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UFN Message 1-6-13

SaLuSa ~ November 19, 2012

To think that after preparing yourselves over some years in readiness for Ascension, that time is virtually upon you. Suddenly what you have dreamt of has approached near enough for you to get a feel of what it is like to experience the higher energies. Once experienced it is never forgotten as it is an ecstatic feeling of utter joy and happiness, peace and contentment. Imagine being in that state of bliss as normal from one day to another, and free of the lower emotions. It is your true way of living and why those of you who are ready will move out of duality. Some of you have always felt that something was missing from your lives, and now you have found out what it is.

We realise that these changes are creeping up on people that still have no idea what is coming. They may still suddenly awaken as the energies are causing a stirring within, and a new level of consciousness. The question is whether they are able to throw off the lower energies, that will otherwise impede their progress. For some the transition is asking too much because they have become reliant upon them in their everyday life. It is not easy to convey the advantages gained by lifting yourselves up, and yet they will always be remembered. Words are sometimes inadequate to describe life when it is based upon the harmony and balance that the higher energies bring to you. It is all bound together by what you call “love” which permeates the whole Universe, and in essence it is all there is.

Little by little we have conveyed to you what it will be like when you take your place in the higher dimensions. It is a totally different quality of life that is so much better than what you are experiencing now. So much so, that you will wonder how you managed to survive in such a low vibration. It is all credit to your resilience and determination to overcome the obstacles that have confronted you. The problem has been that you were led to believe that what you experienced was a perfectly normal life, and the opportunity to improve it was denied you. The dark cabal kept you in a permanent state of need, and were thus able to keep you enslaved and reliant upon them for all things. However, with your constantly growing levels of consciousness, you woke up to how you were being exploited and fought for your freedom.

In a relatively short time compared to how long you have been in duality, you found your voice and determination to claim back your sovereignty. Naturally you have had immense support from the other side of the veil, but you attracted it by your positive approach to the task ahead. Plus the fact that the plan for your upliftment was already in place. At different times so many civilisations from the Galactic Federation of Light have come to your aid, particularly in the last 100 years. Although you were destined to succeed, the manner in which you did so was entirely up to you. In fact, you have done so well you have lessened the impact of what would otherwise have been a very traumatic year. Many predictions have fallen by the wayside because you have raised the vibrations to a point where they have become unnecessary. In a year when there could well have been so much more seismic activity, it has not been exceptional at all.

You are Galactic Beings in the making and will soon live your lives as we do, with all the creature comforts that you could possibly need. At present you spend so much time travelling around, and it is a wonder you ever get anything done. That is an important area that we are already equipped to deal with. Changes cannot occur overnight, but getting you mobile is a priority so that you experience a much more easy life. There are modes of advanced transport that will cover your different needs, from your daily personal trips to craft that can leave Earth for other planets. Eventually you will have a computerised system that operates totally automatic and driverless for your land travels. Needless to say, they will be totally pollution free and operate on free energy.

Many free energy innovations already exist on Earth, but their development has been prevented to support and maintain the Corporations that would be affected by them. However, you cannot stop progress indefinitely and you will be quickly moved into the New Age. You will find that gradually you will have so much more time to yourself, for your leisure pursuits and other interests. Work such as you know it now will not be so demanding and so much will operate with little manpower because of the higher technologies. Entertainment will be quite different and no longer focus upon games or films that glorify war and such negative actions. The higher dimensions are no place for anything that has a low vibration.

You will have plenty of excitement and satisfaction exploring your Solar System and learning more about your Earth. Moving backwards and forwards in time will also provide much of interest, particularly to those who love history and archaeology. Every trip out into the Universe will be an adventure, so you will not lack for opportunities to expand your knowledge. Your spiritual growth will not be neglected, but it will be much slower than at present when you are still in duality. By our reckoning you are Warriors of Light who have won a great victory over the dark Ones, after having your earlier unpleasant experiences with the demise of Lemuria and Atlantis. Lessons have been well learnt in situations that have been very testing and hard to bear. That is all but over now, and Mother Earth is preparing to ascend with you so that you experience the wonderful new Earth she is to be.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and just one of many who have been closely following your progress over many, many years. Now you are so near to Ascension we too are becoming quite excited. Your patience has been wonderful in spite of the delays, and you are nearly at the end of your long wait. We love you for what you are, as Divine Beings expressing your true selves through your Light and Love.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

Ashtar 11-14-2012 ~Love Is Our # 1 Mission!

