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The Light Messenger ~ Arcturian Message via Suzanne Lie: Perception and Creation Part 2 – Surrender to the IS ~ October 18, 2013

We, the Arcturians, return to remind you that:

Surrender to the IS



It IS HERE and NOW that you shall consciously connect with your Self.

Your Multidimensional Self IS.

Your Multidimensional Self exists HERE in the NOW.

You have been trained from your many incarnations in a third dimensional reality that you must wait. You had to wait because there was time, and it was not the “Right Time” for you to receive what you wanted NOW!

Therefore, you learned to wait. If you were very patient – as patience was a commendable virtue – you would get what you wanted. However, what was in your heart and mind while you waited?

Was your heart and mind filled with the belief that that which you wanted was already yours? Or did the waiting make you believe that that you were not good enough – yet – to get what you wanted?

No one told you that the time you waited was best spent raising your consciousness to live in the NOW. Then, in the NOW, you could create that which you desired. No one told you that once you lived in the NOW there is no time.

There is no waiting.

There is only manifestation.

Within the NOW, you are infinitely ONE with all that you believe you desire. Hence, once you seek that which you desire, it is instantly within you.

The process of wanting is a passive process. On the other hand, the process of manifesting is an active process of total vigilance over your EVERY thought and emotion. Manifestation does not take any training. You manifest what you want every day, in fact, every minute. If you were to be totally aware of your thoughts and emotions, you would realize how they become manifest in your life.

How often have you feared that something would go wrong and it did? How often have you feared that you would NOT get what you wanted, and you did NOT get it?

Now we ask you, how often have you held your desired manifestation in your heart and mind and fed it every day, every minute, with your own Unconditional Love? And did you manifest that which you Unconditionally Loved?

Of course there are parts of life that blindside you, such as a good thing coming out of the blue or a bad thing coming from nowhere. These manifestations are created on an unconscious or super conscious level of your being and are often contracts that you made before you entered your current Earth vessel.

Some of these contracts may seem very harsh to your present reality. Thus, you must remember that just as you forget how wonderful the higher worlds are, the YOU in those higher worlds forgets how difficult life is in the physical world. Fortunately, once you are in connection with your higher Self, you gain a higher perspective through which you can understand why those things occurred in your life.

From this higher perspective you can easily perceive how your thoughts and emotions constantly create patterns of energy within your aura that waft out into your daily life. We ask that you take a moment to check out the patterns of energy within your aura right NOW…

In fact, take a moment to close your eyes and think about something that you really WANT…

Do you see how the concept of wanting creates energy patterns that collide and disappear? You see, wanting and manifesting are not the same energy. Wanting is NOT having and manifesting is having NOW.

Now, think of a time that you manifested a desire…

Do you see how the energy patterns flow cohesively in a united manner? When you believe that you can manifest your desires, you focus on the joy and fulfillment of being the creator of your own life.

On the other hand, when you are wanting, you feel much like a victim to your own self. Why do you dare to want that thing? Who do you think you are that you can have that thing? Maybe if you get a lot better and spend more time working hard you will get that thing. These are not bad thoughts, but they are third dimensional thoughts.

It is true that within your third dimensional thinking you will likely have to dare to desire. It is true that in your physical world you may think that you are not good enough and have to take time to get better. These are not incorrect thoughts, but they are third dimensional thoughts.

Since “as you think, you live,” when you think in a third dimensional manner your consciousness resonates to the third dimension, you perceive only the third dimension, and you are bound by the illusions of the third-dimensional matrix. Beloved Ones wearing an Earth vessel, we want to remind you again that YOU are NOT third dimensional.

YOU logged into the 3D Matrix and swiftly forgot your true Self. Then once you began to dare to remember that you are more (that would be conceited in 3D thinking), your 3D thoughts consistently over-rode your higher dimensional thinking and distanced you from your Self.

We ask you to:

Think about something that you want.
* How does that wanting FEEL in your body?
* How does that wanting FEEL in your consciousness?
* How does the wanting AFFECT your state of consciousness?

Now we ask you to BELIEVE that you have fulfilled your desire:

THINK about having that which you just wanted.
* If it is an object, such as a car or house, how do you FEEL riding in your car or walking through your house?
* If it is a job, promotion, project or change in profession, how do you FEEL about this expression of yourself?
* If it is a relationship, how do you FEEL when you are bonded with this person?
* How does this manifestation FEEL in your physical body?
* When you place your desire in your mental, emotional and physical NOW, how does it AFFECT your state of consciousness?

