Max Igan in conversation with John Lash – June 7, 2013

The Light Messenger ~ Arcturian Message via Suzanne Lie: Perception and Creation Part 2 – Surrender to the IS ~ October 18, 2013

We, the Arcturians, return to remind you that:

Surrender to the IS



It IS HERE and NOW that you shall consciously connect with your Self.

Your Multidimensional Self IS.

Your Multidimensional Self exists HERE in the NOW.

You have been trained from your many incarnations in a third dimensional reality that you must wait. You had to wait because there was time, and it was not the “Right Time” for you to receive what you wanted NOW!

Therefore, you learned to wait. If you were very patient – as patience was a commendable virtue – you would get what you wanted. However, what was in your heart and mind while you waited?

Was your heart and mind filled with the belief that that which you wanted was already yours? Or did the waiting make you believe that that you were not good enough – yet – to get what you wanted?

No one told you that the time you waited was best spent raising your consciousness to live in the NOW. Then, in the NOW, you could create that which you desired. No one told you that once you lived in the NOW there is no time.

There is no waiting.

There is only manifestation.

Within the NOW, you are infinitely ONE with all that you believe you desire. Hence, once you seek that which you desire, it is instantly within you.

The process of wanting is a passive process. On the other hand, the process of manifesting is an active process of total vigilance over your EVERY thought and emotion. Manifestation does not take any training. You manifest what you want every day, in fact, every minute. If you were to be totally aware of your thoughts and emotions, you would realize how they become manifest in your life.

How often have you feared that something would go wrong and it did? How often have you feared that you would NOT get what you wanted, and you did NOT get it?

Now we ask you, how often have you held your desired manifestation in your heart and mind and fed it every day, every minute, with your own Unconditional Love? And did you manifest that which you Unconditionally Loved?

Of course there are parts of life that blindside you, such as a good thing coming out of the blue or a bad thing coming from nowhere. These manifestations are created on an unconscious or super conscious level of your being and are often contracts that you made before you entered your current Earth vessel.

Some of these contracts may seem very harsh to your present reality. Thus, you must remember that just as you forget how wonderful the higher worlds are, the YOU in those higher worlds forgets how difficult life is in the physical world. Fortunately, once you are in connection with your higher Self, you gain a higher perspective through which you can understand why those things occurred in your life.

From this higher perspective you can easily perceive how your thoughts and emotions constantly create patterns of energy within your aura that waft out into your daily life. We ask that you take a moment to check out the patterns of energy within your aura right NOW…

In fact, take a moment to close your eyes and think about something that you really WANT…

Do you see how the concept of wanting creates energy patterns that collide and disappear? You see, wanting and manifesting are not the same energy. Wanting is NOT having and manifesting is having NOW.

Now, think of a time that you manifested a desire…

Do you see how the energy patterns flow cohesively in a united manner? When you believe that you can manifest your desires, you focus on the joy and fulfillment of being the creator of your own life.

On the other hand, when you are wanting, you feel much like a victim to your own self. Why do you dare to want that thing? Who do you think you are that you can have that thing? Maybe if you get a lot better and spend more time working hard you will get that thing. These are not bad thoughts, but they are third dimensional thoughts.

It is true that within your third dimensional thinking you will likely have to dare to desire. It is true that in your physical world you may think that you are not good enough and have to take time to get better. These are not incorrect thoughts, but they are third dimensional thoughts.

Since “as you think, you live,” when you think in a third dimensional manner your consciousness resonates to the third dimension, you perceive only the third dimension, and you are bound by the illusions of the third-dimensional matrix. Beloved Ones wearing an Earth vessel, we want to remind you again that YOU are NOT third dimensional.

YOU logged into the 3D Matrix and swiftly forgot your true Self. Then once you began to dare to remember that you are more (that would be conceited in 3D thinking), your 3D thoughts consistently over-rode your higher dimensional thinking and distanced you from your Self.

We ask you to:

Think about something that you want.
* How does that wanting FEEL in your body?
* How does that wanting FEEL in your consciousness?
* How does the wanting AFFECT your state of consciousness?

Now we ask you to BELIEVE that you have fulfilled your desire:

THINK about having that which you just wanted.
* If it is an object, such as a car or house, how do you FEEL riding in your car or walking through your house?
* If it is a job, promotion, project or change in profession, how do you FEEL about this expression of yourself?
* If it is a relationship, how do you FEEL when you are bonded with this person?
* How does this manifestation FEEL in your physical body?
* When you place your desire in your mental, emotional and physical NOW, how does it AFFECT your state of consciousness?

There is an ongoing relationship between your state of consciousness and your BELIEF in your own power of manifestation. Therefore, if you are having difficulty raising your consciousness, then focus on BELIEVING that you are the creator of your life. Conversely, if you are having difficulty BELIEVING that you are the creator of your life, focus on raising your state of consciousness.

In other words, do not fight with yourself. Instead, just move into a different area of your mind to look at the same thing from a different angle. Also, if you are exhausted, hungry, angry, tired or stressed in any manner, focus on clearing your stress. If you were preparing to run a race, you would stretch your body. Hence, when you are preparing to manifest your expectation, stretch your mind.

