great endeavour. You know in your souls that you can do it. You were chosen to be on Earth at this time. Look to the future, not the past: the past is over, but the future is your New Beginning. Mankind has waited a long time for this moment. Savour every moment of it.

It is time to prepare for the future. Educate yourselves, as armed with real facts, you will then be equipped to make the right decisions.

Food production is of the greatest importance. Look to hydroponics as much of your soil has been deliberately contaminated. There are ways around everything. It is just a question of knowing which path to take. We will guide you.

The importance of water needs to be understood. This, too, has been contaminated. It will take a little time to put all this right. Just trust that it will be done. Help is at hand.

You have survived so much already. You have been attacked in every possible way and they have failed to wipe you out. Man is a strong species, he is meant to survive. All will become clear when you have the facts.

My dear wife is celebrating her 76th birthday today. She needs to prepare to receive her guests, so please understand that we must finish for today. My wife assures me that the information about what the Irish people have done will be made available here for you to study for yourselves. Remember . . . together you will succeed !

Veronica, my dear, enjoy your special day. We are all with you in Spirit.

Our love is with you. Your adoring, Monty.

Melchizedek ~A huge shift has occurred together with a cleansing in the hearts of all of you~ Channeled by Méline Lafont ~ 9 February 2013


Beloveds, how extraordinary this day has turned out to be. A huge shift has occurred together with a cleansing in the hearts of all of you. Allow those shifts/cleansings to take place, let them flow the way they are supposed to flow. All too often this process goes hand in hand with certain difficulties as it is human nature to hold onto everything you hold dear, everything that is familiar and that has brought you a certain grandeur. You carried this all with you during countless incarnations as well as in your current one.

It has become a habit, it has even become self-evident to consider everything you see outside of yourself as the truth. After thousands of years the cycle has now ended, the tide has turned and the light has increased. Now these ‘truths’ are over and done with; the time has come for other truths to come to light. The current times in which you find yourselves introduce those other truths, the present day is the one in which a light will be turned on to show you definitively that everything that once was considered obvious now turns out to be a big lie.

As Masters we take our responsibilities very seriously and our goal is to see you all, one by one, make your Ascension. With Ascension we mean the complete recovering of your True Self coupled with the full acceptance of who you are. Ascension has to do with recovering your true Self, your Light, your energetic imprint and your freedom in all of this for you are freedom. You are immortal and you are everything that the Light is.

There is a beginning, however there is no end; there is a knowing but there is no uncertainty; there is feeling but there is no deception. Today I want to elaborate on the topic of “deception”. Many times the term ‘deception’ has been used in relation to the dark forces. But, as a matter of fact, there never was such a thing as ‘deception’ : all in all, there is only 1 word that covers ‘deception’ and that is ‘illusion’. Do you see how ‘illusion’ has to do with ‘deception’ in this context? The actual illusion is thinking that deception exists at all.

Deception is a word formation, made through human thoughts and human projections. Deception is actually non existent as there is ‘free will’ and when a soul chooses to deliberately experience ‘deception’ than there is in fact no ‘deception’ but rather the version of ‘their’ truth. The focus can be on a ‘game’ which is played out with this intention and the ones who choose to have this experience, this creation, are the pawns as it were on this board game.

Create your own board game in which you are the pawn who creates only the more pleasant experiences and worlds which you want to visit and fully experience. Split yourself in your truths in which the term ‘deception’ remains absent. It is high time you left this illusion, together with countless other illusions, for what they are without ever considering them as truth again.

There is no such thing as deception, there is only the choice to experience the wrong influences. You resonate with what your heart tells you and that is a good thing as your heart is strongly linked with your Higher Self and with your divine I AM Presence, the Source of All That Is. Try to look from a certain distance at what you would call ‘deception’, look at what you stick to it, look what you make of it. Get the charges, which are a result of human thinking off, and look at the pure essence of that energy, that energy that is created out of light but was distorted gradually till it became a word, a certain heaviness, placed in the living world of the humans.