There is an ongoing relationship between your state of consciousness and your BELIEF in your own power of manifestation. Therefore, if you are having difficulty raising your consciousness, then focus on BELIEVING that you are the creator of your life. Conversely, if you are having difficulty BELIEVING that you are the creator of your life, focus on raising your state of consciousness.

In other words, do not fight with yourself. Instead, just move into a different area of your mind to look at the same thing from a different angle. Also, if you are exhausted, hungry, angry, tired or stressed in any manner, focus on clearing your stress. If you were preparing to run a race, you would stretch your body. Hence, when you are preparing to manifest your expectation, stretch your mind.

Your mind is, in fact, the body of your consciousness. And your consciousness resonates to myriad frequencies of reality in which you can, and do, manifest your reality through the Mastery of your MIND. Remember that your mind is not your brain or even just your thoughts. Your MIND is your creative force that includes your thoughts, your emotions and your state of consciousness.

In fact, your MIND is actually your Heart/Mind. Your Heart/Mind is expressed through your Crown and Brow Chakras in co-operation with your Heart and High Heart Chakras. Your Heart/Mind thinks and feels your highest creativity, which is expressed through the higher dimensional communication of your Throat Chakra.

Your Throat Chakra is not limited to just your speech and hearing. In fact, your higher dimensional communications are expressed and shared with others through your creative force of speaking, singing, playing an instrument, writing, dancing, athletics, gardening, etc., etc.

With your Heart/Mind and Throat joined in this manner you open a Portal of Manifestation. You will ground this Portal into the body of Gaia and then through your physical body via your Solar Plexus, Navel and Root Chakras.

Your chakras also transmute your thoughts and emotions into energy fields, which flow into your aura, out into your reality and into Gaia’s biosphere. You can lie to yourself, but you cannot lie to your chakras. Often when you are having difficulty with a chakra it is because you are trying to avoid a truth in your life. Then, the chakras that rule this area of your body become confused, as chakras cannot lie.


You can lie to yourself because you have been fed with lies throughout your entire third dimensional incarnation. However, you cannot lie to your chakras or to your body any more than you can lie to your beloved dog or cat. The act of lying does not exist in energy fields or in the animal kingdom (your Earth vessel is an animal).

Consequently, if you want to know the truth, look into your body, or your aura. For many of you, your physical brain has been trained to forget how to consciously interface with your body in the way that other animals do. Your brain has been trained to forget how to read energy fields via your aura. Most unfortunately, your brain has not been trained in how to expand your consciousness. However, it is quite simple to re-ignite this memory.

As a young child, you still remembered how to read energy and how to talk with the family pet. It was your 3D education that made you forget. Now that the higher Light is expanding your consciousness more and more each day, you are remembering that YOU are the creator of your reality. You are also remembering that your only enemy is the lies you tell yourself.

YES, your world is dangerous. YES there are many still lost in darkness. However, that is the reality that they are creating for themselves. Do not engage or intermingle with that reality. Instead, send these Lost Ones your Unconditional Love and forgiveness. In that manner, your resonance will remain far beyond the reach of those who still cherish “power over others.”

Emotions are contagious. In fact, emotions/feelings are the language of the higher worlds. In the higher worlds emotions and feelings are the same. However, emotions in the third dimension can be polarized into good or bad, whereas feelings are often perceived as energy fields.

In the higher frequency realities, both emotions and feelings are perceived as energy fields of pure potential awaiting manifestation combining with your thoughts and expectations.

We Arcturians and your higher expressions of SELF are always HERE in the infinite NOW.

Just give us a call us with your Heart/Mind and we will answer.


Hatonn – May 15, 2013


I am Hatonn here today to let you know that there is an upcoming time when there will be lots of action in the skies. You will see at various places around the globe many spectacles that will give people the knowledge that what they’ve been hearing and reading over the internet is true. They will see for their yes what is unmistakable and cannot be explained away by false reports of this and that.

As this continues for a few days there will be reports that there is something taking place and cannot be denied. Some of the media will even begin to change their reports and will feel the freedom to bring forth that which they have wanted to be able to let loose to the public. It is a matter of the hold on them being let loose and now they can come out of the closet and reveal that which they have been told to hide. They will be able to do this because the ones who would seek to silence them about the truth are no longer in their lives. They have been removed from that influence, and now the truth can begin to come out even more than it has been.

