Wes Annac: Channeled Interview with the Pleiadians: Galactic Bases, Interpreting Higher Dimensional Impressions and Humanity’s Creative Responsibility

The following is an automatic writing-based “interview” with the Pleiadian High Council.
Wes Annac: Greetings on this beautiful day, dear friends. Per your suggestion at the end of our last communication, I would like to ask you about the underground bases of yours we have heard so much about. Are they associated with the Galactic Federation and/or your Councils?
The Pleiadian High Council: With warm greetings and Love to each of you absorbing this communication and to you, our dear scribe, we welcome you to our collective energies, or our “energetic abode”, as you may call it. Indeed, our bases are a part of our Federation and we act from these bases on a plethora of different missions we have set out for ourselves related to the ascension of your Earth and specifically, to the rising of the colony of Atlantis unto the surface of your beautiful planet.

Benevolent Studying & Taking Care with Sightings
We perform many actions from our underground bases and worry not, dear souls; we do not serve a malevolent purpose or agenda from within these bases and we will happily be showing them to you in the time ahead so that you can explore them and further understand exactly what we are doing. As has been said, many of us are scientists who are studying various parts of your world, and we take bases underground, within large cavernous mountains and under your oceans and even some rivers.
We cannot make ourselves known too boldly when exiting such places however, as we would not want to startle any dear human or animal soul who would not understand our presence or what our craft is, as they see us exiting our bases and in some cases literally coming up out of the water to do so.
We are very careful and cautious of course, with any facet of showing ourselves but an initial aspect of our contact with you will be for us to show you these bases and for us to explain how we have been stealthily entering and exiting them so that your militaries or any unaware soul who would be too overwhelmed by witnessing us does not know of our presence.
Observing & Mitigating “Earth Changes”
Wes: I see, thank you dear friends. So what specifically do you do in these underground bases?
PHC: We study; we explore; we make observations of the ongoing physical happenings presenting themselves that are related to the “Earth changes” many of you have heard of, which we are working to mitigate and heal altogether in the instances that we can. We work from our underground bases to make sure that no event, on your world or outside of it, can impact Life in a negative way or in one that is not in alignment with the future you are heading into.
At present, you are still dealing with a weakening force of individuals who would and have tried to orchestrate natural disasters, as well as the falling down and crashing to the Earth of obscure yet heavy “space junk”, and we have been (largely) instrumental in stopping such things. We monitor every facet of your Earth with the monitors we have in place, which we view from our Motherships, our starships and of course, from the bases we have been discussing with you.
We have also held meetings with your cabal heads, to negotiate the bringing-about of peace and abundance for every soul on your world to find a happy and easy experience of their Lives from, and the meetings that are held amongst the entirety of our Federation are at times, held in our specific underground bases.
Wes: By “your specific underground bases” do you mean bases that are specifically Pleiadian-designated?
PHC: Indeed dear soul, but we do not want it to seem as if other races are not allotted to be in our space as well! (Laughter).
Positions Constantly Changing
Yes, each race has a base under the surface of your dearest Earth and at times, we will convene amongst each other from our respective bases. Though, the “station” we are at upon communicating changes in every moment, and at times we could be speaking from a Mothership while other times we will speak from our bases.
Our positions are constantly reverberating as our mission changes or expands to include something different, and if we see the necessity to travel to a different “station” than where we would currently be, we are able to travel there instantaneously through the enhanced powers of the fifth dimensional mind and heart.
While we do use our craft to travel, we do not always use it to get where we are going and we can travel anywhere with the natural abilities that you will all discover upon ascending.
These abilities are waiting to be made known within you and while we can feel that so many of you will indeed be so very excited to explore our underground bases and the bases we have established within some of your mountains, what you will see will be easily understandable by the time you have evolved to the states of consciousness wherein you will be able to handle witnessing such things.
Our underground bases are very, what you would call, higher dimensional and just as is so with our craft sightings, we cannot overwhelm you dear souls with the pure awesomeness that is many of our bases but in the time ahead when you will have expanded and found your higher states of consciousness again, you will be able to explore and understand our bases, our ships and so many other things you will enjoy and remember exponentially.
Effects of Channeling the Higher Realms
Wes: Thank you for that, dear friends. I have to say that as I’m channeling you, I feel such a state of purity in myself; a state of bliss. Can you offer any comments as to the effect channeling has on the mind and heart of the channeler?
PHC: We would be so very happy to, dear Wesley, and you have already begun to discover what channeling the higher realms can bring forth for you, perspective-wise and feeling-wise. Yes, bliss and joy can permeate the minds and hearts of any soul who becomes opened to the higher realms and the brimming energies and communications we of the higher realms have to offer, and what you are feeling specifically dearest Wesley is the after-effect of our energies having descended down upon you and our communications having come through.
Of course, we do not wish to promote ourselves as being “holier than thou”; it is simply that we have grown into fifth dimensional states of consciousness and as such, the energies and impressions we have been able to find in ourselves are continually radiated out to every soul we come in contact with. We are in contact with you at present dearest Wesley, though you must know that there is a time “flub” between our giving and your receiving of our communications.
Working with the Distortion of Time
What we mean is that we exist outside of your concept of time and as such, are delivering our communications to realms with different and more distorted concepts and temporarily-fixed means of experiencing your Lives, which we work within the perimeters of when delivering our communications.
Wesley, you could see this communication as having already been brought forth and what you are feeling now are the impressions of our collective, having been expressed through dear SanJAsKa and through our technology that is funneling our energies through for you to absorb and pass on to your fellow awakening souls.
Wes: I see, that is very interesting dear friends. So what about when I stop channeling you? Eventually the impressions become even more “lingering” and fade away.
PHC: Indeed, because the impressions of our collective as they are brought through are very strong, and you will continue to feel the after-effects of our communications long after they have been given.
The Heart Receives, the Mind Interprets
You can and will still feel the blissful and harmonious vibrations far after the heart has received our energies, as your mind will spend the extra time decoding them and actually performing the act you would call channeling. Wesley, can you imagine that this entire communication has already been brought forth? Every question you are to ask us and every response we will give has already been given and received by your heart, and your mind is now decoding the entire communication and bringing it forth for others to absorb.
Wes: But what about the question-answer exchange? Has my heart already received the idea of the question I will ask, or is that spontaneous?
PHC: In a deeper sense dear Wesley, your heart already knows exactly what you are going to ask. So yes, your heart has already received the questions you are to ask us; not from us, but from deeper aspects of your Self who wish for you and those who will absorb this communication to know specific things about us, our activities and our technologies that are meant to garner and raise awareness as well as assist you along your processes.
A deeper part of you already knows what you are going to ask and even say to others, before you do. This is because you are all deeply-rooted and multidimensional beings, and you exist in multiple spheres of perception in this very moment.
Wes: Thank you so much for such an understandable answer, dear friends. I recognize that we were getting into complex and potentially mental territory, but I wanted a bit more information about the whole exchange. Thank you for providing it!
PHC: As you know, we are so very happy to assist and to help you reach those “aha!” moments that we know you so enjoy reaching.
The Rapidity & Progress of Free Energy’s Introduction
Wes: Thank you so very much. During our last “interview”, you said that disclosure is being given in small doses at present and that that will continue until the most brazen of manifestations commence. Are there any updates on that front?
PHC: Events are moving along at a fine pace indeed, and you will still continue to notice small and soft pieces of disclosure concerning us as well as other Earth-like planets coming out. Your organization NASA has been established as a front to hide the space activities of the cabals, and that organization has not achieved as much in decades as you are to achieve in such a small amount of time when the technologies that are on your world in this very moment are fully made known.
We wish to stress the fact that (information concerning) free energy and the devices it powers will be a strong aspect of the initial announcements and already, you are seeing many things about free energy and such devices that are showing that humanity is ready for the miracles they will provide and are not slowing down in the production of such things.
While the advances in your most recent society have largely been cabal-controlled and much of the technology you have been given is based off of our technologies and those of the Zeta race, you will notice that in just a few short decades humanity has entered a technological age of proportions perhaps unexpected in your forties and fifties. We ask you to imagine such a technological evolution magnified exponentially and brought about in a much, much smaller timeframe.
Earth’s Restoration will be Continual
By this, we mean that the most brazen and initial manifestations and technologies you will be given will not take decades upon decades to be developed. However, it is important to remember that the full restoration and repair of your world will be an ongoing process and as such, centuries will be spent on the (full) repair of the surface of Gaia but we remind you all that you will be doing the bulk of work from higher states of consciousness, with advanced technology and as a collective. (1)
Whereas Earth’s future does not seem very strong from a point of view of not understanding our presence and the assistance we are here to offer you, the future you are entering into is indeed much more wonderful and advanced than you could possibly expect, and we expect for humanity to be delighted with what you will turn your world into after the initial manifestations are brought forth and some of the harder truths to digest are given and collectively digested.
Crystal-Planet Revelations & Native Home-Planet Bases
More revelations about planets made of diamond and crystal will begin to surface in your mainstream media, and science and spirituality will merge dramatically as more and more revelations are exposed and while some of you feel as if nothing is happening on the surface of your beautiful world at present, nothing could be farther from the truth and this truth is becoming apparent to anyone who looks at how events on the world stage are progressing.
Wes: Thank you so much, dear friends. I think I’ll ask one more question before having you wrap this up: do you have underground bases on your respective home planets too?
PHC: Indeed we do; we have underground bases and bases clearly on the surface of our worlds, and the bases we have established on, in and around your dear planet are connected via a stargate with the bases and ships of our respective races and planets.
We maintain a constant connection with each other, and in the bases on our home planets we perform many of the same or similar tasks we are performing for your world, for our planets.
Indeed, in the fifth dimension (and beyond) we do still monitor things, as nothing will ever shift out of control and no negative potentials exist as they do on your Earth, but we still keep an eye on every facet of our worlds via our bases and via the natural connection you will all discover with every facet of the Life around you whenever you open up to the states of consciousness we are delightfully speaking to you from.
If only, dear scribe, we could launch into a full explanation of our home planets and the various structures and bases on our planets and their purposes, but we will express that many of you who are a part of our Ground Crew and who are absorbing this communication have been exposed to and worked in our bases; both on your Earth and on our (worlds).
Taking Responsibility for your Creations
Wes: Many thanks for the answer, dear friends. I’ll go ahead and let you speak uninterrupted for a while before wrapping this up.
PHC: You have our full appreciation and gratitude, dear Wesley. Beautiful awakening souls, we ask you to open yourselves up to the possibility of truly anything happening for you, because you have entered a time in your evolution where you have been given full Creative control of absolutely everything that manifests in your realities.
Previously, more control of your manifestations was given to subconscious or ascended aspects of your Selves who helped you to steer your Creations in certain ways, but you have been initiated into much purer states of consciousness and this has begun to become evident for so very many of you who are finding harmoniously pure and vibrant states of consciousness permeating every aspect of your being and every cell in your beautiful, evolving bodies.
As you have reached this stage in your evolution, you are truly able to Create and do anything you wish and while for some this may seem as a scary notion, we say that your Creation powers are truly anything but scary as you are casting aside old shackles and illusory limitations that have attempted to teach you that you could not Create your realities and that control of them must be relinquished to those aspects of your Selves who have been happily assisting you for so very long.
Now, you are realizing the illusion that has been cast over you and you are asking for the responsibility of your own Creations back, and with a full responsibility for what you Create will come near-instant manifestation. Absolutely everything you put your energy into or sew for yourselves to experience will come back at you, and we ask for you to aim your positive and Lighted vibrations to any facet of your world or your personal Lives that you feel needs improvement.
Collectively Convening & Frequency-Based Technology
We have and will continue to discuss your power as a collective body, and we will forever encourage your collective mediating and meditating upon so very many issues facing your world at present that too many souls do not understand will be easily solvable with the technology waiting in the wings to be utilized.
This technology we speak of has been shelved and used only for the benefit of the souls who have shelved it, and higher frequency technology with a plethora of benefits has been distorted into lower frequency technology that is used to initiate natural disasters, among dong so many other things that are out of resonation with the peaceful new paradigm you are entering and building in every moment.
Our perspective of events playing out on your world breeds a natural understanding of how quickly events are to manifest once the initial disclosures and revelations are brought about, and this is in part why we are so easily able to continually encourage you and let you know that things on your world truly are changing for the better based upon your collective and individual actions, thoughts and intents in any and every moment.
Enjoy your Experience
Enjoy the experience playing out before you, dear souls, for it is unique and absolutely unlike any other lower dimensional experience that can be had.
Those of you who have accessed and found the Light within have done an enormous and amazing thing indeed, and you are welcomed to enjoy the new perspective you are breeding for yourselves as you see so many aspects of your Earth that reflect the natural, uplifted and harmonious vibrations of the fifth dimension, which is descending upon your current third and fourth dimensional realities as you all grow further and further toward it.
Oh dear souls, so much beauty, harmony and joy await you and while the experiences you’re currently having can indeed be difficult and painful, your transmutation of every last bit of pain, anger and fear will see you Living a Life of joy and bliss unlike anything you have expected to Live.
No lower dimensionality will exist in your minds or hearts any longer, and what were previously clogged-up chakras will brim with the higher dimensional energy so many of you are just beginning to re-familiarize yourselves with. We leave you with our Love and our sincere appreciation for your attunement to our frequencies and impressions during this communication.
You will see us on your surface, when the collective vibrations are sufficiently lightened for us to be able to make ourselves and our technology known. Until then, continue to raise and refine your own personal vibrations, for doing so is affecting the collective much more than you would expect or realize.
Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.
(1)-We should remember that upon growing into higher states of consciousness, we will no longer run along the distortion of time and will do all of the work we will do from such states of consciousness, in the never-ending moment of Now. I think that the PHC were using the term “centuries” to describe just how ongoing the repairing of the Earth is to be, and not as a literal marker or as a means to suggest that we will still exist under the distortion of time for centuries. I am of the belief that we will not

