The Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes: Building Unity, Motivating the Public and the Original Intentions of Some Religions


Channeled through Wes Annac-

The lightening vibrations you are beginning to find within yourselves are signaling the way for true and real change to be brought forth on the surface of your increasingly-evolving planet. You are rising up from the realms of the third and fourth dimensions to the fifth, and from the fifth dimension your evolution onward will see you learn so very much about the multidimensional nature of existence upon this world.

What we mean is that upon accessing and traversing the unlimited perspectives the higher dimensions have to offer, many of you will see that you have indeed already traversed many of the higher realms you are looking toward from the third and fourth dimensions.

You are truly multidimensional beings, and we wish for you to know this. You have a perspective that is much stronger than the majority of souls on your world would know or accept, and you are able to tap into and feel a flow of energies that is so strong, that your ability as Gods and Creator entities who can work with any given higher dimensional energy simply cannot be expressed enough.

A theme of many channeled communications has been the power humanity as a collective and as individuals hold within.

As so many of you are beginning to commune with Gaia, you are becoming aware of the work that needs to be done to mitigate and cleanse the pollution still being manifested and fed on Her surface. Along with a developing understanding of your latent multidimensional nature, the awareness you are garnering for yourselves is stronger than could have ever been hoped or anticipated.

The change you’re beginning to bring forth is unprecedented, and the unity that you are all inspiring has been simply wonderful to watch build. This unity continues to build in every moment and as always, we remind you dear souls that there is much you can do in any given moment to further build upon the foundation of strength and momentum that has already been laid, for you all to begin coming together and doing the work so many of you know you are here to do.

We can see and feel that your expanding minds and hearts are making way for the awareness of the higher realms that will see you initiating yourselves into your beautiful Galactic society, and the fifth dimensional realms of your dearest Earth are simply brimming as they await your realization of them within you.

There is much work being done upon the surface of your fifth dimensional New Earth and much of this work is indeed energetic in nature, as the pollution and density that’s been fed on the third dimensional Gaia for so long are themselves forms of energy that can be worked with and transmuted, as well as transcended. You will come to find that everything in your reality is energy and can be worked with, shaped or molded in any specific ways you dear souls find prudent to do so.

As we have discussed, we as well as your Galactic brethren and a plethora of other souls will indeed be with you in the time ahead to teach you about the basic components and fundamentals of energy work, and to teach you how you can used advanced higher dimensional technology coupled with your own natural abilities, to transmute the bulk of pollution and density that remains to be transmuted.

Yes, we can feel that so many of you view your Earth and think that the job is undoable, but the various aspects of your society that you feel are unworkable are actually much easier to work with than you would realize.

In many cases, your belief in your inability to solve some of the most difficult problems facing your world stems from an assumption that you are finite beings who cannot act past the standard measures you normally do. This is simply not so, and another revelation you will all begin to open up to within is that you truly are infinite beings and nothing can stop you from achieving your goals, no matter what they are.

A single person on your world could find the individual momentum and strength to rebuild your world. How would they do this, you may be asking us?

They would first fine that strong and supreme connection and flow of Source energy and the resulting inspiration, and they would in turn motivate all those around them. Even the souls with the hardest of hearts and perspectives would and will, in time, absorb the messages and inspiration they and all of you have to offer.

Yes, they and you will meet resistance; it is a natural happening that is tied in with your own karma and your ability to see what you’re doing for the Earth in a clear light, but the resistance met when attempting to rebuild a world should be no reason not to begin the most important of such work. Indeed, there is no reason humanity should remain complacent and continue to allow the surface of your world to suffer, but we can feel with the strong and pure awakenings taking place in the minds and hearts of each of you that this will not be a problem.

We know and can feel this because of the rising awareness that is garnering a fresh and new perspective in so many of you who have previously felt flattened. Whilst some of you continue to feel this way, we must stress that all you are working for is propelling you exponentially toward the future you’ve long been wishing for. This future is, of course, yours to bring and attract to yourselves and we hope to be able to offer our continual writings and updates to support you dear souls and help you to see that the higher realms and the perspective and energies of the higher realms have never left you alone and are with you even in this moment.

Far beyond the ceasing of this communication and even the next communication we will give at another time, we are still with you and still offering our energies and perspectives for you dear souls to tap into which, for the most part, so many of you are now beginning to do with the grace and ease of the Creator.

Upon retreating to bed at night and waking up in the morning, many of you are beginning to notice the flow of energies and impressions coming to you that your minds do not (quite) decode in the manner that they do if channeling but rather, simply receive as they are.

For the most part, these impressions are being sent by aspects of your higher selves who wish to give you personal assistance along your developing ascension processes, but we will at times attach our specific energies and the resulting impressions to such in-flowing energies because again, we have much to share with you dear souls and we are honored to be able to share it.

We are honored to speak with you and detail our communications in the manner we have been able to, because the Lighted energies so many of you are able to feel encourage and motivate us to continue speaking with you. We are grateful to each one of you who continues to absorb our communications and while ours is only one perspective out of quite a lot, we still feel we are able to offer something genuine and helpful for humanity.

We would like to speak further on the rebuilding of your world and on humanity taking the reigns as you will be, so that you can work upon your increasingly-evolving third dimensional surface to help it reflect the ascended Eden you’re increasingly growing toward as a planet. Each of you can get active in working with representations of your fifth dimensional realty, and by this we do not mean that you have to find yourselves inhabiting such reality or attempt make astral travels there for indeed, you do not have to.

Your greater Creator Light, even if you cannot yet feel or access it within, is so strong and powerful that in some cases, you need only make vocal or mental affirmations for such power to be expressed and aimed at whatever you are affirming.

For example, if you wish to perform Lightwork upon the surface of your fifth dimensional Earth as so many of you are beginning to open up to your ability to do, you can make a personal affirmation that your blessing and healing energies be sent to such realms, or you can affirm that such energies be sent to aspects of your world that you know are no longer in resonation with the sovereign future that you the sovereign humanity is heading into.

Everything you see on your world that you know will only continue to hurt Her and hold you all back can be blessed and healed and while the collective vibrations are indeed needed to make the grand change you all wish to, which is why we mentioned the individual soul Creating widespread change by motivating the collective; while this is so, your individual power can still move mountains and what you are able to do as a single individual far surpasses what you would expect.