This is the time for you all to see what you have been doing. With your being able to hold the truth of what you know about the reality of mankind and the Creator, you are being shown our gratitude and the forbearance of your diligence for the truth. As you see these changes come about you can know that we recognize the energy that you are putting forth to reveal the truth, and that is the power that you have put in action.

There is something else that I would like to relay to you this day, and it is that you will be undergoing some more ascension symptoms in the coming few months. Some of them will be challenges to you of a short nature, and some of them will be wonderfully relieving and joyful. Yes, I know you can receive some of that; it is time for a break, is it not! We’ve seen how these energies of change have been affecting you, and we also see the difference it is making in your vibrations. It is heartwarming, and it is making a difference. One day you will begin to really feel the tremendous difference, even more than you are now. It will be as if you awoke from a dream state and everything will be so bright and Light feeling. It will be as if you never were not in that state, even though you will know that you were. Your power is so tremendous as to create this whole new way of being for yourselves. That is the potential that you are walking into.

I now tell you that there is coming a time when you will be able to see for yourselves that which we have been telling you. It is a matter of it all coming true and more, for we like the idea of keeping some wonderful surprises for you to discover. We shall greet you all on the doorstep of the new world that you are even in this moment creating. It is all coming together, so fear not dear ones, you are on the right track and you will see that it has been worth everything that has come in this duality experience you have gifted us all with. You are jewels that shine throughout the universe, and we will be seeing you in your Lightness when the time comes for it to shine forth in complete harmony and Love.

Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate


Archangel Indriel. A Mother’s Day Message. By, Bella Capozzi. May 11, 2013

mother-with-children❀ Beloved Hearts, I am Indriel. If you think know me not, do be aware that it is because you simply remember me not. That is all. You know me and know me well, sweet Angels of God and goodness. You know me as protector, guide and as a source of sudden inspiration-the inspiration which propels you forward towards the purpose for which you came to these great lands. You needn’t remember me, for I ask only that you be still on occassion, observe and listen to the wisdom of your heart. I step forth in these times as a helper of the Lightholders and the teachers. And that is you, Dear Hearts. You are the change the world has been waiting. It is you who are the tangible proof, in full and glorious embodiment. Look towards one another, and before your very eyes is the evidence of that change, the evidence for which you have so long been crying out. Do you understand what I am telling you? The visible proof is in the transformation of the people, however maddeningly slow you perceive the process to be.

❀ It is at the behest of the Divine Mother that I have taken on the nurturing of the Warriors. You are known amongst us as the Tribes of Light, lovingly selected and organized by Her to be the carriers of love within a world so seemingly devoid of it. You are here to do Her bidding and to spread Her message, and She is inordinately pleased with job you are doing. She could not ask for more. Breath deeply, children…all is well. You remain cradled in your Mother’s strong embrace, even when you you think you are alone and adrift in a hostile land. You are always protected. You are untouchable. She reminds you that it is all a game, a play, and much of what you find yourselves in the throes of is preordained. You planned it all, together, with Her and for Her. Alas, yes, there are always going to be variables, as free will is very much a factor in the actual speed by which the key events shall progress, and also it factors into just what and how intense those events turn out to be. There are still several potential timelines in play, which are to inevitably become one, at some point. Yet as I told you, you are a powerful Light which cannot be extinguished. Knowing this enables you to move onto you path without fear.

❀ The Mother’s love is all around you. Become aware of yourself as being suffused in soft pink energy, which glitters like fine crystal. As you steadily begin to form an awareness of this light, which is in actuality Her love, you shall find that it is warm and physically detectable. Her love is inexhaustable and exists in every act of generosity and selflessness performed; in every kind word and thought. It is not only the glue which bonds you to your own soul family incarnate, but is also what connects you to every other animal and Human Being on the planet, and to the Higher Realms. It is the unconditional love of your Mother and your Father which initially brought you into being. Together they created you so as to love you, as their love is so great that it cannot be contained just amongst themselves! They chose that through each of you, their brilliance would be spread throughout the Universe and beyond. You are, each one, a living miracle.

Copyright © Bella Capozzi. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

The Pleiadian Council of Nine: An Entire Paradigm of Secrecy is About to be Shattered Apr 24, 2013

Posted by Wes Annac

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Greetings, dearest souls, I am SanJAsKa speaking for our Council of Nine. You continue to make the strides and progress that you are becoming famous for, and as the Earth experience tests your faith and resolve we note the overall enlightenment so many of you are beginning to find not just in yourselves, but in those around you who are beginning to respond quite favorably to the energies and perceptions you’re uncovering.