Look through this and see everything as a construction from the Light placed in a living world which is called the 3rd Dimension, a world of duality and of illusion. The world in which you live is a hologram, specifically designed to enable you to create based on free will, and to explore it with your own self made creations. It all boils down to free will and in this context there can be no such thing as deception as it has always been the free will of all of you to experience everything to a certain degree, no matter what it was, as long and as deep as you wished it to be. These are your own creations, one by one, the Light ones as well as the dark ones.

But my beloveds, I, Melchizedek, will not deny that, during the period of duality, you have been played with a lot. A lot of tampering went on with your souls and all too often objectionable issues were done in order to keep you all locked in this prison of the free will. Even that fact I won’t deny. It has all gone too far and your hearts have massively chosen to once and for all end this, with a little help from the Higher Realms.

This call for assistance has been answered beautifully as in the meantime a very big shift has occurred and many more big ones are to follow. The collective of humanity has massively chosen for change, for renewals and for clearings. Our beloved family, you are now in the midst of this process, and the hard labours begin to pay off when viewing the renewed hearts which are flourishing and lightning up in Love for each other and for the whole world of GAIA.

Allow your physical vessels to harmonize and gradually integrate your light energies in them. This is a huge process, requiring much of your physical temples, all too often leading to physical exhaustion. Turn each page over, one at a time, and notice how you evolve smoothly and gradually till you reach the next chapter in your creation : a chapter in the book of your pure essence. It is an everlasting book; it is the book of Life.

Welcome the next chapter : the chapter of enlightenment, renewal and communication. We are all One and I now expect a massive change to occur on the Earth plane which will clarify much on Earth, leading up to a smooth evolution and to a world of Being based on clarity.

Namaste, Melchizedek

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Saint Germain ~Your own creations brings you now all to enligtenment ~ by Méline Lafont

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(I have received this message on the evening of 20/12/2012 during my retreat but was unable to post it then due to no internet connections where I was holding my retreat.  This is why I am only able to post this now.  Méline ♥)

Greetings I AM Presences on Earth. The time has now arrived to lift yourself out of the knowledge and the creations of your being that are pertaining to the 3rd Dimension. Now is the time to preoccupy yourself with renewed creations and with a renewed Higher Self. Let me entrust to you and inform you that this is your new opportunity to transcend yourself out of this illusory way of thinking, of creating and of living. You are all enabled now to once and for all stop this way of living and to enlighten yourself in such a manner that this old familiar world doesn’t affect your I AM Presence anymore

You can enjoy all the serenity in your environment and see and feel only Love and nothing else. Uplift the knowledge and the standards of your Being by using this enlightenment and this huge portal and take it to heart. Remain in a state of Love in such a way that nobody or nothing can disturb you, while you continually have faith in yourself. You are your own key to enlightenment and because of that fact you are the most important key in this whole process

When the moment of choice is upon you to choose enlightenment and your heart is accordingly programmed, you will experience a huge activation in order to bring you to this enlightenment. Fix your focus firmly on your goals, go through the necessary processes which will lead you as far as your goal. You are entitled to know that a soul should make a certain choice in this important time-space moment so as to be able to handle this opportunity of enlightenment. Without a clear-cut choice for enlightenment there’s no chance of it coming to pass. And this choice should be made with all of your heart and all of your soul before continue working on this enlightenment. Persistance and force are necessary for you to take this immense leap and patience is a great virtue

Patience for a gradual transition until one knows that his time to enlightenment is NOW complete and will take place. It all boils down to self-confidence coupled with the knowing that you are the process : You are transforming, You are transcending, You are fading out in one world and activating in another world,You are walking on all the roads that lead to the same source of enlightenment,You create yourself on Multi-dimensional worlds, You forgive, You forgive others, You lower yourself vibrationally or not and on the other side you forgive yourself or you don’t. This all points to the fact that You all bring yourselves to where You are now and that is a FACT