Hilarion’s Weekly Message, March 24~31,2013

By FatherMotherGod… – Posted on 24 March 2013

Beloved Ones,

There has been a great influx of higher Cosmic energies that have been inundating the atmosphere of Earth and this energy is working through all of Humanity in a way of cleansing which is not a pleasant process for those who have not been awakened to the knowledge of the evolutionary process that is now occurring. Knowledge or not, each person on the planet must go through the process, for it is planet wide. As the mental and emotional upheavals take place within each Soul, a greater awareness of their own power is taking place and much adaptation and acceptance must take and for the most part, IS, taking place.

This is the reason why so many of our Lightworkers who have done this work for so long and have cleared their energy fields have been experiencing a resurgence of these energies within them. It is the collective field of energetic thought forms from every person around the entire planet that is the cause. Humanity has yet to learn that each one is responsible for their very thoughts and that it is important to become responsible for them. Our beloved Lightworkers have voluntarily agreed to take on some degree of these energies again in order to facilitate the transmutation process in an accelerated manner for all and this IS being accomplished.

Due to the loving service that the Lightworkers have been voluntarily performing, the world is in a much better and more stable situation than was possible a few months ago. Although most of you do not consciously remember this agreement that was made on the higher dimensions, know that it was done with the intent of alleviating the potential of greater suffering within the lives of each person upon the planet and so we ask that you not think of yourselves as regressing in your development, for that is not so. You are each making great strides in your personal spiritual evolution and development. All is on track and the field of unlimited potential is wide open for each human on your planet.

Such is the way of each one of you who have chosen to incarnate upon this beautiful planet. Your individual hearts and energetic fields emanate a great Light that has been holding a greater field collectively which helps in many ways. In the days ahead, many of you will begin to know this in your waking consciousness and this will facilitate an even greater evolutionary leap forward for all upon the Earth and indeed, the Earth itself. Many beneficial changes are and will continue to take place as you hold this energetic space for the highest good for all. We ask that you continue to hold this collective field of Light, as these many changes occur, for it is crucially needed in order to bring in and anchor more Light upon the planet.

We are working together for the common good and each day we are making progress. We ask you to accept the possibility that YOU are co-creating these changes, for as you do this, your own power grows and expands and this will create a greater expansion of consciousness within all. Your power is an enabling one that assists others to have the space to awaken and begin to take the reins of their own human operating systems and consciousness and as they do this, the field of greater possibilities expands even more as their Light is added to it. We are filled with joy as we watch this unfold and add our own Light to your efforts.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace
Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included. http://www.therainbowscribe.com
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Ashtar Speaks: Rodon from Agartha speaks about his People Posted by Andrew Eardley on March 24, 2013

Channelled by Philipp – March 22, 2013

Ashtar: It is a great pleasure for me to talk to you again. Rodon from Agartha is at my side and he would like to tell you more about his people. Therefore I hand you over to Rodon.

Rodon: I am Rodon from Agartha, and I greet you from Heart to Heart – in our language we say “Alaoh”.

Thank you for the opportunity to be allowed to tell you more about my people. We are always with you. We assist you and we love you, so it is a great pleasure – and an honour as well – to have this communication with you.

The March Equinox has passed and you have felt the energies – for everybody in the way that is best for them and in accordance with their state of development. Firstly, you feel the changes in yourself, so go into your Heart to discover these changes.

