Yeshua ~ Happy Journey, Dear Travelers ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ November 28, 2012


As you are speeding along your Ascension Path, the energies are constantly uplifting you. You allow yourselves to flow along the ever-increasing waves of energy that is your birthright and your salvation from the lower densities.

Your true essence is upon you.  You live in it more solidly every day and you have your abiding Love and perseverance to thank for it.

Allow yourselves to receive, dear ones; receive the ever-increasing energies being handed to you, being lovingly handed to you by the Higher Realms, the realms you are becoming accustomed to as your new home. We welcome you. We await you. Nothing is in your way now.

Rejoice, for it is nigh; it is palpable; it is inevitable and it is yours to live in and enjoy, dear ones. Rejoice, for nothing can stop your Light Bodies from becoming fully engorged with Light, with Love in its purest form, if you allow it. For the time has come. Throw open your arms and hearts and accept it with abandon, dear ones.

Rejoice, for Love and Joy and Abundance are in your capable hands to spin like silk on a loom. No one can stop you now. Start choosing the colors of your fabric of Life and of your new creations so lovingly being formed and created in your capable hands and hearts.

Become  like children again, who have just been presented in front of them massive amounts of modeling clay of all colors and textures, and start forming with sheer joy whatever you wish to create. Pour yourselves into it and watch what you produce.

You are masters in this co-creation and you are beginning to remember how to do it with such ease. Use your dreams as models and sculpt from that what you desire. Nothing is impossible, nothing is wrong.  You see, since you create from Love now, everything you create is beautiful and joyous and valuable to all who experience it.

This is what you shall experience in the Higher Realms, each one of you creating from your heart’s dreams and visions what is sustainable and Beautiful and functional for all to enjoy. Each one of you has your own signature and tone and so the result of every one of you creating will be a symphony of beautiful music and colors and will produce such deep satisfaction and Serenity and Peace in a job well done, for all to enjoy and experience without limitation or withholding.

You, my dear friends, are the chosen ones; you have stirred and built up the Light to a crescendo now and as the influx of more Light and Love comes in, it is just necessary for you to ride it, swirl within it, encompass it, accept it, hold it and release it out to others.

You are beginning to experience what it will be like in the higher dimensions as the shifts become more apparent and felt. It is becoming your norm now. You are lifting and acclimating to the new elevation of your climb to Ascension.

Allow yourselves to incrementally experience the new energies as they come in while paying attention to the needs of your physical body, always grounding and always accepting the Light to how much you can hold, in increments as it is comfortable. You will see your capacity increase as the days go on and be so engorged with Light and Love that you will feel so transformed.

Pay attention to your thoughts. Pay attention to your feelings. Let them sit and simmer and then become encased in Love, transmuted into pure Love essence.

You will be astounded at your experience as you allow yourselves to let go and surrender to the pouring of energies into your Light Bodies and into your Hearts. It will be like “one size fits all” as you increase your capacity for floating in and being in and holding the Light.

Abide by your Hearts and begin to forget any vestiges of negativity that once was part of your world. Become like a new-born baby with so much to experience and explore and enjoy; let your curiosity and your innocence be your guide now. You are learning to let go and let that happen, with complete trust that your needs are taken care of. Just as a new-born baby knows and trusts, let that be your new knowing.

Scale yourselves down into the Divine essence at your core and build back up from that, shedding any impurities and negativities that are of your old way of existing.

Venture out now, dear ones, for you have a wondrous journey ahead of you. You have reached the Vista now and can see clearly what you have been waiting for, for eons. Be at Peace with it, be in Love with it – This is your new life. Immerse yourselves in the gentle rain of Love Energy coming down and swim amongst the soft waves as your new way of Being emerges, dear ones.

Your loving brother, Yeshua

As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included. (Blog) (Website)

Cedar Rivers – Crossing The New Frontier of Multidimensionality 27th November, 2012


By Cedar Rivers

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Humanity is in the midst of transforming, and a new unity consciousness is emerging. In future history this era may be viewed as an era of a monumental Spiritual Renaissance.

The spiritual significance of the final days and weeks of 2012 cannot be overstated. We are currently traversing the period from the Age of Pisces to the beginning of Aquarius, the end of the Hindu Kali Yuga, the completion of the Mayan fifth age, and the close of the Mesoamerican fifth world, and with these endings and beginnings the very fabric of reality is changing.

