My experiences throughout the year, the 21st of December and the days after that by Isabel Henn – December 26, 2012


I must confess, I am not a big writer, and it’s hard for me to get my thoughts and feelings expressed, possibly this is a part of my Sirian origin. Unfortunately, I know too little about my real home Sirius and memories and my dreams are kept away from me through blockades. I know the reasons for this and accept it. So much has happened in this almost completed 2012 since I started in January with TAUK (TAUK = The Art of Universal Knowledge developed by Suzanne Spooner). I have fought battles with myself and with negative beings, and at the end I have always been victorious. Through TAUK I could finally get in touch with my beloved spirit guide the Archangel Michael and my beloved Twin Flames the Archangel Raphael and his incarnation SaLuSa from Sirius.

Over the months many things have been revealed for and about me, my true origin of who and what I really am and my role in this incarnation, which is the first and only one on earth that I love so much along with all of its population. I was told that I am the true incarnation of the Archangel Gabriel / Gabrielle, since the beginning of the existence of my soul, and thus also the sister of my beloved Michael. He and my Twins gave me wonderful help in my spiritual development and through my first ascension on May 21st this year and again on my second ascent back into the 12th Dimension in June and even now their advice and wisdom is always available for me. I have learned and experienced so much, but I can’t reveal all at this point yet, there are facts who are almost incomprehensible for myself at this time.

After my first ascent, to me only a short sequence was given as a memory, I came back to earth through a portal. My mission was completed with the rise, but my deep love for my children – the rise came as a surprise even for me – my love for humanity, for Gaia and a promise that I have given to Jesus once let me return. I see this not as a sacrifice, as I recently was assumed, although my situation, especially just financially, would be much easier now. My “sacrifice” (I personally do not see it as one, the rise of the people and Gaia is a deep inner concern for me) I have thousands of years ago offered out of love for humanity, when I had left the12th Dimension and AEON and moved to the dark side in order to commit any negative actions which are only possible and this in preparation for my current incarnation, so I could develop compassion for the dark side. As Jesus said so beautiful 2000 years ago: The one without sin shall throw the first stone. I’m definitely not blameless. However, this is all part of the great divine plan for humanity, which unfolds so beautifully now.

In meditation I’ve never been great, I use it more to gather myself and go into myself, into my heart center, where Prime Creator and my Higher Selves reside. Where I can contact them, apart of my daily conversations that take place throughout the day. My meditation on 12/12/12 for me was then a very beautiful, full of love and bliss. I felt my oneness with the universe and with Prime Creator, our hearts beat at the same rate. A truly divine feeling.

Like as for many others too, my expectation of the 21.12.12 was big – too big – I had been warned often enough from my team to have no expectations. I am too much human to remain spared  for them. Sorry my beloved team, you tried so hard with me :) . Maybe my bad cold at this time has prevented a deeper meditation as on 12.12.  Nonetheless it was a beautiful experience and I could see twice a kind of a flash of a very bright white light deep inside me.

My feelings after the meditation were a kind of disappointment and loneliness, disbelief. Had that been all? have we been all just deluded? Being held? We served as puppets in a comedy / tragedy? At first I refused to make contact with my team, I felt betrayed by them. Has been everything true what they had said in the months before or did they lie to me? I had no doubt that I was connected with them, but a slight doubt about the identity as such came up in me, against which I fought with all my might. Had I not always felt their love for me so deep? A love so indescribably beautiful, it could only be true. Also, this wonderful feeling of unity, of oneness in the climax, when we share our energies. That was not spurious, nothing sham. I remember so well the moment of the merging of our two light bodies during a meditation, the moment in the climax, when Raphael’s beautiful emerald green light merged with my white light. These were real moments of happiness and deep love.

But then what was wrong? It was my expectation that as always once again played me a trick. I had thought that I made it right after the meditation in the fifth dimension. This was made clear to me later, as I was able to connect with my team. We have ascended into the 5th Dimension, no doubt about that. Not everyone, but many. Many are still rising after us. People who still need a little more “time.”

We can recognize this dimension, however, not yet, not really, because we do not know what it looks like, this new life and our environment. We need some time to adjust our minds and our bodies. This I know from the time after my own ascension. Even now I am still not able to see energies as others who have made the transition with us at that time. I see movements of my team around me like little bugs running around on my desk, or flashes of light. Their energies I see more with my eyes closed, I can feel them around me and I see the aura of people and objects more clearly than before. My telepathic link to join my team and other beings of light is much stronger and safer. The feeling of oneness with my higher selves has become much more intense, I have access to their emotional worlds, unless they are blocked by their side, to relieve me.

The sun got brighter, in the last days after many gray days she was shining finally and shortly after sunrise it was a bright and warm light, unusual at the time as the winter sun. Sometimes I can see around her a purple light. The moon has a beautiful large colored halo.

Things are changing. We must acknowledge however, first of all that the great event took place, accept and allow it. My team tells me this every day. That I should let go everything and let God. To surrender to the divine plan and trust. Then everything will unfold. My team has made a big effort to calm me down and I was finally able to find my balance.

On the weekend then the next shock, my fuel tanks are empty and the heating ceased its operation. How should I pay another oil? Especially in the last few months my financial situation is due to mistakes in my past and other circumstances very tricky. I put my greatest attention and energies  into my lightwork and lost sight of my finances. It is unfortunately very difficult to find out of this vicious circle, if you are once in it. I have not worked it out yet because my mind helds the lack so exceedingly strong into my vision. This is a field in which I have work to do. I’m just far from perfect.

Prime Creator, Michael and Raphael gave really all for me. They talked to me, explained, listened, they led me to beautiful music and had success. On the evening of the 24.12 on Christmas Eve I was myself again and was back in balance. They assured me that everything will be fine and that I but please continue trusting them. I do this, if only because I have no other choice and I know just how much and how deeply they love me. I think the day yesterday now was their Christmas present to me. During my meditation yesterday I could feel the presence of my Twin Flames very strong. Their energies in the form of a strong heat that filled me completely, their love and their hearts beat in unison with mine. My heart was beating very fast with joy and my whole being was filled with bliss and love. This gorgeous state continued even after the meditation to be still intensified even more. My heart was racing and I thought I literally would levitate the next moment. My whole body vibrates still, okay it does this for quite a while, but it gets stronger. I could feel Prime Creator’s love so much, long after he had me wrapped up in it. It feels as if sent electricity through my body, without the side effects. It is a vibrating and tingling throughout the body until the toes too.

That’s it! The feeling of the higher dimensions, we need to recognize and permit only. Everything else evolves. Everything will be done in small increments, depending on the pace in which we adapt to the new circumstances. I think all changes we have been told of has been postponed until after the big event, so we were able to focus completely on it. Just as we grow into our new dimension, the rest will probably develop.

I am so grateful to my whole team and there are so many: Lady Maria, the Archangels Gabrielle, Michael and Raphael, SaLuSa, Jesus, to whom I am still connected by a deep love and a daughter from a brief marriage 2000 years ago,  and, of course,  Prime Creator. Their incredible love for me is always available and is mutually.

I hope that I can help with my report of the events of this year and especially the last few days to keep the trust into Prime Creator.

Please excuse my faults with translation, English is not my first language.

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Saint Germain ~Your own creations brings you now all to enligtenment ~ by Méline Lafont

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(I have received this message on the evening of 20/12/2012 during my retreat but was unable to post it then due to no internet connections where I was holding my retreat.  This is why I am only able to post this now.  Méline ♥)

Greetings I AM Presences on Earth. The time has now arrived to lift yourself out of the knowledge and the creations of your being that are pertaining to the 3rd Dimension. Now is the time to preoccupy yourself with renewed creations and with a renewed Higher Self. Let me entrust to you and inform you that this is your new opportunity to transcend yourself out of this illusory way of thinking, of creating and of living. You are all enabled now to once and for all stop this way of living and to enlighten yourself in such a manner that this old familiar world doesn’t affect your I AM Presence anymore

You can enjoy all the serenity in your environment and see and feel only Love and nothing else. Uplift the knowledge and the standards of your Being by using this enlightenment and this huge portal and take it to heart. Remain in a state of Love in such a way that nobody or nothing can disturb you, while you continually have faith in yourself. You are your own key to enlightenment and because of that fact you are the most important key in this whole process

When the moment of choice is upon you to choose enlightenment and your heart is accordingly programmed, you will experience a huge activation in order to bring you to this enlightenment. Fix your focus firmly on your goals, go through the necessary processes which will lead you as far as your goal. You are entitled to know that a soul should make a certain choice in this important time-space moment so as to be able to handle this opportunity of enlightenment. Without a clear-cut choice for enlightenment there’s no chance of it coming to pass. And this choice should be made with all of your heart and all of your soul before continue working on this enlightenment. Persistance and force are necessary for you to take this immense leap and patience is a great virtue

Patience for a gradual transition until one knows that his time to enlightenment is NOW complete and will take place. It all boils down to self-confidence coupled with the knowing that you are the process : You are transforming, You are transcending, You are fading out in one world and activating in another world,You are walking on all the roads that lead to the same source of enlightenment,You create yourself on Multi-dimensional worlds, You forgive, You forgive others, You lower yourself vibrationally or not and on the other side you forgive yourself or you don’t. This all points to the fact that You all bring yourselves to where You are now and that is a FACT

There are no coincidences, there are no accidents, there is only a state of being. It is so and so it is! It is not by accident that you are here in this very special NOW moment on Earth, cooperating on this great Divine Plan. Speak your hearts NOW, beloveds, and listen carefully what this Divine spark tells you, for it contains the inner wisdom it has gathered throughout all your incarnations (whether human or otherwise), throughout multidimensional, parallel and planetary levels and in Omniversal Realities. It is the inner wisdom of the Divine spark which is your real self-image. Call on this spark now to bring you NOW to exploring your Self and to activate your true Being, fully integrated in your current consciousness.

