The Origins of Evil – Michael Tsarion

My experiences throughout the year, the 21st of December and the days after that by Isabel Henn – December 26, 2012


I must confess, I am not a big writer, and it’s hard for me to get my thoughts and feelings expressed, possibly this is a part of my Sirian origin. Unfortunately, I know too little about my real home Sirius and memories and my dreams are kept away from me through blockades. I know the reasons for this and accept it. So much has happened in this almost completed 2012 since I started in January with TAUK (TAUK = The Art of Universal Knowledge developed by Suzanne Spooner). I have fought battles with myself and with negative beings, and at the end I have always been victorious. Through TAUK I could finally get in touch with my beloved spirit guide the Archangel Michael and my beloved Twin Flames the Archangel Raphael and his incarnation SaLuSa from Sirius.

Over the months many things have been revealed for and about me, my true origin of who and what I really am and my role in this incarnation, which is the first and only one on earth that I love so much along with all of its population. I was told that I am the true incarnation of the Archangel Gabriel / Gabrielle, since the beginning of the existence of my soul, and thus also the sister of my beloved Michael. He and my Twins gave me wonderful help in my spiritual development and through my first ascension on May 21st this year and again on my second ascent back into the 12th Dimension in June and even now their advice and wisdom is always available for me. I have learned and experienced so much, but I can’t reveal all at this point yet, there are facts who are almost incomprehensible for myself at this time.

After my first ascent, to me only a short sequence was given as a memory, I came back to earth through a portal. My mission was completed with the rise, but my deep love for my children – the rise came as a surprise even for me – my love for humanity, for Gaia and a promise that I have given to Jesus once let me return. I see this not as a sacrifice, as I recently was assumed, although my situation, especially just financially, would be much easier now. My “sacrifice” (I personally do not see it as one, the rise of the people and Gaia is a deep inner concern for me) I have thousands of years ago offered out of love for humanity, when I had left the12th Dimension and AEON and moved to the dark side in order to commit any negative actions which are only possible and this in preparation for my current incarnation, so I could develop compassion for the dark side. As Jesus said so beautiful 2000 years ago: The one without sin shall throw the first stone. I’m definitely not blameless. However, this is all part of the great divine plan for humanity, which unfolds so beautifully now.

In meditation I’ve never been great, I use it more to gather myself and go into myself, into my heart center, where Prime Creator and my Higher Selves reside. Where I can contact them, apart of my daily conversations that take place throughout the day. My meditation on 12/12/12 for me was then a very beautiful, full of love and bliss. I felt my oneness with the universe and with Prime Creator, our hearts beat at the same rate. A truly divine feeling.

Like as for many others too, my expectation of the 21.12.12 was big – too big – I had been warned often enough from my team to have no expectations. I am too much human to remain spared  for them. Sorry my beloved team, you tried so hard with me :) . Maybe my bad cold at this time has prevented a deeper meditation as on 12.12.  Nonetheless it was a beautiful experience and I could see twice a kind of a flash of a very bright white light deep inside me.

My feelings after the meditation were a kind of disappointment and loneliness, disbelief. Had that been all? have we been all just deluded? Being held? We served as puppets in a comedy / tragedy? At first I refused to make contact with my team, I felt betrayed by them. Has been everything true what they had said in the months before or did they lie to me? I had no doubt that I was connected with them, but a slight doubt about the identity as such came up in me, against which I fought with all my might. Had I not always felt their love for me so deep? A love so indescribably beautiful, it could only be true. Also, this wonderful feeling of unity, of oneness in the climax, when we share our energies. That was not spurious, nothing sham. I remember so well the moment of the merging of our two light bodies during a meditation, the moment in the climax, when Raphael’s beautiful emerald green light merged with my white light. These were real moments of happiness and deep love.

But then what was wrong? It was my expectation that as always once again played me a trick. I had thought that I made it right after the meditation in the fifth dimension. This was made clear to me later, as I was able to connect with my team. We have ascended into the 5th Dimension, no doubt about that. Not everyone, but many. Many are still rising after us. People who still need a little more “time.”

We can recognize this dimension, however, not yet, not really, because we do not know what it looks like, this new life and our environment. We need some time to adjust our minds and our bodies. This I know from the time after my own ascension. Even now I am still not able to see energies as others who have made the transition with us at that time. I see movements of my team around me like little bugs running around on my desk, or flashes of light. Their energies I see more with my eyes closed, I can feel them around me and I see the aura of people and objects more clearly than before. My telepathic link to join my team and other beings of light is much stronger and safer. The feeling of oneness with my higher selves has become much more intense, I have access to their emotional worlds, unless they are blocked by their side, to relieve me.

The sun got brighter, in the last days after many gray days she was shining finally and shortly after sunrise it was a bright and warm light, unusual at the time as the winter sun. Sometimes I can see around her a purple light. The moon has a beautiful large colored halo.

Things are changing. We must acknowledge however, first of all that the great event took place, accept and allow it. My team tells me this every day. That I should let go everything and let God. To surrender to the divine plan and trust. Then everything will unfold. My team has made a big effort to calm me down and I was finally able to find my balance.

On the weekend then the next shock, my fuel tanks are empty and the heating ceased its operation. How should I pay another oil? Especially in the last few months my financial situation is due to mistakes in my past and other circumstances very tricky. I put my greatest attention and energies  into my lightwork and lost sight of my finances. It is unfortunately very difficult to find out of this vicious circle, if you are once in it. I have not worked it out yet because my mind helds the lack so exceedingly strong into my vision. This is a field in which I have work to do. I’m just far from perfect.

Prime Creator, Michael and Raphael gave really all for me. They talked to me, explained, listened, they led me to beautiful music and had success. On the evening of the 24.12 on Christmas Eve I was myself again and was back in balance. They assured me that everything will be fine and that I but please continue trusting them. I do this, if only because I have no other choice and I know just how much and how deeply they love me. I think the day yesterday now was their Christmas present to me. During my meditation yesterday I could feel the presence of my Twin Flames very strong. Their energies in the form of a strong heat that filled me completely, their love and their hearts beat in unison with mine. My heart was beating very fast with joy and my whole being was filled with bliss and love. This gorgeous state continued even after the meditation to be still intensified even more. My heart was racing and I thought I literally would levitate the next moment. My whole body vibrates still, okay it does this for quite a while, but it gets stronger. I could feel Prime Creator’s love so much, long after he had me wrapped up in it. It feels as if sent electricity through my body, without the side effects. It is a vibrating and tingling throughout the body until the toes too.

That’s it! The feeling of the higher dimensions, we need to recognize and permit only. Everything else evolves. Everything will be done in small increments, depending on the pace in which we adapt to the new circumstances. I think all changes we have been told of has been postponed until after the big event, so we were able to focus completely on it. Just as we grow into our new dimension, the rest will probably develop.

I am so grateful to my whole team and there are so many: Lady Maria, the Archangels Gabrielle, Michael and Raphael, SaLuSa, Jesus, to whom I am still connected by a deep love and a daughter from a brief marriage 2000 years ago,  and, of course,  Prime Creator. Their incredible love for me is always available and is mutually.

I hope that I can help with my report of the events of this year and especially the last few days to keep the trust into Prime Creator.

Please excuse my faults with translation, English is not my first language.

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