“Well, Greetings, Beloved Family, it is I, Ashtar, and this is indeed a most momentous day for all of us, below, on and above Planet Earth, because it is a day of change!!! Irreversible is the course of Planet Earth. That has been assured already, before this day. There are those who can’t quite believe it yet.
“We want to assure you that the changes that you are looking for are going to be happening, like so many lightning strikes. We’re up here, too, with these 30,000 [spy drones] or so, and you know, one of the interesting things about it is that those who put them up there think that they are impervious, invincible; that they are immune because they are flying in the airspace of the United States of America. But that is a false security because your security is far more important than theirs. And why is that? Because you are on the Path of Light. It’s because you’ve spoken again and again – you’ve said, ‘Yes, we want to do it this time, we want to go Home, we want to make our Ascensions!’
“With all Love and Compassion we have the technology to safely, that is, without any fallout, remove these birds of surveillance from your skies, and we assure you that this is being done. We’re going to tell you something that is really, really important so everybody be listening here – you need to know this, you need to know this in the totality of your Divine Beings: We have told you before, the most powerful energy on the planet is that of Love!!! If you beam Love, if you are an absolute LoveBeam, you automatically put a kind of a shell of imperviousness around the totality of your energy fields. You see, what happens is, you are up in a Higher Dimensional level!
“You may look out and see 3D Earth, you may see one of these little surveillance creations, but you can say, ‘Count me out, I don’t volunteer to be surveiled. I’m not going to be spied upon, I am not going to have my sacred space invaded!’ If you believe it, and you live it, they won’t see you. They can not look any higher than 3D. All they can do is survey a 3D World. It’s like Avalon. You know that in order to get to Avalon the priestess had to get to stand in the boat and part the mist.
“If you are walking and one of these is flying thousands of feet above you and it is going to be spying upon the entire location that you are in, it’s just going to see a little mist or nothing at all because you are in a Higher Dimensionality! Practice the Higher Dimensional Lifestyle! Be Love! That’s all you really need to do, and let your Love speak for you to empower you in all ways. We are talking about safety and security because the thought that there is something up there that can see you, it’s like those machines they have at the airports, you know – how much are you going to let them see?
“Are you going to say, ‘Hey, come on in?’ Or are you going to say, ‘I call forth the White Light of the Christ, I am Divine, I am a Higher Dimensional Being – flash whatever you want – I am walking through safe and secure. Those beams are not going to radiate me and there is going to be nothing that is going to be seen about me that would create any kind of a disturbance to me!!!’
“You see what we are saying? This is it! Everybody, this is it. It’s show time! Well that sounds a little dramatic – I’m not here by myself you know – I have some very good helpers with me, including Sekhmet herself, and she will be speaking when I am finished.* But we do appreciate the contributions of all of the loving thoughts and energies that are coming for me to transmit to you though this Voice, because that is the single most important concept, energy, intention, and Lifestyle – in other words, that’s the total picture!
“We are here together, and yes, we are hearing some things that the dark hats -we like to call them the ‘naughties’ it kind of deflates the whole term ‘Illuminati’, doesn’t it? They gave themselves that name, they gave it to the World and the Universe beyond. So I, Ashtar am simply excerpting that part of their name which is a more true picture of who they really are. So we call them the naughties. We are removing them from the stage!
“Beloved ones, you have nothing to fear, except as that great statesman said, ‘You have nothing to fear except fear itself.’ If you get caught up in that, that’s the opposite of Love. If you get caught up in that, you’re going to just go right on down like one of those planes being shot out of the air, spiraling down and down and down, and then you need to remind yourself to spiral back up. Now, the good news, or shall we say the silver lining in that cloud, is that you are going to feel it real fast!
“You’ve all changed. You’ve volunteered to be here and you volunteered to be here for the eclipse. It doesn’t matter if you saw it or not, the energies of that eclipse came to all of you. You gave permission for those energies to come to you by the fact of your being here! This is all in the sequential flow of events. These energies are energies of change. Turning inside out? Excellent concept -changing black into white, putting the Light where there has only been darkness, and yes even some of the naughties let down their walls just long enough to let a ray come in, a beam!
“They’re changing too, and it’s not just because we are taking them off the stage, putting them into cells, or removing them from the Planet. They are finally getting it that their day is over!!! We have such superior technology, even to their space stuff. And that is not that we are being boastful, it is simply the fact. We know where all the gold is, and it’s all safe and secure. The minute one of them says, ‘Aha, I’m going to go over here and steal some of the gold’ – we’re on to it. We can follow them and just when they think they’ve got it in their hands, we just cause it to leave their hands!