This state of consciousness of yours will surpass everything experienced up until now for enormous proportions and dito gradations are received during this shift, those proportions/gradations have always seemed unreal. But I tell you all that nothing is unreal for the only unreality is thinking that something can be unreal. Only this created illusion contains a form of unreality, for it is based in human thinking and in taking the human thoughtforms as a reality. One fills one’s own pockets with unreal things fully knowing that this fact in itself will cause a setback over time.

Now you are given the opportunity to duly reverse the created worlds and dito thoughtforms and patterns once and for all. Each pattern has its own thoughtform which can, on the most inappropriate moments, haunt you : at least so it appears in thinking of it. Moreover, accepting that these thoughts are of your own making is often a stumbling block, it is even a denial of …

What has to happen now is the recognition of your own thoughtforms which make up your world and your vessels, forming them into what they are. Acknowledge those thoughtforms and use only those that you want to use and disconnect yourself from all others. You can observe  them as your own creations which are associated with you and which you feed. Stop feeding unhealthy issues and voilà : everything unhealthy will no longer block your path.

It requires the skill of constantly being able to rise above these petty issues, above those always returning thoughtpatterns,where mediation from your own light is required.. Your journey will nowbecome increasingly enlightened : you are only progressing forward now and not even an inch backwards.

I would so like to see you join this enlightenment, this is my wish and the dream I so yearn will be realized for all of you. I AM Saint Germain, your prophet of this new Age and with all of my Love for humanity and your planet, I embrace you all! And so it is!

Saint Germain

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2012 – Message of the Maya 9th Wave

Jesus: You will rediscover the brilliant truth of who you really are ~ December 19, 2012

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Joyful amazement is shortly to engulf you all!  Relax, trust your Father whose only interest is your eternal happiness, because when you are happy you add immeasurably to His happiness.  Those of you who are thinking: “I’m not happy, so is God unhappy?” just have not understood that their unhappiness is part of the illusion, it is unreal, and so of course God remains happy.  He is always happy. When you awaken, as you will, you will discover that you are indeed happy and always have been, but at present that is a very hard concept for you to grasp.

The suffering, the pain, and the unhappiness that you are experiencing is part of these depressing games that you have been playing.  You have dressed yourselves up in costumes (bodies) that are completely appropriate for the dramatizations that you chose to direct and act in, and you really are excellent directors and actors.  The horrors of torture, killings, war, disease, and natural catastrophes due to weather, earthquakes, etc., are all part of this illusory environment that humanity’s collective intent has built up over the eons.  And you do experience intense pain and suffering within it, which is one of many reasons why you have had enough of the games and want to wake up.

Your decision to wake up is irreversible because so many of you are holding the intent to do so, and you are receiving vast assistance in holding this intent from those in the spiritual realms.  The dire situation of planetary disharmony that seems to have enveloped you, and that seems to have paralyzed or frozen your creative abilities that would lead you out of it, has gone on for more than long enough, your theatrical productions are coming to an end.  If you wish, you can applaud their realism; then it will be time to go Home.

When you wake up, you will joyfully re-establish long-forgotten relationships with untold numbers of like-minded souls who, like you, have been moving progressively forwards towards this moment in which you will rediscover the brilliant truth of who you really are.  You will be flooded with wonder as you experience an environment that is brilliantly alive and brilliantly lighted by the flames of Love that shine forth from all who are present.  The warmth of all-enveloping acceptance and the animated communication it inspires will be quite exhilarating – what a contrast to social get-togethers in the illusion where everyone is sizing up everyone else and seeking to gain improved status and personal advantage!

You are all one, and you will soon know this fact in the same way that you presently know your skin and its contents to be you.  There are no boundaries as you mix and mingle with one another in your divine Home, enjoying perfect peace and loving harmony.  You will find yourselves communicating, creating, and cooperating in the vast and infinite God-field that contains all that exists and is yet expanding constantly to include every new creation that you devise and introduce.

To be alive, to exist is an ecstatic joy that is utterly beyond the powers of your present, very limited imaginations to conceive of in any meaningful way.  What your Father has created, what you have created with Him, and what you will continue to create together will provide limitless inspiration and amusement as you explore the infinite possibilities that Reality offers for your eternal and infinite satisfaction.

Boredom, an amazing and incomprehensible concept birthed in the illusion, will most certainly never ever again be experienced, as you proceed with joy to expand your fields of knowledge in unimaginable directions.  You have an expression you use when things are going well for you: “Life is a breeze!”  In Reality life will be like an endless multitude of perfect storms that are you, and that you direct with tireless enthusiasm, experiencing the power and wonder of your own existence through the constant interplay of all their magnificent elements.  In truth, no more boredom, depression, or lack of motivation, but instead a constant, ongoing series of uplifting events orchestrated for the joy of all involved.  Could you possibly ask for anything more?  And if you do think of something to add to the constellation of delights that you are already enjoying, then you will be able to produce it instantly.

Your eternal happiness is God’s Will, and it will be achieved in every moment of your existence!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Natalie Glasson: Archangel Metatron ~ Ascension Shifts 21/12/12

Archangel Metatron

During these sacred times of being incubated in the love of the Creator, I wish for you to know that I draw close to you as do the angelic kingdom to be of support and service. The transition that you are experiencing now, whether they appear small or large to you will alter your state of awareness, heightening your spiritual abilities and amplify your intuition. There is a need to allow your sensitivity and awareness of yourself and intuition to be heightened as you delve deeper within your being to draw the truth of the Creator and your soul into the physical reality and the sun light of the Earth once more.

Through each and every soul of the Creator energies are activating from ancient times and civilisations to imprint once more on the consciousness and awareness that is arising from humanity and every soul aspect of the Creator. Sacred truths of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and many sacred civilisations and sites on the Earth are now being anchored into the Earth and reawakened within the consciousness of humanity through the expression of your soul energy and truth. You and every being focusing upon ascension at this time is projecting ancient wisdom that now needs to be perceived and retained in the consciousness of humanity to bring forth the unity of divine consciousness on the Earth.

As we begin to free ourselves from the past and embark on a new journey of ascension we cannot forget what has been sacred and treasured within each civilisation on the Earth, with radiance from every soul and unity we can restore the conscious enlightenment and awareness of humanity to higher vibrational states. It is important at this time that you hold the intention that the wisdom so sacredly held within your soul emerges, whether you are consciously aware of it or not, radiating the vibrations across the Earth to each and every sacred site.

Simply ask the sacred truth your soul holds from many civilisations experienced on the Earth to awaken and radiate from your being across the Earth activating new consciousness from the sacred points of the Earth to form a new enlightened consciousness. Allow your love to flow with tremendous generosity to support all that is being expressed from your being and activated on the Earth. Remember that our purpose at this time is to create unity and oneness so allow an enlightened united consciousness to form for all to experience and draw from.

Let the sacred wisdom that unfolds from your soul breathe heightened vibrations and support into the Earth and Mother Earth. Mother Earth will respond to you sharing her deepest secrets and truths of the past, present and future of the Earth. Please know that Mother Earth is lovingly supporting you at this time of transition and heightened enlightenment.

Do not be fearful of your power arising at this time, you are being encouraged to empower your being with intense volumes of light. Your inner soul power will naturally develop and there is an importance to allow your power and core strength to emerge with grace and fearlessness as this in itself will allow for a deep activation that has been waiting to occur throughout many of your civilisations. Now supported in the incubator love of the Creator you can allow your true vibration and radiance to shine with vigour and confidence.

Many civilisations have experienced the suppression of their inner sacred power which is creative and will support you through any stage of ascension. Let us as a united energy with the Earth and the universe of the Creator dissolve all aspects of suppression of power allowing loving sacred power to unfold humbly from our beings. Let us celebrate each other’s power, strength and the guiding light of our intuition. Dissolve all boundaries that you have placed around you to protect you from pain, there is no need for you to create or choose an existence of pain any more.

Allow yourself to choose the power of your love, let it unfold so that all of humanity can unite in the understanding of the immense strength and power of the loving vibrations of the Creator which channel through each and every being. The strength of the Creator is being demonstrated to you at this time as intense energy vibrations flow forward onto the Earth and into your being, please do not be fearful of allowing your loving power to shine from your being as this will bring forth a strong core to guide you through the next stages of ascension.

