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Questions Answered: A Message from St. Germain through Elizabeth Trutwin 9/7/12

Elizabeth Trutwin asked a friend to pose questions to St. Germain regarding Changeover and 911. The following questions were posed to St. Germain tonight and these are his answers:

1.  It’s said that we need to all personally change our view on things in order for change.  So that means no TV, no media, etc… anything that can alter our opinion/views/experience on Earth and keep us in fear.  Once we feel we’ve made that change, because we’re in 3D, we need others to realize this fact and make changes themselves.  Eventually, we hit a tipping point whereby enough souls understand this.  Is that tipping point then when we get disclosure and announcements?  If so, then what is the tipping point that Ashtar talks about (and others) that we have supposedly hit already?

The tipping point has been reached as Ashtar said. This means there are a percentage of Souls living on Earth who understand the Truth and hold the Light for all. Many Souls recently have woken up and look beyond their everyday routine to answer the perennial questions we all have about life acknowledging they individually effect the whole.

Change. Change comes from persistent attention focused on a vibration. If there is an Earthquake, human attention is there. If there is a mass shooting, humanity focuses its attention there. The media then hold too much of the Light Focused Energy where they deem on fear episodes.

When Lightworkers focus their attention on one goal for a persistent focus on one mutual goal then they will have achieved all they hope for.

2.  Can you elaborate on what exactly needs to be done in the financial world to bring forth arrests and announcements?  What is going to be the last thing the day before we get arrests/announcements?  We’ve read about LIBOR rates, bonds in the Philippines, crashing Euro and dollar and other major things, but there is going to be something that’s going to happen whereby the next moment/hour/day things will change.

What was needed has already occurred. I personally took charge of the final last thing that needed to be done. All the rest – the failing banks – indeed they are simply shuffling papers now. The LIBOR scandal, bond buy backs and all the rest are simply the house of cards falling in on itself.

I personally went to every mega billionaire in the World and asked them to give away all of their money to charity. They know that their wealth will be taken away from them at the time of reparations but they are not willing to face that truth. They feel they will get away with something. Dissolution means just that. It is inevitable and absolute. Cosmic Law is Absolute Justice. No human can escape this fact. Reparations means everyone will start on an equal playing field. If you now have more millions than the reparations all will receive then you too will lose it. When I asked not one Soul agreed to give up all their money. This was the final financial consideration needed. This was the last chance. Now each One who I approached will be dealt with in a way reflecting their choice. This exercise was done to move forward the plan. Since none who could help came forward it changed the level at which we may intervene. Changeover can happen any moment now. We are doing everything that is possible to move forward with the plan now.

3.  I understand ascension to be a personal experience that each soul learns. When the changeover happens, the souls that are not ready for ascension – will they see the ships and the new economy or will they be stuck in the old paradigm in their own little world?

When Changeover happens and Earth enters Zero Point all the veils will drop. Almost every Soul on Earth today holds false beliefs regarding the financial sector, secret government, the cabal, extraterrestrials and more. There will be a lot of new truth to take in because the truth has been denied the people for so long. There is a Plan in place which is so loving and compassionate the transition will be made as simple as possible and will be all inclusive. Those who hold resistance to the beauty all around them will be offered help. Each individual will be given the choice to see the changes or remain in the old paradigm. Those choosing to remain will deny they see changes. This is their free will and accommodations for these Ones have been made.

4.  Dates cannot be given because even the Galactics have no idea as to when things are going to happen, but they must have the technology to know just how close we are.  A couple years ago, we were told that we were days away from changeover.  Can you give an honest answer as to exactly how close we are?  I know that we are sometimes given false information in order for us to learn a lesson but I would like an honest straight up feeling of how close we are as a planet – because that tipping point number needs to have everyone on board.

Every date that was ever proposed changed due to a situation which was an opportunity to make a better outcome. When someone channels the future they are seeing the details from a place of no space and no time and sometimes changes seemed nearer than they were. Also each Soul perceives these messages a different way which helps them along their Spiritual Path, whether in joy or sorrow. These emotions move us toward a goal. I can give you an honest answer. These changes will come in 2012 before the end of 2012 – It is so because the Collective Conscious made it so.