“It’s just that simple. Superior technology. Why? Because, remember, we are made from the same source as you. Mother/Father God created us out of Love too. Yes, there are some civilizations that have advanced so far, or have not advanced as far, so that they are either more technically oriented and are not in conscious knowing and recognition of the components of Love, such as Compassion. Nevertheless, they know the power of Love; and then of course there are those like the naughties who, you know, unconditional Love is just so foreign to them because they have been on this treadmill, so to speak.
“You know those wheels that guinea pigs, or mice, get on in their cages? Those little wheels that they get on and run and run, and their little legs are going so fast and all the wheel does is just keep turning in the same place? There is no start, there is no end, there is just a wheel to run on. That is exactly what these ones have been doing. So let’s love them. And let’s say, “Hey, we’ll help you off the wheel. All you need is Love!!! And that is Truth!
“Meanwhile, because so many of you have given us permission, we have gone to the Galactic Council, and beyond, and we have received the absolute, complete green light to get everything done in, what you might call, the blink of an eye! We know, you’ve been waiting lifetimes for this. And in this lifetime indeed, it seems as though you are at the very moment of, you know, the dates, 12-12 and 12-21 – awesome dates! And there’s going to be a lot happening. There’s also a lot happening right in this moment. So be not in despair, just fill up with Love, Love, Love, and more Love! Get high! You don’t need anything artificial, you just need Love!!!
“Get into the Love vibrations and be there with us who come to meet you there. Call us forth. And if you need a little help picking up, you are in charge – every one of you is Commander!!! So what does that say? It says it is up to you to decide what direction you want to go in. What direction you intend, you choose, and you command. Don’t be shy, don’t be concerned about false ideas of protocol, just remember that you are One with us! You have every right to state your intention and to invite us to come close, right into your energy fields to support and assist you in achieving whatever it is that you have for your intention and your desire.
“Let’s get some joy into this! We’ve been hearing about some fairly heavy topics. But did you hear that the number one newscaster in the United States of America is, what you call, a comedian!** Yes, laugh! He may be getting some news that doesn’t sound so great – you may be hearing some ‘mission accomplished’ news about one of the naughties – and we are not going to say that the missions are not heavy that they are doing, because they are desperate and they are really trying awfully hard.
“We are simply saying that you can lighten up and free yourselves from the heaviness with laughter! It’s a wonderful, wonderful, what you call, fast track, to Joy. Joy is created out of Love. You will not find somebody who is locked in fear to be expressing high vibrations of joy, because the two are direct opposites of each other. What you will find is that anyone who is bringing in the Love energies and beaming them out, they’re the ones who are enjoying absolute Joy!!!
“There are some things which are in the works. We know there are those of you who have waited for the packages of the kind that our Beloved Tara** was speaking of. Those are special programs. They are ready for delivery but there are still some elements of security which need to be addressed. We understand that those of you who understand that you are receiving these special packages for the humanitarian purposes, for the World, are a bit anxious and wondering if they are going to come in what you would call, ‘in time,’ and the answer is, Yes!
“We understand that those of you who heard that St. Germain has bank accounts backed by gold to give you, you’re wondering if that’s going to come before the big dates, you know, so you have an opportunity to enjoy it before money becomes a no-thing, and the answer is, Yes! And it is that there is overlap, there are many different levels of each Dimension, main levels and sublevels and so on and so on. And so it is that even in 3D you can take yourself up to the highest levels of 3D, so that when you receive your abundance you can use it to create Joy!!!
“You have heard many tales of people who have come into sudden abundance – you call them lottery winners – and then within a year they are down in the dumpies and they have lost it all. Let’s put it this way: When you receive your abundance you will be safe and secure with it! It’s not that you need to go blabbing. You know what people do, you see your neighbor out in the street and you say, ‘Hi, how much did you get from St Germain today?’ ‘Well I just got….’ You know, that’s not the point. That’s not what we are talking about when we say security. We are talking about how you can be assured that nobody is going to steal it away from you. You can be assured that you will be able to make your decisions yourself.
“We have a lot to do. There are what you call advertisements that need to go away. There is a lot of programming that is subliminal – although there’s less and less these days – a lot of false values still being paraded and a tremendous amount of hypocrisy. All of that is going away!!! The more you live in Higher Dimensionality, the more you free yourselves from it, even in this moment.