There are no coincidences, there are no accidents, there is only a state of being. It is so and so it is! It is not by accident that you are here in this very special NOW moment on Earth, cooperating on this great Divine Plan. Speak your hearts NOW, beloveds, and listen carefully what this Divine spark tells you, for it contains the inner wisdom it has gathered throughout all your incarnations (whether human or otherwise), throughout multidimensional, parallel and planetary levels and in Omniversal Realities. It is the inner wisdom of the Divine spark which is your real self-image. Call on this spark now to bring you NOW to exploring your Self and to activate your true Being, fully integrated in your current consciousness.

This state of consciousness of yours will surpass everything experienced up until now for enormous proportions and dito gradations are received during this shift, those proportions/gradations have always seemed unreal. But I tell you all that nothing is unreal for the only unreality is thinking that something can be unreal. Only this created illusion contains a form of unreality, for it is based in human thinking and in taking the human thoughtforms as a reality. One fills one’s own pockets with unreal things fully knowing that this fact in itself will cause a setback over time.

Now you are given the opportunity to duly reverse the created worlds and dito thoughtforms and patterns once and for all. Each pattern has its own thoughtform which can, on the most inappropriate moments, haunt you : at least so it appears in thinking of it. Moreover, accepting that these thoughts are of your own making is often a stumbling block, it is even a denial of …

What has to happen now is the recognition of your own thoughtforms which make up your world and your vessels, forming them into what they are. Acknowledge those thoughtforms and use only those that you want to use and disconnect yourself from all others. You can observe  them as your own creations which are associated with you and which you feed. Stop feeding unhealthy issues and voilà : everything unhealthy will no longer block your path.

It requires the skill of constantly being able to rise above these petty issues, above those always returning thoughtpatterns,where mediation from your own light is required.. Your journey will nowbecome increasingly enlightened : you are only progressing forward now and not even an inch backwards.

I would so like to see you join this enlightenment, this is my wish and the dream I so yearn will be realized for all of you. I AM Saint Germain, your prophet of this new Age and with all of my Love for humanity and your planet, I embrace you all! And so it is!

Saint Germain

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Natalie Glasson: Archangel Metatron ~ Ascension Shifts 21/12/12

Archangel Metatron

During these sacred times of being incubated in the love of the Creator, I wish for you to know that I draw close to you as do the angelic kingdom to be of support and service. The transition that you are experiencing now, whether they appear small or large to you will alter your state of awareness, heightening your spiritual abilities and amplify your intuition. There is a need to allow your sensitivity and awareness of yourself and intuition to be heightened as you delve deeper within your being to draw the truth of the Creator and your soul into the physical reality and the sun light of the Earth once more.

Through each and every soul of the Creator energies are activating from ancient times and civilisations to imprint once more on the consciousness and awareness that is arising from humanity and every soul aspect of the Creator. Sacred truths of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and many sacred civilisations and sites on the Earth are now being anchored into the Earth and reawakened within the consciousness of humanity through the expression of your soul energy and truth. You and every being focusing upon ascension at this time is projecting ancient wisdom that now needs to be perceived and retained in the consciousness of humanity to bring forth the unity of divine consciousness on the Earth.

As we begin to free ourselves from the past and embark on a new journey of ascension we cannot forget what has been sacred and treasured within each civilisation on the Earth, with radiance from every soul and unity we can restore the conscious enlightenment and awareness of humanity to higher vibrational states. It is important at this time that you hold the intention that the wisdom so sacredly held within your soul emerges, whether you are consciously aware of it or not, radiating the vibrations across the Earth to each and every sacred site.

Simply ask the sacred truth your soul holds from many civilisations experienced on the Earth to awaken and radiate from your being across the Earth activating new consciousness from the sacred points of the Earth to form a new enlightened consciousness. Allow your love to flow with tremendous generosity to support all that is being expressed from your being and activated on the Earth. Remember that our purpose at this time is to create unity and oneness so allow an enlightened united consciousness to form for all to experience and draw from.