5.  Will Missions be offered immediately after changeover or will that be individualistic?

Missions will be offered as immediately as each individual desires.  Many will want a vacation to rest with their families and celebrate Earths good fortune. Some will want to speak to the High Beings who will be here to serve as Mentors and answer all the many questions which will arise. Nothing that appears as it is today will be the same after. It will all be BETTER.

Will twin flame reunions be immediate or again, will that be on an individual soul level?

Twin Flame reunions will be offered as each individual desires. Many who relish the arrivals of their twin flames are currently married and raising children with a partner not their Twin Flame. Some have been living alone and celibate 20 years. All will be handled in a fair and kind and graceful manner. As it could be imagined at this moment it will be BETTER. No one will suffer as Souls gravitate to their ultimate happiness because all will be mutually BETTER.

7.  Will all secret societies be abandoned or will there still be some around that will be working for the good of Man/Earth?

The idea of secret societies has a most negative connotation. Those negative groups will all be completely dissolved. There are always a hierarchy amongst Souls and the level they have attained in their Consciousness. The Higher Teachings are kept secret until the moment when One is Ready and has prepared themselves. At this moment all secrets are revealed.

8.  With the advent of materializers, we’ll have all of our food and clothing – and probably a bunch of other things.  What do we need money for then?  How will it be doled out – in gold certificates that we change over into some paper money?

The reparations will be given out to a bank account to each individual – every woman, child and man in the world. This money will be exchanged by a swipe card. Every person will have a card tied to their own account. All of the monies will be metals backed by silver, gold and platinum held in the banks around the world. This has already been created. We need money because we have held that as the energy exchange so long. We need money due to the enslavement of humanity. Souls will need a period to adjust. They will need time to phase away from the programming that they need money. When everyone is comfortable with the changes then Earth will no longer use money or swipe cards.

9.  Everything is in the NOW moment – there is no past or future, so disclosure and arrests have already happened (because there’s only the now). How are we able to hide this from ourselves?  How are we able to hide this perception?

We agreed to the forgetfulness. We agreed to the Veils. These are a condition to living on the great school called Earth. Veils are tied to karma. They are a compassionate act and are intrinsically tied to these conditions. They are why a tipping point of Souls was needed who had woken up and prepared themselves to do away with the Veils for the end of time.

1.  How SPECIFICALLY does 9/11 tie into arrests/ascension/disclosure?  There are MANY people that know that it was an inside job, but what’s the main tie-in?

9/11 SPECIFICALLY was THE wake up call to humanity on Earth. It was necessary for such a gross and massive psychological trauma to happen to the Collective. It would take this level of misconduct to have permanent change. Before these two wars the deceitful actions of the cabal were not evident to humanity.

2.  How many people actually died in 9/11? The number that passed on the 16 acres at Ground Zero is around 80,000. Millions more civilians and Servicemen and women died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

3.  What was the main reason for 9/11?  Was it a sacrificial ritual?  To start war in the middle east (for oil or the stargates)? Keep us in fear?  Bring out the legal controls that they brought (Patriot Act, etc…)?  All of the above?  Am I missing something?

9/11 was pure greed. Period. A lot of money was made that day. There were many many traders prepped before the day making inside trades on all the industries which gained from that day. They also dropped stocks beforehand which dropped that day. They thought the computer hard drives inside the trade companies located at Tower 1 would all burn and some were reconstructed and the inside trades became known. There were deals made under the table for the war machine where so much money was made – trillions. War was declared on Iraq about one month later. The MAIN reason for 9/11 was to destroy the computer banks held in Tower 2. There contained the computers holding all the banking information for NESARA Law and the changeover from Federal Reserve Notes to Rainbow Bills. NESARA was to be announced September 11, 2001 George H. W. Bush wanted it stopped forever. He will not succeed. Greed will not be served.

Is Mitt Romney tied into 9/11?  Will Mitt Romney’s arrest coincide with disclosure?

There are a few hundred in the United States in government holding back the entire world from freedom. Try to remember that this is a great illusion. Steps have been made behind the scenes where arrests have already taken place. What you are seeing playing out on the grand stage is a gigantic illusion. What controls the public in sound bites and the nightly debate about the election is not even real. This is why we may now intervene on deeper and deeper levels. The arrests are done and what you insist on watching and arguing about is fake. FAKE!