As you unlock new perceptions and find yourselves able to radiate the resulting energies, every single soul around you benefits from your Light in their own specific and individual ways and for many of them, it will take and has taken quite a long amount of your concept of time for the energies you’re introducing to their perspective to settle in and begin changing such perspective in a way that will display very clearly to you, the effect your Light is having.
Your Abilities Have Never Been Stronger

This effect is grand indeed, and we will happily continue to be with you to offer updates about where you are heading as a collective and where your continual paths are taking you and all those around you. Your ability to feel and radiate massive amounts of pure Light is greater than it has ever been and of course, this ability is only to increase as you find yourselves able to open up to states of consciousness and states of wellbeing that you had perhaps not expected to be able to feel at this time.

The Earth experience as it stands at present continues to test many a soul, and events occurring on the world stage are indeed leading you to the disclosure of our existence, the existence of realms beyond your conscious understanding and the existence of so very many other things that are to help humanity see the orchestrated illusion that has been cast upon you.

Truly, you have been conditioned to grow up in and experience an illusory reality that has taught you to act and Live your Lives in certain manners that are, in many cases, serving the souls who have crafted your societies in the ways that they have in an attempt to gain and keep control over the bulk of humanity.
An Orchestrated Reality & Instilled Complacency

We have previously discussed humanity’s complacency and the effect it has had on your ability to spread and understand the truths of your existence, but we wish for you to know that this complacency has been very carefully instilled into you, which is why we have been working from our positions as much as possible to help each of you see the orchestration that is the reality around you and to help you break the physical, mental and emotional constraints that have been given to you.

You have indeed allowed these constraints to remain in place, because you have learned from them exponentially and grown from each lesson such limitations and your breaking away from them have bestowed upon you. It has all ultimately been designed to aid in your growth as a soul, and your breaking through of your personal shells is a remarkable feat indeed.

We wish you to know that the veils between you and the higher realms that seem prevalent in your Lives and that temporarily convince you physicality is all there is, will be dissolving along with the illusory reality being kept in place by them, and each one of you are helping enormously to bring this change about as you continue to feel purer energies and perceptions in yourselves.

Truly, the effects of humanity’s Light are greater than could be communicated with your Earthly words and if you could have our vantage point of matters occurring in your personal Lives and on the world stage, you would understand that there is absolutely nothing to be in fear, worry or anxiety over because you are truly being looked after.
Humanity’s Trust Put to the Test

Humanity’s willingness to trust perceived “outside forces” will be tested in the time ahead, as the disclosure of our existence is brought forth on your world and you are left to collectively understand that there is so very much happening on your world and off of it that you haven’t been told.

An entire paradigm of secrecy, lies and half-truths is about to be shattered and with it, the aforementioned carefully-instilled complacency and unawareness that has been bred and fed in much of humanity will fade as well.

We do not wish for you dear souls to feel as if you are responsible for the reality you see around you.

Indeed you are in the sense of Creating your realities and allowing complacency to stop you from arising and taking action but again, that very complacency has been anchored unto you quite purposefully and the general unawareness as to the slave-society that has been Created on your world has kept many of you back from understanding that there is so very much more to Life than working away and expending your energy on various jobs that in many cases, do not have much of anything to do with running your world in the manner that an ever-growing number of aware souls on your evolving planet are calling for.
Expanding Upon Awareness & the Cabals’ Decreasing Influence

As you evolve, collectively and individually, awareness is naturally garnered and in the time ahead and currently as we speak to you through channels and scribes, we hope to be able to expand upon this awareness and help you to facilitate it and see it grow in influence into a full-bloomed enlightenment and understanding of how your world is meant to be run – collectively.

Indeed, your world has been run collectively in that a small collective of entities who assume themselves all-powerful because of their mental intelligence and ability to use deceit, lies and trickery to fool others steeped in unawareness have been running your world and have, for centuries, established monarchs and dictatorships that were meant to display their perceived “rein” over humanity.

These souls are finding themselves unable to have much of a say in what is to occur in your immediate future and beyond the containment of the cabal heads and the ongoing negations with their descendants, we are happy to say that the cabals are playing a decreasing role in the future of humanity.

Indeed, it has always been meant to be this way and it has always been known, even by them, that events would eventually reach the conclusion they are now reaching which is again, the disclosure of our existence and the full discussion of our wish to assist you along your evolution as a planet.
Distorted Mainstream Science & Keeping Humanity Unintelligent

Some souls on your world may not feel as if a collective evolution or any evolution of any kind is in your immediate future, and this has in part to do with the fact that you have been lied to concerning the very idea of evolution. Mainstream science on your world has been purposefully distorted, and concrete proof of the ascension of not just your planet, but the entire Universe has long been discovered and suppressed.