People are now learning more and more about us, your brothers and sisters from the Inner Earth. We are a nation who eons ago visited the interior of the Earth. Here we “settled in” and waited, until you on the surface became sufficiently advanced that we could reconnect with you. This time has come now.

We know how much you too are looking forward to this reunion, though as yet you know little about us. But the time has come when you will learn more, because it will no longer be possible to conceal our existence under a cloak of cover-ups and secrets. It is now time for this truth to be revealed to humanity.

You are not alone, neither in the Universe nor on Gaia. Here on Gaia you belong to a bigger human family who is longing to reunite with you, though you have not previously been aware of our existence.

However, this veil is to be lifted. We will be making the first contacts with selected ambassadors that will bring our worlds closer. They will then tell you about us, so that you can prepare for our reunification – which is imminent. As we have already told you, Disclosure also includes the reunion with your Family from Inner Earth.

So, who are we? As we have said to you, we entered into the Inner Realms to avoid Humanity’s descent into the more dense matter. This separation from our beloved brothers and sisters on the Outer Earth has been painful for us.

But we hoped that one day this downward spiral of Humanity would end, and the backlash against it would be initiated. And this has happened, thanks to your development. Congratulations!

We are happy that we are allowed to tell you more about ourselves, and suggest that you inform yourselves by researching about us in your written media and you will thus learn more about us.

There are many dimensional entrances into our realm on all Continents. However, they remain sealed because the human energy levels need first to adapt to ours before we are able to unify.

Life in our realm consists of Love and Joy. We have a Well of Light that provides us with light and heat. Large seas surround the landmass. Our residences and buildings are of crystalline structure of incredible beauty.

We do not experience physical death as you know it, because we have a different “life period” that extends to many generations. When the time comes for us to have new experiences, we just change our body.

We live together in harmony and in mutual Love. Our partnerships are based on the goal of contributing to the best possible development for all. For us, it is crucial when choosing a partner that our connection is sacred because it is to carry on and support the development of our people. Everything is carried by Love. Every action, every thought and everything that is going on, is based on Love. We do not know feelings of jealousy, envy, trouble, fear or anger.

If our bodies need an energetic adjustment we have our healing technologies at our disposal. These are special rooms in which crystals vibrate, emitting light and sound. It serves, for example, to balance our body energy. Like you, we have chakras that we harmonize and balance with our technologies. The sound and light act like a key that balances the connections of our chakras. The incoming frequencies clear our bodies and bring about a balance of any possible dissonances.

You have already been informed about these technologies, and you may also like to use them for your own healing processes. Just ask us and we will take you there in your sleep cycles – it is our pleasure to help you with the healing and balancing of your chakras.

You do need to understand the purpose of these healing technologies available to you. They should assist your transformation, but not do it for you, as it is you yourself that performs the transformation. It is therefore not possible for us, or your Star brothers and sisters, to do this for you as this would be interfering in your evolution, which is not permitted.

This information should arouse interest in your Inner Earth Family. It should open your hearts and encourage our acquaintance, because through this process our reunion will be greatly accelerated.

Everything is Love. Follow your feelings and allow the Love to carry you, because the day will come when your wish to reunite with All-That-Is will be fulfilled.

We love you very much and we are looking forward to our reunion.


Your Brother Rodon

Archangel Indriel. “Lost In Transition.” By, Bella Capozzi. March 23, 2013

Grieve not for that which is passing away before your very eyes, for as it does so it makes way for all that is new and glorious. Even though much of what is fading away right now was not necessarily of the highest light, still many of you mourn it’s passing. And this is quite alright, indeed, it is natural. You have lived so long amongst these societal norms, these thoughts and ideals, these ways of being and conducting yourselves. Because you have lived your Earthly lives behind an opaque veil of forgetfulness and mystery, these things are all you think you’ve ever known. Consciously known. So as they pass away, you feel a bit disoriented and confused. In your heart of hearts you know that it is for the best, that they disperse. You know they cannot survive in this bright new world, nor would you wish them to. For it is a world which is every day becoming more and more vibrant and alive. And for this you are excited and awash in a state of anticipatory bliss. “So why, sometimes, do I feel so forlorn”, you wonder to yourselves and to your family of the Upper Realms. Dear Ones, we hear you. And thusly, I respond…

~ I am Indriel. Guardian of the Lightbearers, the Wayshowers, the Earth Tenders and the like. Search deep within the very core of your being and reach high, high above. There you shall easily find me. My vibration is sweet and feminine in nature. Topaz-gold and green. Take my hand in yours and I shall lead you to an understanding and a sense of clarity. It is my dearest desire to assist you in the successful completion your assignments in this Earthly life; and most especially at this very juncture, when for most of you your missions are switching around and beginning anew. Allow me to alleviate some of your confusion on this subject.

~ Do not ever feel that it is wrong to be confused by what you see – or do not see – happening in the world around you. Unless you have finely honed your telepathic abilities to the point where you are able not to be slightly rattled by the unknown, the temptation to want to cling to what you do know is to be expected. Simply being here on Earth is an endless litany of unknowns for you – you who are a pure, gracious, gentle being of love. Why, you are beyond brave to have even come here at all! And oh, how very much we admire you for it. However, as such a gentle being you naturally seek comfort and a sense of belonging. Familiarity breeds peace and contentment, two integral qualities of your Divine nature. So allow yourselves that momentary twinge of unease, but as you do so, give your fears a thorough examination. What is it you fear, Child? That as the old things go, you shall then be left with nothing? Or do you fear that what takes the place of what you know shall be not nearly as good as what you had before? Do you fear that the tasks before you are too great, and that you shall not be able to live up to your new mission? Do fear that you shall disappoint yourself and God?

~ Beloveds, don’t you know? You cannot disappoint God! You are as one with your Creator, and you are loved unconditionally and without judgement or expectation. Trust in the Universe to bring forth unto your world only that which is of the highest light and for your greatest good. You are in the throes of the most positive changes imaginable. You feel lost in transition, but there are no wrong turns to take. For around every corner awaits something more magnificent than what you beheld scant moments before. Allow yourselves that brief second of doubt and then cast it off forever, into the winds of change. Then let your creativity take flight. Be confident in yourself. You are each a Master in your own right, with talents and abilities uniquely your own. You are capable of manifesting that perfect world you desire. These are such golden times, so I ask that you be brave and embrace the new and the as yet unknown. Do so and be blessed.

Copyright©Bella Capozzi. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

Aluna Joy ~ Entering A Spiritual Renaissance – March 22, 2013

In the three decades leading up to the prophetic dates of 2012, and at the end of a 5,125 year Mayan cycle of time, we have entered a very unique time on Earth that is filled with great potential. We are about at the end of a long, exciting but exhausting 33 year journey that has taken us through the dark rift in the Milky Way. 33 is a powerful master number and also the center frequency of the Maya Tzolk’in. The Maya know this rift to be a place of great transformation, and we will be completely through this dark rift by 2016. When we look back, we can see that we are no longer the same person that we were when we began this adventure together.

The beginning of this sacred 33 year passage was triggered by the Harmonic Convergence in 1986 that also triggered a global Spiritual Renaissance in which we re-birthed, re-modeled, re-hashed, re-claimed, re-mapped, re-booted and re-membered. We just about re-did everything and, in doing so, we looked deep into our hearts with the precision of an electron microscope. But that period is over. It is fading into a dim memory. Our work is done there, and what we have done cannot be repeated. We have made the leap.

Now, 30 years later, we are beginning to exit the dark rift in the Milky Way. This is triggering yet another Spiritual Renaissance. We will feel this first hints of this renaissance on Equinox (March 19th-22nd) by feeling a profound lifting of spirit and an transformed inner light that has returned after a long 3 month cocoon stge. The Star Elders share that by Solstice (June 21-13, 2013) it will be obvious that we have entered a new frequency, dimension, bandwidth, reality and perspective. It will be time to put into action your new and divine creative skills to work.

The intense uncertainty and anticipation that was building for the prophetic dates of December 21, 2012 has passed, and we have entered into a new beginning that is a merging of our physical body with our spirit with the divine plan. The world did not end in horrific cataclysms; nor was there an ecstatic rapture into paradise. A fleet of UFOs didn’t come to save us either. But we knew it would turn out this way. The sensitive ones of this world are now breathing a deep sigh of relief as the energy bubble, overflowing with crushing ambiguity and expectation has burst, and a more balanced, peaceful and harmonious energy is emerging into the new Earth.