Seers, shamans, scholars and astrologers have written volumes about this pivotal time with its various cosmic configurations and planetary alignments over the three days of the summer/winter solstice of 20, 21, 22 December 2012. Vastly differing views of the possible ramifications range from apocalyptic scenarios to enlightenment of large sections of the global population.

Beyond the much-publicized fear-engendering turbulence there is a glorious world of radiance and reconnection to the divine Infinite in progress. Whether we know it yet or not, we are all participating in this massive evolutionary shift.

Humanity has been living an illusion or false consensus reality for eons – a virtual dream or hologram held in place by energetic matrixes that can no longer be sustained and are currently breaking down. This dismantling is enabling individuals to see beyond the gross illusions that the majority have accepted as the true nature of reality for eons.

New Beginnings – 2012 and Beyond

The personal clearings and subsequent awakenings have been radically accelerating for the past few decades and particularly since the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987. No-one can truly know exactly what will happen in the time-frame around the December 2012 solstice, and throughout 2013 and beyond, because it is ‘we’ who are the creators and midwives giving birth to this new reality by our personal choices and the manner in which we prioritize our intentions. In the light of exponential spiritualization, it is impossible to know just what we’ll bring into existence, both individually and collectively. The time is perfect now to do a detailed personal reassessment and visioning for all the dreams you have ever held for yourself, your loved ones, and for the planet.

As we become more aware of our growing spiritual enlightenment, we find it unconscionable to do harm to any living thing. The shift in consciousness and energy popularly known as ‘The Shift’ is an on-going process, and with the associated illumination comes massive evolutionary advancement. People actively exploring full consciousness, societal improvements, and an understanding of our place in the galaxy are gaining a real sense of the magnitude of transformation during this time frame. The Shift ushers in the turning point for genuine personal and planetary ascension. We can make the most of this remarkable time by understanding how we empower and manifest whatever we give our attention to.

It is crucial to be extremely mindful of the quality of our thoughts, emotions, intentions and actions. In the coming weeks and months we may find ourselves having many more epiphanies or aha! moments along with being presented with unprecedented opportunities for further awakening. Spontaneous pineal and heart openings, for example, may lead to phenomenal spiritual experiences that confirm the actual nature of our multidimensionality, connections with previously invisible spirit beings, and a true understanding of our connection to the Infinite and all that it means.

By welcoming exponential change and keeping our wits about us, we may rest in the knowledge that our intuition and allies will guide us to the best ways through the changes both within ourselves, and in those around us.

No-one is alone on this journey to exponential illumination. Light-workers are willing to support our awakening, aided by nature spirits, innumerable angels, ascended masters, and other spirit beings.

The Old Frontier: Opposites and Illusions

When the earth is dying there shall arise a new tribe of all colours and all creeds.  This tribe shall be called ‘The Warriors of the Rainbow’ and it will put its faith in actions, not words. – Prophecy of the Native American Hopi people

In order to understand and embrace the New Frontier, let’s first briefly examine the nature of life on earth as we have known it for millennia. It may also be called the Old Frontier, or the Old Reality. We know these Old Frontiers very well as we have traversed them endlessly, repeating the same patterns and life experiences over and over again. In this context the ‘frontier’ is much more than a boundary or a veil, as once crossed it opens to infinite fields of experiences and possibilities.

The Old Frontier was an illusory world restricted within matrixes very often made of beliefs, agendas and rules imposed and controlled by others. It was largely characterised as an external world of opposites such as good and evil, fear and love, harmony and chaos, war and peace, heaven and hell, wealth and poverty, clarity and confusion, wellness and illness, and other distorted perceptions that enforced duality as the true nature of reality. This perception is now changing in the current climate. In the future the ‘demarcation line’ between the Old and the New may be acknowledged as having occurred around the December 2012 Solstice.

Socrates wrote, ‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’  He had a good point. The gift of life is not all about life missions, job descriptions, and obedience to external authority as we have been led to believe. Self-discovery is a foremost reason for existence, along with learning to follow our passions and to live from the heart. Many may be experiencing a number of ‘dark night of the soul’ episodes requiring intently working through unresolved shadow issues to gain understanding and forgiveness.