Perhaps some of you have noticed another common theme of our communications, which is that there is much underlying your conscious perspective and ability that you would not perhaps expect to find or realize within yourselves.

One of such things is the strength of your individual ability, as we have detailed above. We will continue to remind you that you are much, much stronger beings than you would expect for yourselves to be and we will say as well that every soul, be them “higher” or “lower” dimensional, is an aspect of our supreme Creator and is endowed with the natural strength and Light that the Creator has wished for us all to realize we have and can feel within.

You have been given this Light because you are an aspect of the Creator. You are the Creator, experiencing a lower dimensional form and we are the Creator as well, who is helping a lower dimensional aspect of our Selves to reach the infinite planes of consciousness and understanding that we, like many others, were also helped to reach by other civilizations and higher dimensional souls who are now much farther along their growth than they were when they originally helped us.

You will find that service-to-others based behavior drives the higher dimensional experience and the assistance that is given, and you will find as well that it actually aides one along one’s natural growth back to the full, undistorted realms of our Mother/Father Source.

Ever soul within every position in the Spiritual Hierarchy are here to serve you, humankind, and to serve a plethora of other lower dimensional worlds and civilizations who are just beginning to see the Light and find the resulting purer states of consciousness and stronger states of awareness. We are playing our roles specifically for you on Earth at present, and our focus has indeed been zoomed-in to the Earth whilst we are stationed within Her realms helping to increase the purity of energies Creating and sustaining your reality.

We would like for you dear souls to know that you are increasingly beginning to be put in charge of handling and accessing your inner-reserves of Light energy.

These reserves of Light can be accessed through the chakras, and all of you are being pumped continually with the purest Light that can possibly be mustered up and held just beyond the fore of your conscious perception. You are beginning to be given full access to and responsibility of this inner-Light, as well as the increasingly-pure energy you’re being given which, again, Creates and sustains your realities.

Humanity will find an ease in working with energy because you are natural energy-disseminators and Lightworkers. The act of continually purifying the energy sustaining your realities will be explained in ever-more depth than it has been in our previous communications, as there is so very much for you to learn in the way of energy work and your ability to access and feel different types and varying purities of energy within yourselves.

It has been discussed to the helm that you are akin to radio receivers, attuning to different frequencies and picking up different channels based on those frequencies.

A temple experiencing and continually feeding lower emotions or heart sets will remain attuned to lower frequencies and broadcasts. Souls who begin to see the importance of taking care of their cherished temples will find themselves able to pick up on less distorted frequencies and while for some of you, your receivers are only set to certain aspects of the higher realms or of your higher selves, your ability to pick up on frequencies is as infinite as the souls you can contact when doing so.

You are attuning now to the higher realms and with this attunement comes a rising awareness and a natural understanding of the peace and harmony meant to pervade every aspect of your realities. You see that the way the old paradigm has churned on is no longer working for you, and you begin working to spread the awareness and the natural Creator Light you hold within.

Your very perspective opens and expands and rather than being “changed” per se, it is opened up and you are able to meet with purer and more refined aspects of your Selves and again, also with us and a plethora of other higher dimensional souls who will share the gifts we have with you.

These gifts come in the form of our impressions and the communications encoded unto them, and you are all absorbing our energy as you read this communication and feeling a specific flow of such energies that is unique to you. You are indeed attuning to our energies when reading and absorbing this communication on your internet, and this is why we mentioned above that we are able to be with you even when you are not absorbing our material.

This brings us back to your natural ability to attune to any given higher dimensional energy you wish to, and after absorbing this communication some of you may find our energies and impressions lingering around you. If you wish to connect with us fully, than you can tap into that connection and feel the resulting communications that can indeed be brought forth.

Indeed, there are plenty of souls on your world who feel they would not benefit from our communications or any channeled communications, and this is ok for all are on their own path and should be respected and Loved regardless of the specifics of their beliefs.

It will be absolutely crucial for you to come together and unite based on what you have in common, as your Creator Light when expressed in a collective fashion is far more powerful than you would be led to believe. If you could have the energetic perspectives we do, you would see the strength of your collective power and we anticipate humanity being quite surprised when realizing just how much of your Earth is and has always been in your hands.

Truly, you have always been in charge of your Earth and the experiences that play out on your Earth; it is simply that you’ve been led to accept and believe in limitation and you have been taught that you are not able to maintain a strong a pure connection to realm that you’ve been taught do not exist.

One of the biggest distortions that has been fed by humanity which has held you back enormously, is that your physical reality is the only plane of existence and that any realms beyond your physical must be products of fantasy or a wish on the part of the souls experiencing them to feel something greater than your third dimensional reality.

In many cases, that very desire to feel and understand a reality purer than the one you already exist in is what breeds a discovery of the higher realms, and you dear souls have proven this endlessly with your continual quests and searches for the knowledge and energies the higher realms have to offer.

So many time periods on your world have seen an attempted control of man and the beliefs that humankind possesses as a collective body, and the false and distorted religions that attempt to control the thoughts and feelings of many souls on your world today were, in many cases, once based upon real and pure ideals and truths that the messengers acted as conduits for the higher realms to bring forth.

Plenty of religions have started with real, Lighted intentions and real, Lighted truth and throughout the generations, souls with pervading and controlling interests have muddied the ideologies and belief systems surrounding such religions and introduced controlling dogmas and other means of control that did not promote free expression or an understanding of the higher realms and the basic guiding principles to find a higher dimensional experience, and were rather, based only in a desire to control the masses who would follow such religions and the belief systems they represent.

Now, a greater understanding of spirituality is breaking through on a massive, widespread level and every time period of your history has proven that the endless quests for the higher realms will always garner the intended results. Souls with a naturally evolving perspective will always step forth to offer what they are feeling and beginning to discover in themselves, for the entire collective of souls around them to benefit from and find a growth and a greater awareness and understanding as a result of.

This is because upon finding an ascended perspective and upon beginning to find enlightenment within oneself, the desire to serve others and help as many souls as possible feel what the evolving soul is feeling breeds an active service toward every soul of the lower realms.

We are communicating with you and stationing ourselves within the higher realms of your Earth whilst we deliver your reality-Creating energies, out of a strong Love for the collective of humanity and out of a natural drive to assist you and as well, to find advancement along our own dimensional growth based in part on the service to others we perform whilst stationed in the purer echelons of Gaia.