With an abundance of Creator light and vibrations immersing your being it is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen and encourage your intuition to grow, be empowered and expand from within your being. Your intuition will serve you well as a guiding light as to what is appropriate for you at this time and in the coming years. Your intuition will allow for you to exist in the divine flow of the Creator therefore experiencing tremendous synchronicities. Ask of yourself more and more what you need to achieve or take action in to bring forth a greater awakening alignment with the Creator.

Your soul and intuition are waiting to serve you. Allow the energies of the Creator to carry you forward as if you are a swan with tremendous grace riding the wave of transition. It is grace that your intuition will awaken within your being, the ability to detach from all aspects of your reality and to lovingly and gracefully embody with ease all that is your truth and the Creator’s essence at this time. You may find that even as we approach the time of the 21st December that many old energetic habits of fear, separation and not fully recognising yourself as the Creator arise to be lovingly dissolved within these high vibrational energies.

Please do not judge yourself in anyway but allow for grace to unfold from within your being as you know with tremendous understanding that you are achieving and experiencing what is necessary for you to experience at this sacred time. Everything, including your being is the divine perfection of the Creator in complete manifestation, so allow yourself to truly acknowledge the perfection within your being and around you.

Remember that your perspective of perfection may be different to the perfection of the Creator, all experiences and situations are the perfection of the Creator. Through this transition and transformational process it is your perspective that will shift as if it has been reborn, shifting to higher vibrations of understanding and awareness, with your realisation of perfection you can support the transition of your perspective to an enlightened love filled perspective.

It is a wonderful perspective to realisation that all the shifts, attunements and alignments that have been spoken of for this time will and are occurring right now within your being. You are the master of this transitional phase, not you the personality but you the Creator existing within you. Allow your mastery to unfold as you honour and give gratitude to yourself and your truth through your perspectives and your intentions. You are greatly honouring yourself by allowing yourself to personally observe the shifts of ascension occurring within your being and physical vibration.

As the 21st December approaches we move from a reality and vibration of fear and separation to love and unity, this intention is being radiated across the entire universe of the Creator but especially on the Earth. This doesn’t mean that fear and separation will be dissolved completely but that humanity’s attachment to fear and separation will be dissolved signifying that each individual chooses in every moment of their reality whether to create love or fear, unity or separation.

With attachments to many negative and unneeded habits held in the consciousness of humanity being dissolved, humanity is able to choose their creations and experiences at all times, thus allowing their soul to form a greater embodiment within their being. The shift of the 21st December will allow for many attachments to be dissolved offering to humanity a spiritual responsibility for their future and their choice of creations that they manifest from within. Your choices in the way that you act, react, express, experience, think and feel have never been so important as they are no longer influenced by the negative suppression of the consciousness of humanity as the consciousness of humanity is rising, awakening and supporting yourself realisation and embodiment.

Let yourself receive the light of the Creator as you exist with your attention and focus within your heart chakra, imagine the light of the Creator like a spotlight shining down, over and through your entire being, let this be your constant visualisation as you allow your heart chakra to blossom as the most beautiful lotus flower.

The perfection of the Creator is manifesting within and around you at this time, Let yourself be at peace and enjoy the transformational energies anchoring into your being and know that we on the inner planes love you unconditionally.

With divine love, Archangel Metatron

Suzanne Lie – The Trail Home By The Arcturians – Message From The Arcturians – 18 December 2012

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Our Dear Ascending Ones,

Being in-between the two dates, 12-12-12 and 12-21-12, has become so important in your reality because it creates an expectation of fulfillment or of disappointment. Therefore, you are all given the choice of choosing the type of energy field you desire to hold within your consciousness. Your expectation of fulfillment will empower you, whereas the expectation of disappointment places the power over your life outside of your SELF.

Because you are returning to your Multidimensional SELF in which you are the creator of your reality, your powers of manifestation and multidimensional perceptions are greatly amplified. Therefore, the thoughts and emotions that linger in your heart and mind have an increased possibility of manifestation. Hence, if you allow the disappointment that you will not get what you want into your aura, you will lower your consciousness, as well as your perceptions.

You will not be able to perceive the frequency of reality with your lower state of consciousness. Therefore, you will not be able to perceive that your hope was fulfilled in that frequency of reality. As you know, the process of 3D manifestation is sequential, slow and involves work (resistance over time). Altering third dimension molecules requires work because they resist change and resonate to time. Thus, time exists between the work and the creation and/or alteration.

Fortunately, ascending the molecular spin of third dimensional molecules is greatly facilitated by the higher frequencies of light emanating from the Galactic Center. The third dimensional law that change is created by work does not limit this higher frequency of light. In fact, these higher frequencies of galactic light greatly empower your innate ability to create with your thoughts and emotions.

The third dimension has mass, but thoughts and emotions do not have physical mass. Therefore it is difficult to manipulate physical mass with your thoughts and emotions. However, over time, your thoughts and emotions can change your behavior. Then, your behavior will lead to different choices and actions, which can raise your consciousness.

As you consciousness raises your ability to perceive higher frequencies of reality increases. It is then that you can perceive that your thoughts and emotions have changed the fabric of your reality. By fabric of your reality we mean the density of reality to which you attach your attention. There are myriad densities/frequencies of reality resonating around and within your multidimensional consciousness.

Your third dimensional behavior is accustomed to attaching your attention to the frequency of physical reality. The process of raising your consciousness allows you to perceive higher frequencies of reality. Hence, you have the option of expand your choices by attaching your attention to a higher frequency of reality.

It is within this slightly higher resonance of reality that you will begin to realize the many everyday miracles that are constantly occurring. For one thing, this slightly higher frequency of reality is out of sync with the time of your mundane life. Therefore, you can perceive the cause and effect of thoughts and emotions.

For example, if you unconsciously fear that something will happen, you will not realize that your unconscious fear is the driving force to actually create the thing that you are afraid will happen to you. Therefore, you feel like the victim to this event, even though you are actually the creator. On the other hand, once you have an experience of a higher state of consciousness, you have the choice to attach your attention to that frequency of reality.

Then, from this frequency of reality you can go back in time and understand the thoughts and emotions that were threatening the creation of that particular event. In this manner, you are freed of being a victim. Furthermore, you can learn to recognize the feel of the formerly unconscious fear and transmute it to love. In this case, you actually went back in time to stop the creation of an unwanted event that was about to happen in the future.

You can only free yourself of sequential time by expanding your consciousness into the higher frequencies of consciousness. You do not need to heal that fear, for soon you will resonate beyond its ability to affect your consciousness. Third dimensional reality is riddled with unknown fears that have become fastened to your unconscious.

These hidden fears greatly influence your choices at an unconscious level. However, your unconscious is more easily identified from the perspective of your super-conscious, higher dimensional SELF. Your higher dimensional SELF has access to the higher dimensional perceptions that threaten to overload your 3D thinking.

These perceptions are delegated to your unconscious, right brain, which is often offline to the third dimensional thinking. When you raise the frequency of your daily consciousness, you are able to perceive and understand greater volumes of information. Hence, your super-conscious perceptions are no longer stored in the archived, unopened files of your unconscious, but in the Frontal Lobe of your multidimensional decision making process. As we discussed before, when you raise your perception above the limitations of third dimensional time, you are able to consider past, present and future within the NOW of your multidimensional consciousness.

To more fully define unconscious we tell you that your 3D brain can only delegate a small percentage of the myriad information that enters your 3D sensory receptors. The rest of the information does not make it through the Reticular Activating System, which is much like a firewall in your computer. This information is still stored in your brain, but it is behind the firewall.

This stored information is much like the viruses that enter your computer. They are still in your computer, but the firewall bars them from interacting with your primary operating system. However, you have “clearing programs” to remove these virus from your computer.  Fearful stimulus is much like a virus. It silently feeds on your operating systems.

However, you are now receiving a new, Multidimensional Operating System that has expanded perceptions into both the higher and the lower frequencies of reality. Therefore, you can detect an invisible fear and consciously clear it before it can embed in your unconscious. You can choose to avoid certain places, people and stimuli that cause fear and/or lower your consciousness.

As you continue to fully accept and believe in your multidimensional abilities, you can raise your focus of attention to the higher frequencies of your perceptual field. Then, that which resonates to the lower third and fourth dimensions begins to gradually disappear from your reality. At first you will experience thisdisappearance as a knowing that a certain thing almost occurred, but because you have surrendered to the higher frequencies of unconditional love of the ONE, you have chosen to avoid the contamination of that frequency.

This avoidance of contamination is much like climbing a tree to avoid a wild animal. However, the tree is your own Tree of Life and the wild animal is your own primal self who is locked in fight/flight states of consciousness. You are not being arrogant by making these choices. You are being a pioneer. Just as the early pioneers of every civilization went alone into the unknown to find a safe place to settle, you are frequency pioneers who are moving into the higher states of reality to find safe places to settle.