Your mind is, in fact, the body of your consciousness. And your consciousness resonates to myriad frequencies of reality in which you can, and do, manifest your reality through the Mastery of your MIND. Remember that your mind is not your brain or even just your thoughts. Your MIND is your creative force that includes your thoughts, your emotions and your state of consciousness.

In fact, your MIND is actually your Heart/Mind. Your Heart/Mind is expressed through your Crown and Brow Chakras in co-operation with your Heart and High Heart Chakras. Your Heart/Mind thinks and feels your highest creativity, which is expressed through the higher dimensional communication of your Throat Chakra.

Your Throat Chakra is not limited to just your speech and hearing. In fact, your higher dimensional communications are expressed and shared with others through your creative force of speaking, singing, playing an instrument, writing, dancing, athletics, gardening, etc., etc.

With your Heart/Mind and Throat joined in this manner you open a Portal of Manifestation. You will ground this Portal into the body of Gaia and then through your physical body via your Solar Plexus, Navel and Root Chakras.

Your chakras also transmute your thoughts and emotions into energy fields, which flow into your aura, out into your reality and into Gaia’s biosphere. You can lie to yourself, but you cannot lie to your chakras. Often when you are having difficulty with a chakra it is because you are trying to avoid a truth in your life. Then, the chakras that rule this area of your body become confused, as chakras cannot lie.


You can lie to yourself because you have been fed with lies throughout your entire third dimensional incarnation. However, you cannot lie to your chakras or to your body any more than you can lie to your beloved dog or cat. The act of lying does not exist in energy fields or in the animal kingdom (your Earth vessel is an animal).

Consequently, if you want to know the truth, look into your body, or your aura. For many of you, your physical brain has been trained to forget how to consciously interface with your body in the way that other animals do. Your brain has been trained to forget how to read energy fields via your aura. Most unfortunately, your brain has not been trained in how to expand your consciousness. However, it is quite simple to re-ignite this memory.

As a young child, you still remembered how to read energy and how to talk with the family pet. It was your 3D education that made you forget. Now that the higher Light is expanding your consciousness more and more each day, you are remembering that YOU are the creator of your reality. You are also remembering that your only enemy is the lies you tell yourself.

YES, your world is dangerous. YES there are many still lost in darkness. However, that is the reality that they are creating for themselves. Do not engage or intermingle with that reality. Instead, send these Lost Ones your Unconditional Love and forgiveness. In that manner, your resonance will remain far beyond the reach of those who still cherish “power over others.”

Emotions are contagious. In fact, emotions/feelings are the language of the higher worlds. In the higher worlds emotions and feelings are the same. However, emotions in the third dimension can be polarized into good or bad, whereas feelings are often perceived as energy fields.

In the higher frequency realities, both emotions and feelings are perceived as energy fields of pure potential awaiting manifestation combining with your thoughts and expectations.

We Arcturians and your higher expressions of SELF are always HERE in the infinite NOW.

Just give us a call us with your Heart/Mind and we will answer.

Saint Germain – Part 2 – What You Need To Do To Teleport 10/12/13

Hi everyone, here is the second part of the channeling with Saint Germain. Click HERE to view the first part of the channeling. Sending all of you love and many blessings…Andy

“…Only the purest hearts that are filled with nothing but deep love for all beings and Self will teleport. Teleporting comes from the heart, your precious, love filled heart.

When you teleport, all of your magnificent energies are moved to your amazing heart from your physical body and then you communicate with the heart energetically, and not the mind or the ego, thus allowing yourself to by physically moved to where you want to go.

Dear precious hearts, you will teleport when you can be truly open and honest about yourself, and accept yourself as a precious Divine Being of Light. You are all consciously waking up now and realizing who you are and finding your radiating I AM Presence, and finding Self.

What a beautiful journey you are all on dear friends. You teleport when you can honestly forgive yourself and others for the past and when you love yourself like no other. You teleport when you feel deep and compassionate and pure love for every precious and honored being from your beautiful heart.

It is a type of dying while you are alive that must occur. You are removing and effectively killing in a sense all of the unwanted things that are not pure love, all the things that cause unnecessary separation and constant frustration in your life. If you have anger or despair in your heart, you will not teleport.

If you have resentment or shame or guilt or lack self-love, you will not teleport. Any judgment or criticism will certainly not get you there either. These are all third dimensional lower energies that have lower consciousness levels not supporting teleportation.

You must deeply and passionately love everyone, you must always forgive everyone for anything that has been said or done to you. You must forgive Self, you must not be mad or angry or hurt at anyone and you must accept everyone for who they are, Divine Beings of Love. How do you view others? Do you love them unconditionally from the heart?

Can you love them even if they have hurt you deeply with their actions or words? Can you not be upset or angry? Can you not hold a grudge? Can your amazing heart be open and not closed? You must understand that you are all One consciousness and you must accept this fact.

None of these things exist at the higher consciousness levels that you are heading into. Everything in your precious lives is always perfectly mirrored back to you on the outside. What you see is what you get. How do you perceive others? Is it with deep and passionate unconditional love?