We feel such a strong Love and understanding for each of you dear souls and while we had originally anticipated ourselves able to incarnate unto the surface of Earth as so many of you have heroically done and spread the truth and Light we felt we would have been able to re-access and benefit from; we are happy with the position we are in and we are equally happy to be able to garner a deeper and more profound understanding of energy work and of the nature of funneling energies down to Create and sustain lower dimensional realities.

To us, one of the most interesting things about your reality is the density of it.

We are utterly fascinated with the way your realities vibrate and move. The vibrations making up your reality move in such a dense and slow manner, and the established concept of time in your physical reality has bound you to certain expectations and entire modes of Living your Lives, as have plenty of other aspects of your average, everyday Lives.

The souls whom many of you perceive as unawakened and trapped in an illusion are still subject to a third dimensional reality that they have not yet realized they can fully transmute and begin to find a purer experience after having transmuted.

So many souls are still bound by the concrete concept of linear time; of physical matter that can only go unchanged; of a Life and experience that they have no ability to work with and turn into something better.

The hope of the higher realms at present is for the Lighted energies and the resulting perspectives and increased spiritual and cognitive perceptions so many of you dear awakening Lightworkers and Light Holders are beginning to garner and find in yourselves, to make way for a gradual and rising collective understanding of their ability to not only change their realities and the dense experience they find around them, but to Create the experience they have always wished for and to find an ease, freedom and abundance in their Lives that is simply unparalleled.

We speak, of course, of the new paradigm you are entering as a planet and specifically, we speak of the lightening collective vibrations helping to make way for the natural understandings that will garner your collective finding of awareness and the resulting ascension. Yes, your ascension is still on a full course to initiating you all into the pure fifth dimensional realms Gaia is now welcoming each of you to begin dipping your perceptual toes into, and we wish you to know as well that you have a full ability to access and work with any ascended landscape you wish to.

Your very knowledge and awareness of the infinite etheric landscapes you hold within and can Create upon is increasing in this moment and as you begin to practice your astral travels and use the inner tools you’re being given to mold and work with the energy in such realities that will see you Creating even the astral experiences you desire; you will continually draw yourselves toward the energies of the unlimited realities you’re Creating from and you will strengthen your already strong connection with the higher realms which, especially at this point, can never be broken.

You can never lose your connection with our Creator, nor the energies making up your higher dimensional experience.

The most difficult of lower dimensional experiences have tested you whilst you made your ways through the Earth and the many experiences this wonderful planet has had to offer you, and you have still proven yourselves able to come out strong and radiate the natural Creator Light you can all feel and access, out to every aspect of your collective as you help Gaia to help Her surface reflect the vibrations She joyously exists within.

Gaia has spoken to you all previously during our communications, and we wish to relay a message from Her that absolutely everything is in order and the experience She’s personally being subjected to is nothing but pure and harmonious. She Loves each of her children and she wants you to know this, and she wants each of you to focus on rekindling the flame of your hearts so that you can better find and maintain a strong telepathic and feeling-based connection with Her.

She asks as well for you all to get out and enjoy the beautiful brimming nature She has to offer, as those of you on one side of the planet will find an early and bountiful spring that will bring you warm weather, good tidings and fruitful spiritual energy that Gaia Herself is seeing reach the surface of Her beautiful structure.

Gaia personally has been overseeing much of the energy we give down to you, and She has always examined every last bit of energy expressed through and on Her planetary structure. She has guided us along our mission of increasing the purity of energies sustaining your reality with each time these energies are sent down for you dear souls to absorb, as Gaia personally has had much experience with energy work in the past and has performed a plethora of blessings and Lighted rituals in Her past experiences.

We as well have learned much about the nature of energy work and this is knowledge we wish to impart unto you dear souls; if of course, you wish to hear about it. We feel that you will wish to in the time ahead and we can already feel and appreciate the willingness in so many of you to begin learning about such things in any ways that you can, in this continual transition phase before the real work to clean and repair Gaia is underway.

You will continue to be reminded that your work is just beginning and to those of you who feel as if you cannot get active in exposing and working to change the way your world has functioned for so very long, we say that you possess so much more power within than you would be led to believe and this cannot be expressed enough, and we wish to continue to express it until it is fully realized and understood.

This is so with a plethora of issues because as you dear souls will realize, much of what you are learning comes in the form of continual lessons that revolve around the same general concept that we and your guides wish for you to begin to grasp and understand.

One of the things we wish for you dear souls to know and that we will continue to repeat, is that the darkness being fed on your world at present can no longer last and is itself being fed into a nearly-instant transmuter that is clearing it at its very core and in doing so, beginning to change the collective energies and frames of perception at their very core.

Miracles are not only possible; they are happening all of the time and those of you who see what has been done and continues to be done upon the surface of your Earth as well as those of you with the bleakest perspectives concerning humanity and humanity’s willingness to repair your world, will feel as if a miracle has descended down and bestowed itself unto your collective when you witness the entirety of such collective showing just as much interest as you in geopolitical matters and spiritual understandings as well.

This will be a product of the rising awareness and as we make our final impressions for this communication, we ask you to stand strong in the pure Creator Light you can now contain yourselves within and find a pure redemption and higher dimensional rehabilitation if you feel you need to.

The Earth experience can harden even some of the most Lighted souls and it is ok to admit when the Earth experience is weighing heavily on you, and it is even better to find and feel that aforementioned access to your inner realms and use it to bring forth and restore to yourselves, your happiness. Every soul deserves to feel and Live abundant, free and happy at this time, and the future in which you will all be doing so is being pulled toward you at present with a might and ferocity that is seeing the looked-toward outcomes assured.

Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.

Metamorphosis – All is in a State of Flux – A Message from the Angels, 26 Feb 2013, by Tazjima Posted on February 26, 2013


Metamorphosis – All is in a State of Flux – 26 Feb 2013, by Tazjima

We are the Angelic Legions of the Divine Mother.

We greet you this day when spring is beginning to show its first signs of arriving to the Northern Hemisphere. As the leaves of the first bulbs break through the cold and damp soil of winter gardens, so you are undergoing a metamorphosis, changing from one form to another. Your world follows suit, as change becomes a constant companion, sometimes dogging your heels as you move through your day. Nothing will remain as it once was – all is in a state of flux.