You have already made your tunnel of light through the Lower Astral Plane and calibrated your Portal of Perception to direct your attention into the higher octaves of the fourth dimension and into the fifth dimension and beyond. In other words, you are creating the trail to New Earth. You will not receive recognition for your discovery, nor will you need it. The enhanced quality of life is the only reward you will need.

Furthermore, you will be blending into the Unity Consciousness of the higher worlds and will loose all necessity of personal recognition. The fact that you have contributed to the collective is all the recognition that it necessary. Also, every One who has contributed to the raising frequency of planetary awareness shares their higher perceptions with you, just as you share your higher perceptions with them. Moreover, these concepts of you and me will be replaced with Unity Consciousness of we and us.

It is within this Unity Consciousness that New Earth is born. Remember that New Earth is NOT a place. New Earth is a frequency. Do you remember when your frequency of consciousness was much lower? Do you remember when you suffered from confusion, depression, anxiety and your life was riddled with unmet challenges and unresolved issues? Think back to that “time” of your life.

Now, realize how improved your life is NOW. Recognize how much wiser your decision-making is and how you have learned to avoid and/or quickly confront issues that once baffled and upset you. Give yourself credit for the myriad ways in which you life has improved. Perhaps, it appears that some one else has given you something or facilitated your change. Maybe it appears that you were just lucky.

However, YOU chose the reality in which these people and good luck came into your life. You have expanded your consciousness into the frequency in which you could perceive these opportunities and choose to accept these benefits. Look around at others who are still trapped in the 3/4D Paradigm. Do you see how the solution to their problem is just beyond their recognition? Have you noticed how you have told them exactly what they need to know to correct their dilemma, and they have become angry with you?

They are still lost to the lower states of consciousness. They cannot perceive themselves within these higher frequencies; hence, they can’t even accept the solution that is handed to them. We tell you this information not to judge those who are still lost, but to remind you to OWN your own accomplishments. It is through owning your accomplishments that you raise your SELF-esteem.

By raising your SELF-esteem, you give yourself the choice to attach your consciousness to a higher frequency of your Multidimensional SELF. Perhaps, you could not even imagine that this expression of your SELF existed when you, too, were lost to the illusions of the lower frequencies of reality. Someone needs to leave the lost ones to their own choices and pioneer the frequency trail into New Earth.

Once you have fully attached your consciousness, your Sense of SELF, to your new, higher frequency of reality, you can easily bi-locate your consciousness back into the remnant of the third dimension to guide these lost ones. YOU, our beloved ascending ones, are the Openers of the Portals into New Earth. These Portals are NOT external and inside a tree or through a mountain. These Portals are inside your High Heart.

Yes, there are Portals that appear to be external to your physical encasement. However, if the Portal is external to your SELF it cannot take you all the way to the frequency of the ONE. These external Portals can take you, and have taken many, into the higher frequencies of the fourth dimension. Hence, they were vital to the spiritual leaders of the Piscean Age.

However, that which was the top has now become the middle. Your options have greatly expanded because the collective energy fields of your planet are awakening the 97% DNA of your Multidimensional SELF. You would not expect your old DOS computer to be able to recognize the sophisticated software of today.

In the same manner, 3% of your DNA does not allow you the necessary capacity and speed to ascend into the fifth dimensions. ALL of you, every ONE of you, are experiencing your 97% DNA coming online in your biological computer brain. Some cannot believe in change and will struggle along with their old model brain rather than face the unknown.

However, Earth is a planet of free will and everyone has the right to make that choice. Therefore, send these people your unconditional love, for that is the ONLY energy field that can have any impact on their choices. However, they can choose to perceive their fear instead of your love. Again, that is their choice. Remember, your love is unconditional. Therefore, whether or not they accept it, has nothing to do with you.

You have learned to consciously modulate your perceptions to the highest possible expression of every stimulus that you can accept as REAL. As you continually accept and BELIEVE your higher frequency perceptions, they will become normal. Then, with a new base line for normal, you can expand your conscious perceptions into higher and higher expressions of any give reality.

As an example, we will focus on a united perception from the 3D perspective and move up the consciousness scale of perception. Let us use the day of 12-12-12 as an example, as it meant very different things to different people. Many were completely unaware of the importance of this date, whereas others had great expectations.

Those who were unaware saw 12-12-12 as a normal day filled with obligations specific to that day. Those that expected to be disappointed were, indeed, disappointed for their lower state of consciousness could only perceive the static realm of the third dimension. Those who expected to leave the planet, because they wanted “out of here now” are still here. Wanting out is a concept that lowers your consciousness, and lowering your consciousness dis-allows you to perceive your higher frequency experiences.

There were also those who held no expectations and surrendered to the moment. Since they surrendered to the unknown, they expanded their consciousness and could perceive/FEEL how their energy field expanded its energy field. Some could perceive this shift and became disappointed because it was not enough, which lowered their consciousness into lack and disappointment.

On the other hand, some surrendered to the unknown with NO expectation. They surrender in service to Gaia and to ALL Her inhabitants. Because they had no selfish expectation their consciousness expanded, as did their perceptions. However, this expansion of perceptions was quite overwhelming for many, and made them feel tired, disoriented or even strangely calm and detached.

We say to all of you that there is NO right or wrong response. This is your ascension, and YOU are choosing the Trail that is leading you to your higher expressions. Some of you will be instrumental in creating New Earth, and others will move into higher expressions of their SELF. Some will bi-locate and live both options. Others may even choose to stay in their earth vessel as long as possible so that they can assist Gaia and Her inhabitants.

ALL of you are following your own inner guidance. ALL of you are beautiful lights of unconditional love that blaze into higher worlds that are higher than you can imagine. We, your Galactic Family, see your great light and are honored to be your Family. Enjoy your ascension. You have worked and waited for this experience for countless incarnations.

Remember that YOU are a great pioneer forging the Trail Home.

We love and support you unconditionally,

The Arcturians  link to original article

Ray Dawn ~ Lady Nada, Adama, and Saint Germain, This Doorway to Love is Ready! ~ 18 December 2012


Lady Nada, Adama, and Saint Germain, This Doorway to Love is Ready!

Hello to you Dear Ones, it is Lady Nada here to explore with you your feelings of home and of Love. Love eternal and love everlasting..

We are here to be with you in this state of love, of it filling your hearts and allowing each of you to return home to this state within you. The Ascended Masters and I are one and you are one with us.

Each of your hearts holds this resonance with love! Do not forget this. Each of you feels separated from this love eternal in your own way. As a child who has been hurt and needs consolation.. Allow this consolation now.. Let it melt the resistance to love, let go of the pain and fear of lack and limitation..

Each of you can open that door now and allow in this great light.. This light is the light beyond all matter.. As this time is approaching on your planet.. We are all coming home again.. To no time, to all time, to Oneness.. In this oneness there is no lack, no fear, just trust and this great love.. The journey that led you to be upon this earth at this time is to feel all of this happening within you and thru you, to come awake to who you really are while in form, to come home again to love now and within all your bodies as one– as one heartbeat– and to reside within the sphere of the earth as well to come into oneness with the earth, and with your solar system, and within the universal sphere as well!

This great symphony that is occurring is occurring now, right now within each of you.. As all time is truly in oneness we ask each of you to let go into the knowledge within you, within your heart, to guide you home to safety and love within your deepest self, and in your deepest places to find the truth.. To find love.. We are home with you in those moments of your choosing..

Hello as well it is I Adama! Yes to be in this resonance of home is what we are be-ing with each of you.. Now is the time to remember, now is the time to open to each heartbeat beating as one heart upon this earth.. Allow all else to fall away as each of you remember eternity.. For in eternity you are love and in this love you decided to come here and be it…-so, BE-it!

Yes, now is the time to move forward and to BE-LOVE.. This 12-12-12 and into the Dec 21st-2012 and beyond, this time is a marker to your emergence as a new species… a species of love that has returned to who we are– all in this together– One family in love we are… This love is all encompassing, it is forgiving, it is sacred, and it knows all!!

You know all, each of you, each of you are a part of this hologram of awareness, encoded with all knowledge, allow this remembrance within you now.. Welcome home upon this earth to be here in the fullness that you are.. This 12-12-12 is also an awakening within this planetary system and within this planetary sphere of her own knowledge, her encodements are coming online and meeting up with the galactic systems again.. Allowing her to remember as well who she is, for there has been sleepiness upon this sphere for so long.. All with purpose dear ones, for as the plants are growing in darkness the shoots emerge into the sun and once again rising to the surface to open forth and awaken from the slumber, to rise up from the darkness and into the eternal light.. Be not afraid of this occurrence, but breathe easy that you are here with purpose in these times, called forth and remembering your ancient gifts to be here fully and to fall into Love-again and again upon this earth.. Open your hearts!

Now is the time to do so, now is the time to open forth, all is at the ready, be not afraid and rise into the light, we are here with each of you to help support your emergence into love and so it is…

Yes and it is I, Saint Germain to be here as well! I had to show up to be here as well, for all time has led us to this time upon the earth! All the times we have all been a part of this process and yet it comes down to the simplest things.. Be here Now; Open your Heart and fall into Love! Truly to let go into it is the task at hand and we need each of you to do so for you are the organism that is creating this change, as each of you comes online into love, you awaken your hearts to emerge into eternity.. As you do so you let go of all fear and awaken to the truth, all love is here for you right now!