“Always remember we are talking about Love, and talking about living the Lifestyle of Love. With that comes Joy, laughter, creative expression, manifestation of whatever it is that you choose – whether it’s to suddenly become and artist, or to create a new hairdo for yourself without having anyone do it for you, or to simply go out into your yard and hear what the flowers and the trees and the birds are saying to you! It’s to be in Joy so that you can enjoy the loving Lifestyle. That is what is important!!!
“Now, we mentioned in our last email message to you the importance, the significance of the election, or we should say, reelection, of President Obama. Is there anybody in this audience who is not aware of the importance of Obama’s mission? And his family, his Beloved twin flame Michelle and his two daughters, who are very much in the crystalline creation. Well, if you listened to his speech, and I did mention this in my message, he mentioned Love first. He had an agenda, a priorities list, and Love was number one!!!
“Now, you know that Obama is from someplace else, Sirius, to be exact, and he is very serious about restoring Love to the Planet, because when there is Love everywhere there cannot be war, there can be Peace only!!! Where there is Love everywhere, there is abundance for everyone; where there is Love everywhere there is healing of all kinds, whether it is the little bird that crashes and breaks its wing, whether it is the very ground that you are walking upon or the air that you are breathing, or the waters you are nurturing yourself with, or whether it is you in your bodies, Beloved Ones, Love heals!!!
“There are many things that you can do to empower healing methods, if you wish to use any, whether they are what you call the conventional, or the not conventional. Being in Love is a grand healer and it will only amplify exponentially, whatever else you do. So remember to share the Love You Are with everything that you see, with the air you breathe, and so on, with all the elements of nature! Mother Gaia is cleansing and you can help with that too. Bless everything that you put in or on to your sacred bodies, and if you prepare something for someone else add the Love ingredient! Number one, whether you are making a new pair of shoes for someone, or preparing food, or sharing some water, whatever it is.
“We have not done a mission like this for some time – and you can do this or not as you choose, and nothing is going to blow up if you don’t choose to do it – it is to spend, let us say, the next 24 hours expressing Love in everything you do, in every way you possibly can imagine. If you would put that intent out and ask your Guides, your Angels – I, Ashtar am readily available – anybody, anyone, any sentient being in the whole Universe, to be constantly reminding you to express Love in all you do.
“You may already have felt the changes, the Love that came on 11-11. Oh yes, that was a big Love wave, and now we have the change day, the day of change.*** Changing to what? Changing to love. You’ve got it all, it’s all available to each and every one of you! So, let us see how this works for you. Is there any grading or judgment of this? No. Absolutely not. It is to be a joyful Exercise for you. Is anybody going to be able to do 100%, 24 hours in a row, simply expressing only Love? Mmmm, well, if you are an Ascended Being, yes. And we know you’ve all come up in your levels, so it’s theoretically possible. Is it necessary? No. It is not necessary, mandatory or a command in any way. It is simply an Exercise that you can do if you choose to.
“What is important to get from this Exercise? The difference. We’re talking feelings here – the difference between when you are expressing Love and when you are not. This is to acquaint you even more with you, and to assist you along your Paths of Ascension, and there is no right or wrong way to do it. There is no minimum or maximum amount of time for its success. We’re simply asking you – in fact, pick a day between now and 11-22. How does that sound? Pick one day. Put a big heart on your calendar and let that be your day of Love, and you can carry it to the next day if you started in the morning. Start when you waken in the morning and then the last thing you do at night before you go to sleep is to keep that Love flowing.
“You might make a note of how you feel the next day, and by all means send it in to Ashtar on the Road, we would love to hear from you, and feel with you your wondrous experiences in expressing Love because that is what we are here to do. That is Mission Number One!!! And who is the most important being for you to express Love to? Let’s get right down to it, we’re almost at zero point hour so you better be expressing it to yourselves, Beloved Ones. So just go for it! Let us know how it works for you and what you do and how you feel at the end of your 24 hours of Love expressions!
“Well, Sekhmet is anxious to join with us! We have a most powerful Exercise to do and on this particular day – how momentous an occasion this is! So I, Ashtar, and the Ashtar Command thank you for being here in 3D, well, high 3D and higher, as well as for being with us on the ships. We thank you for your attention and your intentions, and we say to you once more, we love you all beyond words!!! You’re all on track, you’re all on Ascension Paths, the High Road, and we rejoice at being here with you. Thank you Beloved Ones, and Salut!”
* Sekhmet’s transcript will be published in our next email.
** From Tara and Rama’s A&A News Report-
*** The day of the Solar Eclipse
Transcribed by Brian Coe
Given through Susan Leland, November 13, 2012.© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2012.All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