This inner work is the greatest work we can do. As we garner insights and turn them into wisdom, we free ourselves from the shackles of a painful past if applicable, while those who have enjoyed a pain-free past may discover new ways of being creative and of service. The inner emotional work clears our energy fields of encumbrances. Once insights are brought to light and acknowledged, there is no desire for endlessly repeating already lived experiences. Grand new vistas await and we can consciously embark upon the next stage of evolution involving such pleasures as an ever-deepening connection to the natural world, greater intimacy in relationships, enhanced creative endeavours, access to the sacred mystical realms, and a conscious connection to the Infinite.

Symptoms of The Shift

Choices are being made at either a conscious or subconscious level to either remain in the cataclysmic world of opposites, or to evolve into the authentic and glorious realms of Oneness. This involves the shattering of long held beliefs. Some will have noticed appreciable changes in dynamics with family and friends, and in career and living arrangements. Ultimately, the movement away from any stagnant places and non-supportive relationships facilitates the expansion of personal growth and enlightenment.

Throughout the past decade a growing number of people seem to be experiencing symptoms of The Shift, frequently referred to as Ascension Symptoms that may be either gradual or spontaneous, and debilitating or exhilarating. Eventually, challenging symptoms are replaced by the euphoria of an authentic sense of belonging, an increase in synchronicities, faster manifestation, miracles, deeper connection to nature, greater sense of beauty, heightened creative skills, new healing abilities, genuine self-love, total presence in the moment, meetings with remarkable beings, abundance when needed, enjoyment of the simple things, light hearted humour, and inner peace.

The New Frontier: Multidimensionality and Oneness

We may ask ourselves: How will my life function in the presence of timelessness? As time subsides linear time becomes obsolete. This is what is meant by the end of time. Think about that. Previous timelines of past, present and future will all be simultaneous in the quantum fields of the New Frontier. We learn to live with full awareness in the moment, much like a young child who involves all the senses to give total attention to the activity at hand.

We will discover the gracious art of creating through the heart with love and gratitude, and once awakened to this, there will be no desire to revert to old outmoded ways of living. We will have access to all information that ever was, is, and will be, as we move into the higher expressions of ourselves, and participate in becoming an entirely new species as we metamorphose from homo sapiens into homo luminous.

Homo Sapiens > Homo Luminous

habits > spontaneity

linear time > eternal time

busyness > presence in stillness

striving > allowing

limitation > mastery, unlimitedness

competition > co-operation

predictability > unpredictability

opposites > oneness

struggle and pain > joy and miracles

fear > fearlessness

external laws > motivated from within

separation > unity

density > light

egoic identity > true identity

health challenges > wholeness

time > timelessness

form > formlessness

the illusion > the real

Seers and Shamans Light The Way

Numerous seers, shamans, leaders and way-showers throughout the world may already be experiencing the awakened Cosmic Consciousness of Oneness. Some have become role models paving the way for our homecoming to the Infinite, inspiring participants to seek the truth, and in anchoring the intense new energies.  Many are working assiduously at this golden time of cosmic change to ensure that another long cycle of the duality of opposites never has to be repeated.

In recent years, health issues, scandals, misrepresentation and corruption have thwarted many of these great leaders of integrity and vision from delivering their teachings. On occasion, dark, jealous and corrupt forces have worked to tarnish their credibility and to dilute their messages. Fortunately, in the current energies now facilitating total transparency – people, politics and corporations are being seen for what they are in their true light – or darkness.

Ethical spiritual leaders appear filled with light as their auras expand with vibrancy, and their skin glows with luminosity. Merely coming in contact with them may elevate receptive students to total healing on all levels and to new mystical experiences. It is becoming more common for seers and shamans to dematerialise and shape-shift into other dimensions, bi-locate and spontaneously levitate before their students. Some can access hidden records of the earth to help navigate humanity along the profusion of pathways and bridges to the New Frontier.

Awakening the Slumbering Genius

The road to awakening lies within. Enticements to look outside for the Holy Grail have been instrumental in maintaining the illusion, when all along it has been slumbering within, silently awaiting our discovery.

As we progress through The Shift we experience the full capabilities of the body and mind. When the glands, chakras, pranic tube, brain and high heart in particular become activated beyond their current minimal capacity, perception changes and we live from the fullness of our merged aspects and new mastery. The hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, pineal, and the reproductive glands are the major glands forming the human endocrine system and none of these have been functioning to their maximum capacity. When fully operative these glands secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream that are responsible for the regeneration and transfiguration of the body. By turning within and meditating, and by observing in silence of mind we finally become familiar with the vast being that we truly are, and have been all throughout eternity, as human expressions of the Infinite.