As you feel and see this and know it and begin to truly trust, you will create the greatest change to this system and forevermore- love upon this earth.. Awaken your heart now and know that this time is all time… We are one in this occurrence, this doorway to love is ready—you are ready. Trust your heart, let go into it, clear and release the fear and be at peace.. Join us all in this love.. Be easy..
We greet each of you with love for you are It! Always and eternally the flame burns bright and strong within each of you, rise up! Say Yes to love!! And so it is..

We thank you from All of us as One!

Love, and so it is…

Ray Dawn
copyright 2010-2012 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
Feel free to re-post as long as credit is given to channel and her website is included, Blessings!

~ Jumping Out of The box, Into Love ~ 17 December 2012

Everything in creation is made up of the exact same thing, atoms, love everywhere present…as they flow along within creation it all becomes grander and grander.  Creation is like a painting or any piece of art.  Every atom works together to create the work of art.  Everything within creation that you can see is millions upon millions of atoms vibrating together as a group.  The great mystery of life is that everything is the same, all equal, all filled with the love which is equal to what is an atom.
This is the experience felt of unity that occurs within the present moment of now.  All the atoms vibrate to the same frequency which is that of love.  This can be experienced when you are being present.  It’s the realization that you are one with everything and that you are the same and equal to all that there is.
The vibrations of love can be experienced as currents or sensations that flow through you.  It’s a feeling of filling up from within, and an overflow of love occurs.  This is the experience of feeling and participating within creation.  The overflow of love sets the atoms into action and then creation begins.  This is why the future is unknown and unpredictable.  Since creation occurs within the present moment, everything changes.  In a single moment you can experience grander and grander events taking place.
In this experience you can understand that what you experience is what you’ve chosen to occur.  Everything that you experience within your life has occurred for a reason.  Your true being wanted to experience a certain event to see what it was like.  Once it’s experienced it is meant to be let go of.  Most people hold onto the experiences because they have allowed emotions to become attached to the event.  Since we chose to have these experiences, why do we choose to hold onto them and not let them go?  These emotions attach themselves which prevent us from experiencing the true feeling when things occur.  This is why we must forgive ourselves and others for things that have happened in the past.  We were all just fulfilling our roles within creation.  We tend to label them good or bad experiences depending upon the emotions that we associated with the event.  This is when we take on the victim and villain roles.  We play the villain if we do something wrong to another and we act the victim if we were hurt by an experience.  In the highest truth you come to the realization that neither one can exist.  Experience is experience, neither good or bad and if you embrace them openly with love you  move through them and they fall away.
Your true being is equal to everything else.  It’s purity and innocence and when you let go of the past the old is washed away.  It’s like emptying yourself of everything at every present moment.  So in reality you know nothing, and what you need is given to you through experience in the present moment.  So many people assume to know what truth, love and even God are.  Yet, one must experience them personally before you can move into the full awareness (understanding) of what they are.   A wise person has the understanding and has released the knowledge and instead express their understanding into reality, thus creation.  The knowledge of God without the experience is meaningless.  Information about what God is that comes from an outside source has a filter placed upon it.  Each person must receive their own understanding at a personal level through experience.
God communicates to us within the present moment.  Yet, most of us are too distracted to get the message.  He speaks to us through a language our soul can understand which is through feelings, thoughts and experiences.  We’ve forgotten this language because we have become too focused upon the written word.  Some have taken the Bible, and other such books, which is known as the word of god and placed it before your actual experiences.  Words can be too easily misinterpreted which is why they are not a valuable source for understanding.
There are always those whom think they know, whom go after the ones whom have actually experienced God.  They are jealous of the ones who have a personal connection with God, for they have not yet experienced this unity.  The ones who have found their unity with God and all of creation  are put down because they have already experienced what the others have been trying to find.  They in turn protect their insecurities and tell them that they are wrong and that they don’t know God, but it’s really their fear coming through, since they have yet to go through this experience.
Turn inward and ask yourself “What if everything I thought was wrong is really right”?  This means that everything you have ever believed in is meaningless and needs to be discarded.  This is jumping out of the box and freeing yourself from the chains of the past.  It’s moving into the understanding that it’s the highest thoughts that contain joy, the clearest words that convey truth, and that the grandest of all feelings is love.  Why would you want to choose anything else?
There are those that are unsure of themselves, therefore they are unsure of God and what s/he is.  Asking for proof from God is pointless.  Every moment synchronous events are occurring, this is your proof.  God does not express himself outwardly, only through inner experience can you feel your connection.  If you experience that inner connection then outward manifestation is not needed, yet if one needs the outer manifestation then they are really not ready to embrace the inner experience.
What you have previously believed God to be needs to be let go of.  Everything you have read and learned, burn it like garbage.  Unless you have experienced the reality of God you know nothing.  God is everyone of us, it’s our divine nature.  God is our true being in the purist form of love.  This is how we are all equal.  We’ve only forgotten our true divine nature.  The ego has tried to make us forget, it’s tried to make us feel separate and inferior.  This is not the case, we are Divine Royal Angels, equal to everything in creation.
When we hear the messages from God we are listening to our higher selves and are communicating with our true being.  Within the present moment of now, by being awake we integrate and transform into our true beings, the Gods and Goddesses we really are.  Ignorance is only an illusion, created out of fear, that has taught us that we are inferior and less than God.  When we show up in the Kingdom of Heaven, the reality of love everywhere present, we embrace the experience of our Godselves.  Those of us already with this wisdom are here to greet you and welcome you home.  This is being at home within the Kingdom of Heaven which is within each of us.
With the higher energies being grounded here upon the Planet.  People are beginning to awaken and open up to the love that they are.  They are connecting in and participate in integrating these energies allowing for more and more to hear the call.
We all have free will and that choose to ignore the call are just making their lives more difficult.  They are struggling against the flow of energy that they are feeling.  This is manifesting outwardly in their lives.  They are becoming confused and feel like they are banging into a brick wall.  Others feel like they are going insane, not understanding what is occurring.  The question we are asking is “Why choose to learn the difficult way?”  If the same things keep reoccurring within your life why not wake up and receive the message that is trying to come through?
Planet Earth=Heart is undergoing major shifts and is expressing it through the climate changes and geological events that keep occurring.  She is tired of being used and destroyed.  Mother Earth is releasing all this energy so that she can raise up her vibrations to a higher level.
The energy pouring into the Planet that is being grounded is helping to accomplish all of our transformations to the higher grid.  Across the Planet people are awakening and making the jump from the lower into the higher.  The lower is dissolving and we must let go of it.
The next few months the energy will continue to increase in frequency.  Those of you who have not made the jump are going to continue to feel like you are moving slower and slower.  You will start to notice the insanity that will spread amongst those who are still within the program.
Things will start occurring faster and faster as the vibrations upon Planet Earth=Heart continue to rise.  We’re getting ready for a major shift of consciousness here upon the Planet.  For those of us who make this shift we will begin to experience grander and grander events unfolding.  The Kingdom Of Heaven will be here with us and everyone will be sharing in this experience.
Those of us who can not make the shift will find themselves some place else.  They will not have any memory of what has previously occurred here upon the Planet.
Now is the moment to hear the call and open your hearts to the love that is everywhere present.  Shine your light and love upon Mother Earth and help us in her transformation.  You are awakening into the divine beings of love that you are.  We say Bravo and Welcome Home with open arms and hearts overflowing with love.



Photo By: Philip Eaglesfield

“Nowhere can man find a quieter or more troubled retreat than in his own soul.”  – Marcus Aurelius.


As part of the gathering that has anchored a New era of evolutionary proportions here on our beloved terra firma you should be feeling a bit nostalgic about the purpose of time past and a bit reflective about the tasks that lie ahead. We have finished the bridging of two worlds project, more commonly referred to in my writings as “the shift”. We currently stand in an interim space between what we have known and what will be. We have made quantum leaps in consciousness and ascended to the primary layers of our multi-dimensionality so the union with the next level has taken place.

Diminishing limiting and inhibiting vibes has involved taking on many lower and densely configured vibrations in order that everyone could experience more of who they truly are, and to be able to move ever deeper into the Love/Light at the core of their Being. Yes, holding more light, vibrating higher, and balancing topsy-turvy energies as they landed on the planet was no ordinary walk in the park, but we accomplished it! The anchoring for the next era on earth is complete.

As a collective consciousness we are deep in the practice of Christmas, a traditional time of rebirth and salvation. Our hearts are presently open to the Spirit in and of All. As a Lightworker of dedicated service I invite you to enjoy your Inner Divinity this week. The days of the past year have re-made you and just like the Christ child you are presently the perfect vision of the Soul’s emergence emanating the Soul Heart of the Universe. You have infused your Light into all aspects of yourself and you now hold within you the complete Dimensions of Being and the Consciousness of God.