We are the angels who do the bidding of the Divine Mother. We work closely with the archangels and personal guides of those who are acting as wayshowers and lightworkers on planet Earth at this time. We wish to speak to you of many things, first and foremost the various changes that your bodies and minds are undergoing.

First, you are going through an intense period of regrowth, like a developing fetus within a mother’s womb. Your bodies are gradually phasing into becoming light-bodies, but remember, it takes time for changes to manifest into the physical. The changes filter down from the Soul through the mental, emotional and finally, the physical body, similar to the gestation of a young body.

As you undergo physical transformation, you are also undergoing a change in how you view your world. Your connection to spirit is growing and with the reconnection comes remembrance, of who you are and what you are, more than the body, more than one person. You are an aspect of the Creator, a facet of God. You are a divine being come into the world to learn about self and to help others to remember.

Each of you is also undergoing a profound cleansing period, where all that belongs to the old paradigm is being delicately stripped from your being. You are discovering that what you thought was self, was far from the real self that is slowly being revealed as you undergo this transformation. You are beginning to forget, memories are disappearing, even words and things that you have learned in the past are fading from your mind. As you forget, you begin to learn to live in the moment, in the Present, in the Now.

You may find yourself, at odd moments, suddenly remembering an old relationship, a long lost lover or friend, a relative to whom you have not seen or spoken to in years. You may glimpse a portion of an event once significant to you that you have strived to hold onto, but that suddenly doesn’t seem important anymore. Let it go. Let it all go… the trauma, the emotions, your misinterpretation of someone else’s actions or words, scraps and loose memories of what you thought you were. You are no longer that person who could be so easily offended or hurt. You no longer feel it necessary to cling to what has gone out of your life. Indeed, you might feel that these glimpses into your past are almost as if they were images from another life.

Your bodies, emotional, mental and physical are being washed by a river of light. This river gently extricates and removes trauma long-stored in your cellular structures, even traumas emanating from other lifetimes. Let these memories and pictures move through you, washed by the light working upon your cells, feel the emotions as they release from the electromagnetic field and dissipate into the ethers around you. You are undergoing a profound healing of your entire being. Simply allow it to happen. It is a gift from heaven, from your own higher self who brought you here to undergo this process of bringing heaven to earth, grounding the ascension energies into the physical body as the planet undergoes her own ascension.

We feel that for many of the lightworkers there has been a growing sense of loss, perhaps some disappointment and no little frustration when it was realized that many of the ascension symptoms thought to have been dealt with before last December have returned. These symptoms are a sign that you are, indeed, undergoing a profound period of change, a metaphoric process where you are becoming a new being, one who can anchor and carry the high frequency energies within a physical body and still function in the world. By bringing the light into your body, you are making it possible for your world to ascend, again, into the Christed frequency from which she descended long ago. Your planet is becoming a sacred planet, one of twelve in the Universe, a very special place, and you are here to assist in this birthing process. It is a sacred trust and right now, it is a work in progress.

As you continue to experience the various symptoms of ascension, understand that it does require patience. Both you and your planet are as pregnant women, dealing with the aches and pains, the discomforts and changes in body structure, the emotions and heat flashes, moodiness and whatnot, all for the purpose of creating something new together, a new world.

Feel into what gives you a feeling of peace and relaxation. It is hard enough for a pregnant woman to be comfortable during the nine months of gestation; many of you have been dealing with these changes on a daily basis for years. They will continue for as long as is necessary, so learn patience and be kind to yourself. Listen to what your body requires at the moment to make itself comfortable, give it the needed rest and pamper yourself a little. Above all, be gentle with yourself and those around you. Many are also undergoing changes that they understand very little. In your greater awareness and calm presence, others can take heart and come to understand that the process is a natural one. The process is one that has been foreseen and planned for a long time, ever since the world first fell into the lower densities and even before. This long cycle was preordained and now the return to the light is nearly complete.

As the transformational period continues through the next months, you will find yourself coming into contact with those who are of a similar frequency level as your own. Some of you will begin working with other members of your soul family, either those who are embodied on the planet, those who are part of galactic crews whose ships populate the skies above your planet, as well as those who work from the spirit world.

It has been a lonely time for many lightworkers, who have been sprinkled liberally across the face of the planet, many being the sole anchor of light in their communities. However, as more people awaken, those same lightworkers will find themselves more in demand, as people begin to question everything about their lives. Just being a calm presence will assist these new seekers to discover more about themselves. People are more sensitive to vibration and thought than is presently realized. Your calm presence will assist greatly and people will respond by relaxing in your presence.

What can you do for yourself and in preparation for your continued work here? Learn to listen to the still voice within. Take up channeling if you feel comfortable. Certainly journaling, artwork and music are useful in soothing whatever agitation is stirred up during this period.

Remember that you are always channeling your higher self, soul and monad (soul family) in ways that are not always obvious. As you begin to “tune in” more the subtle messages of spirit will become more apparent. And if you don’t listen, there are ways that spirit can and will reach you, eventually. Dreams, intuitive understandings, unusual sights and occurrences, repeating patterns and number sequences – keep your eyes and ears open for the signs that spirit is attempting to communicate and then be open to what comes.

All of you came with specific missions or dharma to complete. Some of you are not aware of what this work is supposed to be. It will become more apparent in the days and months to come and you can assist in opening up to the possibilities by learning to accept yourself as you are.

Many of you have simply come to transmute the energies as they move through your bodies and to go through the process of reconnecting to spirit, a connection that most of the population has lost, even if they consider themselves to be spiritual people. Humanity has forgotten their divine roots, that there is no need of an intermediary to stand between the individual and God. Each person is an extension of their soul, housed within a vehicle, the body.

What has been deemed spirituality on this planet is in many instances simply idolatry, with people worshipping those beings that they deem to be higher and greater than they will ever be. Instead of being a uniting force, it will be seen that religion and dogma has served to divide people, to foster distrust, hatred and bigotry.

There is good in every religion as they were all started by advanced souls, but for the most part the original teachings have been warped and manipulated by those who desired power and authority over others. What is good in religious teachings will remain; the rest will be stripped away.