Let the sacred wisdom that unfolds from your soul breathe heightened vibrations and support into the Earth and Mother Earth. Mother Earth will respond to you sharing her deepest secrets and truths of the past, present and future of the Earth. Please know that Mother Earth is lovingly supporting you at this time of transition and heightened enlightenment.

Do not be fearful of your power arising at this time, you are being encouraged to empower your being with intense volumes of light. Your inner soul power will naturally develop and there is an importance to allow your power and core strength to emerge with grace and fearlessness as this in itself will allow for a deep activation that has been waiting to occur throughout many of your civilisations. Now supported in the incubator love of the Creator you can allow your true vibration and radiance to shine with vigour and confidence.

Many civilisations have experienced the suppression of their inner sacred power which is creative and will support you through any stage of ascension. Let us as a united energy with the Earth and the universe of the Creator dissolve all aspects of suppression of power allowing loving sacred power to unfold humbly from our beings. Let us celebrate each other’s power, strength and the guiding light of our intuition. Dissolve all boundaries that you have placed around you to protect you from pain, there is no need for you to create or choose an existence of pain any more.

Allow yourself to choose the power of your love, let it unfold so that all of humanity can unite in the understanding of the immense strength and power of the loving vibrations of the Creator which channel through each and every being. The strength of the Creator is being demonstrated to you at this time as intense energy vibrations flow forward onto the Earth and into your being, please do not be fearful of allowing your loving power to shine from your being as this will bring forth a strong core to guide you through the next stages of ascension.

With an abundance of Creator light and vibrations immersing your being it is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen and encourage your intuition to grow, be empowered and expand from within your being. Your intuition will serve you well as a guiding light as to what is appropriate for you at this time and in the coming years. Your intuition will allow for you to exist in the divine flow of the Creator therefore experiencing tremendous synchronicities. Ask of yourself more and more what you need to achieve or take action in to bring forth a greater awakening alignment with the Creator.

Your soul and intuition are waiting to serve you. Allow the energies of the Creator to carry you forward as if you are a swan with tremendous grace riding the wave of transition. It is grace that your intuition will awaken within your being, the ability to detach from all aspects of your reality and to lovingly and gracefully embody with ease all that is your truth and the Creator’s essence at this time. You may find that even as we approach the time of the 21st December that many old energetic habits of fear, separation and not fully recognising yourself as the Creator arise to be lovingly dissolved within these high vibrational energies.

Please do not judge yourself in anyway but allow for grace to unfold from within your being as you know with tremendous understanding that you are achieving and experiencing what is necessary for you to experience at this sacred time. Everything, including your being is the divine perfection of the Creator in complete manifestation, so allow yourself to truly acknowledge the perfection within your being and around you.

Remember that your perspective of perfection may be different to the perfection of the Creator, all experiences and situations are the perfection of the Creator. Through this transition and transformational process it is your perspective that will shift as if it has been reborn, shifting to higher vibrations of understanding and awareness, with your realisation of perfection you can support the transition of your perspective to an enlightened love filled perspective.

It is a wonderful perspective to realisation that all the shifts, attunements and alignments that have been spoken of for this time will and are occurring right now within your being. You are the master of this transitional phase, not you the personality but you the Creator existing within you. Allow your mastery to unfold as you honour and give gratitude to yourself and your truth through your perspectives and your intentions. You are greatly honouring yourself by allowing yourself to personally observe the shifts of ascension occurring within your being and physical vibration.

As the 21st December approaches we move from a reality and vibration of fear and separation to love and unity, this intention is being radiated across the entire universe of the Creator but especially on the Earth. This doesn’t mean that fear and separation will be dissolved completely but that humanity’s attachment to fear and separation will be dissolved signifying that each individual chooses in every moment of their reality whether to create love or fear, unity or separation.

