Saint Germain ~ The Heartcenter and the Ego ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont – May 27, 2013

Dear Ones, I impart my very best wishes and love for all of you during these intense shifts and manifestations occuring on your Earth. Much clarity and lucidity will ensue within humanity and within each of your hearts, because a lot of energies are laying the foundation for renewal and manifestation of your personal life and your Self as well as of the collective world and Being.

What is crucially paramount nowadays is to continue staying in your heartcenter and even though you all are duly in the know through countless messages pointing out to that fact, it cannot be stressed enough as it is of the utmost importance to be able to cope with the upcoming energies and times with as little difficulties and emotional upheavals as possible.

What we mean by staying in your heartcenter is to ground yourself as much as possible and to feel and see yourself through your heart, to have only loving thoughts and to respond in a loving way to yourself and to others. One single negative thought, one negative word or criticism, one judgment is sufficient to pull you straight out of your heartcenter, catapulting you in your ego involvement.

Lightworkers often have the intention to stay in the heart and mean well with everyone, but it is sometimes forgotten that negative comments or thoughts such as judgments (whether it refers to a personal opinion or not) are not part of your light but belong to the ego. Do not stray off in such thoughts or situations, but respect everyone’s work and energy, respect what they bring forth. Judging has a negative connotation. Rather, it’s better to release everyone in his/her essence and to show respect for each heart.

This attitude is an intrinsic part of the entire process of staying in the heartcenter, operating only from your heart. There are countless attempts to try and keep you in your ego and hence it is your task and responsibility to handle and circumvent those, to go through them without responding at all and to just stay who you are in your essence which is Love.

When a heart dwells only in Love and service, it cannot be influenced as it will in essence only attract love and it will repel everything of a negative disposition. You can only attract what you are in essence, my dear ones. There are sometimes exceptions in the guise of souls who continue to stick to being manipulative, who continue sending out negativity to Loving souls. Even that is OK as it contains lessons for both parties involved and that is what it is ultimately all about. Expressed negativity will simply turn and fall back to the one that sent it out, where as a result Love will be the only thing one is wishing for and what is wished for will be accomplished in every loving context and manner.

Let’s transmute the very last negativity from this beautiful Gaia and let’s convert it into only Love. The time for turning the tide is now and that’s why you are present here, to contribute your part and to anchor your Light. The more there are loving souls, the more joy will prevail and the more joy that prevails, the more intense the Love and the Light will become. Hold a focus these coming days to think in loving terms about someone you have issues with or who you have to forgive or receive forgiveness from, acting that way will effectuate a lot due to the current energies. Apply this principle also to the dark facets within yourself as well as within others who have treated you unlovingly for lifetimes. The time to transmute this all and to convert it into Light is here and now! Leave it all behind you and forgive everyone and everything including yourself for all the deeds, words and thoughts that were unloving.

The upcoming energies will only intensify and only the ones who have achieved Mastery over themselves will go through this and will become even stronger because of it. On the other hand, those who have not yet reached that state will be severely tested but will nevertheless receive the chance to reach Mastery and the only ingredient for success for those ones is Love and the respect from the heart.

Now is the time to leave duality and her polarity behind and all it entails, such as negativity and the ego. The time for enlightenment and for unconditional Love from the heart has arrived, the time for truth and for liberation and, most important of all, the time for your own insights and your deliverance from illusion.

With the utmost of respect and Love, I am residing within your hearts lighting up the threefold flame located there and I keep it burning with my almighty Violet Flame and my essence of Being.

I AM that I AM, Master Saint Germain, your friend and Master of the Light.

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Marriage: The True Union Of The Twin Flame Heart – 26 May 2013

What’s the first thought when we see or hear the word marriage? To most it’s a big white wedding between a man & a woman where we repeat words in front of a minister who hands us a slip of paper. So what if I were to say that the slip of paper & those words are meaningless unless you’ve experience a true marriage?

The Divine Marriage Union of Spirit that gives & unites us to our true self, this is a true marriage. It is the union of the masculine & feminine aspects of ourselves. A passage into the Bridal Chamber of the Male & female Energies that are within us. A sacred union with our spirit that brings us into balance. This union with self is one to honor, cherish and truly commit to with all you are in all moments.

Any relationship or marriage will eventually fall apart unless the Twin Flame energies are brought into balance within both partners. The loss of any relationship or marriage is not a moment to wallow in sorrow. We have been given a gift, an opportunity to reconnect within ourselves to who we truly are! As we release our attachments to everyone & everything in our lives, we set ourselves free to journey deep within the self. The true joy of self-exploration, a connection occurs within the Twin Flame Heart. As we radiate Love & bring ourselves into balance, we attract to us those of similar vibrations.