Many pious good people are in for major shocks as they discover how manipulated and controlled they have been by those spiritual leaders that they trusted. Already layers of cover-ups, deceptions and lies are beginning to be revealed. More will come, and as a result reactions and tempers may flare. Learn to be an island of calm in the storm so that those who you interact with will see that there is another way to be, calm, serene and balanced, letting that whose time it is to leave, go.

We see your whole world going through growing pains right now. Institutions are falling apart at the seams, sometimes in rather surprising ways, as with the resignation of the Pope, the abdication of rulers and the continuing upset in the economical world, exposure of professional athletics and other developments. The structures developed during the dark period of the Kali Yuga are being dismantled; their foundations have been removed. What you see in the mass media is mostly smoke and mirrors at this point; the economy is faltering as greedy bankers still try to charge countries high rates of interest on money. The common people are beginning to wake up rapidly. It takes this kind of pressure to force change in the masses. Like a hot house flower being forced into early bloom, so are the people being forced into an awakening process by the one area in their lives that affects them deeply – money.

Eventually, it will be seen by people that money is an artificial construct of the old paradigm, one that was devised to keep control over people. Money is not necessary. People will eventually create systems of barter and sharing that will work around the problems that have been created by the outmoded banking system.

As the people begin to awaken, initially they may be angry, even as some of you the lightworkers are still angry, directing your thoughts towards what you see as negative in your world. We would gently suggest that you to move your thoughts away from the rapidly decaying elements of the old paradigm, as it will continue to breakdown on its own without your assistance. Remember that you are creators. Your thoughts are more powerful than most of you understand right now. What you focus on the most becomes what manifests in your world. Learn to keep your thoughts focused on more positive outcomes even if they do not manifest directly; they will soon enough.

This is a period where much change is manifesting into your daily existence as what has been dominant and a power in your world is now in the process of becoming undone and leaving. Institutions that once were the foundation of the community are being exposed as something else. The revelations will continue to come, fast and furious, creating much upset and unrest among the populations. Governments will be unable to provide the support needed for fixing things as their monetary supply dries up or as the people rise up in rebellion over austerity measures and increased taxes.

Do not expect governments to work miracles or to solve the unsolvable problems created by greed, lack of vision and entropy. Some of you will discover as you begin to open up to your multidimensional self that solutions for these problems will present themselves. Many wonderful creative notions will be able to be put into practical usage once the institutions that would have prevented these things from coming into being have disappeared from the world’s stage.

A new world is coming into being and you are here to assist in its birthing. You are the midwife and the pregnant woman, the father and the mother. Together you are bringing forth the Christed child, within yourself and your world. The Christed frequencies are returning to this world and you, with your glorified light body and unified force field, will anchor those energies here.

You chose to be here for a purpose, a holy purpose. Open to your greater being and discover that purpose for yourself. We believe that you will be amazed to see how gifted you all are even now. You have vastly underestimated your capacity for creation. Now you have an opportunity to begin to utilize those skills that you have mastered in other dimensions, to bring them into physical reality, on this planet, here and now.

Avail yourself of this time of preparation and transformation to rest, recuperate and gather your strength. As the various timelines and worlds begin to separate towards the end of this year and the next, the real work of rebuilding your world will commence. Now is the time to prepare.

Our blessings go with you. Call on us to assist you, we will hear you. Namaste.

Thank you, beloved Angels.

Copyright © 2013 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

The Pleiadian emissaries of Light ~ We are you in a slightly higher form ~ By Méline Lafont ~ 22/02/2013


As channeled by Méline Lafont

Beloved Brethren of Earth, our brothers and sisters of the Light, emissaries of our civilizations. We all welcome you cordially and we thank you for your focus and your energy to read this message. We are the Pleiadians of the Light, hailing from the 7 sisters : Merope, Maia, Alcyone our great central sun, Atlas, Electra, Taygeta and Pleione.

As is generally known, we are tightly connected to your planet Earth and to your civilization. We often recognize ourselves in you and regularly see ourselves reflected in you. We are your future selves, your aspects and your true essence. We are your Divine Self in a somewhat more refined and higher form of Light. That is why the recognition and connection are so striking for both parties.

We are here to help all of you, to support you and to empower what you yourselves are creating and manifesting. We are you in a slightly higher form as we have just stipulated and we reach out our hands to you in order to become one again and to amplify the powers on this Earth. Beloved brethren and sisters, you are about to meet yourselves and that will entail a huge expansion of your consciousness which will be even bigger than the current one. Everything will be turned up a notch and this is an everlasting process called Ascension.

Everything revolves now around the knowledge of your inner self and the acceptance of yourself so to enable us/yourself to meet in the NOW. This requires self-knowledge, acceptance, self-love and a focus on your inner world. No outside force will “redeem” you from all of this, no my beloved ones, you will save yourself out of duality; and the you we are referring to is Us, your Higher Self as the Galactic aspect.

It is also generally accepted that everything is now about to unfold on the Earth; a new mission and a new level have emerged for the global world which comprise a solar as well as a galactic level. That’s why it is very important to know and to accept the fact that everyone is and has a galactic Self in one specific or even in multiple civilizations lest there can be no work done on a Galactic level. It is also necessary to open yourself up to your Galactic essence of Light and the incoming intense galactic energies will help you one by one and step by step in this matter as you will be brought to a ‘confrontation’ and an ‘opening’ with yourself.

And all this is necessary to arrive at a complete integration and a full acceptance before an actual contact can be made. It is of the utmost importance that humanity realises that we are no threat and we are no outsiders but rather that we are you in a higher and more advanced form : you in the future of the NOW! Only then will it be seen and known that there’s nothing outside of you, that everything is inside of you, that you yourself are all of this! Difficult concepts to grasp? Or are these concepts difficult to integrate and accept? Than leave it for the moment, perhaps the time is not yet right for you personally to fully understand this. Give it a rest and immerse yourself in these concepts at a later time in a further attempt to integrate them. We will always be there for you to aid you with these concepts because we are you and are never separated from your Being.

Can you now fully understand how it is utterly impossible for us to be far away from you, to leave you all behind or even to abandon you? Beloved ones, when you sense this or even think of it, this can only mean that we are not yet fully integrated in you as you, as a galactic aspect of YOU. In this case you are enclined to search and look too much outside of you whereas we duly are you.