A Glimpse of What May Lie Beyond

Matter is lit from within. Matter is energy and light.

Entirely new modes of living naturally occur in Oneness

Timelessness. Past, present and future being simultaneous.

A life of synchronicity and miracles.

Observer consciousness. Awareness of the very big picture.

Love takes on new meanings.

All needs met for every individual on earth.

Sacred interaction with the environment.

Absent loved ones greeted in the present.

Immense gratitude for learning, love and enchantment.

Changes in bodily needs and functions.

Enhanced abilities.

Wellness, youthfulness, and immortality.

New means of communication.

Access to the archives of the earth and cosmos.

Zest for living, discovery and creation.

Life becomes a work of art and excellence.

Co-creation with spirit orbs, ascended masters, angels, nature spirits and star people.

Exploring celestial holy cities and environments.

Free energy and high technology devices.

Developing a deeper relationship with the Infinite.

Seeing the Infinite in all things.

The mystical gifts that have been there all along, yet hidden become sublimely apparent as we venture to explore what lies within and beyond the New Frontier. It is evident that we only know a minute fraction of what ‘is’, and now, during this Spiritual Renaissance, humanity has the opportunity to make known the unknown, in order to further access the unknowable. Along with dealing with various debilitating ascension symptoms, our immediate challenges are in developing our under-utilised capabilities, and in having the courage to welcome monumental positive change into our lives.

As we open to the new and modify our beliefs and behaviours we come to understand that we are made of many multidimensional aspects. By slowing down and allowing sufficient time to befriend and absorb these aspects we are able to integrate our new discoveries and abilities with ease and without resistance. As we cross the borders into the New Frontier we are welcomed to fields upon fields of glorious experiences silently awaiting our discovery and delight.

About the Author

Cedar Rivers is the author and photographer of the newly released print book and full colour eBook – The New Frontier: multidimensionality

12-12-2012 … A Message from Pleiadian Ambassador Christine Day

12-12-2012 … A Message from Pleiadian Ambassador Christine……

Christine Day, Nov. 26, 2012

Hi Everyone,It has been an intense month and I feel that we are all being prepared energetically to receive the 12/12/12 energies this month.

The Pleiadians have given me some very specific information to assist each one of you in being able to consciously receive the powerful Illumination Waves coming at that time.

My message is longer than usual and it feels very important to share with each one of you. I’ve also included some questions that have come from circles which I feel are relevant.

The Pleiadians are saying there will be a series of Illumination Waves coming onto the planet on 12/12/12. They are asking you to open up to new alliances with pre-agreements that you made before you came onto this earth plane. In order for you to be able to fully take in the energies of the Illumination Waves that will be coming onto the planet on 12/12/12, you need to open up and create new energetic alliances for yourself..

Be aware that the waves will be at their strongest at one minute past midnight until six a.m. on the 12th of December. They will begin to expand again from 12 noon until 3 p.m. on that day.

From 12/12/12 and onwards in your life, you have made a series of pre-agreements to have energetic support. Whether you remember it or not is irrelevant. Now it is up to you to activate these pre-agreements. The activation must come from you and not from the other side.

You need to give your permission and activate your pre-agreements by opening up to whatever energies are there for you. You don’t need to know which ones. You just need to give your permission for the activation. Open up to these energetic alliances on the day before 12/12/12.

It is irrelevant that your ego mind may not understand or know which energetic alliances you are calling forward. You only need to understand that these pre-agreements are something that you have made for yourself to support you now.

So do not let your ego mind say: ‘Well, I’m not sure who I’m calling forward so I am not going to activate any of my pre-agreements’ You don’t want to go there.

The energies must come from you. The same goes on 12/12/12. You need to open up consciously, through conscious choice to call in the Illumination Waves. The energies that will come through those Illumination Waves will align you and birth you into a new aspect of yourself.

The Illumination Waves are designed to activate another level of the crystalline structure in the cells of your body. This crystalline structure once activated will be able to then house another level of your own divine light in your physical body. It will transform your body electrically so you will be able to take in and hold a lot more of your own divine light in your cells.

This is a revolutionary time for us as human beings and at the moment a lot of our divine light is housed outside of our physical form. With the system we have in place right now, we are unable to carry that light.