Preparing for the Timeline Shift – Jelaila explains the importance of the coming timline shift on 12/21/12

The Pleiadian High Council: Divine Calculations Determine Your Reality 11/13/12

– through Wes Annac-

[Note from Wes: Let us remember as well that our thoughts and feelings will determine our realities! Interesting synch. with the titles, eh?]

You dear souls are undergoing the most rapid of growth through the lower realms of Earth that has been achieved throughout the Earth’s history and as this final Life you are experiencing is setting the stage for the emergence of the higher realms within yourselves, it is important to note that you dear souls must emerge from the lower dimensional veils that have kept your perception of the higher realms under wraps, to find the prevalent higher dimensions that are truly all around you.

It simply takes opening your perspective to these realms to see that they are infallible and infinite in nature and scope, and you are able to connect with them now and find wonderful and unique upgrades in yourselves.

As you assimilate these energies that are the building-blocks of the realities you are currently experiencing, you find that you are the Creator and manifestor of all that you find within your reality and you find as you begin to access the encodements of energy bringing your higher realities to you, that there are a plethora of different souls existing within the higher realms and we all wish to connect with each dear soul who will become open to our energies so that we can offer our insight and advice.

No longer are the lower dimensions to remain prevalent within the collective consciousness, because you dear Lightworkers and Light Holders are anchoring the higher realms upon the Earth by your mere presence upon the surface of the Earth, and this Light that you hold within is indeed being radiated out to all around you in a strong purity.

A collective absorbing of the energies bringing your ascension to you is now in play as you dear souls are radiating-out to others, the realms you are finding within yourselves.

We are watching as always and intervening where we can with matters occurring on your world, and we have recently had meetings with the dark souls wherein it was agreed that we could begin taking measures to help cleanse pollution in your skies [in more widespread ways].

The bulk of the results of this meeting may not be made known until after the disclosure of our existence and while the cabals are reaching a phase wherein they are showing an interest in going along with our plans, we can still sense the hesitance and the wish on their part to deceive us at any juncture and we come now to tell them that with the recent meetings we have had and the decisions that were made, no amount of stalling or attempted mayhem of the plans we have discussed will be allowed.

We have previously placed trust in the souls of the cabals who have distorted and sabotaged the many plans that they had originally [pretended to] go along with and what is to happen as has been agreed to, will be manifesting no matter the amount of struggle on the cabal’s end.

The people who know of our existence are taking the bold measures themselves to proclaim our existence to a collective of souls who has been led to believe that we are not on your world and making contacts with you, and the events that are to be brought forth in the time ahead are imperative and their manifestation is something that needs to occur for the entire planet at this time.

Dearest Gaia is traveling further and further ‘up’ the realms of consciousness and is taking you all with Her, and it is simply that you must attune and adjust yourselves to the continually-pure energies that you are being given.

You can ask for assistance from us and from any of your guides, as we are all here for you and are simply waiting to be called upon. You can ask your guides to send you their own specific healing energy and you can ask us to radiate our specific energies out to you as well, so that you find an increased absorbing of our energies.

Our energies are a part of the Divine energies of our Creator and are supremely pure in structure. These energies have been the underlying foundations of many miraculous events that have manifested on your world, and the energies of the Divine have been misinterpreted on your world for so very long.