That’s the reason that so many souls experience so many disappointments, souls who are so yearning to meet us and never get to see us, a fact that is only true in their own mind. For actually there is already a meeting, just not on the level or in the way these souls assume it would be. To meet us is to recognize us, to accept us, to see that we are you. That is what a meeting is all about : the meeting with your Galactic Self.

We are fully aware that this message might be a bit difficult to grasp and to accept BUT the time has now come for you to learn, to know and to activate these concepts and that’s the reason for our message today, beloved ones. We love you so immensely and we feel how the connections are emerging in a more tender and deeper way what can only signify that your eyes and hearts are opening and that insights are gained. We are so close to you now, closer than you can imagine for, beloved ones, we are YOU!

With these last words we leave you all in peace and tranquility, absorb these words in the most suitable way for yourself. When you feel resistance just leave our message and words for what they are, for now. It is not that you are dealing with untruths but rather with the fact that you don’t yet resonate with it. If on the other hand you feel these words and our message as truthful, as a beautiful melody resounding in your heart, be thankful, give it your blessing and embrace it with your whole being so that integration of these concepts will become a reality.

Until our next encounter and meeting with all of you in the NOW we are here for you, for we are you!

The Pleiadians

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Archangel Michael ~ Reach inside and find that light within. – channeled by Ron Head 18 Monday Feb 2013

A Message from the Earth Allies~ The Road to Full Consciousness 5/28/12

We understand the reluctance of some to resume their acceptance of these types of communication. We also are deeply appreciative of those whose steps have never faltered. To the first, we wish to extend the same loving hand that we extend to the second. As always, we ask only that you weigh in your own hearts the value of the words as received. This is called discernment and is the only measure which you should apply.

Our aim is not to convince or cajole, but to offer the very best help we can to those who have taken on the most difficult of tasks. What you term ascension has never been easy. It has never been something one could expect to accomplish in one lifetime. And nowhere and never has it ever been done while wearing a physical body and continuing to do so afterward.

Even the progress you have made together so far is quite remarkable. If you feel, as an individual, that you are ready at his time to continue this amazing journey, we ask that you let go now of all that you know is anchoring you in your dramas and lower feelings. Reach with all your intention, acceptance, and joy for what you perceive as your highest best possible self. You are supported.

You are deeply immersed now in those energies of divine love which will make your success possible. All of those things which have held you back for thousands of years are being removed from your path. They cannot endure these frequencies. Realize, however, that this will not be done for you. The efforts of self-discovery and clearing must be made. The existence of others who are protecting and urging you forward is not the question any longer. But understand please, that your placing all of your hopes in having someone or something swoop in to magically save you from yourselves is not in the game plan, as you call it. You wrote the plan, dear ones, and that is not it.

Now, if we may venture to give you a bit of good news, the progress being made on all fronts is continuing to accelerate. Individuals are awakening at a more and more rapid pace. Understanding is growing. The rise in the collective self-worth is wonderful. The determination to change your world for the better is growing and hardening. Changes are beginning to be seen in places thought impossible not weeks ago. True, it is only glimmers so far. But the light is advancing.

We will make no promises. We understand how they have seemed hollow to this point for many of you. We will simply say that all who watch are joyous and amazed at what you are doing. There is still some way to go, however, so don’t pause to pat yourselves on the back just yet. But do not become discouraged either. You are here because, of all who wished to undertake this task, you were the best hope. Reach inside and find that light within. Cherish it and use it for all it is worth. It will bring you home.

In love and light, dear friends, good day.

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2013 Is The Real 2012 Cosmic Period of Changes by CmdrAleon and Ashtar Command

Saint Germain ~~ All the adaptations are done with ; it is now a time of actively doing and achieving and what a time it is at! 11/3/12

note from Méline: I posted this message because it has a certain degree of resonance with me personally. I am getting many personal messages and new assignments right now that are huge and are all involved with Galactics.. More in the furture when it is all finished.. It says a lot of what I have been feeling and getting too, so were are upon great times preciosu hearts!! Always use discernment and follow your heart! ♥
Greetings from the Ashtar Command.

This is not a channeled message but a telepathic transmission to those of the Ground wondering what is going on with the skies above the Earth.

You are now going through directly the Photon Belt.This activity is being monitored by your NASA Space Agency and has been for some time.
For many years the Planet Earth and all the Planets in your Solar System have rotated and now the final path forward has begun.
This will affect mass consciousness in many ways not seen before this time.
As you pass through this layer of Asteroids[ We are actually In the Photon Belt in which we entered this in 2007] and what is known as your Milky Way Belt .You are elevating to a higher cosmic understand of this vast universe around you.

2012 was a Galactic Door opening for this Galaxy .
All the Planets have life on them in your Galaxy and others in your Universe.
Now you will see things get interesting on and off your Planet as the Spring and Summer approach.
This will include more events in the atmosphere above the Earth.
The Governments of the World are very aware of whats coming and have for many years.
The planning for eventually passage into a Golden Age has been known.
You are going to enter a Golden Age of understand and the Universe will wake Humanity up in one way or another.

Governments cannot control the Universe or God’s Divine Plan.
While they try to create more illusions for the People of Earth.
The Cosmic levels are now increasing and what one thinks is important will become very unimportant.
The creator has very creative ways of getting your attention when needed.
Now your attention is needed over 7 Billion Inhabitants.
Something is coming to your Planet can you now feel it within your spirit of your Human form?.

When you are sitting still in your home close your eyes and you will feel the Earth’s vibration moving through you and around you now.

A conjunction of all aspects of your being are now happening just as Planets have a conjunction in cycles of space and time.

So you wonder what really happened in 2012 just a test before the real transformation takes place now.
Yes the Ascending of Humankind and all lifeforms.
Increased Et activity will be seen and felt as you enter into what are the warmer months upon Earth.
As the seasons change so will you.
Now is a time to sit still when you can and experience the shift that is taking place within your being and all beings.

The Mother Earth is is shifting and will release alot of energy as the months pass.
You will see this in Volcanic activity and movement within the Planet itself.
Inner Earth Societies will also have a shift in there conscious realities as you on the surface of Earth.
This alignment is a direct activation between all levels of Gods Consciousness within you and without.
Its a Spiritual passage for all on Earth.