It won’t be long before the power of a positive New Year puts out your next assignment so I would advise you to celebrate the magnetism and charisma of this season’s shift my friend. Make a conscious effort to pursue some of your favorite activities. Celebrate the success of being done with the disruptions that block the journey into your own Being. This is the time to raise a glass and say goodbye to the old reality that is quickly fading with its patterns of fear and violence and lack! The cosmic door has officially closed on that reality.

We are now poised in the tender times of ancient magic and retreat as each feels how to “get back” themselves; to align with a center of energy that flows with Divine Intelligence as it moves within. We are learning to experience the rising, exalted creative influence of the Soul and its heart-centered living. Now that the transformation of ages has “clicked” and we are complete with the first phase we will be learning how to expand Love until each understands that all in their field, in their perception, their experience is an aspect of God-in-Us, and that It is vibrating and pulsating with the passion and desire to be life on Earth.

Like the babe in the manger, we will tap into the pure innocence of the Eternal and into a whole new us. We get to begin again. The heavens are ready to gift us with the curiosity, sense of wonder, and pristine devotion that draws us back into the Heart of God. So while the holidays bring their own demands and activities remember that you are gelling at a higher Light oscillation and that new energy structures are being constructed for implementation. A new state of affairs is being prepared and it won’t be long before we are given the high sign to completely cast off the beliefs and behaviors that keep us bridged to the old.

You have a new role that is traversing the galaxies and descending upon you even as you read these words. In small, progressive and steady steps things are being set up for your new responsibilities and role. You will be drawn and directed to the people and places for expressing your Human Hybrid Essence so please don’t worry. If you could peer into the invisible and view the energetic engineering that is being done on your behalf you would never doubt that progress is on its way. If you are felling out of sorts – not your usual self don’t fret, miracles are happening on the invisible planes of existence. Just go with what is for now.

We have thus been removed from much of everything and are being divinely protected now. All is in order. We are being housed in a beautiful and loving womb until we can emerge in a very new reality of a very different order. Thus, it can be challenging and difficult to try and remain connected to the old when things are transforming before our eyes. Because of this we may grasp and look for something to grab onto, for a sense of familiarity, but be forewarned that there is nothing to anchor onto in that paradigm.

Continuing to remain in old and familiar ways and surroundings will only serve to impede these great gifts we are receiving. Floating back into the old because it is familiar will only place you in a reality that is fraught with futility, stagnation, boredom, and even depression. If you are one who feels lost, no longer knowing what your role is and what you should be tapping into or holding onto to then consider yourself the most Beloved because it is a sign that you have crossed the threshold between worlds. Feeling like you are floating, hanging in a space of no space, feeling useless with nothing to offer and nowhere left to go is definitely the sign that you have left the old space and are now waiting in the forward progress of all this Ascension stuff!

You may also feel that when you socialize with others there is a strong sense of dis-connect; an inability to move smoothly thru the encounter. Pay attention to the relationships and experiences that feel “flat” or stale. These are the signs that your Higher Consciousness and theirs are not matching up. Don’t remain in what is insufferable even if you don’t know where to head from here. Your new connections will begin arriving towards the end of January.

So although it may appear that things are tough for some, I can promise you that we are simply at the very end of one reality and now poised within a very new reality. Take this week before the Winter Solstice and Christmas and celebrate the birthing of the Light of Consciousness. We are being attended by the Angelic dimensions this month. Dance in the joy they are sprinkling. Intend to change. Linger in the dreams of the Love that your soul wishes to express.

Most of all though – Enjoy the adventure of change,



There is one life, that life is God’s life, and that life is my life
now. I am one with the life of God because I am made out of it. What
this means is that I am made of Godstuff! I think about this deeply,
understanding the full impact of what this means. Everything I am,
whether I call it good or bad, is the pure divine essence of life in form.

I awaken to the December divinity within me, this Christ nature
that is my source and my truth. While it may be temporarily covered up
or hidden, it is always there, always blazing its divine light within.
Like clouds parting before the sun, I let my light shine in the world. I
consciously bring this divine essence into my work, into my relationships,
into my everyday consciousness.

This awakening in my mind and heart, this spiritualization of my
perspective, works wonders. I experience the grace and power of Spirit
in all situations. I experience it at work in others and at work in me.
I see evidence of this pure and holy wholeness everywhere. I see the
Christ Consciousness blazing in every corner of the universe. I thank
God for the ability to awaken in this way, and I let this awakening
continue every day of my life. And so it is.


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On the Ascension ~ The Arcturian Group of Forty David K. Miller ~ 16 December 2012


On the Ascension

Copyright © December 2012 ~ David K. Miller

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians.
Congratulations for being on the planet Earth at this exciting time of the beautiful transitions. Congratulations for your being present on the planet in fulfillment of your soul mission.
That mission has to do with developing the planetary healing skills that will enable the Earth
to grow and expand into a fifth-dimensional planet.

You each are establishing a great foundation of spiritual light. We are on the eve of a major
planetary transition. Some of the starseeds are convinced that the Ascension is very close.I want to speak directly about the Ascension in this lecture, and I also want to talk about the new spiritual technologies that you have been learning and practicing.

Let us look at the Earth from the perspective of the Ascension. There are a limited few starseeds like yourself. Believe it or not, there is not a large majority of starseeds on the Earth. More interestingly, not all of the starseeds are activated. There are still many starseeds who are asleep. They want to be awakened. They want to remember who they really are.

If we look at the number of starseeds on the planet, it is less than one million.Yet, that one million includes the starseeds who are still asleep. Realistically, there are not a lot of starseeds, and there are not a lot of planetary healers, and there are not many people who are working towards the Ascension.

This means that you, who are planetary healers, and also you who are working for your personal ascension, are special people. You are carrying a special energy. You are carrying a special
energy for your soul family, and you are carrying a special energy for the planet.

There are many paradoxes. There are many contradictions when you look at the third dimension.
The third dimension is supposed to be a linear-thinking, logical dimension that is separated by duality. The third dimension is supposed to be clearly differentiated between good and bad, between light and darkness. You would think that with such divisions, everything would be clear and everything would be simple.

Yet you and I both know that this planet is not simple. You and I both know that what is occurring on this planet is notlogical. It is not logical that humanity would be destroying the oceans and destroying the biosphere. It is not logical that mankind would be using energy sources like nuclear energy which has the potential for destroying and permanently damaging the biosphere.

There are so many things that are illogical. When you look at the Ascension, you must also put aside your logic, because logically, the Ascension is not even possible. How could it be possible that you, in the third dimension, can accelerate your aura and accelerate your energy field and by this acceleration, disappear from the third dimension and then reappear in another dimension?

There is little physical evidence of the existence of another dimension anyway. All that exists as evidence are reports from people who have gone into altered states of consciousness.These people have experienced these altered states of consciousness sometimes when they were severely ill or when they have had near death experiences. They report that they have seen the light, have seen other divine entities and have been in beautiful places that look like heaven.There have been reports of people who have met Jesus/Sananda and other higher beings.

These reports are beautiful reports, but they are not based on scientific evidence.You would say that this is a logical planet, this is a logical world. Why is there not scientific evidence and how can it be scientifically that a person can disappear and ascend into another realm?

Since this Earth is not logical, then illogical things can occur. Things can occur which are extradimensional, which are higher dimensional. Events can occur which can be called miraculous. Events can occur that have what is called quantum energy and also that have Omega Light energy.
Omega energy does not obey the laws of the third dimension.Yet, at the same time, paradoxically,
this energy can affect the third dimension.

One of the contradictions is that you are still third dimensional. You are rooted in the third dimension, but you are preparing yourself, and you are using the exercises and the new spiritual technology in order to become affected by the fifth-dimensional energy. That is to say,
you have to be in a certain mindset; you have to have a certain belief system; you have to have a certain energy field; you have to have a certain emotional body development.
You need a physical energy that will allow the fifth-dimensional energy of the Ascension to affect you.

It is interesting and have you thought about this? The Ascension is an energy that is coming to the Earth from the fifth dimension. But, this fifth-dimensional energy will not affect everyone. The energy from the fifth dimension is going to be all over the planet. The energy from the fifth dimension is going to be like a wave of light, a wave of sound and a wave of beautiful light frequencies.
Yet there will be people who will not even be affected by this.There will be people who will not even know that the ascension energy has been downloaded into this planet.

What does that tell you? It tells you that in order to experience the Ascension directly, you have to tune yourself to the frequencies of energy of the Ascension. You have to be able to process and receive and transmute the energies of ascension so that you can continue with the ascension process.

What does the word transmute mean? Transmute means to take something that is in one state and change it into the other. We would like to refer to the science of alchemy. Alchemy, as you know, has been studied since the Middle Ages in Europe. In the study of alchemy,they were looking for a way to change or transmute lead or other materials into gold. The basic ingredients that they would put into this experiment would somehow become greater than each of the individual elements, and suddenly there would
be a transmutation of the lead and other materials into gold.