5.  Was 9/11 an attempt to rip the timelines like Montauk and the Philadelphia Experiment?  And if so, were they hoping to destroy our ascension process?

No. What ripped the Timelines at Montauk and the Philadelphia Experiment were actual time traveling science gone bad. 9/11 was mass murder. J.K. Rowling brought this out in her book series. Hermoine was using a time turner. She said to Harry they must not be seen when traveling back in time. She said terrible things happen to those who mess with time. These Souls will have to pay a price for the damage that was done to the Timelines. This is no small criminal charge.

6.  What is the spiritual meaning of 9/11?  Bush Sr. on 9/11 in 1990 with the New World Order speech, 9/11 in 2001, each with a difference of 11 years.  11 years from 2001 is 2012 – therefore what is the potential that will happen this September 11th, 2012?

September 11, 2012 holds the potential for more revelations about NESARA and Full Galactic Disclosure. We are winding down the year and each day rushes us forward to Changeover. 

7.  What was under the twin towers and in building 7?  Were they demolished purposely to take gold that was stored underneath?  Where is that gold now?

It was not gold. It was the NESARA Announcement and the computer servers. In Building 7 was all the intelligence offices where the truths were held by staff there and on computers.  A tip to the then Governor Giuliani moved his staff early that day away from the crashing towers before they crashed. They needed to keep their fall guy alive.

8.  Is all the gold that is talked about (millions of tons) in the hands of the good?  Can you expand on Neil Keenan and his lawsuits?  They make sense and we have to take the system down WITH the rules of the system – so is this the final straw (that lawsuit and the liens on the federal reserve banks)?

The millions of tons of gold have been robbed from the rich and moved to storage in the hands of my own men. This was done in broad daylight and took years to accomplish. Some slight of hand was employed. This gold is held in chambers in several locations in several countries and guarded by military working for me. NESARA Law was signed after the United States Supreme Court declared fraud in banking systems not only in the United States but also banks with accounts in other countries. This Law required the arrest of all involved in the original fraud and land schemes. Millions and millions of dollars in fraud was robbed from the people. This is why there will be reparations – it is the settlement for the suit. The Keenan Lawsuit and liens on the federal reserve banks are too big to keep out of the media. The media control of spoon feeding what the cabal wants you to know have deleted many many more arrests and lawsuits – happening nonetheless behind the scenes – from the public eye. The rules of the system are working to dissolve the entire banking system now in place.

9.  The numbers that are being tossed around are a lot less than the 10 followed by 43 zeroes that NESARA seems to ensure.  Can you expand on why these numbers don’t seem to add up?  I think some people think NESARA is BS simply because of the sheer size of the numbers.

These numbers being tossed around are guesses. The books from the NESARA Law were sealed to protect the lives of those who made it a success. NESARA Law took almost 20 years to make it through the courts and several White Knights were killed in the process. President Obama and his family continue to have death threats everyday. When the President was visiting Columbia there was an attempt on his life from a Secret Service Agent. This man conned his way through the entire vetting process which is extensive for one mission – to end finally the Presidency which will enact NESARA Law. Joe Biden is working with the dark cabal and was One responsible for 9/11. He is in place so he may be kept in his place. The next day the Secret Service was ripped apart from the seams.

There was a silly sex scandal story put in place to hide the truth and further protect the President. Heads rolled. Some people think NESARA is made up because they do not have eyes which see. There are detailed explanations on the internet explaining the almost 20 year process involved in signing NESARA Law which are true. It is the massive fleecing of America which is really hard to believe. In many ways it cancels all we have stood for our whole lives – the whole lie about freedom not being free, Apple Pie and Mom is always right. We blow all our programming of what was held dear in the past generation by believing in NESARA. That is what is hard for Souls to take. Our parents, teachers, government, military, doctors, professors, scientists and priests all lied to us and they did know better. We face up to that and we end the illusion and gain true freedom.

Hold Your Vision For Change. It is inevitable NOW!