Twin Flame relationships are built upon our oneness & equality. To manifest it physically we must first be one with our energy. We all have one true partner, yet are we willing to truly let go of all illusion? Sometimes we must even let go of our Twin Flames in order to break any attachments to them. The illusion is of the separation, Twin Flames are One, their Connection Eternal, time & space have no meaning. Once One, Always One!

The Arcturians ~ You are walking portals ~ Channeled by Méline Lafont ~ May 23, 2013

Dear Ones, we are the Arcturian Council of the Light and today we come to the forefront through this loving heart and we bring you our unconditional love and our respect for you truly are tremendously powerful souls in incarnation. Without the lot of you there would be no talk of a Global Ascension just because you are those little flames of pure Light and Love from the Source of “All That Is”.

In this current time frame we find ourselves in a momentum of energies meandering through the collective and pure essence of your Being. There are specific timelines taking on different shapes and which are now configuring a more Earthly reality in all your consciousnesses. Many activations and integrations in your current consciousness are now elevating themselves and will display a whole new reality out of a higher and more refined consciousness.

Still dormant souls also get their portion and will be activated, albeit up to a certain extent dependant on their level of consciousness. Everything that is not being used nor fully absorbed gets stored in some kind of center in the midst the dormant soul’s heart where all recorded information can be found and can be accessed over and over again. It is in the heart center that everything takes place and that will bring you to awakening and to ascension. That is why we keep on stressing the fact to always remain in the heart center as everything is to be found there, everything manifests from there.

The thought that is often expressed from the ego point of view, is the erroneous thought that everything that is found outside of yourself is the only true reality that is kept alive ever since birth and, of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Humans are inclined to seek everything outside of themselves and that can go from signs till confirmation or even destruction. First something rather dramatic most happen leading a soul into the depths of the pit before that soul opens itself to something enlightening that comes from within itself. All the drama that takes place outside of someone is but a reflection and even a perception of the soul involved, searching for clues to justify and trigger its existence.

When the moment of awakening takes place and the heart becomes the center that regulates everything and steers it all in a conscious way, than and only than will everything be searched and found in the inner as the need for outer confirmations falls away. You will than become omniscient and intuitively feel everything; you will only be guided by your True Self, your I AM and your Higher Self.

The coming period revolves around all what you are : your heart center. This is what it is all boiling down to and where drastic impulses and changes are going to occur. The build up of the elevated collective is in its growth process and nears its full glory; therefore, all focus should be placed on this because it is utterly crucial and important now.

A lot of portals have opened themselves now during this month of May, lots more are about to be opened and energetic vortexes will be activated. What is about to occur in the Now is very crucial and will be responsible for your future Now. As humanity you will be accountable for your own creations and for the global changes, just because this is your process and your reality. The already opened portals and the activated vortexes will provide pleasurable as well as very intense changes. You all carry these energies and portals within you through the connections and the integrations you have with the whole of the cosmos and with this Universe as your Galactic aspect and your light aspect.

The inner portals have to do with your consciousness and your integration of Self. The more enlightenment and awakening take place, the more the inner connection with your Self becomes a fact and when that takes place the inner portals will get activated in yourself as well as outside yourself in the universe, because you reflect your inner to everything that is outside of you. That is the truth : you all are walking portals in incarnation, grounding everything that you are into Beloved Gaia. The minute this is seen as your truth and as yourself, a huge wave of energy will pass through your incarnation and through your heart, providing the necessary adrenaline to continue on and to magnify what you are.

Hence, the coming times will be very challenging and it will be very important to be able to cope with all the light, all the love and all the cosmic rays and energies that will now overflow your planet and your embodiments with “All That Is”. We will grant all of you the necessary grounding and integration to be able to handle this by giving all our energies to all of you so you can continue on with the process of transformation.

We embrace you with our dearest energies of the Light and we give you our blessings of Love. The Arcturians.…-meline-lafont/

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Hatonn – May 15, 2013


I am Hatonn here today to let you know that there is an upcoming time when there will be lots of action in the skies. You will see at various places around the globe many spectacles that will give people the knowledge that what they’ve been hearing and reading over the internet is true. They will see for their yes what is unmistakable and cannot be explained away by false reports of this and that.