Up until now, for most of the conscious community, the universe felt like it had hit the pause button. We felt like a ships without rudders. Even what we held true was flip flopping on a daily basis, and we felt an enormous apathy to all things in our material lives. We felt like we were in an odd place of suspended animation floating in a void of immaculate space. We have entered the creative womb of divine potential. We have entered an incubation phase of a new and exciting cycle. We are dreaming a new world while maintaining a body in the physical world. We are living and dreaming all at the same time. It is an oddly fascinating place to witness . . . like watching the birth of a star.

All new cycles, like the one we just entered, begin slowly with lots of surreal, dreamlike space in which to make very creative imaginings and visualizations that will soon become the foundation stones for this entire new cycle. At first our world might feel it lacks luster. Many people are sharing with me that they are missing the buzz of 2012, and the world now feels a bit mundane. We are literally being asked to go “cold turkey” on breaking our addiction to really high pitched energies from the past cycle that we had become accustomed to. This is an adjustment as we let go of the drama and ego and frantic pace that we were accustomed to. Others are making huge adjustments in their lives to self-correct and come into alignment with this new cycle and field of possibility. This takes raw and instinctual courage as we enter a multi-dimensional world.

While in this suspended animation, we are becoming comfortable with the void and the unknown. Even though there is some oddly unproductive searching going on (this is a temporary state by the way), we also feel safe and secure regarding the eminent outcome of our incubation. We are collecting new tools for the future. This is a safe place for us while the Earth, our physical form and our DNA recalibrates to the new frequencies. We are gathering information that we will need for the new birth . . . And we can feel it coming.

So now what? It is time to get really friendly with the unknown that is out in front of us now. The world is going to change, and so are we. There are going to be some surprising changes in the directions in our physical and spiritual lives. We will be mystified and sometimes overwhelmed by all the myriad of choices. We are struggling to get clear about what is next for our lives, but our usual guidance is now coming from multiple directions at once. I like to call this “the octopus effect” as we begin to learn to manifest spherically while being in a neutral and detached ego. This is a confusing time as all of our guidance feels to be true. We are learning to be multi-dimensional beings and think and live in multiple realties. This wrestling for clear guidance is going to stretch us and help us discover new frontiers of reality.

We have entered a new beginning that has blasted us into a higher frequency. It is an explosion of spirit and evolution. Any negative, ego driven program must and will go extinct. The past is quickly becoming a dinosaur. With patience, we will learn to understand and integrate the new higher frequencies that we are now learning to navigate. We may flip flop between the many choices out in front of us until we can hold and maintain a multi-dimensional perspective. We have the task of unpacking all that transpired during the powerful time in 2012.

We have now graduated into multi-dimensional grownups. We have grown past expecting to be saved or rescued. We are re-claiming our God given, divine potential, physically and spiritually. We are fearlessly facing the work ahead of us. We embrace being responsible human beings and accept the uncertainty and change in the enviable matrix of possibility ahead. We will use this matrix as a vehicle for our growth and awakening. We are letting go of our rigid belief systems, because we have learned that adversity and challenge comes only when we go against the flow.

We are blessed to be in a period of a great Spiritual Renaissance . . . a phase of orientation and discovery. The orientation point that was anchored in each of us in 2012 is now being slowly switched on. Remember, we just came from a fever pitched ending of a huge cycle, into calm immaculate space. Be patient with yourself now, as new cycles always begin slowly. There is no need to rush. There is lots of time to fulfill your destiny and divine purpose. We have time to act deliberately. We can take our time about everything in our lives. We can slow down and breathe the unqualified air in this new reality. We can make each decision and choice from great intent and deep contemplation. We are going to create a new and harmonic world. So no worries for now, if you feel a bit stuck. The mission was not aborted, and we didn’t miss the boat; we are on board and sailing with the spirit of a new born earth star. But as you see . . . it is going to take some getting used to. Let us breathe and see where it takes us.

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Méline Lafont ~ Lady Portia: The breakthrough of a new frequency – March 21, 2013

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I may announce to all of you, precious hearts, that a huge shift has taken place and is currently still unfolding. A wonderful progress has been made in the hearts and in the collective of humanity. Big leaps have been taken by many hearts and countless awakenings are still occurring thanks to the energetic influx of the spring equinox and to the energies coming in from Galactic center.

A large number of awakened souls have diligently participated in this process and have enlightened their soul in such a way that a big part of the collective have instigated a new Ascension process. As we now enter into this profound and refined world of our Being, all preparations have been made for the next step leading us ever further into the magic of our Being. Numerous influences of the Light have been birthed which will assist everything on Earth to evolve in a more explicit way, which will tintillate the flames in more and more hearts.

On this current level of your Being a more global gradation is about to be reached corresponding with the 5th and the 6th Dimensional frequency of Being. Everyone and everything can now reach a higher consciousness and a higher being up to the point that a complete connection with their Self can be established. For some souls this process has already been accomplished; their remaining task is to keep on assisting on beloved Gaia in order to lead everyone to the connection with their own Being. On the other hand some souls will be allowed to evolve further on to reach an even higher level of consciousness on another level and another way of Being. The current influxes of the spring equinox can make this all possible so grab this opportunity firmly with both hands and evolve further till you reach your desired point in evolution.

Now that we enter into this magical Earth time of the equinox, your awareness will grow and what is currently unfolding will become more obvious. It is true that many have again gone through their daily Ascension process partly because of this energetic portal; however, what we must not forget is that many new hearts have also opened up for the truth and the freedom of their Self. All in all this is a rather huge accomplishment which in its own right will give rise to many changes. These new awakenings will result in a greater collective consciousness probably leading to a planetary, global and universal Ascension and that’s ultimately the reason for your presence on Earth in these times!

During the integrations of these new and powerful energies your physical bodies will again require more rest. Do not be concerned if you don’t feel or don’t notice anything, or if you haven’t had the time to meditate thereby assisting this whole process, as those intense energies will continue to deliver their necessary effects during the coming days, leaving nobody untouched. The varying effects differ from heart to heart and from place to place. As is commonly known there are variations in dimensional frequencies on beloved Gaia and even in this case there will be strong differences to the extent in which the equinox energies can unfold in specific locations.

One specific frequency field will expect more of the collective unity of cooperation and focus than the other because there are quite a few hearts and areas still lingering in a lower frequency field. That is now about to change drastically. What has been prepared for such a long time is now slowly reaching its own zenith. Numerous souls will be able to practise their calling and definitely start their missions on a collective and conscious level. There will be a need to focus on the inner world and on the heart so that a balance can be achieved and the work can be accomplished from a beautiful state of Being.

In the coming days a focus must be placed on the still lost souls who will be in need of our support and Love as the new definitely has started in your Earthly manifestations. The collective creates and delivers what it deems necessary so that the Ascension out of duality can be completed. That happens now, dear hearts, and that is what the equinox will now carry through. Nothing is as powerful as your own thoughts and your own heart frequency so let them merge as one whereafter you will only think with your heart and only heart feelings will pour into your thoughts. We have now entered a most wonderful time that is born from the alignment of 21 December 2012, and that is now coming to pass after a long period of many modifications and creations for the new.

Mother/Father God of all creation That Is, support this magnificent opportunity with their blessing and their onconditional Love. “Every cloud has a silver lining” is the aphorism of the day. Well, enjoy the first sunrays ushering in your new world as this is the beginning of the real manifestations from all of you through your hearts into your outer world. Positive times ahead, the best is yet to come!

Be aware, dear hearts, that everything manifests itself in a “no time” zone for the NOW moment is timeless and is remaining in the heart as it is there that the new world is born. Now that we are about to start the world of timeless Being, it will be quite a challenge to get past time, but be confident in yourself precious hearts, for you know how to do this because you are in fact timeless and by nature you always have been. The more a state of balance has been reached the easier it will unfold as if you are flowing on a stream of Love leading only to the most loving and warm experiences.

With much love in my heart

Eyah Asher Eyah

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Suzanne Lie: Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance–The Landing Party 1 3-19-13

The Landing Party

Part 1

I will leave the story of dear Almon for now to return to our landing on ascending Earth. When the Arcturian said that “we” would experience the ascension of either Earth or our Pleiadian world and then the other, I did not realize that the “we” would be Mytre’s parallel self of Almon. Mytre and I are both unclear as to how realities float and intermingle throughout differing timelines. I am sorry to leave Almon in this precarious situation, but to my awareness within this NOW I do not know whatdid/will happen to him.