With attachments to many negative and unneeded habits held in the consciousness of humanity being dissolved, humanity is able to choose their creations and experiences at all times, thus allowing their soul to form a greater embodiment within their being. The shift of the 21st December will allow for many attachments to be dissolved offering to humanity a spiritual responsibility for their future and their choice of creations that they manifest from within. Your choices in the way that you act, react, express, experience, think and feel have never been so important as they are no longer influenced by the negative suppression of the consciousness of humanity as the consciousness of humanity is rising, awakening and supporting yourself realisation and embodiment.

Let yourself receive the light of the Creator as you exist with your attention and focus within your heart chakra, imagine the light of the Creator like a spotlight shining down, over and through your entire being, let this be your constant visualisation as you allow your heart chakra to blossom as the most beautiful lotus flower.

The perfection of the Creator is manifesting within and around you at this time, Let yourself be at peace and enjoy the transformational energies anchoring into your being and know that we on the inner planes love you unconditionally.

With divine love, Archangel Metatron


December 21st 2012 will bring the start of untold joy December 14, 2012 by John Smallman


Time, as you experience it, has accelerated significantly over the last two years, and December 21st 2012, which is approaching rapidly, will bring the start of untold joy for humanity.  As you have been told numerous times “It’s a done deal.”  There are no ifs, ands, or buts.  Hold steady on your course by continuing to express and demonstrate love in action in every interaction, no matter what the situation, because that is what you incarnated to do, and you have been doing it with ever-increasing effectiveness as you have worked constantly to open your hearts more fully to God’s Love, which is always calling to you.

You, like all humanity, do need to open your hearts, because by agreeing to incarnate and assist the awakening process you also agreed to experience the severe memory loss which is a major aspect of the illusion, and that involved the partial closing of your hearts to the ever-flowing stream of your Father’s Love. No hearts are fully closed because to do so would completely shut out Love, the life-force, ending your existence, and that is impossible because you are the children of God — immortal and eternal beings, forever alive and at one with Him.

Humans have starved themselves of Love for eons, because the openings into their hearts have been enormously restricted and reduced while playing their painful games in the depths of the illusion.  Many have entered the illusion during those eons to demonstrate Love and to help you to awaken, but because you were so caught up in your unreal environment it has taken a long time for you to become aware enough to notice them and then respond positively to the assistance that they offered you.

As a result, you have had plenty of time to cause much pain to one another and to build up large quantities of resentment and anger which you are now in the final stages of releasing permanently, so that you can disentangle yourselves from the unreality you built.  The divine Love field is flushing out the remaining characteristics of humanity that are in any way incompatible with Love, ably assisted by you Lightholders and wayshowers who incarnated for this purpose, as all have chosen to turn towards their spiritual origins as they seek escape from the fear and suffering in which they have been embroiled for so long.

This collective change of heart has been slowly developing over the last one hundred or so years, and has accelerated tremendously over the last two decades, leading you forwards towards your inevitable awakening.  It has given us in the spiritual realms unparalleled joy to see you move so positively, and indeed courageously towards this momentous event, because to do so you had to face and release the very realistic-seeming fears that you had invented to form part of your imaginary environment.  It involved learning to love and to trust one another again — something that was lost when you engaged in your apparent separation from Reality — and your experiences within the illusion over countless eons made such openness and trust seem extremely counter-intuitive. Nevertheless, some of you started to do just this, and the result has been a rippling outwards of love and trust that has impinged on all and that is leading you towards a most marvelous conclusion to your sojourn within non-reality.

You have made amazing progress over these last few years — progress that even astonished us in the spiritual realms, because the unloving attitudes and behaviors that you had been employing for so long seemed to be very heavily ingrained within you, and, at one stage, it appeared that you could not possibly become ready to awaken as soon as you, in fact, have.

Congratulations are in order for your untiring efforts which have brought you to the very verge of awakening.  Completion of that process is at hand.

Your loving brother, Jesus.