The Pleiadian 2013 WAKE UP CALL – Vol 2

Marriage: The True Union Of The Twin Flame Heart – 26 May 2013

What’s the first thought when we see or hear the word marriage? To most it’s a big white wedding between a man & a woman where we repeat words in front of a minister who hands us a slip of paper. So what if I were to say that the slip of paper & those words are meaningless unless you’ve experience a true marriage?

The Divine Marriage Union of Spirit that gives & unites us to our true self, this is a true marriage. It is the union of the masculine & feminine aspects of ourselves. A passage into the Bridal Chamber of the Male & female Energies that are within us. A sacred union with our spirit that brings us into balance. This union with self is one to honor, cherish and truly commit to with all you are in all moments.

Any relationship or marriage will eventually fall apart unless the Twin Flame energies are brought into balance within both partners. The loss of any relationship or marriage is not a moment to wallow in sorrow. We have been given a gift, an opportunity to reconnect within ourselves to who we truly are! As we release our attachments to everyone & everything in our lives, we set ourselves free to journey deep within the self. The true joy of self-exploration, a connection occurs within the Twin Flame Heart. As we radiate Love & bring ourselves into balance, we attract to us those of similar vibrations.

Twin Flame relationships are built upon our oneness & equality. To manifest it physically we must first be one with our energy. We all have one true partner, yet are we willing to truly let go of all illusion? Sometimes we must even let go of our Twin Flames in order to break any attachments to them. The illusion is of the separation, Twin Flames are One, their Connection Eternal, time & space have no meaning. Once One, Always One!

Ray Dawn ~ Lady Nada, Adama, and Saint Germain, This Doorway to Love is Ready! ~ 18 December 2012


Lady Nada, Adama, and Saint Germain, This Doorway to Love is Ready!

Hello to you Dear Ones, it is Lady Nada here to explore with you your feelings of home and of Love. Love eternal and love everlasting..

We are here to be with you in this state of love, of it filling your hearts and allowing each of you to return home to this state within you. The Ascended Masters and I are one and you are one with us.

Each of your hearts holds this resonance with love! Do not forget this. Each of you feels separated from this love eternal in your own way. As a child who has been hurt and needs consolation.. Allow this consolation now.. Let it melt the resistance to love, let go of the pain and fear of lack and limitation..

Each of you can open that door now and allow in this great light.. This light is the light beyond all matter.. As this time is approaching on your planet.. We are all coming home again.. To no time, to all time, to Oneness.. In this oneness there is no lack, no fear, just trust and this great love.. The journey that led you to be upon this earth at this time is to feel all of this happening within you and thru you, to come awake to who you really are while in form, to come home again to love now and within all your bodies as one– as one heartbeat– and to reside within the sphere of the earth as well to come into oneness with the earth, and with your solar system, and within the universal sphere as well!

This great symphony that is occurring is occurring now, right now within each of you.. As all time is truly in oneness we ask each of you to let go into the knowledge within you, within your heart, to guide you home to safety and love within your deepest self, and in your deepest places to find the truth.. To find love.. We are home with you in those moments of your choosing..

Hello as well it is I Adama! Yes to be in this resonance of home is what we are be-ing with each of you.. Now is the time to remember, now is the time to open to each heartbeat beating as one heart upon this earth.. Allow all else to fall away as each of you remember eternity.. For in eternity you are love and in this love you decided to come here and be it…-so, BE-it!

Yes, now is the time to move forward and to BE-LOVE.. This 12-12-12 and into the Dec 21st-2012 and beyond, this time is a marker to your emergence as a new species… a species of love that has returned to who we are– all in this together– One family in love we are… This love is all encompassing, it is forgiving, it is sacred, and it knows all!!

You know all, each of you, each of you are a part of this hologram of awareness, encoded with all knowledge, allow this remembrance within you now.. Welcome home upon this earth to be here in the fullness that you are.. This 12-12-12 is also an awakening within this planetary system and within this planetary sphere of her own knowledge, her encodements are coming online and meeting up with the galactic systems again.. Allowing her to remember as well who she is, for there has been sleepiness upon this sphere for so long.. All with purpose dear ones, for as the plants are growing in darkness the shoots emerge into the sun and once again rising to the surface to open forth and awaken from the slumber, to rise up from the darkness and into the eternal light.. Be not afraid of this occurrence, but breathe easy that you are here with purpose in these times, called forth and remembering your ancient gifts to be here fully and to fall into Love-again and again upon this earth.. Open your hearts!

Now is the time to do so, now is the time to open forth, all is at the ready, be not afraid and rise into the light, we are here with each of you to help support your emergence into love and so it is…

Yes and it is I, Saint Germain to be here as well! I had to show up to be here as well, for all time has led us to this time upon the earth! All the times we have all been a part of this process and yet it comes down to the simplest things.. Be here Now; Open your Heart and fall into Love! Truly to let go into it is the task at hand and we need each of you to do so for you are the organism that is creating this change, as each of you comes online into love, you awaken your hearts to emerge into eternity.. As you do so you let go of all fear and awaken to the truth, all love is here for you right now!