Since Mytre and I are still on the edge of time, there is no sequence to the manner in which we share our story. The timing of each episode of our storyline is floating through various timelines. Since our ascension experience on our Pleiadian planet is quite different from the timeline of Earth’s ascension process, all structure and function of time is gone to our awareness. Fortunately, Mytre and I did recover an embedded message from our final journey with our dear Arcturian friend. We share it with you now:

“Being a Master of your thoughts and emotions is the most important thing that you can do while on this mission to Earth. Remember that Earth is in the midst of transition into a Golden Age. Hence, the energetic field surrounding that planet is alive with creative power. This Golden Age will usher Earth into being a fifth dimensional being where every thought and emotion will instantly become manifest. In fact, the primary version of Earth is actually in the higher sub-planes of the fourth dimension. On the other hand, some of the versions of Earth are still in the third dimension, and some are still in the Lower Astral Plane.

“Because Gaia, the consciousness of Earth, is returning to Her multidimensional SELF, and because Her human residents still resonate to so many different frequencies, Earth has many versions. From our Arcturian perspective, we see Earth in what you would call slow motion. From this viewpoint we can see all the differing frequency expressions within the NOW. In other words, we see the physical version and all the versions of fourth dimensional Earth connected by shadow images.

“We can also see New Earth on the threshold of the fifth dimension, resonating just beyond time. Therefore, New Earth has no beginning or ending except to the perspective of the earthlings who are slowly beginning to become conscious of its presence. In fact, many of our ascending ones visit New Earth in their night-bodies and even have periods during their daily life in which their consciousness is sufficiently high so that they are awake within that resonance.

“Because of this, your visit to Earth will begin with the ascending ones who still hold physical forms on physical Earth, those whose consciousness has the capacity to expand into the fifth dimensional version of Earth. Because there is still darkness and fear on Gaia’s body, our ascending ones lose their higher focus when their state of consciousness pulls them into the lower frequency versions of Earth. Just as the humans are multidimensional, so is the planet; there is a constant movement of human consciousness up and down the ladder of resonance.

“When the humans, especially the ascending ones, are doing what they love they are able to experience the ascended Gaia as an internal feeling of “Heaven on Earth.” However, when they have to do what they do not want to do, their consciousness falls down the ladder into a lower resonance. Then, their reality is matched by the resonance of their consciousness, and they find themselves in a lower frequency version of Earth.

“What lowers our ascending ones’ consciousness more than anything is doubt. Doubt is a form of fear-based thinking that traps them in a lower frequency version of Earth. Therefore, your mission is to visit them while they are in a higher consciousness with the intention of validating that their experiences of a higher frequency of Earth are valid. You will begin by visiting them in their dream-body, so that they can have some “time” to accustom to the fact that they had an amazing dream.

“Then, as you build a deeper relationship with them, you can start entering their field of resonance while they are awake and in a higher state of consciousness. Since they have become accustomed to seeing you in their dream-state they view you as anafterglow of their dream. Fortunately, there are other ascending humans who are very familiar with the fact that the Galactics are assisting them in their ascension process. Therefore, they will not be afraid if they see you, but will likely doubt themselves. They will usually experience this doubt not as a low-grade fear but as an “it’s too good to be true” thought. Both ways, their consciousness will drop and their perception of you will be lost.

“However, if you send them your unconditional love, they may be able to return to a higher state of consciousness, and hence, a higher state of perception. Because the memory of their multidimensional consciousness is still new to them, they have not yet remembered how to release ALL conception of fear. Remember that our dear grounded ones have been living in a reality on the verge of disaster for this and many other lives.

“Their fear has kept them alert to the many dangers that confronted them every day. This kind of vigilance is very exhausting, and it lowers their states of consciousness. Therefore, be patient with the Lightworkers that you are assigned. You will be communing with them in their fifth dimensional state of consciousness. However, if they are not able to access that level of consciousness while wearing their earth vessel, they will not remember that they are communicating with you in their finer bodies.

“From your perspective, you will be talking with a resonance of multidimensional SELF of whom they are not consciously aware. This situation may be quite disconcerting to you at first. You will be talking to a person who is simultaneously jubilant to be with you, while their lower resonance it not even aware that you are there. Therefore, we ask that you stay with the one person until they have a breakthrough in which they are aware of your presence within their third dimensional consciousness.

“When they first have this awareness, it will appear to them that you suddenly arrived. Hence, they may be frightened. Remember that they have been trained through many lifetimes that anything novel must be greeted with fear. They have been living in a very dangerous world where myriad situations could “kill” them. We are aware that the term “kill” is no longer within your vocabulary. However, it is an extremely common term in their world.

“We tell you these uncomfortable stories so that you can remember to have great compassion for your Light Family in human form. Many of our family members have been incarnating on third dimensional Earth since the fall of Atlantis and even before. Even though most of them have had personal experiences of ascension in which they were able to visit the higher worlds, they were all dedicated to returning again to the third dimensional version of Gaia to continue their service.

“In fact, without the contribution of those who chose to return again and again to Gaia’s planetary form to contribute their multidimensional consciousness, Earth may well have been destroyed. We could assist from our frequency, especially after the invention of the Atom Bomb, which even destroyed fourth dimensional worlds. However, we have only been given permission to assist this free-will planet in order to prevent disaster. Happily, now so many Earth inhabitants have asked for our assistance that we are not breaking the Law of Free Will by our increasing visitations.

“We would love to openly land our craft in the many big cities, but we know that the level of fear is still too high in the collective. Therefore, we are sending down teams to work directly with the humans who have asked for our assistance. Then, once fully aware of their immense power within, these family members in human form can work from within their society to diminish the level of collective fear. If there is one thing that would assist the human condition more than anything, it is the end of fear.

“Because fear is humanity’s greatest enemy, your initial task will be to educate those with whom you can talk to assist them to release fear. Just the conscious knowledge that they are not alone, that they are not crazy and that they are actually members of a loving galactic family will greatly diminish their fear. Hence, your first visitation will be with the fully awakened ones who are aware that they are more than “just a human.”

“In order words, you will first be meeting with our galactic family members who have taken an assignment to wear a human form during this time of their great transition. As we said, you will initially communicate with them via their dreams and when they are deep in meditation. In fact, some of those with whom you will be meeting have had this type of relationship with us for decades. The confirmation of actually perceiving their galactic family while in their mundane consciousness will release all doubt and change their lives forever.

“On the other hand there are those who think they want to consciously experience your presence, but would actually become quite terrified. Therefore, you must look deeply into the aura of those who you feel inclined to connect with. We have given you a list of names and locations of those who have been “channeling” our messages, as they would be the logical first choice for connection.

“However, even with these “Galactics in human disguise” you must start with their dream and/or meditation consciousness so that they have some earth-time to integrate your presence into their life. We have chosen our Pleiadian members of the Galactic Federation because they appear to be quite human. Even so, please stay in the higher frequencies of reality, so that your contact first will get to know you via his/her dreams and meditations.

“Furthermore, before you appear to your contact person, accustom yourself to the low frequencies of Earth. All of you have taken incarnation on Earth, which is partially why you have been chosen. However, it is very easy to forget how difficult it can be to maintain a connection to your true SELF while wearing a low frequency earth vessel. Hence, you will not materialize until you have developed an intimate connection with your human contact. We say this as you may need their assistance to navigate their world as much as they need your help to experience your world.

“In other words, what is occurring is that we are beginning the Earth ascension process by intermingling beings from the higher dimensional worlds with the humans of ascending Earth. In this manner, a deep camaraderie can be built between individuals of both worlds. This individual relationship can then expand into larger and larger group experiences. In this manner, Gaia’s body will return to Her fifth dimensional emanation group-by-group and area-by-area.

“Our dearest Mytre and Mytria, we realize that you will only become aware of this message we implanted in your consciousness when you are about to begin your Mission to Earth. We, your Arcturian friends, wish you unconditional love. Please remember that we are always with you. In closing, we have attached a message from us that you can release to your human contacts when you perceive that it is appropriate.

“Our Dear Ascending Humans,
We are joyous that you can perceive our message. Since there are many things that will begin to leave the tight grasp of your ego, we would like to give you a few pointers. As the higher energies increasingly transmute your consciousness, you will begin to perceive your reality from a completely different perspective. All that you have experienced as ‘reality’ will begin to morph into that which you have always known was present but could not find in your daily life.

“You have always known what we are telling you, but because that information had to be hidden, it created a sense of inner discomfort. For many decades, in fact for many lives, you suffered an inner loneliness, which was actually a ‘home sickness’ because you missed the reality that you could feel in your heart but could not see in your world.

“Because of this awareness, those of you who were the most awake suffered the most in the times of darkness. Fortunately, you are just beginning to transcend this darkness that has settled into your consciousness because you were so alone. In fact many of you felt cast adrift in a hostile planet. As you are beginning to feel your new world peeking through the veil of illusion, you may well feel sorrow before you can remember joy.