As this continues for a few days there will be reports that there is something taking place and cannot be denied. Some of the media will even begin to change their reports and will feel the freedom to bring forth that which they have wanted to be able to let loose to the public. It is a matter of the hold on them being let loose and now they can come out of the closet and reveal that which they have been told to hide. They will be able to do this because the ones who would seek to silence them about the truth are no longer in their lives. They have been removed from that influence, and now the truth can begin to come out even more than it has been.

This is the time for you all to see what you have been doing. With your being able to hold the truth of what you know about the reality of mankind and the Creator, you are being shown our gratitude and the forbearance of your diligence for the truth. As you see these changes come about you can know that we recognize the energy that you are putting forth to reveal the truth, and that is the power that you have put in action.

There is something else that I would like to relay to you this day, and it is that you will be undergoing some more ascension symptoms in the coming few months. Some of them will be challenges to you of a short nature, and some of them will be wonderfully relieving and joyful. Yes, I know you can receive some of that; it is time for a break, is it not! We’ve seen how these energies of change have been affecting you, and we also see the difference it is making in your vibrations. It is heartwarming, and it is making a difference. One day you will begin to really feel the tremendous difference, even more than you are now. It will be as if you awoke from a dream state and everything will be so bright and Light feeling. It will be as if you never were not in that state, even though you will know that you were. Your power is so tremendous as to create this whole new way of being for yourselves. That is the potential that you are walking into.

I now tell you that there is coming a time when you will be able to see for yourselves that which we have been telling you. It is a matter of it all coming true and more, for we like the idea of keeping some wonderful surprises for you to discover. We shall greet you all on the doorstep of the new world that you are even in this moment creating. It is all coming together, so fear not dear ones, you are on the right track and you will see that it has been worth everything that has come in this duality experience you have gifted us all with. You are jewels that shine throughout the universe, and we will be seeing you in your Lightness when the time comes for it to shine forth in complete harmony and Love.

Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate

Archangel Indriel. A Mother’s Day Message. By, Bella Capozzi. May 11, 2013

mother-with-children❀ Beloved Hearts, I am Indriel. If you think know me not, do be aware that it is because you simply remember me not. That is all. You know me and know me well, sweet Angels of God and goodness. You know me as protector, guide and as a source of sudden inspiration-the inspiration which propels you forward towards the purpose for which you came to these great lands. You needn’t remember me, for I ask only that you be still on occassion, observe and listen to the wisdom of your heart. I step forth in these times as a helper of the Lightholders and the teachers. And that is you, Dear Hearts. You are the change the world has been waiting. It is you who are the tangible proof, in full and glorious embodiment. Look towards one another, and before your very eyes is the evidence of that change, the evidence for which you have so long been crying out. Do you understand what I am telling you? The visible proof is in the transformation of the people, however maddeningly slow you perceive the process to be.

❀ It is at the behest of the Divine Mother that I have taken on the nurturing of the Warriors. You are known amongst us as the Tribes of Light, lovingly selected and organized by Her to be the carriers of love within a world so seemingly devoid of it. You are here to do Her bidding and to spread Her message, and She is inordinately pleased with job you are doing. She could not ask for more. Breath deeply, children…all is well. You remain cradled in your Mother’s strong embrace, even when you you think you are alone and adrift in a hostile land. You are always protected. You are untouchable. She reminds you that it is all a game, a play, and much of what you find yourselves in the throes of is preordained. You planned it all, together, with Her and for Her. Alas, yes, there are always going to be variables, as free will is very much a factor in the actual speed by which the key events shall progress, and also it factors into just what and how intense those events turn out to be. There are still several potential timelines in play, which are to inevitably become one, at some point. Yet as I told you, you are a powerful Light which cannot be extinguished. Knowing this enables you to move onto you path without fear.

❀ The Mother’s love is all around you. Become aware of yourself as being suffused in soft pink energy, which glitters like fine crystal. As you steadily begin to form an awareness of this light, which is in actuality Her love, you shall find that it is warm and physically detectable. Her love is inexhaustable and exists in every act of generosity and selflessness performed; in every kind word and thought. It is not only the glue which bonds you to your own soul family incarnate, but is also what connects you to every other animal and Human Being on the planet, and to the Higher Realms. It is the unconditional love of your Mother and your Father which initially brought you into being. Together they created you so as to love you, as their love is so great that it cannot be contained just amongst themselves! They chose that through each of you, their brilliance would be spread throughout the Universe and beyond. You are, each one, a living miracle.