While the higher realms are brimming and waiting to be made known to your dear Earth collective, many considerable, seeming miracles that have manifested on your world in various time periods have become the foundation of entire belief systems based upon distorted concepts, and the belief of such concepts was aided by the manifesting of [miracles]. We must be very careful with how we make ourselves known to you dear souls because there could potentially be much negativity per our arrival, as has been expressed before.

The plan at present is to continue to allow disclosure to trickle-down through your mainstream media.

You are being prepared in every moment for disclosure and while the dark souls have been broadcasting things to make you fear our presence, your mainstream media is and will be increasingly becoming open to discussing our presence on your world. This will be a result of the recent meetings we have had with the dark souls on your world and again, the media’s acknowledgement of us and our presence can simply not be ignored any longer.

Independent bloggers and journalists who have been working for mainstream news and blog sites will feel an increased ease in discussing us and the reality of the contacts we have made throughout your various societies, and you can expect in the near future to see many [news stories] representing the  ‘Ancient Astronaut’ theory in  a very clear Light and in one that will not be distorted and will be understood; not as something being bred to entertain an audience, but as something that is very real.

You will understand the many contacts that we have made with your world and the truth of our existence will begin to become more accepted and understood. Even with the advent of our recent talks with the cabals, we still know that those who are not under containment at present are going to fight against these changes becoming acknowledged and a part of this will be an attempt to mock the news that will be coming out through your mainstream about us and our existence.

You have seen this in play already with the invention of many tactics employed when discussing the subject of our existence, and certain terms and phrases are used to employ and feed a prevalent mindset about us based upon simple ‘fringe’ and science fiction.

You are all existing in transition-stages at this point and your entrance into the higher realms is proceeding very marvelously and smoothly at this time; it is simply that you are working through the final vestiges of yourselves and have been for some time.

The higher realms are making their ways to your lower realities as you all subsequently climb to them and the perceptions that they will deliver, and upon many of you discovering the limitless and infinite realities of the higher realms, you will see that you truly are infinite and that there is nothing that can ever truly keep the higher realms and your experience of them back from you.

While you will enjoy disclosure and the many truths that will be given and while you will all begin to come together and rebuild your world as a sovereign collective society, the wonders that you are to experience far beyond disclosure and the physical repairing of your world go beyond your wildest dreams.

There will still be much work to be done but we ask you dear souls to see that the work is beginning to be done on a mass scale as many souls see the Light and anchor it unto themselves in preparation for the very real coming New Age on your world. The Age of Aquarius is not imaginary, and it’s a very real phase and cycle in your planet’s history that is to call for a shift-point in the collective planetary consciousness.

You dear souls who are just beginning to absorb your ascension energies and find the vast astral realities that are delivered upon your realization of your inherent higher dimensionality, are setting the stage for the entire collective absorbing steadily-purer energies.

As many countries are just beginning to be given lessons in relation to ruling themselves fairly and justly, the entire Earth collective is going to be given control of your world and while you will have much help from us and from various facets of this beautiful Creation, you dear souls will indeed find challenges and issues arise upon your collective taking-back of control of your world.

You will be an entire, worldwide collective governing body that will be split but not divided into local governments and decision-making bodies, which is why many who are just beginning [Lighted] group projects and who are just beginning to work together to Create the change that your world has needed, are finding the lessons and prototypes of what will be had for you dear souls on a planetary level.

There is much pollution upon the surface of dear Gaia that needs to be cleansed and this includes the energetic pollution that is manifested by much of humanity on a daily basis. Too much of your world is too anchored in darkness and with the rapid transmutations that you dear souls are performing wonderfully at this time, the collective energies of darkness that have been prevalent on your world for so long are undergoing an intense and rapid transmutation and replacement with the Light energies that will be building-blocks for a new reality of collective peace, harmony and sustainability.

You will find peace and unity as a collective and the advent of your collective governing bodies will see you undergo the lessons that you need as a collective governing body. Such lessons will see your unity delivered to you, but only after you undergo them and integrate the energies behind them unto yourselves.

Your intents as individuals are very powerful and will serve to anchor a vast amount of whichever energy you choose to bring through yourselves, which is why we urge many of you to look toward the Light energies at any given moment you feel down or depleted.