“You may even feel as though you can finally release the breath that you did not even know that you were holding. We Arcturians are well aware of these first symptoms of transmutation because we specialize in assisting beings in the process of ascension. As you saying goes, ‘The darkest night is just before dawn.’ This saying is correct. Often a person, society, planet needs to delve deeply into its darkness before the balm of illusion becomes so uncomfortable that only the Truth will be acceptable.

“There are many truths that have been hidden and many lies that have been presented as the truth. How can you determine which is which? Our ascending ones are often so involved in your body’s attempt to raise its frequency that your inner thoughts and emotions get lost. However there are those whose thoughts and are never lost. You, the ones who forgot to forget, held the truth as a secret during the long dark night.

“You, our dear brave ones, have often suffered because there was no outlet for the life that lived within you. To you we give special gratitude, as you are the ones who have held the light. That light is ready to come into your world now, which means that you can no longer hide your true SELF. How can you make that shift after many years, in fact lives, of holding the truth inside? You have all been very lonely, yet careful to trust. Consciously or unconsciously, you remembered many lives in which you let down your guard and told the truth, only to suffer dire consequences.

“Therefore dear ascending ones, we remind you to be gentle with your self. No matter your physical age, you are like baby chicks just breaking free of your small shell. That shell represented safety to you. Now you have broken free of the shell that had become normal, even comforting, to find yourself in a new world. Therefore, go slowly and take deep breaths. Your emotions will likely be very erratic, and you may quickly swing from feeling reborn to being frightened.

“You may feel joyful because it appears that the truth may finally set you free, and simultaneously be concerned that this is yet another false alarm. Therefore, try to release all expectation and live within the NOW of whatever emotion is wafting through your ever-changing consciousness.

“Most of all remember the true YOU who is living within your form. With this memory, you can better remain in constant connection with your Higher Expressions of SELF. You do not need to leave one stair step until your foot is firmly grounded on the next. Time is an illusion. Learn to live in the NOW. However, be patient with yourself for it will take you ‘time’ to live in the NOW.”

Your Arcturian Family of Light


Wes Annac: The Ascended Masters: Your Power Goes Beyond Any Description We Could Give – March 21, 2013

-Channeled through Wes Annac-
Note from Wes: I’m experimenting with headers in this message. Feel free to tell me what you think!
Humanity continues to make great strides along your ongoing ascension process, and we like many others will continue to remind you of this progress so that you can receive the necessary motivation and support you require along difficult ventures such as this one.
The Earthly ventures you have all made have been noble indeed, and you have helped raise the overall consciousness level to unprecedented proportions as you worked diligently from your corners of perception on anchoring the natural Creator Light you have always felt within, that so many of you are finally beginning to awaken to your ability to access.