This is the key word, “transmutation.” Transmutation in the ascension terminology is the ability to take third-dimensional denser energy and shift and change it into a higher frequency so that the physical body is actually transmuted. That means that your physical body is going to go into another state. That state is comparable to gold and is as valuable as gold. Gold is considered perhaps as the most valuable metal or one of the most valuable metals on this planet. Incidentally, gold is a metal that some of the extraterrestrial visitors have also come to look for. Gold is certainly a galactic metal that is desirable on other planets.

But, the standard of highest transmutation is in the Ascension. The ability of ascension allows you to transmute or change your physical, dense body into a higher frequency that allows you to disappear from the third dimension. It is not really a disappearing. It is a transmutation.

I said that the third dimension is a dimension of contradictions and paradoxes. There are only a few who are into and understand that I am speaking about the Ascension. As you are working towards your ascension, you are already changing your energy field. You have already shifted your electromagnetic vibration. You are in this moment in a higher vibrational state of consciousness. This vibrational state of consciousness is a participatory energy state with the fifth dimension. You are already experiencing a multi-presence, a multidimensional consciousness. That multidimensional consciousness
is so rare; it is so special. Multidimensional consciousness is the gold standard in the galaxy.
The multidimensional presence and the multidimensional consciousness is so desirable that the higher dimensional beings, the extradimensional beings, the UFOs are interested in coming to this planet to experience and watch how people can transmute themselves.

Indeed, when you have spoken about the Grays, they also wanted to transmute themselves.They were going at ascension from the position of DNA manipulation. It is true that the DNA is of a particular genre in the human form that is well known in the galaxy. The DNA in the Adam species, in the human species, is coded and programmed for the Ascension. You have within you the knowledge and the abilities and the codes to ascend. You have within you the ability to transmute yourself.

For example, I have talked recently about how people die. You may know, if you have had any experience as a nurse or as a caregiver, that at the end of life, the human body goes through a certain process or program before it dies. This program has to do with how oxygen is distributed through the body and how consciousness is changed. You might call this process going into a semi-coma or a deep sleep state. There is a pre-programmed process that the human body knows how to go through.

Even in a traumatic death, there is a certain process that the body will experience that will allow for the proper transition. The body knows how to die.

The body also knows how to ascend. Well, if you can compare ascension to dying, that is. In the dying process, the body shuts down oxygen in certain parts of the body, goes into a certain type of breathing. In the Ascension, at the time of ascension, the body switches into an altered state of consciousness. The body becomes aware of the aura and the vibration and the pulse of the aura.The body begins to experience an acceleration of the aura. Then you become aware that as you are pulsing at a higher speed, you are able to send or thought project your consciousness outside of your body.Then you take your consciousness and your astral body and go outside of the body, and then you continue to vibrate and pulse. At a certain pulsation speed, the body transitions, the body transmutes itself.

That pulsing speed is so fast. Let us say that you are doing the pulsing, and let’s compare it to the human pulse. Let’s say that the human pulse is 90 beats per minute. Let’s say that we can talk about the pulsing of the aura in preparation for the Ascension. I have tried to work with the toning sounds so that we could give you a possible demonstration of a sample rate of pulsing that you would use for your ascension. I have given the rate in terms of “tatatatatatata.” When you hear this now, I am sure that you can easily increase the pulse rate of your aura. Tatatatatatatatata. (Channel increases the rapidness of the sounds.) Become aware of your aura; become aware of the line around your aura. Become aware that your aura is now pulsing at this higher speed, yet this higher speed does not affect the pulsing of your heart, and it does not affect your circulatory system. Tatatatatat…tatatat…tatatat.

Allow your aura to pulse at this very high rate. Tatatatatatatat…tatata.(The toning goes to an even faster rate.) Imagine a corridor above your Crown Chakra. This corridor is like a tunnel or like a funnel that is allowing your spirit to go up this tunnel, up this funnel, up this corridor. Tatatatatatata…tat..a..tat..atat.

The speed that I gave you right now, let’s say is around 300 pulses per minute. That is perhaps 4 or 5 pulses per second. If you multiply 4 times 60 seconds, then you get 240 seconds, or 240 beats per minute. That is the beginning of the acceleration of your aura.

The Ascension is around 5,000 pulses per second. How many people would be able to experience 5,000 pulses per second? Who would even be able to say the tatatatat at the rate of 5,000 tones per second?
I don’t want you to even try to make those tones at that rate, but I am trying to explain to you that the Ascension is going to accelerate your rate of vibration to a speed that is unimaginable to you now. It is unimaginable, yet, because you have been practicing at 200 pulses per second,because some of
you have been able to even go to 300 pulses per second, then you have the foundation to go through this transmutation and experience the rate of 5,000 pulses per minute for your ascension.

The Ascension is also an experience which includes the trait of Grace.To go from 240 pulses per minute to 5,000 would require a tremendous increase in your energetic abilities.

One of the contradictions on the third dimension is that as you increase the pulsing, you do not experience an increase in your heart rate. You do not experience anxiety. You do not experience rapidness, but rather, paradoxically, the third dimension slows down. It slows down. We often say that the third dimension is a dense dimension. What you think on the third dimension does not happen immediately. What you think on the third dimension takes a long time often to materialize.

On the fifth dimension, what you think happens instantaneously. So, as you are going into this higher, more rapid state, then you see the slowness and the denseness of the third dimension. Some of you already are experiencing the denseness of the third dimension. At the same time, the paradox is that things are happening more quickly on the third dimension even though it is so dense. Have you not wondered about that contradiction? Have you not wondered, if the third dimension is so dense,why are things happening so quickly? Why is there such an acceleration of Earth changes? I will address this in this lecture.

The simple answer is that there is now on the third dimension an influx of higher dimensional energy. There is an influx of accelerated fifth-dimensional energy already onto this planet which is affecting many people on this planet. This fifth-dimensional influx of energy is not being used properly. This fifth-dimensional influx of energy is not being directed properly, and as a result confusion, chaos and polarization are increasing.

In the Tree of Life a paradigm is offered in how to process the light and energy from higher dimensions. In the Planetary Tree of Life, it is shown that you must take into account all the balances, the balance of wisdom and knowledge, the balance of judgment and compassion, the balance of sacred places and the balance of the shimmering and the balance of the Messianic energies. These are just a few. In other words, you have to run through a balance. If there is no way to process and no way to work with a balance/energy, then an acceleration that is unfocused will occur. An unfocused acceleration of energy is another word for chaos.

The Earth changes are, in this definition, chaos. More chaos is possible as we are moving into the high point of the acceleration, the point of maximum interface, which is December 21st, 2012. December 21st, 2012 is the point of maximum interface that is occurring. This interface is actually going to continue. It is an interface in which there will be maximum contact. However, after the interface the contact will continue. This point on December 21st, 2012 is a point of interface with the fifth dimension. If the energy coming from the interface is not directed, then the energy can become unfocused and can lead to chaos.

That is perhaps where much of the misconception is about December 21st, 2012. Perhaps that is why some people have mistakenly interpreted December 21st, 2012 as the point of the End Times, or the point when the planet is going to terminate. That is not true; the planet is not going to terminate, but rather the chaos on the Earth potentially can accelerate. That’s only if there is no focus. That is only if there is no one to direct the fifth-dimensional energies that are interfacing.

This leads me to the idea of how much you are needed on this planet. One of the contradictions of the Ascension is that as you are accelerating your consciousness and as you are preparing yourself for the Ascension, you become a more valuable person on the third dimension. As you accelerate your consciousness, then you begin to participate in the group consciousness that can potentially change the evolution of the Earth. You can also participate in the evolution of humanity, and also you become able to participate in the consciousness that practices biorelativity by telepathically communicating with the Earth to sustain a shift in the Earth.

When you ascend, then who is to replace you? Who is to continue your service? This is an interesting balance because it was hoped that at this point on the Earth that there would be more people ready for the Ascension. You may find that surprising because you are so ready for the Ascension. You are so into the ascension energies. You are so committed to the energies! You would think that there would be more people into the Ascension, especially as the chaos on the planet increases.

This was why the Ascension was presented to you in three waves. In the first wave there are only going to be a few people, a small number who would understand and be able to use the spiritual technologies such as thought projection and pulsing and shimmering to participate in the Ascension. After the first wave, there will be 8 to 10 times more people who would be affected.

This is something I think should be clarified because many people would ask, ” If I ascended, my family would be lost. If I ascended, there would be nobody to take care of the rest of my family. Or, there would be some possible other catastrophe.” Actually, the Ascension is activation energy for those who did not ascend. In other words, the Ascension creates a positive energetic bubble that those who are around you will experience. Those around you will receive a positive energy from your ascension, and therefore, they will be positively affected by your ascension.

Please understand that you are in service now. You are in service because of your higher state of consciousness. You are in service. When you do ascend, your energy will positively be affecting those that are still here on the planet. Also understand that since you are providing this level of service, then you have committed yourself to this planetary work. You understand that you are needed here,and therefore, this is the contradiction. The contradiction is that you want to ascend and go into the fifth dimension. On the other hand, you are needed here. How do you approach this? The answer is that you follow the Divine Will. The answer is that you remove or suspend your ego.