The higher realms are truly never away from your perception; it is simply that you allow yourselves to forget about the higher realms and about the fact that they are all around you. It takes a simple acknowledgement of the higher realms to see that they are indeed prevalent everywhere and within and upon finding an inner-contact with your higher self, you will find that all of your fears and pains dissipate away in the Divine Light of your beautiful Creator-Self.

Our Creator has divided various aspects of His/Her beautiful and omnipotent structure, to exist as and Create various octaves and structures of reality that would host a mirrored Life. The objective of the mirror-Life is to realize not only the inherent collective unity of every aspect of itself, but to realize as well that the outer aspects of Creation which the mirror-consciousness is experiencing, is this mirror-consciousness.

We hope not to confuse anyone with this statement and we simply mean that your objective has been to realize that you are making your surroundings and that at your very energetic core, you are the reality that you find around you.

Your realities are manifested according to your inner-thoughts, feelings and reflections of the outer-Creation that you are experiencing, and you are the mirror-consciousness that is experiencing and Creating the outer-reality. Our Creator is you and is this outer-reality, and when you realize that there truly is no difference between you and another, you will open a supremely -pure gateway to the higher realms and especially to the unity-consciousness that drives a higher dimensional experience.

Your experience of the higher realms hinges completely upon your beliefs that they are real and as long as you are making the conscious efforts to see, feel and realize the higher realms within yourselves, you will find that the infinite Creation around you will respond favorably and will see you naturally begin to understand more and more, the higher realms as you make your conscious decision to connect with these realms. You will find a plethora of other souls existing within these realms and we all desire a contact with you, as has been expressed.

As Gaia is making Her way out of the third dimension, you are finding yourselves undergoing tests and lessons that are initiating you into your higher states of consciousness.

As always, we can only go so far to help you in these lessons as many of them are personal lessons that you have set out for yourselves upon entering the lower dimensions but we say with happiness in our hearts that despite the perceived failures along your processes, you dear souls are doing better than could have ever been anticipated and you are realizing increasingly, the higher dimensional experiences that you have been growing toward for some time.

For many of you, the beginning of your processes included becoming exposed to the actions of the souls who have helped you to entrap yourselves within the veils of the lower dimensions. You steadily began to learn of their actions and along a certain point, many of you became exposed to the other side of the playing field; the side of the Light.

Many have become exposed to the communications given from the higher realms or to the writings given from souls who are experiencing a closeness with the higher realms as you all begin to remember and feel these realms within yourselves, and all of the avenues of experience you have taken have led you to the same conclusion; that matters on your world are not in alignment with how reality is supposed to be.

On our planets, you will find that every soul is of the Light and exists together harmoniously.

There is absolutely nothing that can hold us back from our closeness and our unity-consciousness and while your world has fed separation and duality as a part of the lower dimensional experience you have all been going through, we say that humanities actions in allowing a separation-based consciousness to manifest and in feeding such a consciousness has manifested the very unjust acts and laws on your world.

A Law is simply an idea, and you dear souls are smart and discerning enough in yourselves to know what you should and should not do to yourselves and to others. The Golden Rule is a very true Law but is not one that you will get ‘punished’ for breaking; rather you will only experience the necessary karmic repercussion for the actions that you give to others. The phrase ‘do unto others as you would do unto yourselves‘ it meant to encourage you to see your inherent unity and the fact that you are One entity who is experiencing itself.

You are one soul who is split up into various different forms and structures and while divisive consciousness, mindsets and ways of Living have been fed on your world for so very long and this has fed some of the destructive and separation-based acts you have committed toward each other; you are literally One being of consciousness and every action that you perform toward another, you are performing unto yourselves. Karma is a natural reaction to the energies that you have quite literally expressed toward yourself, which is why you will always experience a necessary karmic reaction for anything you do to others.

You will find that all of Creation is in perfect order and there are multiple Divine calculations made from these realms in every moment. The results of these calculations are sent down to manifest your Lives, and the actions you perform toward others are programmed into an algorithm that will ultimately decide what you should experience next in your Lives.

Your Lives are the result of the thoughts you give out and the actions that you perform toward others, and karma acts in accordance with your own Creations. Our Creator has allowed experiences on the lower rungs of His/Her omnipotent structure in the ways that they have because a key aspect of your lower dimensional experience was [and is] to have freewill.