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Part 154, Breaking Taboos: Social Disclosure by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 05/10/13

Today we would like to talk about the ongoing Ascension process. We know you never get tired of updates, especially those which give you some news about the progress toward the uncloaking of ships. Your imaginations are vivid and accurate – you know it will have a very powerful effect on the psychological state of the population when it happens. We believe this is true, for the most part.

Of course, there are still many who trust in the system of values and beliefs you live by now – the religious and social mores which organize your lives. It is difficult, well, nearly impossible, for instance, for them to imagine a world without money or financial systems, without the need for work that absorbs half of everyone’s adult life. They cannot conceive of a life in which “leisure time” is considered living your life. The equation work=responsibility is so ingrained in the consciousness of the people that they cannot imagine a life in which a painter or a musician is valued the way corporate executives are now, and where there are no corporations, nor any need for them.

Now, how do we help the civilization of Planet Earth to rework their belief systems to make room for understandings which defy description in the language you have been raised with, and the concepts you take for granted? We have been working hard to provide you with new information which will stretch your brain connections to make space for the understanding of things which are largely derided or disparaged in your culture.

For instance, sensitivity is a given in higher dimensions. The ability to sense others’ feelings and thoughts is as natural as breathing among beings who communicate telepathically. It would be the equivalent to being deaf and blind for a being to be without the powerful gift of sensitivity – the full use of the senses. In your so-called modern cultures it is considered a weakness – the province of weaklings and sissies, which is also defined as synonymous with female.

How are we to even transmit the simple idea that women are equal to men? and that children deserve respect as much as adults do? There are still large areas of the world where a female child is considered a burden and a curse, while a male child is celebrated. These are not cultures in which the slightly larger physical stature of the male is valued because of his ability to lift heavy objects, for that is not the most important attribute of the male in any culture. There does still remain the sad truth that men do have greater physical strength than women, and can thereby threaten them with bodily harm. This is an extremely primitive level of development.

Imagine, for instance, the reaction of a Right-wing Fundamentalist religious group where hatred and contempt for freedom of choice in every area of life is the norm. What will be the effect of uncloaking and landings to a group of people who despise anyone who is not exactly like them in their beliefs and ways. They are abusive because most of the have been abused at one stage of their lives or another. Their lives are governed by fear, and by the arrogance that springs from fear. Will they gladly accept the suggestions for changing their culture toward gentler and kinder ways, as presented by, say, Athena, whose ship is called “Dove?”

Will any of the large institutions of Planet Earth be willing to voluntarily accept that the era of the feminine has begun, and that in the millennia to come women will be the leaders while men play a supporting role? Advanced technology will not only replace oil, gas and nuclear power. It will also level the physical differences between male and female. When children can drive and women can work at any endeavor a man can, how will males find their balance and their self-worth?

So you see, Dear Ones, there is much more to this decloaking business than simply showing the world that you are not alone, or that your Brothers and Sisters are not hostile. There is the profound experience of Culture Shock to be taken into account. We know from past experience that poor people who win the lottery often wind up a year later with less than they started with. We also know that disruptions in the social network are frequently accompanied by increases in violence and mental illness. We are concerned for the peace of mind of the weakest among you – the vulnerable children and the single mothers, and those in areas of poverty where mobilizing the police force to “keep peace” could create great danger for the inhabitants.

There are, as we have said, numerous variables to be considered as we move toward the greatest Shift to be accomplished in the history of the Universe. It is requiring an educational campaign worldwide to prepare the people for change in the very foundational assumptions which order your world. This series of messages is one of those campaigns. It has had a very positive effect across the U.S and Canada. It is now also picking up steam around the world. It is being read on every continent, in most of the countries of the world.

Now we ask you to help us by sending this message on to five of your friends or family members who have never seen them before. Yes, we are creating a “chain letter,” and it is truly for the Greater Good! Please help us to educate the entire world about The True Way, and to help them feel comfortable with making contact with the Star Brothers and Sisters who have come to help, to share, and to express their love and concern for your welfare. It is our hope to create an environment in which no one will be shocked or terrified; no one will be completely unaware of the growing presence of benevolent ships which are waiting to make friendly contact with you, their little sister planet.

Many governments around the world have very recently agreed to open their files to reveal the truth about past contacts with extraterrestrial life. So far, there has been a boycott on spreading the good news which is being uncovered. As we have told you, the mass media is for the most part useless now, since nearly all the news outlets on the planet are owned by three or four powerful entities which intend to maintain the status quo. The others are simply cowed into offering nothing but celebrity news and a few tidbits of local politics, mostly focusing on the personalities and sexual habits of individuals.