Sometimes there is a danger at the point of ascension because people become ego committed.”I am going to ascend. I don’t have to do this work anymore. I am a special person.” There are many different ways of interpreting in an ego way, the Ascension. One of the ways of interpreting the ego is to say, “I have to ascend on December 21st.” Or, ” I am going to ascend this year or this date.” Then you are giving the ego interpretation rather than saying without ego: “I am here in divine service. I am here with all this fifth-dimensional light, and I am serving a divine purpose, and I am committed to the ascension process, and it will happen at the right time for me
and the planet.” Those are two different views of how to approach the Ascension.

Now, at this point, I want to turn the lecture over to Archangel Michael because he has some special instructions for you about the Ascension and the right attitude to have when you are approaching the Ascension. Also, I am with you. I am with you on 12-12-12. I am with you on December 21st, and I am with you in your service. We are here to be of service, and we are impressed with the level of advancement that you have already made in your ascension work.

I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians.

Greetings, this is Archangel Michael. Blessings to you. I stand ready to cut the cords of attachment for you at your request. You know at the time of ascension that the cords of attachment to this planet can be cut. I am here to assist you in that process.

Each of you has come to this point which is amazing. Know that you have advanced quite nicely. In many of the other lifetimes you have not had this opportunity to come to this level. I want to give you a special instruction, a special idea of how to be ready for your ascension. I also want you to look at this as a way for you to be fully into yourself.

This way is the concept of the I Am Presence. You have heard us work with you on the I Am Presence, and you have heard the sacred name of God which is I Am That I Am. It is also correctly translated that I Will Be That I Will Be. Now the I Will Be That I Will Be is an Ascension Code because when you talk about the I Am Presence, you are also referring to your future self when you would be an ascended person. I will be an ascended person. I am that I am now here on the Earth, but I will be that I will be. That is also a coded name for God who uses His dimensional transcendent state to interact. God has revealed Himself to Moses as a transcendent being, I Will Be That I Will Be. Listen to these tones. Ehiyeh Asher Ehiyeh.

The Code of Ascension is on several levels. The first level is “Holy Holy Holy is the Lord of Hosts.” Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Adonai Tzevaoth. That is the first level. The second level, the second code, is that you are acknowledging the transcendent nature of the divinity, but also that you will participate; you will be going into that transcendent state. That transcendent state is what the Ascension is about. Believe me, with only the normal powers of the third dimension, you cannot transcend. You need a transcendent power. You need access to a higher dimensional energy to transcend and go into the fifth dimension.

Now, truly, the Ascension is a time when the fifth dimension intersects with the third dimension. That means that there will be more light and power available. For ascension, you have to know how to use that pulsation. For ascension, you have to practice using transcendent energy. That is what the word transcendent means – it is above. You have to be able to download and use transcendent energy.

The second aspect of the Code of Ascension is “I Will Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee That I Will Beeeeeeeee.
I will be ascended that I will be.” Meditate together now with me on this future experience of your ascension and on the codes, I Will Be That I Will Be, Ehiyeh Asher Ehiyeh.
We will go into silence.

Ehiyeh Asher Ehiyeh. Go into your transcendent state. Feel the power of this transcendent state, I Will Be That I Will Be. I will be in the fifth dimension. I will be in the Ascension. I will be transcending. I will be transmuting myself. I Will BE That I Will BE.

Now this leads me to the next level of instructions which in the Hebrew has to do with this beautiful exclamation called HiNeyNi. HiNeyNi, God called Abraham. Now, try to imagine what it would sound like to hear the sound of the Ascension. Try to imagine a higher spiritual vibrational sound that you have never heard before. Try to imagine a vibration that is so beautiful. The Ascension and the sound of it is not a piercing sound; it is not a harmful sound; it is not an annoying sound. It is a sound that goes right to your core. It is a sound that goes to your soul. It is the sound of unity that has never been heard, but when you do hear it, you will know what it is.

In the Bible, God calls to Abraham and Abraham says, “Here I am.” HiNeyNi. Let us remember, let us meditate on this “Here I am.” It’s not a simple statement. It means that we are talking about being totally present at a moment, a moment when the Creator calls you by your name. You say HiNeyNi, or “Here I am.” At the moment of ascension, at the sound of ascension, when you are hearing it, when you know what it is, say these words, “Here I am,” HiNeyNi. This means that: I am presenting myself in total awareness. I am presenting my past, present and future self. I am presenting all of me. You have my full attention!

You need your full attention for the Ascension because the Ascension is similar to the call that Abraham heard. Avraham, HiNeyNi. Listen to the words. (Sings HiNeyyyyNiiiii. HeeeeeaaarIAmmmmm – Hear I am.) Go into that state of consciousness where you can say ” Here I am.” That state is the perfect preparation for the Ascension. That state of consciousness, the Here I Am consciousness, allows you to ascend immediately.

That means you are giving your full attention, your full spiritual attention, your full mental attention, your full emotional attention, your full physical body is in the single moment, Here I Am.

This state of Here I Am consciousness is exactly the state of consciousness that the Zen Buddhists are looking for. It is exactly the state of consciousness that Buddha attained. It is the state of enlightenment. It is the state of Here I Am.

Now it shouldn’t be any big surprise that this is a desired state. I think that the big surprise to you might be that you can experience this state immediately. You, with the tools of ascension, with the tools of spirituality that you have been practicing, are ready to enter the state of Here I Am consciousness. In that state, it is natural for you to ascend. It is without effort. You don’t even have to try because you are in that state.

You can be in that state and not ascend, too. It doesn’t mean that when you go into that state, you immediately ascend. I am only saying that being in this state is again a preparation. So what are you to do w hen you hear the sound of ascension? Go into the state of consciousness of Here I Am. Then I and the other ascended masters and teachers will be with you.

I want to speak about Eliyahu (his Hebrew name), or Elijah. Elijah was a great prophet.He was a great teacher, and he is forthcoming in announcing the Ascension, and he is also forthcoming in the announcing of the Messiah and the Messianic Energy and the Messianic Light that is coming. Elijah, or Eliyahu, ascended. His student, Elisha, was left behind after Elijah ascended. As Eliyahu ascended, Eliyahu left his divine gifts and his prophetic vision. He left them to Elisha, his student. Elisha received the blessing of Eliyahu, and then Elisha became a great prophet and a great teacher. Elisha perhaps even surpassed Eliyahu in his divine gifts.

I tell you this story because I want you to understand that in your ascension, you will be leaving behind you many gifts. You will be leaving behind you a great deal of light and energy. You will be blessing many people. The Ascension is not a selfish act. Here I Am consciousness is in unity with the Light of I Am That I Am, or the Light of the Creator.

It is not like it is shown in the movies where those who are left behind are suffering and are in terrible states and are confused. Actually, those who are left behind from your ascension will be receiving a great blessing. They will be receiving an acceleration of light. You will no longer need your physical body. You will no longer need this coat that is your third-dimensional body. You will be inhabiting a new energy field that you have been developing all these years. You have an energy field that you have been accelerating. You can bless those who are “left behind.”

Think now about your ascension and think about those people who you are close to. Think about people you know who may not be ascending. Think about how you would like to bless them. Think about how you would like to ascend and bless them in the light with fifth-dimensional energy. You can accelerate their energy as you leave, as you ascend, as you transmute yourself.

Ehiyeh Asher Ehiyeh. Here I Am. HiNeyNi.

It really is a matter of focus, and it is a matter of learning how to focus fifth-dimensional energy and this light. Your knowledge of the fifth dimension is used for both personal and planetary work. How is this going to work for the Earth? How is HiNeyNi going to work to ascend the Earth? Part of the answer to that lies in the concept of Gaia as a conscious planet. Part of that lies in the concept that mankind is helping the Earth become conscious of itself.

Everything that could be said about God is diminishing the Creator because God is infinite. You cannot really describe God. However, we still try to describe God. We always try to speak about God anyway, knowing that what we say may be inadequate. The one truth is that our existence, your existence,is in part helping God to become conscious of Himself/Herself. God is perfect, so remember, you cannot say that God has a need. If God is perfect, how could God need to become conscious of Himself/Herself? I cannot answer that because that is another contradiction. It is a thought that I want to share with you. You can become conscious of yourself. So it is with the Earth. Part of the Earth’s ascension becomes possible when Gaia becomes conscious of herself. The only way that Gaia can develop her consciousness is to interact with a higher spiritual presence on the planet. That higher spiritual presence is Man. The process of the Earth’s ascension occurs when the Earth can say, “Here I Am,” when the Earth can say, “I Am Gaia.” Earth through mankind can develop her consciousness of herself as a planet, as The Blue Jewel. “Here I Am.” Can you imagine The Blue Jewel saying that? Can you feel the great spiritual vibration as you, planetary healers, awaken one morning and receive that message from Gaia, when she says, ” Here I am.” You have helped Gaia become a conscious spirit when she can say, ” Here I am.” At that moment you will receive that powerful planetary message from The Blue Jewel.

I am Archangel Michael. Good Day!