This is because the cabals have not wanted to create an intelligent society of free thinkers who understand what is truly happening on your world and in your cosmic backyard. Rather, they have established purposely-failing public educational systems and added ingredients to your food and drinks that are meant to dumb humanity down and keep you feeding dense states of unawareness and egoism.

Your mainstream media only encourages such density, and you dearest souls can see on nearly any channel of your television station that density and lower dimensionality is flaunted and brought to the center stage.

This is because the cabals and the forces who have been employing them only wish to see the density and negativity of the old paradigm enforced and to that extent, have attempted to see to it that humanity is (continually) exposed to such lower dimensionality because of the strength of your Creation power and because of what your continual feeding of density will garner not for you, but for them.
Feeding off of Humanity

Indeed, one of the revelations you will be given concerning the cabals is that they have used the negative and dense energies of humanity to keep themselves sustained energetically.

Allow us to explain, dearest souls. Upon reaching a certain stage of service-to-self behavior, the negativity and selfishness driving such behavior is turned up to incredible extremes, and the soul caught up in such exponential service-to-self and the resulting desire to control as many around them as possible has taken their own feeding of negativity so very far, that they must now feed off of the lower energy of others just to keep themselves sustained.

It is quite similar to how the tax dollars of humanity have been fed into a broken and dying occult financial system that has become far (beyond saving), because of the greed of the souls who established such a system only for themselves and thought themselves able to keep its existence hidden forever.

These souls have been taking the money of humanity in a desperate attempt to keep their dying occult financial system online for just a little bit longer, and in the same avenue they too have been feeding off of humanity’s negativity and the descendants of the cabal heads who are not in containment are finding it much harder to gain sustainability via the energies humanity is putting out, for two different reasons.

One reason is that humanity is beginning to feed negativity less and less as the ascension taking place helps to initiate awakenings in so many souls, and the other reason is that (the cabals’) very ability to feed off of lower energy is decreasing as the planetary vibrations lighten more and more in preparation for the much-purer states of consciousness you are about to enter as a collective.
Disclosure’s Role in Ascension

We have previously discussed certain brazen “shift points’ wherein humanity is to very clearly be initiated into a purer state of consciousness, and we say that while disclosure itself will not solely herald such a major shift point, it will very strongly help each of you to recognize and adjust to different concepts and ideas about your world and that very inner-quest will lead you to the pure states of consciousness so many of you have been looking for and so many others have not yet remembered their full ability to access.

Indeed, every one of you can find an access to the higher realms; to the energies of we Pleiadians speaking with you; to the energies of various other ascended souls who are very adamantly attempting to communicate with humanity at this time; to your higher selves and future selves who have long been giving you advice and guidance along your Life paths; there are so very many souls you can connect with and so many realms waiting just beyond your conscious perception that you can access and feel alike, and even those on your world steeped in temporary unawareness know and can feel this very deep within.
You Will Understand the Good You Have Done

Deep within, each one of you recognizes that you are a sovereign, Divine Godspark who is on the Earth on an ultimate mission of personal and collective growth. So very many of you have purposefully come to this world to answer to the dark forces and the negativity they have been putting out and having humanity feed, and the Light you have been able to shine has done this and so very much more.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we congratulate you as so many others have for the pure Light you have been able to continually shine upon the surface of the Earth.

When reaching an ascended perspective, you will be able to look back upon different facets of your Earth experience and in doing so, you will be able to understand and feel every last bit of good you have done as you evolved from the lower realms of the Earth. We will be in these realms awaiting you, with smiles on our faces and Love in our hearts.

Thank you to the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and to SanJAsKa for being their conduit.



Marilyn Raffaele – The Arcturian Group – 21 April 2013

Onenessofall.com APRIL 21, 2013

Hello dear ones. We come today to wish you a happy spring although it has been a very different spring for many parts of your world this year. Gaia is adjusting to the new energies pouring in, as well as opening herself to more of her own Divine energies for she too is a conscious being. Gaia is making the adjustments necessary as best she can in order to allow her own ascension to proceed with the least amount of discord to the beings living on earth.