We have often said that everything is perfect just as it is, that events unfold as they need to, and that all will be uncovered when the time is right. This is true of the era you are living through now. Look how the seemingly trivial pursuit of lurid sexual details has had a liberalizing effect on attitudes about sexuality and reproduction. Movie stars who uncover and celebrate their growing bellies and their nursing habits have finally, with the endless repetition of these images, broken down the taboo against associating sex and reproduction! The new interest in celebrity children is opening up a new focus on children and their care, accompanied by a spirited debate about what is and is not good for them.

The iconic photographs of pregnant women have finally, by repeated exposure, extinguished the aversion to discussing, or even acknowledging issues surrounding bonding, marriage, sexuality and childrearing in a way that would have been impossible just 50 years ago. Publicly indulged voyeurism has brought to the light what really happens when two people begin a partnership with the intention of creating a family, and what helps or hinders that process. It is truly a New Era of Enlightenment, where bringing daylight to the hidden corners of life has finally begun to encourage sensitivity to the needs of pregnant mothers and the men who have been equally involved in the creation of new life, and to the profound responsibilities it entails.

Would you have thought, a few years ago, that the Kardashian habit of flaunting and exploiting the voluptuous female form would have led to a series of family life lessons in glorifying reproductivity in addition to showcasing the sexuality of a multiracial family? It has had a greater influence on reducing racial tensions and prudery than 50 years of civics and health class lessons could have accomplished. These themes have laid the groundwork for what is to come: the opening up of the last bastion of secrecy and “privacy” – the belief systems and practices of various religious groups. The precious quality of irreverence has begun to enter the bloodstream of the previously hidebound, self-righteous North American people. Freedom cannot be far behind.

You see, Beloved Children, as in the past, the fears about the dissolution of “family values” – really the fear of open questioning and intelligent discourse – have been proven groundless. Television and the internet have worked their magic. The world is constantly being exposed to an onslaught of images of cowering women in burkas, side by side with daily documentation of the growing bellies of bikini-clad tanned and healthy bodies of proud Western women. Can one planet sustain such absurd contrasts for long? We hope not.

We have given you just a glimpse of the progress toward Disclosure. You were not aware, were you, of what was really in need of disclosure, beyond the activities of the cabal and the Galactic Forces of Light? The opening of minds and hearts is an ongoing worldwide process, and the groundwork is being laid in living rooms and kitchens across the globe. Do your part, Dear Ones, to speed the process by now throwing open the doors to a new view of what Life really entails, beyond the boundaries of the 3dimensional worldview of the past.

We celebrate your growing Vision, your efforts at self-reflection and honesty, and your newfound camaraderie in the Lightworker community. We urge you to continue your push to open yourselves and others to new possibilities, the likes of which you have not even begun to envision yet.

We are Mother/Father God, in company with the gathering Legions of Light.

Via Kathryn May, May 10, 2013, 3 am.

UFN is now on Blogtalk Radio – Interview with Bella Capozzi

UFN Insight Radio Show – Interview with Bella Capozzi! Listen now at #BlogTalkRadio

Today’s guest Bella Capozzi, is a holistic healer and channel who also descibes herself as a “sometimes” figure-skater, beach-girl, intuitive, E-Bayer, and obsessive cook. Her blog site can be found here:

The Pleiadians ~ We come to assist and to help you ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont ~ May 6, 2013

Picture New Zealand Copyright © by Méline Lafont.

While the moment of the solar eclipse is approaching, it will be felt by many that a huge expansion in time and consciousness is upcoming for all of you. The solar eclipse raises your Christ consciousness and contains some activations which will bring you even deeper in consciousness and in the expansion of insights and of yourself. This eclipse will be more decisive for a Christian and a Divine exaltation of all your cells, your DNA and your consciousness. It will largely appeal to you and will evoke a feeling of enlightenment.

The coming days shall and will be lived intensely in the heart and the Being of your physical incarnations and that’s the main reason why grounding is advisable as is getting rest and taking time out to meditate in order to integrate and absorb the Divine and Christian consciousness expansion through the Divine light particles of the cosmos and of the central sun Alcyone.