As you feel and see this and know it and begin to truly trust, you will create the greatest change to this system and forevermore- love upon this earth.. Awaken your heart now and know that this time is all time… We are one in this occurrence, this doorway to love is ready—you are ready. Trust your heart, let go into it, clear and release the fear and be at peace.. Join us all in this love.. Be easy..
We greet each of you with love for you are It! Always and eternally the flame burns bright and strong within each of you, rise up! Say Yes to love!! And so it is..

We thank you from All of us as One!

Love, and so it is…

Ray Dawn
copyright 2010-2012 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
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Hilarion’s Weekly Message ~ Dec. 16~ 23 ~ Marlene Swetlishoff


Beloved Ones,

During these times, many of you are experiencing a feeling of completion with all the issues and challenges that you have been endeavoring to transmute into the creation of a greater expansion of your own capacity to love yourself and others with compassion and acceptance. You are stepping beyond the confines of your former perceived limitations and opening your energy fields to greater potentials and possibilities. Each time you have done this you opened yourselves to accepting more of your higher Light to enter within. Now you stand ready to move into the new horizon which beckons just beyond the borders of your perceptions.

Hold to the vision of the greatest and most joyful life you can envision for yourselves. See yourselves as living those lives in actuality. Dream big and create a complete picture of the life of your dreams, painting in all the details of all that you would see and experience in this ideal life. Add texture, color and weave it all with your imagination into the most perfect creation you can envision. Change or add to this as your spirit moves you until you can feel completely satisfied and joyful with your creation. See yourselves as whole and perfect and see others around you enjoying their greatest dreams unfold as you desire for your own life. This is the world you are in the process of creating, where everyone has everything they need to live in peace, happiness, fulfillment, freedom and joy.

The chaos around you is the sign that the Light comes in greater measure. There are many who are desperately trying to hold onto the old paradigm where deceit, lies, shadows, fear, and mayhem ruled the day. Those times are at hand and it will require our beloved Lightworkers to hold the Light steady with all the power and Light they can muster each day in order to bring balance and divine order to their part of the World. Send the energy of Love to the people and places upon the Earth that are in the throes of suffering and shock. Remember that you have the power and that power is LOVE. It is through this work that the Light shall continue to prevail.

Allow the attunements and recalibrations of your physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies to continue in their upgrading, as your divine human templates are shifting into form around you. You will be experiencing more moments of peace and contentment with the simple enjoyments of your lives. Take time out as often as you need to nurture yourselves in whatever way you feel guided. Feed your mind and emotions with continual thoughtforms of higher frequencies in the form of mental pictures in your imagination, with affirmations, with decrees, with prayers and meditation. This is key to the overcoming of the lower dimensional activities that have been taking place.

Know that as you make your calls for the World you deserve and desire, individually and collectively for yourselves, your loved ones and for all of humanity, that we of your Family of Light and Angelic legions of Light will match and magnify ten billion times each call that is made for the highest good of all. We are in this great change and transformation together, for as the Earth shifts, so too, does humanity and the higher dimensions of Light. All is working in unity of divine purpose and divine timing. We of your Family of Light have the greatest admiration and respect for the roles you have chosen to play during these momentous times. We are here and you are never alone.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

©2012 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included.

Valerie Donner – The Groundcrew – A Message From Mira From The Pleiadian High Council ( Currently Working With The Earth Council)


Greetings, I am Mira.

We have been busy on the Earth Council working with the changing energies and major shifts occurring on the Earth and within the Earth. We monitor closely that which is happening and are always ready with back up plans. The Earth is becoming more unstable which means that alternatives are important. The Earth herself is feeling the same energies that you are feeling—everything is tenuous. What seemed like a strong foundation in the third dimension is no longer. There is a crumbling effect and unpredictability. This can feel unsettling to most which could account for humanities’ current state of insecurity.

The best advice we can give you right now is to be optimistic and confident that you will always know what to do regardless of what is happening around you or within your lives. This state of uncertainty is a part of rising consciousness and the massive changes that are happening on your planet. It forces one to have faith in Prime Source and to acknowledge that you will be looked after and cared for no matter what.

The energies of the 12-12-12 are vast and will allow for new entrance for many into the earth’s field for a myriad of reasons. There will be comings and goings through this gateway. Healing and huge energetic shifts that will affect the overall consciousness of the Earth will happen on 12-12-12 which will flow to 12-21-12 and thereafter.

There is nothing to fear about these major events. Being present is important. Listening and showing up are crucial. Breathing and focusing on what is going on around you is necessary. Quiet time will assist you in staying in touch with your inner guidance. Realize that these shifts are not being done to you but with you and will serve everyone one of you in the highest possible way.

As ground crew you have helped the Earth and life on the Earth reach this pivotal point. The planets, stars, sun, moon, and alignments have their role in the unfolding plan. All is orchestrated in accordance with the Creator’s guidance as a part of the Divine Plan.

You have accomplished more than we ever expected of you. Congratulations are in order. We have already begun our celebrations, for you were successful in your missions and still have a fabulous future ahead of you.

Stay connected to your hearts and to each other. This is what we ask of you. Know that you are a part of a complicated set of ascension energies that will continue for the next few years. Some will seem easy and others could be unsettling. Together we are a fine team of vastly gifted individuals who can and will do anything necessary to ensure the success for the future of the Earth and all of life on the Earth.

We love you and respect you.

I am Mira. link to original article