Much of that which you see as chaos in the world is the releasing of dark energy pockets which have lain dormant in certain areas for eons of time. These are places where the energies of war, strife, and suffering still resonate and where years and years of un-enlightened thinking and actions are now manifesting in order to be looked at, transmuted, and released. It may appear as though the world is becoming darker but it is actually the activity of more Light shining on previously hidden shadows bringing them to world awareness instead of allowing them to stay hidden and functional as has been the case up to now.

Much is happening dear ones, and those choosing to resist the Light through ignorance and fear are now fighting for their survival which can only be a losing battle regardless of how long it takes, simply because Divine Consciousness is the only Reality and thus can never be extinguished. There is no reality (holding power) to illusions created from the energies of duality and separation even though they seem so real–hypnotism. We have stated before that the good illusions are no more real than the bad ones, both represent duality. When there is enough light on earth, it will simply dissolve the un-enlightened illusions into the nothingness that they are.

Many of today’s children are on earth at this time simply to add their Light to this evolutionary process. They did not need to be in body for their own personal evolution as they are already very evolved, but chose to be a part of this powerful time by adding their evolved energy to it. This is why you are becoming aware of so many very intuitive, and “old” thinking children. Try to honor them for their Light and not think of them as odd or force them to being more in and of the old energies.

Stay true to your awareness dear ones, for you are making the difference although it may not seem outwardly to be that way. Try not to watch so much news for in doing this you are being fed a continuous supply of negativity and old energy. Be selective in what you read, for you would not feed your body junk so why feed your mind and consciousness with it? Stay aware, but not fully engrossed–“in the world but not of it”. The time is now to live that which you know to be the truth, and not just consider it interesting conversation for groups, classes, or friends. Meditate often, resting in your center of Oneness, for this is your calming respite from the world of appearances, and is where you will be taught. No longer do you need piles of books and many classes, for you have evolved beyond them to being taught from within. This is why many of you are finding that you no longer resonate with metaphysical books and classes.

Arcturian Group wishes to talk about America. America was founded on Divine principles brought forth by the founding fathers through the guidance of Beings of Light from this side. America was evolved enough to begin moving toward a new consciousness representative of the freedoms and peace enjoyed by the societies of evolved and already established colonies on other planets. These are highly intelligent societies living in peace and love–societies in which all life forms are valued and respected, and there is no awareness of lack or limitation. Mankind was ready receive and plant the seeds for this higher resonating society to unfold. America’s Founding Fathers were being Divinely guided as they wrote the constitution, seeding consciousness with a new way of living and being, one of freedom and peace for all. The constitution was a three dimensional way of bringing in a more enlightened world consciousness although most were not yet ready at that time and even now, to really comprehend the higher truths embodied in this document.

America began as a babe, over time unfolding and growing through painful experiences of trial and error but is now awaking spiritually into “young adulthood” although there are still many resonating with the “rebellious adolescent” consciousness. Many have and still misinterpret this spiritually guided document to benefit their own selfish or simply ignorant interests– twisting or eliminating divinely inspired ideas to their personal level and working to convince others that this is entirely appropriate.

It is happening more than ever now because there is panic in those who see the awakening of the masses as an end to their old, comfortable, and self serving ways . Corporations, governments, churches, etc. who may be still functioning in an energy of greed and selfishness are doing whatever they believe is necessary (including the ms-interpreting your sacred constitution), in order to keep mankind in an energy of fear for the purpose of preserving their own lucrative and self serving agendas.

However, those of you of the Light are now ready to pay attention and deal with world issues on a new and higher level. Send light to the people who seem to be causing so many problems and remember that they too are in and of the Divine, but have no awareness of it and thusly make all their choices from a place of ignorance. Bring the Light of Truth to every situation you become aware of or personally encounter. The awareness of truth and the illusory nature of appearances along with the sending of Light helps to dissolve these illusions of darkness. Ranting and raving about the evils of the world adds your energy to the already present energy creating these appearances and gives them more reality– illusions gain strength from the energy you feed them, see?

Do what you are guided to do in order to bring change in practical 3d dimensional ways (sign petitions, plant seeds of truth with your words etc.) but always be aware of the illusory nature of appearances–that they are manifestations of shadow energy with no law to sustain or maintain them. Take the human footsteps but only after seeking guidance through contemplation and meditation. You may be guided to do absolutely nothing but stand back and observe in detached awareness—or you may be guided to just send Light–or you may be guided to take some sort of action.

Always remember– All power is only ever within the Divine, the Truth, the Reality.