As always we remain in readiness to bring further enlightenment and assistance in this process to let it unfold in a most smooth and comfortable way. Allow your hearts the care and the rest that it requires in order to integrate all this into your being, into your cells and into your DNA. The heart is the portal that leads to ascension and it is the center of your Being which regulates everything for your physical body as well as for your mental and etheric bodies. Your heart requires much support and especially plenty of Love in this process of integration and full activation of your Christ consciousness.

The moment when the solar eclipse enlightenment reaches you all and disperses all its Divine particles towards you, a huge activation will once more take place in the heart preparing you to travel even further and deeper in your heart reality enabling everything to come to manifestation and to embody a certain energy. This solar eclipse is certainly important along with the next lunar eclipse which will be quite challenging for the physical body and the emotional body.

What we ask of you is to always connect with your sun which is the central sun of this solar system and the center of your Being, connected with your heart.The Divine particles of this beautiful and active sun will bring Gaia to such a divine state that She can evolve into a sun and Source of Light. Gaia becomes a school of learning and you, being the Masters, will show what global Ascension entails and how it is reached through your hearts.

We come to assist and to help you with this process and we will see to it that a close contact emerges with your whole Divine family of the Light as well as with other Galactic civilizations of the Light. As Pleiadians, we function as the first and most well-known contacts and we are closest to your human civilization and hence we will establish the first contacts with all of you.

What we will bring about is invaluable and that’s the reason why the connection with the energy we embody is of the utmost importance to establish a firm basis of trust and of Love for your family of the Light. Allow our powerful and loving energies to revitalize and enrich you with insights and Love so that all your Divine aspects and your particles of Being can achieve full activation leading up to your self-enrichment.

It is with the greatest of pleasure and Love that we will assist you and we look forward to the first real cooperation and the acquaintance on a conscious level with all of you. Disclosure is now well underway as you have firmly aided in bringing it out to the public. More hearts have opened themselves to this event although it remains necessary for all lightworkers to continue dispersing information about our existence. Humanity has to disclose because we do not want to force anything and therefore it is important that you take care of this yourselves as you are in a better position, being connected to the collective, to feel what is already possible in this regards and what isn’t yet, we stand aside and assist in this regards.

We can see and feel how far everything is in place but in all honesty we must say that still more opportunities for disclosure have to be worked out before mass landings of our spaceships can take place BUT the ice has been broken and in all fairness we can say that the first important steps have been taken and the word is out. Give it the chance now to spread far and wide so that our presence can no longer be denied. That’s where we come in by showing our ships which can take on strange shapes and which contain lots of light. We will show them visibly from a certain altitude so there’s no more denying of our presence any longer.

As your beloved family of the Light we request that you continue on for you are moving mountains as it were. The upcoming eclipses will contribute much to all of this as will Ascension and enlightenment : so take plenty of rest, remain centered and grounded during these eclipses which are due to arrive in this month of May. We wish you all much success and tremendous strength and insights so that you always know what you should do at the right and Divine time and place.

With lots of Love and appreciation, we are the Pleiadians, your family of the Light.
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The result is becoming unmistakable. – channeled by Ron Head May 2, 2013


Our message today begins with our congratulations to the channel on his safe and successful move to his new home. We know that he is aware of all the help we were able to provide in that endeavor, and we are gratified that he accepted that help with open heart and mind. Much will be accomplished now.

Our main topic for this message will be, in fact, the help that we can provide now when one discovers and moves onto the path toward fulfilling his or her life contracts. We wish that a new word could be used for that, as it implies things in your current usage that do not apply, however the word will do for now.

These contracts do not have penalty clauses. There is only the promise of fulfillment when they are completed. And let us state now that they are subject to being changed or “upgraded” as your lives progress and your external and internal situations change. The councils, as they have been called, in which these contracts are agreed upon are always, always in session, and you visit them regularly, if you but knew it.

Very soon, as measured in our consciousness, you will become much more aware of these things, and your feelings of having things thrust upon you by fate will dissipate accordingly. Nothing, of course, is, or has ever been, thrust upon you. You are and have always been a free and divine entity. Your circumstances have, at all times been in agreement with your choices, but your choices and the memories of your reasoning have been hidden from yourselves, by yourselves, in order to learn lessons that you felt you needed. You will be ecstatic when you discover what you have accomplished by this, and you have not much longer to wait before the ‘awakening’, as you call it, reaches further and further into earthly consciousness.

You are all lifting each other day by day now, and the result is becoming unmistakable. Continue. Continue. Continue. We shall also continue our loving support in all ways possible.

We end now, for the moment. Good day, dear friends.

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Citizen Hearing on Disclosure – Day 1