This is St. Germain through Elizabeth Trutwin, September 7, 2012 © All Rights Reserved.,, 

To All Military and Police: It’s time to wake up and serve “We The People”!!

Message from SaLuSa for 2 July 2012

The really exciting times have arrived as you are getting confirmation of the arrests that have started taking place. Your rights are such that you have the authority to remove those who have committed acts of treason against you. These are clearly very necessary steps to allow important changes to take place that will move you on to the next phase in the plan. There is no way that the actions can be ignored much longer, and our allies are looking for sources that are keen to cover what is happening. Certainly with an announcement that is intended to set peoples minds at rest, we expect the media to pick up on it. There will soon come a point when the news can no longer be hidden or ignored, and we know that there will be a mixed reception to it. However, we expect President Obama to address the world, to re-assure people that the actions are positive and in everyone’s interests to restore world peace. It will go worldwide and beyond any attempts of the dark Ones to gag it.

We of the Galactic Federation of Light will for a time continue to work in the background, but look for the first opportunity to introduce disclosure. It not only covers our history of working for you and with you, but also the general interest shown in your evolution over a period of thousands of years. However, it will give us the chance to present some of the different civilisations that you are to meet. All will have some link to you if only to have had a hand in your genetic evolution. At a soul level we are all the from the Source, but have travelled different paths according to our choice of experience. Differences between us do therefore exist but we are all evolving like you except that some souls are at higher levels than others.

In leaps and bounds you will quickly find yourselves being elevated to the next stage in your upliftment. Many of you have already been primed for a new way of life, and it will set you up for your return to the higher realms that will come with Ascension. A wonderful fulfilling life awaits you which will seem like heaven after your experiences in duality. You will not only understand how energy comes into your lives, but also how to use to use it for your needs. The emphasis will be put on the different ways it can be used, and not least of all as a means of space travel.

On Earth you spend huge amounts of time travelling around in what we see as antiquated forms of transport, It will no longer be necessary to waste so much time in that way, and you will be gifted with technology that allows for almost instantaneous travel. All are based on the use of free energy which is clean and non-polluting. The dark Ones have already developed some craft of this type, and the technology known to them for a very long time. You have been denied its use so as not to affect the standing of traditional methods of travel, and to ensure they keep their power over other countries.

Your dreams will come true and the most wonderful changes will come with freedom being returned to you. You have become so used to being controlled in virtually everything you do that you have forgotten what it is like to be free. You will get a taste of it before Ascension, but remember that with freedom comes responsibility not to indulge in activities that cause danger or harm to others. With the coming of your higher levels of consciousness, will also come a more compassionate and balanced understanding of how to relate to other souls. It is the desire to be at One with all life that will enable you to take your place amongst those you will be joining. We know that the harshness of the Earths vibrations is not conducive to a peaceful existence, and you are continually challenged to keep calm and in control of your emotions.

You have been tested and tried for millennia of time, often repeating the same lessons many times over. You have proved that you can exist in an advanced civilization, and you are welcomed into the higher realms. You have raised your vibrational levels and it will ensure that you are ready to ascend. Those who are not ready will have no inclination to leave duality, and will by choice continue their experiences at the same level. The paths open to you are clearly defined and you cannot move beyond your station. However, all is continually in a state of change and you will eventually make progress as all souls do.

Let go of your earthly attachments and instead be in readiness to expand your consciousness to take in what will be a new way of life. As you learn more about us and get an opportunity to visit us on our ships, you will see first hand how we live and intermix with other civilizations. All act in service to one another and it is a blessing to be able to do so. The ego’s have been tamed and the needs of self are not put ahead of any others. We are a community in harmony and putting our energies into serving the Supreme Creator. We get great satisfaction from doing so, and do not for one moment think that it restricts our freedom in anyway. We love our work and the contribution we make to All That Is helping to uplift all other life forms.