We are the Arcturian Group 4/21/13

Sirius Documentary Movie Trailer

ALIGNING TO THE NEW DIMENSIONS Aluna Joy Yaxk’in with the Star Elders April 12th 2013

The Star Elders are saying that by mid-year (JUNE) we will start to see the light at the end of the tunnel; thus beginning a shift to the stalled / disconnected energy that we have been feeling. We will feel a slight glimmer of a break through on the new moon in April. I have to say that it cannot come soon enough for me. It has been a confusing and lack luster first few months in a new cycle that is packed full of divine potential (really it is!), even though it feels flat as a pancake right now. Our truth and reality is clouded and blurred, and our passion appears dead and buried.

We are having to make life choices and decisions, to move forward in our life, without our usual trusty inner compass. In the past, most of us have made our choices based on gut feelings, intuition and passion or desires. These choices have come from comparisons between options. Any comparisons or judgments are a form of duality (Remember that we did ask for the end of duality). Duality on a grander scale has caused wars and other atrocities throughout history . . . but on a day by day basis, in our personal life, duality has given us comparisons and the opportunity to make choices, and this has made us feel alive. Now we are faced with learning to feel alive in a new way without duality. Now that we are in the present NOW and moving out of duality consciousness, making choices based on desire and comparisons will not work anymore. The Star Elders say that we must keep moving. It does not matter what we choose, but that we do something. Keep moving and keep choosing. Movement will start to align us into the new energy. We are in the process of rediscovering ourselves all over again. We need to keep our eyes and hearts open. It is a whole new ball game and the guidebook is written in a different language.

Example . . . I need a new dress for a wedding. I found several choices and put them in my shopping cart. For weeks now, I keep going back to the website, not being able to push the “check out” button; nor can I make myself delete the items either. I am waiting for it to feel right. The fact is that I cannot tell what I want, because I cannot feel the intuitive hit I am used to.

There have been many symptoms that are accompanying this current transformation. Many sensitives have been feeling nausea, insomnia, having bad dreams, feeling hot and cold, deeply passionless and depressed and feeling unhinged from the 3D world in general. I feel like I am standing on a huge fault line that is about to unleash a 9 point earthquake; but I know this is NOT what it is. This is something our bodies are adjusting to. We are trying to compare this new energy to something it knew from the past and our history. This is the new and un-experienced, un-known energy that our body does not understand. By mid-year we will begin to understand what this means to us. You are doing OK even if you feel you are or not. There is much unseen help watching over us. Thanks to all our guardian angels.

Some help here . . . Ginger helps a bit with the nausea as well as breathing peppermint oil. Getting out in nature will help balance us as well. Sunshine will help with depression. Get your feet on the ground! Just BREATHE and GROUND, and BE with this new energy step by step. Be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Be careful with electronics, computers and even light bulbs. We are running so much energy through our bodies right now that it can be hazardous to sensitive equipment.

Our entire realty is being activated with the energy of newly created dimensions, and this is making some beings react from old realm ego instead of reacting from the new ascended dimensions. It is triggering a quite a bit of global fear and anger in our collective consciousness. There is a lot going on out there, and the loonies are coming out in mass, because they can’t handle the new energy pulses. God bless them as they are feeling the struggle as most of us are. This is an adjustment period for us all, and it will take some time to balance things out. The odd thing is that none of this wonky energy that we are feeling is US anyway. There is no history in the energy that we are feeling now. We have cleared out history a long way back.

God Bless ALL of YOU who have learned to be self responsible and not process this dodgy energy through your old ego patterns, and aim it towards others! This takes great courage and self-resolve. It is our job to maintain the peace and harmony the best that we can while feeling the unstable, collective consciousness that is vacillating between duality and oneness. There is no escape from this time, so don’t waste your time trying. Any effort you make to avoid the instability will only place you in another situation that will be just as unfulfilling and confusing. The only way out is through. So, even this may sound contradictory . . . keep moving and keep making choices the best that you can for now. Remember movement will align us into the new energy. This is a temporary situation, and all these situations and feelings will pass in time.

Sometimes it is just about all we can do to take care of ourselves these days. It is an effort to choose to get out of bed in the morning. It is an effort to choose anything at all. During this time we might be feeling like we are letting the ball drop on our destiny and our souls work. Do not worry about this, and do not judge yourself. It is OK. You cannot regress on your spiritual path at this point, no matter what you do now. A wave has begun cannot be stopped. All we can do now is to let all this discombobulated energy flow through us, and be very patient and neutral … like if we had a choice right now. 🙂 If we let little issues stick to us, we might do things that we will feel bad about later. Let life flow as it will for a while.