Or is it with resentment, anger, jealousy or envy? Your perception of others is always a perfect mirror and reflection of you. How do you react when someone is angry with you? Do you engage and defend and argue back? My dear friends, when your lessons are truly learned, your drama will end in your life and all karma will be balanced. Your cords and attachments then go away.

When your unwanted drama ends, there is nothing else but pure deep love. What else could there possibly be? There is no other layer in your onion to remove at that time. And all that is left is pure love, all is left is YOU. There is no more live death that occurs at that point.

All is left is the purity and the beauty of your heart. And with purity of the heart comes a deeply expanded consciousness, a wonderful consciousness that is pure love, and love has no boundaries or separation as you become one with Source. With no boundaries or separation comes teleportation and so much more.

Also, you must be aware of how you treat others. The ego is a very strong part of you. How do you talk to people? Do you say things from an ego based way? Be careful how you project your words onto others. What is said by you may not be as important as how it is said.

How does the other person feel when they listen to your words? You may be right in the content of your words, but did you offend them subconsciously by the tone or manner of your spoken or written words? Please practice humility and grace as they are beautiful virtues when talking with others.

Dear friends, always place yourself in the shoes of the other person and ask yourself, how does the other feel based on what you have said or based on what you have done. It all goes to the purity of your precious deep loving heart. Your heart must be open and filled with unconditional love of Self and for all beings for teleportation to be in your reality on a conscious manner.

When you feel you have reached this purity, this deep and passionate love, you will feel happiness and total bliss in your life. Are you happy now or sad? Are you depressed or do you feel angry like life is not fair? Are you hiding your feelings internally and do not want to address them. You cannot run from yourself.

Do not be afraid to confront yourself. Do you feel like you want to blame others for things in your life not falling into place? If you feel these things, look deeper in your precious heart. Ask yourself why you are feeling the way you are feeling. Ask your guides or angels for assistance.

Ask for me, I am always with you just by your thought and I am there to help you. There is a lesson there that has not been learned yet. If you feel that people are mean to you, they are projecting to you your inner feelings and thoughts as you are always manifesting your feelings and thoughts, good and bad.

You are mighty creators. Create magical love, my friends, not lower vibrations. Your inner thoughts and feelings are always projected back to you externally by people in your lives. That is your creation, again good or bad. And if they are causing you discomfort, then there is internal discomfort inside Self.

You need to remove this layer of discomfort from Self. You need to deeply love yourself more and accept yourself more. Every person in your life is showing you an aspect of you. What do you see? Is it love and happiness and bliss? Or is it something else?

Masterly of emotions and Self is very difficult. Mastery of love is even harder. But that is your path and the path that everyone is on. Respect each soul and help each soul on their path in a loving heart based way. Honor each soul for who they really are on the inside, which is a Devine Being of Love. Help each soul that you feel needs to be helped if they want your help.

You are all the precious Lightworkers that will help bring teleportation and so much more to the masses on Mother Earth as the awakening will continue to unfold for the collective. They will need your strength, character, conviction, knowledge, compassion, wisdom and mastery.

You are the ones you have been waiting for. Be the ascended masters that you all are. You cannot properly teach something to someone that you have not fully mastered. Before you can master teleportation, you must master Self, and you must find that deep love in your precious heart and allow that purity of the heart to flow gracefully.

To master Self, you must master the emotions and you master your emotions by understanding that everything that you are experiencing on Mother Earth is making you a more purer spiritual being. So adjust your thoughts and actions to those experiences and watch your life change. Just flow in deep love. Accept everything for what it is.

Again, love everyone deeply, respect everyone, smile at everyone, help everyone you can and trust that all is always Divinely perfect, which it always is. How can it not be? Be happy and feel blessed to be here at these magnificent times. Teleportation will come to you, but purity of the heart is key. It must be mastered first. You can do this.

Your precious heart must be open. Remove all unwanted separation from your being that you are better than someone else, that you are higher than someone else, that you are smarter than someone else. This is separation and this is not love or purity of the heart.

When you are ready for teleportation, your beautiful soul will know. The energies will be around you allowing for this to happen for you. And when teleportation comes, everyone will want to know how you are doing this. Their eyes will not believe what they are seeing. How can you physically move your body from one location to another they will ask?

Let me tell you my dear friends, teleportation will spread and the mass media will have to show this. Do you not think that people will not listen to you? You have given them physical proof in their eyes. Of course they will listen.

They will awaken because you will awaken them by your words as now they cannot discount and write you off as they have seen with their eyes the proof. They will understand what spirituality is because you will tell them and teleportation will come hand in hand with disclosure to the masses. The bells and alarm clocks will go off in their souls.

You are almost there. These recent powerful energies are getting you there, but you must do the hard work. You must be pure of heart. You must love from your heart so deeply and so purely everyone around you and especially yourself. Your open pure heart is what will get you there.

Your unconditional pure love must be in your precious heart as love is all that there is dear hearts. I greet you now with all my love as I love all of you so deeply. My love now flows to all of you from heart to heart as I am with you. I am Saint Germain.”

Love – Andy

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