This has happened in other worlds past many eons ago.
The Galactic Signs will be felt ,seen and activated now and in the future ahead.
The Cosmic wire is now plugged in and alive and well.

Our Ships are now in the Solar System and your Galaxy you will notice us as a colorful twikle in various parts of the nigh skies with a rainbow of colors .

We have created a protective beam around the Planet and are monitoring what is coming from the outer reaches of your Universe,Galaxies ,and Solar Systems.
Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always
CmdrAleon and The Ashtar Command A direct Telepathic Transmission

Raising Consciousness – Patricia Cota-Robles

Magatha from Agartha ~You and your planet are surrounded by many beings who are eager to aid you~ As channeled by Méline Lafont ~14 February 2013


Greetings, my beloved brethren of Earth, I Am Magatha of the Agarthan civilization. I am well aware that a rather great lapse in time has passed in your Earth time in which I have not presented myself and for that I apologize. I will explain now why this has been the case.

My dear Brethren of Earth, a lot is now in the process of shifting in your reality: mountains are litterally being moved as it were just to put the whole process in motion towards global Ascension and Disclosure. All those processes have now again speeded up to full development and consequently require an enormous support from all of us towards all of you and towards Gaia. Since these processes are all so intense for all of you, our advantitious assistance in the matter is more than welcome and needed as a lot will duly be achieved in this now moment.

Numerous interventions have occurred by all of us, not just by the Masters of Light but also by the subterranean crew dwelling within beloved Mother Earth and more specifically by our civilization. As we have previously informed all of you, we would assist you in this process and help you wherever we can and we will honor our promise.You and your planet are surrounded by many beings who are eager to aid you through all possible colours and energies which in themselves benefit your evolution in the Light.

We feel tremendous shifts taking place and even actually manifest themselves and we are overjoyed over this as this will entail the possibility for renewal and for manifestation. The energies are thrown in your lap as it were and this is what you do with it: it is completely in your hands. We are very grateful for the many patient and trusting light souls whom are not giving up despite the strenuous and exhausting energies and events, a fact for which they will amply be rewarded. The first visible rewards are now in full view and many souls are heartened by that, it gives them the courage to persevere.

We are all enormously plied for this whole event and we can be proud and overjoyed by what has been achieved thus far by all of you. A lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes by the entire galaxy and by the lightbeings stationed on your planet : the higher realms as well as our subterranean civilization are involved in hard labour to finalize it all. At present we have arrived at this stage in which everything comes to the surface and becomes visible so notice the movements as they are occurring and keep in mind that everything will manifest speedily and you only need a positive, loving attitude to cope with it.

There is no reason whatsoever to go into a panic; everything is under control and will remain that way as long as the collective of humanity stays trusting and emits only thoughts and feelings of Love from their hearts. That’s why it is necessary to keep your cool and to continue focussing only on your inner enrichtment and on your enlightenment. Keep centered in the coming days and consider everything that you see around you as a movie that is being played; it is not real, it cannot touch you and it cannot pull you back in the flow so to speak. There is only the process of renewal which is real and which is for the good of all.

Keep grounding yourself and we will connect you with our troops of the Light, with our energies and with our accompaniment. We hear the calls of all of you and we assist you in thought from the heart. Do not be afraid of what is to come, everything is beautifully worked out in the best interest for all of you, but the truth is inevitable and it is unfolding NOW!

In Love and gratitude, till our next encounter. Magatha from Agartha.

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Melchizedek ~A huge shift has occurred together with a cleansing in the hearts of all of you~ Channeled by Méline Lafont ~ 9 February 2013


Beloveds, how extraordinary this day has turned out to be. A huge shift has occurred together with a cleansing in the hearts of all of you. Allow those shifts/cleansings to take place, let them flow the way they are supposed to flow. All too often this process goes hand in hand with certain difficulties as it is human nature to hold onto everything you hold dear, everything that is familiar and that has brought you a certain grandeur. You carried this all with you during countless incarnations as well as in your current one.

It has become a habit, it has even become self-evident to consider everything you see outside of yourself as the truth. After thousands of years the cycle has now ended, the tide has turned and the light has increased. Now these ‘truths’ are over and done with; the time has come for other truths to come to light. The current times in which you find yourselves introduce those other truths, the present day is the one in which a light will be turned on to show you definitively that everything that once was considered obvious now turns out to be a big lie.

As Masters we take our responsibilities very seriously and our goal is to see you all, one by one, make your Ascension. With Ascension we mean the complete recovering of your True Self coupled with the full acceptance of who you are. Ascension has to do with recovering your true Self, your Light, your energetic imprint and your freedom in all of this for you are freedom. You are immortal and you are everything that the Light is.

There is a beginning, however there is no end; there is a knowing but there is no uncertainty; there is feeling but there is no deception. Today I want to elaborate on the topic of “deception”. Many times the term ‘deception’ has been used in relation to the dark forces. But, as a matter of fact, there never was such a thing as ‘deception’ : all in all, there is only 1 word that covers ‘deception’ and that is ‘illusion’. Do you see how ‘illusion’ has to do with ‘deception’ in this context? The actual illusion is thinking that deception exists at all.

Deception is a word formation, made through human thoughts and human projections. Deception is actually non existent as there is ‘free will’ and when a soul chooses to deliberately experience ‘deception’ than there is in fact no ‘deception’ but rather the version of ‘their’ truth. The focus can be on a ‘game’ which is played out with this intention and the ones who choose to have this experience, this creation, are the pawns as it were on this board game.

Create your own board game in which you are the pawn who creates only the more pleasant experiences and worlds which you want to visit and fully experience. Split yourself in your truths in which the term ‘deception’ remains absent. It is high time you left this illusion, together with countless other illusions, for what they are without ever considering them as truth again.

There is no such thing as deception, there is only the choice to experience the wrong influences. You resonate with what your heart tells you and that is a good thing as your heart is strongly linked with your Higher Self and with your divine I AM Presence, the Source of All That Is. Try to look from a certain distance at what you would call ‘deception’, look at what you stick to it, look what you make of it. Get the charges, which are a result of human thinking off, and look at the pure essence of that energy, that energy that is created out of light but was distorted gradually till it became a word, a certain heaviness, placed in the living world of the humans.