Example . . . I had a little car accident the other day. Someone backed into me. I just let it flow, and I did not get angry. The fact of the matter is that I didn’t care one way or the other. I was completely detached / neutral to what just happened. The guy who hit me, his heart was opened, because I didn’t react negatively to his mistake. After all it was just a dent. He hugged me! In the grand scheme of things, dents are regular events in our physical and emotional lives. You know the saying . . . don’t sweat the small stuff . . . and it is ALL small stuff. So don’t let the dents get to you. It does not matter one way or another. We are arriving at the planned destination even though we may not feel it is going too well today. Please hang on, keep on, and keep CALM. And remember to ask and receive support from soul family.

Nancy Tate : The Collective of Altros ~ April 11, 2013



Collective of Altros

We are here today to bring you a ‘touch in’ with us and with the rest of the galaxy. We are here in the matter of what is taking place in the universe as a result of what is taking place on your planet earth. It is a matter of the relativity of what is unrolling before your eyes, and what is to come forth in the coming times. When all unfolds on your planet in the way that it is destined to, it will be as a whisper of relief and gratitude for all of existence. It will begin on earth, my dear ones, for you are the ones who are instigating the changes that are lifting the clouds of secrecy and over-dominance that has been encircling the planet for millennia.

You are waking up at such a tremendous speed as to even overcome what we had seen could be, eleven short earth years back. As we observed what was taking place on your surface world then, we saw that it could take at least another two or three decades before we would see any of the changes that are in play right now.

We see that you are allowing the changes that are needed to accelerate at a pace that is astounding even to us. As you take the giant steps that are bringing forth the truths as they have been hidden, they are opening other boxes of worms that have been eating their way into even your subconscious. Now those worms are being loved into submission.

Yes, we say loved, because that is the only energy that can be behind all of the rapid changes that are taking place. As you send love to everything that you are finding to not be in resonance with you, you are releasing your hold on them and that causes them to lose their power and fall back out of it and drift upward into the only thing they can see. They feel the warmth of the light and they allow themselves to drift into it, bringing them relief from what they had not even realized was suppressing them so.

What this is doing for all of us in the universe is to see and feel our own energies being relieved of the essence that your planet has been sending out. It has been something that has kept a hold on what some might have considered progress in the early stages of your planet’s ascension. It was a matter of being able to gauge the relativity of your planet to the rest of the universe, and to find that it remained the same. That was before this past eleven earth years interim. Since then, we have been feeling so incredibly lighter and freer. Yes, it is something that we hadn’t even realized was pressing down upon us and causing us to feel suppressed as well. We didn’t realize that until it began to subside, and then we compared ‘notes’ so to speak, and found that we were all feeling and experiencing the same ease of beingness. It was as if we were released from the suppressing heaviness of a balloon that is weighing against us as it took on more and more air.

Now the balloon has burst and it is slowly releasing the hold it had on us. It is a wonderful lightness that we are feeling. It gives us an example of what you must be feeling as well. If we can feel this, then what you must be feeling is incredible as well. We see that you are experiencing many things in your ascension process, and many of them are not exactly pleasant for you. We encourage and congratulate you for what you are doing to meet these changes head-on and go forward in love and gratitude. You know that it is part of the whole experience. As each and every one of you reaches a new plateau, you are feeling lighter and more powerful in your abilities to create the kind of world you intend for yourselves.

We all look over you and we see the newness of the universe reflected back at us. We are the ones who have been holding the energies for you for so long, and now you are giving us your thankfulness in so many ways, in your abilities being sent forward and changing that which you have created. This whole creation that was destined for the expansion of all of existence is now at a point where we have gone beyond what was seen to have potential to be accomplished. As you go further with your movements toward the fullness of the fifth dimensionality, you are creating an infrastructure of crystalline energy that far exceeds what was seen to have been possible at this point.

We are all the students and the teachers of this classroom. We value you, and we salute what you are doing. We are the council of 12 who reside now on the mothership Nexus. We are here to assist you in any way that we can, for we are the ones who have come to be in this place of service, along with the others such as the New Jerusalem, with Sananda, the Phoenix, with Hatonn and so many others who have been in service in love and gratitude throughout this universal example of what we are capable of, who we are and from which we will ascend in unison and Love forevermore.

We are here to walk and dance with you through every step of the way. In love and light we sit back now. We celebrate with you all, our family of the Divine. We are the Collective of Altros, the Council of 12 on Nexus, and we love you all.

Thank you dear Collective of Altros,
Love, Nancy Tate