Our lives are full and most satisfying and it is by choice that we serve in our own particular way. It is no more or no less than you would do helping your own brothers and sisters. We are after all one big family who acknowledge the gift of life given us by our Father/Mother God, and have been provided with all that we could possibly need to enjoy our existence. We are also co-creators with God having reached a higher state of being and able to use such powers with complete responsibility. On Earth few really understand the potential powers they have, and do not realize that they are responsible for the way their civilization has evolved. Consequently you also reap what you sow, which is why you have ended up in duality. However, you have found your way out of it and many are now able to take the opportunity to ascend.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and wish you the most happy times that release from duality will bring you.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

URIEL. Surviving The Calm Before The Storm. By, AuroRa Le. June 18, 2012


● The tiniest light can illuminate a room and it takes but a scant few torchbearers to blaze the the way for an entire civilization.  You are powerful as one, but together you are unstoppable.  These are the days of the calm before the storm, Dear Friends.  Solstice Day shall pass, and what follows is an influx of energy so wild, so untameable, so magnificent that the vying forces will have no other choice but to lay down their arms in peaceful surrender.  There is no weapon mightier than love.  As sure as the sun shall rise and the rain shall fall, I tell you this is so.

● Yes, these are the quiet days.  It is a time to hunker down and brace yourselves for the onslaught of a mighty hurricane of love.  Gather together your beloved ones.  God has granted you this period to prepare and make ready.  You must evacuate the third-dimensional mindset and take refuge in the comfort and safety of your heart-center space.  Amass within this sacred place a holy arsenal of gratitude, kindness, generosity, faith, acceptance and patience.  Please do not neglect to cultivate patience, because of all the virtues this is the one that you shall be most in need of at this time.  For we of the other Realms exist in All Time, and so for us the moment of transition is at hand.  But for you, my brave warriors, you are still operating under the falseness of linear time and as such, the wait may appear to be interminable.  Rest assured, your patience shall be amply rewarded, as well as your charitable natures and unwavering faith in that which you cannot see with your naked eye.  The patience of every man, woman and child is being sorely tested to their limits at this vital stage of preparation.  So use these quiet days to make yourselves strong and to impart the source of that strength unto others.  The investment you make in your spiritual growth offers the greatest return of all.  Master it and teach it.  Give to those you encounter your true opinions and do not pretend to walk in another man’s shoes so as not to make waves, or in the hope that everyone shall love you.  Underneath the illusion everyone does love you, so be at peace in that knowing and cease the roleplay.  Seek counsel when you feel blocked or become stuck in the decay of the old grid.  To succeed, all things must remain in balance.

● Learn what you can from each and every situation which is presented to you.  Even what you consider a wrong choice has the capability of teaching you a lesson that may be put back into use in the helping of another.  In this way, there are no right or wrongchoices.  Learn from each experience you have.  Next, practice peaceful conflict resolution.  We feel this is an area in need of attention, even amongst the most practiced of Lightworkers.  So, you do not agree with your brother?  This is fine.  It is healthy to exchange opinions, as yet again this is one of the most effective platforms for learning.   Think about it-what is there to be gained by attacking his opposing point of view?  How is it advantageaous to make him feel sorry and lesser than?  None are lesser or better, as none are right or wrong-indeed, I say this again.  What I tell  you is that this is one of the most insidious traps of duality.  Instead, make welcome a lively debate and cast all judgements aside.  Step up and be the one who raises the white flag,  and  have the good grace to extend the olive branch of peace.  You must now, immediately, cease your reliance on the five physical senses and begin to behave only in accordance with what resonates within.

● High above you lie our benevolent fleets-ships of every size, shape and design.  We fly the colors of a thousand Star Nations and more.  From systems well beyond this galaxy, they have come to bear witness to Gaia’s triumph, and they come in a show of respect to you, brave Warriors of the Light.  This is to be an event of epic proportions, and they have concluded that they must see it for themselves.  They wait in breathless anticipation to witness the death of the old and the long-anticipated birthing of the new.  They watch for the time when all are reunited as one Universal family, when those who live and breath on Earth shall dwell in a state of gratitude and abundance.  Do not doubt that the transitional plans for debt-forgiveness and financial relief are in place.  They await only the removal of the toxic debris of the past.  Someday soon this truth shall spread like wildfire and there shall be no possible way for it to stay hidden.  Your mainstream news sources shall have no option other than to report it to the people. 

● Stay in grace, my friends, and do not hesitate to call upon the Realms of the Light, if ever you should find yourselves in need.  With an open heart, in love, I embrace you.

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