Look through this and see everything as a construction from the Light placed in a living world which is called the 3rd Dimension, a world of duality and of illusion. The world in which you live is a hologram, specifically designed to enable you to create based on free will, and to explore it with your own self made creations. It all boils down to free will and in this context there can be no such thing as deception as it has always been the free will of all of you to experience everything to a certain degree, no matter what it was, as long and as deep as you wished it to be. These are your own creations, one by one, the Light ones as well as the dark ones.

But my beloveds, I, Melchizedek, will not deny that, during the period of duality, you have been played with a lot. A lot of tampering went on with your souls and all too often objectionable issues were done in order to keep you all locked in this prison of the free will. Even that fact I won’t deny. It has all gone too far and your hearts have massively chosen to once and for all end this, with a little help from the Higher Realms.

This call for assistance has been answered beautifully as in the meantime a very big shift has occurred and many more big ones are to follow. The collective of humanity has massively chosen for change, for renewals and for clearings. Our beloved family, you are now in the midst of this process, and the hard labours begin to pay off when viewing the renewed hearts which are flourishing and lightning up in Love for each other and for the whole world of GAIA.

Allow your physical vessels to harmonize and gradually integrate your light energies in them. This is a huge process, requiring much of your physical temples, all too often leading to physical exhaustion. Turn each page over, one at a time, and notice how you evolve smoothly and gradually till you reach the next chapter in your creation : a chapter in the book of your pure essence. It is an everlasting book; it is the book of Life.

Welcome the next chapter : the chapter of enlightenment, renewal and communication. We are all One and I now expect a massive change to occur on the Earth plane which will clarify much on Earth, leading up to a smooth evolution and to a world of Being based on clarity.

Namaste, Melchizedek

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Méline Lafont: The month of February and an update since the alignment


We are one month further along in this new year of renewal and even if it seems that nothing is different, it is on the other side actually very clearly felt that it is the case that things are different. We all seem to look for our new challenges, while trying to find our way back on that path that we were walking. Because for a brief moment everything seemed lost, or actually not; we only just thought that it would look different. And yet much has changed and that starts to penetrate now quietly in our perceptions .. it takes time and it is very important also to take our time to allow everything to integrate before knowledge can be acquired.

“Everything looks the same and nothing has changed” are statements that I very often have noticed and received as reactions. If only all these hearts could see and feel what I feel and look into my world, it would hearten them. But that is an individual thing that nobody can determine thias but yourself. If only we could give the clear cut answer on a piece of paper to every soul struggling with heavy loaded questions, who feel down and see no way out of this all… but that is just the point. Nobody can do this for another and clear cut answers cannot be offered, because it all depends on one’s own perceptions and openness for this, until taking matters into their own hands and a step in clarity is taken. It starts within you and only you can evolve further and do something about it.

My task is to bring enlightenment by bringing messages, experiences and insights. I bring forth what I feel and intuitively know, what I communicate and what I am. This all tied together with my deep connections to my team and to my twin flame; this is what this package is all about what I bring. It is my sincere wish and hope to see all reaching their own enlightenment, so that no one depends on another nor a message, and that they merely and only turn to their self (inner) and that they are able to maintain a connection to their own light and truth. We all are coming to a point where everyone can access their higher source of being, where everything is knowledge and each has his/her own source of information.

My tasks here also include to bring my presence and enlightenment, to ground this and to expand. I have experienced a small number of incarnations here on Earth and mostly beyond Earth, to fulfill this mission. I’m here to bring my ascended being and to share it to mankind, to lead them through the portals of Ascension and to travel back and forth as long as I’m needed here.. I enjoy this all and I truly do this with Love and by heart.

The month of January was for me personally, and I believe for everyone, a very strong month with both great heights as well as lows. A bumpy ride with ups and downs, emotions and thoughts that go hand in hand accompanied with strange and violent dreams. A very intense cleansing takes place and a great cleansing of emotions, as well as of our psychological aspects. It is very much felt that this all happens to make room for your pure and True Self and expression. Place is being made for the light that is integrating and finding its place, so that you are slowly filling yourself up with your True Self. The garbage is being put outside and it is better to be rid of it. You’ll feel better and lighter, free of emotional clutter that has always kept you in control and brought you to confusion with even losing control as a result.

The dreams are very intense and are relived as if they were real. Again, it is very important to know that these are old patterns and memories that have settled themselves long ago in the corners of your Self, and someway always had their influences in your life. It is good to know to not take these for real and that they are not truths, but instead release them and let them go.

It’s a whole rigmarole of past and present that are mixing in your fields, while going their way out of your systems, of your cells and of your consciousness, they still can be felt all around you, as if they keep lingering around. Therefore, to me it seems very important to always stay centered and grounded, so that nothing can bring you out of balance while you are turned upside down and rattled all around till the last penny of dark content leaves your body. We’re almost through this, it is indeed very intense but also very necessary!

February seems like a month where the extremely hard work will continue on this cleansing and mental approach, it will go a gradation deeper hence there can be many threatened to get out of balance. But with the “feel” towards yourself, there will always be a guidance offered to get through this as comfortable as possible. This month of February is going to be a month of much “turmoil”, as Saint Germain told me aside, but for the best outcome of all. To me it feels also like a month full of shifts where many things “suddenly” could manifest and reflect themselves, it will absolutely be more intense and it will bring a lot.

What I personally noticed a lot in the last couple of days, is that words often fail me. I often tend to not use words anymore and just say nothing, only just feeling and thinking as a communication. I am at a loss for words and it seems like I cannot handle it or find them anymore, just like a baby who does not know words.

Words cannot describe what I get through and I am often speechless. I feel myself growing to a point where channelings could become redundant and that one can only do but tapping from the Source by just feeling and being this state, and no longer by the expressing and conveying of words. So that is why I feel it is so very important that everyone gets to that point, because messages, words and descriptions are going to disappear and there will only be room for the Being. This state of BEING is the new world and the path to the Source.

It is through the many dreams that many things are being clarified and these bring me much. Memories, images and foremost a state of being, I experience a lot of this in those dreams. The feeling and the flashes of light that I experience in my inner being are indescribable. It makes no sense to clarify what all of this means, it’s more a knowledge and acceptance, a state of Being. It clarifies and it is very obvious that everything is progressing toward a world without words, a world of only Love and BEING.

Eyah asher Eyah. Meline ♥

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