The hidden-away abilities humanity has always carried within will be fully understood and known for what they are as souls all across your world who have found an awakening to the latent multidimensional abilities they hold within, work to enlighten the rest of the souls around them and help them to understand these abilities for themselves.
Increased Metaphysical Perceptions
The heightened and intensified abilities we speak of that you will begin to find yourselves able to access are those of telepathy, an increased inner perception and a strengthened ability to perceive of future events and receive impressions about such events, among so many other things. These abilities are and have always been yours to unlock and understand, and we implore each of you who are reading this communication to understand that you are much more powerful beings than you have been led to accept.
Your power goes beyond any description that we could give, and this is why we ask you to realize such power so that you can begin using it for good rather than continuing to Create unneeded events in your Lives that manifest as a result of your unawareness of your strong and natural Creation abilities.
The Creations so many of you have manifested for yourselves have been out of balance because you have not understood the power behind your voices, words and actions, and what you have allowed to be Created upon the surface of your Earth has reflected this on a massive, widespread level.
Unawareness Feeding Density
The density and pollution manifested and fed on dearest Gaia at present is being fed partially because the unawareness of the human collective who is indeed beginning to wake up to it, has allowed for it and while we do understand that many of you recognize and do not accept the way your world runs and has continued to run for so very long; the general collective vibrations have determined what is manifested and unfortunately, density and lower dimensionality have been the rule of the day on the Earth to the extent that Creations on the surface of your Earth are reflected by what has been put out on a massive level.
We do not exaggerate the number you who are on the Earth to anchor and bring forth genuine, positive and Lighted change, but even your number has not previously been a match for the number of unaware humans feeding and perpetuating density upon the surface of your world.
You are great in number and you have come here to assist in a planned evolution that is commencing according to plan perfectly, and the Light you have been able to anchor has been grand indeed and while the collective vibrations have for so very long been geared toward the negative, the power your little heroic group has been able to utilize is seeing the energetic influence continually shifted toward that of the Light.
In small numbers, you have truly been able to accomplish this grand feat and while so much of the rest of your world remains unaware and continues to employ the barriers and limitations of their fading physical experience, we hope you can trust when we say that the Light you are increasingly feeling within you is growing not just in yourselves in terms of your abilities to pick up on it an decode it, but on the world stage as well.
Growing Into Your Roles
More and more, your small collective of conscious Lightworkers and starseeds is growing as so many others begin to realize and grow into the roles they have planned out for themselves.
Everywhere, all across your beautiful blue world souls are being activated for their greater missions and as you can see, so many souls have already been activated so we hope that you can understand when we say how truly influential the Light has become. The Light has moved back into a strong position of influence upon your world and again, this has been because of the actions of you the awakening Lightworker public, and the positivity you can find and spread within yourselves at present is crucial to be manifested and fed if you wish to build upon the wonderful foundation that has already been established.
Gaia’s grid of Light is flourishing more than ever with the beautiful Source energies you are, at times, unknowingly pumping into Her core for Her and your entire collective consciousness to benefit from. Gaia previously experienced difficulty in relation to Her grid of Light, as the seemingly-favored grid of darkness was being fed by so many unaware souls as they have been taught to believe in and feed negativity and density for so very long.
Now, not only is dearest Gaia’s grid of Light rebuilt and strengthened more than it ever was; the grid of darkness that has been fed and employed for so long is no longer established in the manner it once was.
Darkness is Fading
Rather, as has been spoken of by other sources, every negative action, thought, intention and emotion given out by your collective is being fed into a hologram wherein it is all transmuted and turned to Lighted energies that will further restore Gaia’s grid of Light. And so you see, your lower dimensional Earth experience is quite literally fading in every moment.
In your sleep realms and in realms beyond your conscious understanding, you have helped to bring this about and the bringing-down of the gird of darkness and the establishing of the temporary hologram that humanity is feeding all of their density into, is acting in accordance with the ongoing “containment” process of the cabal heads, which is assuring that they are unable to Create disastrous or devastating things.
Their perspectives are also worked with in their sleep realms, and we along with many others are working with these individuals to bring the Light back more fully into their conscious perspective and to (build upon) the spark within that nobody can lose.
We are working on helping to change the perspectives of the cabal heads on your world because energetically, these individuals have held much power and influence as primary enforcers of the negativity holding Gaia’s surface and each of you back.
Instated Negativity
These souls, while remaining behind the scenes in a physical or political sense on your world, have themselves been instruments or “puppets” if you wish to use that terminology, for lower astral beings to fashion and keep humanity feeding darkness, density and extreme negativity.
Warfare, poverty, depression and instated religious and racial tension have all been purposely manifested in an attempt to feed negativity on a massive level into a grid of darkness that would strengthen the cabal heads and the lower astral beings who were in charge of it. Now, those very beings are finding their lower dimensional spaces of extreme density and negativity transmuted, and the grid of darkness they had worked so hard to establish and keep fed has now been replaced with something much, much better.
If you dare to look around you at your fellow awakening collective, you will see that nearly everybody is flourishing with their own projects and agendas in relation to restoring your Earth and building something that is in the best interests of every soul. So many awakening souls have been able to find their roles and purposes for being on your dear Earth and are working accordingly, and you too can discover the specific piece of the puzzle you have come to the Earth to diligently fill, and begin to get active just as so many souls are.
Of course, it is not in the script of every soul on your Earth to initially get active in the manner that so many are, but no soul will go unutilized in restoring your world and the actions of every single person on Earth will be needed and appreciated. This will be because of the sheer size of the task at hand, and if you can begin to organize yourselves into groups now and work on various different facets as a collective on the immediate aspects of your world needing addressed and repaired, than you will strengthen this overall movement indeed.
The overall New Age movement as seen from the perspective of the higher dimensions, has been instated as a means to open humanity up to realms and perceptions beyond (what you experience consciously), and as well to help you work toward getting motivated and helping your Earth become the ascended Eden you are growing toward.
No cycle of evolution can go unrealized, and the awareness that is always spread on any given lower dimensional world will always help initiate an evolution; be it on a collective or individual level.
Indeed, collective ascensions do not happen very often and what is happening on the Earth is quite unique, which makes your jobs and missions that much more crucial to be completed. Of course, we do not wish to put you dear souls under any pressure but at the same time, the importance of addressing and beginning some of the most difficult work is stronger than ever as so very many aspects of your world continue not to reflect the sovereign future you are heading into, nor the sovereign society you are becoming.
Turning Away from the Fading Darkness
Indeed, there is much that could be said concerning the continual feeding and manifestation of density on your world, but we wish for you dear souls to turn your attention away from anything that could put you in a state of disillusionment or negativity for while there is so much for you to know and be exposed to in the avenues of corruption, conspiracy and tyranny, there is so much more for you to learn in the way of harmony, spirituality and collective unity and we so very dearly wish for you to focus yourselves upon the latter aspects; again, while understanding the need for exposure of what has been done on your world.
As the ongoing negativity of much of humanity is now being fed into a disintegrating illusory reality, we wish to stress that this does not mean you will not experience karmic repercussions for the actions or intentions you give out.
Indeed you will, and you will find that as the karmic contracts of each of you are now drawing to a close as you find yourselves exiting the lower dimensions and everything that has helped to keep the lower dimensional experience in place, every reaction you garner for yourselves that comes in the form of a manifestation in your personal Lives will be more intense than the last, and this means that if you manifest negativity for yourselves to experience, you may experience it in a much more intensified manner than you previously did or otherwise would.
Be Easy
For this and plenty of other reasons, we ask you all to be gentle with yourselves and those around you in these times. There is so very much happening to your evolving minds, bodies and spirits at this time and much of it can indeed be disconcerting, but we ask you to let yourselves and others float through your experience of ascension with the ease and joy you all deserve to float through it with.
While much is happening within you at present, there is also much positivity for you to feel and experience and those of you who make the effort to attune to your personal etheric realms and make travels within such realms, are beginning to notice the ease and clarity in which their impressions are coming to you.
You are noticing and picking up on your inner-held realities which you can Create within effortlessly, and along with this will come a completely new way of interacting with your inner realms than many of you have thus far.
What we mean by this is that upon realizing and gaining a very clear access to your personal etheric planes of Creation, you will understand the need to begin working upon such planes to help them match the levels of consciousness you are feeling within yourselves. As the chakras of so many of you have been blocked up for a plethora of past Lives before the ones in which you began to find an awakening, your personal-held etheric planes have reflected that and you are now tasked with repairing any density manifested or fed in such realities, just as many of you are tasked with clearing the third dimensional dross away from the collective energies.
Affecting the Collective & Repairing Your Inner Realms
As has been said for some time now, everything you are doing affects the collective and forms an imprint upon the collective energies that determines what is to be manifested next on the world stage, and the actions, intentions and energies of each of you are fed into your collective consciousness in a manner that Creates based on the general vibrations being given out in any and every moment.
This is why the positivity that is essential for you to feel at this time can be felt and radiated on a massive level, and the positivity of just one of you can be felt and picked up on by every soul within your beautiful collective consciousness.
Of course, not every soul will yet be able to attune to and radiate the positivity and the Light that so many of you have to give but in time, every soul will open up to this Light and to their own inner-held etheric planes which they too will realize are in need of repair.
The sooner you can repair your inner realms and surface the emotions and feelings so many Earth souls have allowed to remain under their surface, the sooner the Earth can reflect these actions and individually, you are all going about your surfacing processes at different intervals and in your own ways.
Some of you are surfacing things about your childhood or about past Lives that you are seeing-off as you transmute the negativity behind such things. Others are working to see-off outdated mindsets or ways of being and Living that trace back to the paradigm that was instilled within them since childhood and gradually, every soul is finding a generally lightened perspective in every moment even if their actions or emotions do not always reflect this.
Truly it is so, and each of you can feed your personal positivity into the collective energies so that those experiencing and undergoing surfacing processes can be aided tremendously and go about their surfacing in an easier manner.
If you remain constricted and employ the resulting negativity, you will not find yourselves opened up to your inner-realms and will only find yourselves met with a continual wall of the very negativity and constriction you would be feeling. If allowing stress and frustration to fall by the wayside and if truly seeing and feeling that everything is ok in every moment, the flow of energies of the higher realms will be able to come through you marvelously and you will unlock new perspectives and understandings that will far exceed what you have understood for so very long.
We wish for you dear souls to understand when we say that your Earth is truly now yours for the Creating.
What has been a fixed lower dimensional reality for so long is no longer, and you are able to Create an entirely new place and support an entirely new collective frame of mind by supporting such a frame of mind within yourselves. Again, every soul will gradually find their inner-realms and in doing so, will realize that positivity and Light are and have always been essential; not only for a higher dimensional experience, but for a happy and satisfying lower dimensional experience.
Evolving Souls are Flourishing
There are plenty of souls on your world who do not see their experience as lower dimensional, dull or limiting in any way. There are souls on your world at present who are quite well off, and we do not refer to your evolved Galactic brethren existing within your Earth and underneath your surface in their bases.
We speak of evolving souls on your world who find and feel positivity, happiness and wholeness in every single moment.
We speak of souls who have found their role in Life, even if it is one that does not require actively working to motivate others to repair the Earth, and they are enjoying the roles they have come to the Earth to play while doing and finding things personal to them that garner and feed the wholeness and happiness that is seeing their experience so enjoyable.
Yes, every soul experiences and feeds negativity or density at some point or another during their Earth experience; it is a necessary part of the lower dimensions but what has been neglected to be noticed or pointed out is that there are some souls already Living a full and pure higher dimensional existence or at the very least, an unfolding higher dimensional experience that they are feeding and garnering for themselves increasingly, with each day they enjoy upon your dear Earth.
They may not yet perceive of the glittering vibrations of the fifth dimension but make no mistake, they are Living an ascended lifestyle as they have found and employed a sheer enjoyment of Life and the reality around them that is so strong, that nothing can bring them or their perspectives down.
When each of you can tap into and really find this happiness, this wholeness in every moment; you will know even more than you already do that you have made it. Indeed, we can feel in the minds and hearts of so many of you who are beginning to access the very perspective we just outlined, that negativity and density often creep up and make it difficult for you to maintain the never-ending positivity that will see you onward to the higher realms, and we say that for many of you, this continual meeting with energies and events is related to your aforementioned surfacing processes.
We again reiterate the importance of being easy with yourselves during these times, and if you could find a neutral perspective at the very least when negativity or depletion creep up and seem to rule your perspectives, you will actually be able to meet back up with positivity as you understand that you are experiencing not only your own personal density, but that of the entire collective.
The Personal Cost of Transmuting Density
Indeed, so many of you have come to the Earth to take on and transmute the collective negative, dense and twisted-up energies to extents that your own emotional states can be affected, sometimes harshly. We wish for you to know that this all proceeds according to plan and while some of you tend to feel as if you are being given too much to handle; you are never given more than you know and can feel subconsciously that you can take on and we wish to remind you not only of your choice to inhabit the lower dimensions and play the roles you are playing gracefully and diligently at this time, but of your excitement in doing so.
Oh, dearest children, you were absolutely overjoyed to assist the Earth and help Her collective find the higher states of consciousness you were enjoying when making the decision to incarnate upon the Earth, and while you did have a grasp of how difficult your experience would be, you also knew and convinced many of us in these realms that you would be able to anchor and shine your Creator Light upon this Earth and we are always proud to proclaim that you were absolutely right.
You were able to do it, and you have done it. Congratulate yourselves, dearest souls, for you have brought about the Light on the surface of the Earth and anchored it in exponential ways that are seeing the aforementioned influence of the Light increase to the needed levels.
The Light quotient upon your planet is stronger than ever because of your actions, as the Light you have brought through even just by existing upon your Earth has garnered far more positive consequences than you would imagine or even accept. Indeed, there are quite a few truths we have withheld because we don’t (yet) feel as if you would be ready to believe them; as the necessary sharpened sense of discernment you as a collective have developed could likely dismiss such truths because of the “too good to be true” mindset that has been employed and fed in so many for so very long.
The Unique Beliefs of Everybody
There are souls on your world who do not choose to believe in the legitimacy of our communications, because they don’t see it as palpable that an ascended group of beings, some of whom have incarnated upon your Earth and spread the Light ourselves, would actively communicate with or through humanity, nor do they believe that humans would be able to pick up on impressions of higher dimensional beings or of any being existing outside of your physical reality, which you’ve been taught is the only prevalent reality where consciousness can be experienced.
The core belief surrounding the disbelief of the validity of so much that is discussed and understood by the awakening collective, is that you are limited or finite human beings and as your entire world will discover and as so many of you have already discovered, to the extent that this may sound repetitive when we say it; this is simply not so.
When it is discovered just how much you are able to do and find within yourselves, the mindset of the higher realms being a joke or something not based in reality will be changed as it is understood that they are very real and have been accessed by a plethora of souls throughout your Earthly history. Indeed, individual awakenings and ascensions have been occurring on your world for every bit of your history, and souls all across your world are evolving every single day.
Spiritual Enlightenment Breeds Physical Evolution
Evolution is a natural and ongoing process and while the mindset has been bred in some that evolution can only be physical or can only be associated with rigid beliefs in physicality and in nothing else, we say that the physical evolution you are experiencing is a component of the ongoing spiritual evolution of each of you.
What you experience physically during your evolution comes as a result of the evolution of spirit or rather, your greater awakening into a deeper understanding of who you are. Your physical bodies are upgrading along with the metaphysical realms and perceptions you’re unlocking for yourselves, and the resulting experiences you will find are purer and more enjoyable than the experiences you’ve had in your dense physical body and in your dense physical reality.
As we make our final impressions for this communication, we say that your greater Light is recognized and seen in the higher dimensions and as you increasingly open up to the mechanics and perspectives driving the higher dimensions you are entering at this time, you find that every last bit of negativity you experience seems to dissolve away much more quickly than it once did.
This is a result of the aforementioned establishment of the illusory hologram of disintegrating darkness and density and again, this entire ascension event could not have been possible were it not for each one of you absorbing this message.
You are thanked, Loved and respected endlessly for your valor and strength.
Thank you to the Ascended Masters.