Your freewill is very important because it is imperative in your gaining of the experience that you have wished to gain whilst you exist within the lower dimensions. You are all experiencing the freewill-based Creation that you have brought through yourselves, and your guides as well as those higher parts of yourselves are consistently and continually calculating your reality to determine what is to happen next in your Lives. Divine calculations are made and what you experience is a result of a preferred method of programing your reality that is mathematic, but that is also heavenly and Creative.

We take such joy in helping to program your reality and while you dear souls are the most prevalent Creators and determiners of you realty, we give assistance with some of the specific Creations that you wish to bring through yourselves and experiences within your realities.

You are ultimately deciding what is to manifest, and the programming that you Create for yourselves in the form of specific things to have happen to you so that you can learn and grow from them is so very coordinated. There is truly nothing in your Lives that happens on accident and rather, everything occurring before you is the result of a manifestation Created by us and by you within realms beyond your current physical perception.

Allow yourselves to access and feel our specific energies as we are speaking to you dear souls from our Mothership. Allow our Universal energies of peace and harmony to permeate your very being, and allow yourselves to feel the wonderful effects of our energies upon your chakras.  Allow your pineal glands to pulsate and allow yourselves to brim with this energy that you are receiving from us.

We wish to introduce an exercise for you dear souls to use to connect with us as we make our final impressions for this communication and express our Love to all of you who are integrating the energies behind this communication.

The giving of an exercise to anchor the higher realms and various facets of the higher realms unto your dear expanding and evolving complexes is something that will be done by a lot of sources within the higher realms, as it is important for you dear souls to anchor these realms upon yourselves and it is hoped that the specific techniques we give you will help you to access our energies, as we know that so many of you dear souls wish to.

Our scribe has received a plethora of letters about the wish of many dear souls to connect with our specific energies and to feel our energies in the manner that they can from any channeled communication, and we wish now to help you dear souls to reach us by offering you a visualization technique to better connect with us.

As we have expressed above, allow your dear expanding hearts to connect with the specific energy that we are emitting-out for you right now. These energies are certainly not being broadcasted along radio waves and are rather being given to you dear souls along increasingly-pure frequencies as you are able to tap-into and open up to such increased frequencies within yourselves.

Radio waves specifically are very dense and [are manifested along] frequencies that are not as healthy for your chakras, and we would not prefer to contact you dear souls in this manner; though our communications will indeed be broadcasted over worldwide radio the time ahead because it is simply necessary to do so, so the entire collective can be opened-up to what we will give.

We wish you dear souls to envision yourselves within a wide room that is very Lighted. This room is very similar to what you would refer to as a Conference Hall, and you will notice what could best be described as a ‘stage area’ and many seats and such for our general meetings.

Our General Council, our High Council and our Council of Nine meet in this room routinely to discuss matters amongst ourselves and with various other ascended souls, collectives and Federations who are helping your world and many other planets to ascend and who communicate with your dear Earth and with many other planets as well.

Each one of us of our High Council is with you in this room currently and we are utilizing our technology and the energies of one specific member of this Council and our Council of Nine to funnel our energies through to your dear Earth and communicate with you. Feel yourselves with us and see that there are indeed many of us, as while there are fewer members here than with our General Council there are still a great many of us and each one of us have wished to communicate with you specifically.

Feel yourselves within this very big and open room, and notice that there are indeed windows that you can look out of and see your beautiful Creation. You would see what you best recognize as space but you would notice that it is much more colorful and energetic than you dear souls have been led to believe. All of Creation is absolutely harmonious and even the Earth has featured some of the most beautiful yet dense features as a result of the lower dimensional experience hosted upon Her surface.

Feel yourselves absolutely encompassed within our energies as they radiate through your spirits, which are existing with us within our grand Meeting Hall. Know that you are experiencing a real contact with a broad range of souls. This contact is absolutely possible and can be made with any Council of any race who exists within the Galactic Federation or any other Lighted Organization.

Your visualization efforts are far more powerful than many realize at present and as we temporarily close-off our specific line of energies to this communication, we ask you all to continue in your realizations of just how real the Divine is within you and of just how ready we actually are for you dear souls to access our energies and exist with us, within our ships.

We are here for you dear beautiful awakening souls at all times and you are finding the very real contact with us that will propel you into your already-unfolding higher dimensional existence.

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.