Archangel Indriel. “Out On A Ledge.” By, Bella Capozzi. March 19, 2013

And so it is. You are perched on the cusp of something grand. You are but a mindset away from the glorious realization of your fondest hopes and dreams. It is this cusp which hugs the borderline between a dysfunctional world and another world of prosperity and balance; one, an existence of strife and illusion, with the other a paradigm of abundance and truth. You walk along the the border of war and peace. Starvation and fulfillment. Hatred and friendship. Slavery and soveriegnity. Blindness and clear seeing. Which one shall it be, you wonder? Whatever shall be the end result? Why, it is entirely up to you, of course, and the first step is in the choosing.

So choose wisely, Dear Children, and know that at this given moment you stand quite literally with one foot in one realm and the other foot in another. You must realize that the time for procrastination is over and you need now decide for yourselves – will you take on a fresh approach to how you live your lives, or shall you stay with what society has taught you, however comfortable and familiar? Dare you step out on a ledge and look outwards towards the truth and Light; and would you trust enough to balance there knowing that there is absolutely no way that you can fall? It beckons you, that Light, so warm and inviting. Dare you spread your wings and let your heart take flight, going ever higher, until you reach that Light, which is the wisdom of your Highest Self?

How Divine and lovely you are, sweet warriors of the Human race. How brilliant and accomplished. You know it, deep inside, that this is so. But dare you step out of self-doubt and believe it? There is nothing you cannot do, once you set your intention and develop faith in your own powers of creation. For to decide and be convinced that yes, ‘you shall be this, you shall do’ that, is to set into creation the realization of your dreams and goals. You are the masters of your own destiny, my children. You are the architects of your own fate. You, and not anything or anyone outside of yourself – outside of yourself and and your unseverable connection to Source.

Those who have filled your head with such rubbish and falsehoods about your own limitations, did so out of fear. They feared the the day when you would remember that you are a powerful Being, without any sort of limitation. They feared greatly the time when Humanity as a whole would remember and set to balance the scales of injustice. And most of all, they feared the loss of their carefully constructed illusion of control. It is long past time for every man, woman and child to fully grasp and understand the truth that each one of them is equally deserving of a fair portion of Gaia’s bountiful harvest. Each is Universally and unconditionally loved. There is no separation between ‘myself and you’, ‘us and them’. These are merely societal constructs, words, concepts – and erroneous ones , at that. You must follow your heart and decide which truths you shall live by. Shall you be the one who steps out of the box, a pioneer of fairness and equality? Might that be you, Child? Do you have faith enough to do so, and to know that even should you stumble, we stand a-ready to catch you with our open arms? If you do step out, then do so with Heaven’s blessings. May God’s love be ever with you.

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The Pleiadians – It is Time to Release All Resentments – 19 March 2013

Note from Channel: I read the other day a really great quote that said resentments keep you tied to the past and keep you connected to the very people you feel hurt you. I have been seeing a lot lately about resentment, and since this is a big theme with many people, I decided to get some info from the Pleaidians about this.
Dear souls, beautiful souls, when will you stop making your bodies ill with pain in the joints and muscles, and cancerous cells by holding on to the past, and by holding on to being justified? And even if it has not gone to this level yet, we see and know this energy is heavy for you. We come today with a fierce message as we know you have absorbed enough light to truly look at your deeper selves, the parts of you that have been hiding.

When you make judgments on others and how they should be out of bitterness of things that have happened to you, we ask you to go deep and look at the true need you are longing for which is love and compassion for what has happened to you. It is those that deny this deep need for maybe even extra love, that bitterness and resentment then forms. Many of you got used to not having people do things for you, so you decided you did not need it anymore. You said you are just fine on your own, or you can get all the love you need with no one helping out. However, we say this is not fully true. Sometimes the only way to heal something is to get what you want, and to get what you want, it is time to admit the grief around not getting it. This will then release the pain and resentment towards others that abandoned, or said and did hurtful things. We will surround you if you summon us with the sacred space, and the light of divine love if you will give yourselves 7 to as many as 40 days to spend time accepting these feelings, diving deep into the acknowledgment and then the releasing of it all. As you bring your consciousness to these places, you stop trying to be so good all the time, you become who you deeply long to be; who you really are.

We would like to explain some of the resentment behaviors we feel and see in many of the souls reading this for all time and space is now. Please know, we do not judge you. We only wish to help you awaken to the falsities that holding these things carry out into your vibration. Trying to be more than others and competing is a form of resentment. It is a form of carrying places deep inside where you have not felt seen and acknowledged. It is fear of being left behind and not being enough. We feel deep, deep pain the hearts of many about this. Breathe in now, and then release out as we fill you with the light of Universal Kundalini life force which breaks about this pain and transmutes patterning. Next, we also see resentment that is about judgement and/or jealousy. This may come out in judgment about others actions. You may think others should function another way, and you do this in the name of righteousness, how people should act when they are enlightened or evolved. Somewhere underneath this is an actual energy of longing for something in the self. For example, when you see someone in your world acting unconsciously with money, we see you long for fairness and balance. You long for peace. Do not keep looking on the outside for others to change for this peace to come. We promise you dear beautiful ones, that as you feel your life is fair, yes decide for yourself to focus on all things that have felt fair; others will continue to show up in your immediate life that resonate with this. Yes, it is important to reach out to those learning and help, but this is different then suffering about it.

We also see some of these resentments come out towards your past family members and/ or significant relationships. This may show up as a knot in the third chakra when thinking about them, or even thoughts about them that replay in your mind. We ask you now to completely surrender over all the past feelings about this and needing to be right to us and your higher self now. Literally visualize it like it is a ball of energy with a murky color and see it being pulled out of the body now. We are assisting as you read. Into the space this ball is held comes the violet flame. Now, you can also command that all parts of you living in the past and the future be summoned into your present body and spirit in this time and space. Collect all pieces of you and live in today for all that matter is this very moment. You see, it doesn’t matter what they did. These experiences are only stories attached to stories, and more stories. The ability to percieve as your God Source is available now. Yes, you are the God Source and you decide that all comes from source. There was never any wrathful deity doing any of this to you. You are the light creating now, merely an extension of God. You did this, all along. You are playing here in this life experience longing to feel and breathe in all kinds of things. And yet, now it is truly time for your planet to embrace where you come from. The resentments are some of the final pieces for many of you to expand into all that you are and this is your year on planet Earth. This is truly the year to be done with this all for 2014 will be the year of enlightenment for many. We see many souls expanding into their light body, and merging with their KA and BA. We are holding the space for the understanding now what you need to release, the hidden pieces. We hold you now in the divine womb of understanding, receiving you, nurturing you with pure love, so you may find the answer yourself. So that you may see the truth of why all vibrations and creations in your life are and ever were. With much love and reverance, and honor, we shower you with the light of all that is now. So La Re En Lo.

We are one. Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister. http://www.blissfullifecounseling.com, http://blog.blissfullifecounseling.info,http://www.ariahvelasquez.wordpress.com
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