With the activation of the crystalline structure, you are going to be able to take in and house much more of your own divine light on 12/12/12. The Illumination Waves are designed to bring you into yourself and redesign your system.

Another aspect of the crystalline structure is that activation will more accurately reopen your telepathic communion center. The energy of 12/12/12 holds a sacred energy of communion with the energies, with the Universe. It opens up that sacred communion possibility for each one of us. To come into new understandings, new knowledge – there is nothing new – but receiving the knowledge and ancient teachings that are a part of truth and integrity.

On that day, your cells align to a new level of truth and integrity, allowing you to continue your path forward from that time in a new way; understanding that the whole planet will go through an energetic transformation on that day.

You might say ‘why all of a sudden?’ It’s not all of a sudden! Things have been put in place for some time now for this happening to occur.

The crop circles will be moving into a new birthing of themselves, coming into their fullness for the first time since being on this planet. They will be working in alignment with all the megaliths sites; the sacred sites on the planet. There will be sacred webbing between the megaliths sites and the crop circles, covering the planet and creating a series of ley lines.

We need to become part of that sacred webbing on that day. There is an opening of portals on that day and each one of you have the ability to become part of that sacred webbing. This sacred webbing that is going to birth around the earth plane is part of the really strong transformation of our planet, of consciousness.

Those who choose to align to that sacred webbing on that day will have an automatic connection of telepathic communion with each other. You don’t need to understand so much as be willing to be a part of what you have said ‘yes’ to already.

It’s really about showing up for your appointment and taking your place within what the Pleiadians are calling ‘the grand plan.’ By opening up your pre-agreement alliances the day before, those energies will support you and show you the way and assist you in that process the next day.

You move back to taking your place with the energetic alliances that you have said ‘yes’ to, enabling you to work with on that day and from that time onwards.

We have 12/21/12 as well. Nine days later, where another level of energy is going to come onto the planet for those who have worked with the Illumination Waves on 12/12/12. This day is another strong time to open and receive and allow another level of your crystalline structure to be activated.

You will go through another level of transformation of an electrical energy activating through the body, being able to receive another level of your divine light and have it housed in the cells of your body. On that day, the portals will open again and the sacred webbing around the earth will open up and you will rejoin the sacred webbing on another level.

On 12/12/12 understand that coming together in groups will be very supportive. There is a very important need for those of us who are awake, to come together to anchor and expand who we are at this time. It is important to come together in groups of like-minded people; those who are awake. All people from all paths – there is no separation.

People who are not on the path, after this date will there be a separation from them?

No, absolutely not. The fact is that we have all pre-agreed to awake early, to hold open a pathway for others to follow. If anything we will be more connected. We may not be connected to those who are abusive, controlling, connected to violence, for example. However, we will continue to be connecting with regular people who have good hearts but are not awake.

I live in an apartment? Can I set this all up to do alone for 12/12/12?

Yes, of course.

Will working with the ‘letting go’ energy be supportive on that day?

Yes, remember it is through the letting go energy that you move into your realignments. The letting go energy allows you to leave the 3rd dimensional energy that you are holding, allowing that to drop away in a moment and in that moment realignment can occur. In that one moment when you choose to let go of everything from this earth plane it becomes a very powerful and empowering moment of realignment. It only takes one moment of time for the all the cells to move into a new level of alignment and remembering.

The ‘letting go’ energy holds an alignment energy that will assist you with the Illumination Waves on 12/12/12. You also want to be opening to a receiving energy. It’s very important to allow yourself to consciously open to receive the Illumination Waves.

It would support you to do a vortex of 3 candles with a crystal in the center, which will attract and support the Illumination Waves coming in so the Illumination Waves have an avenue to come through, an energetic structure. Or anything else you feel called to do in setting up a pattern of crystals would be supportive.

I would do all of this the day before. To sit and open to your energetic alliances and feel out what you need to do to create for yourself to receive those Illumination Waves and allow the energetic alliances to support you and show you what is best for you.

Build something for yourself either as a group or an individual but have it done the day before and feel out the energy and make the adjustments. The more committed you are the more those Illumination Waves will work with you. It’s part of you consciously choosing to receive.

If you have a group of people, you might want to set a circle around that vortex as part of the format, part of the ritual or structure. You have some time to think about it and feel out what will work and what feels good.

You may want to have cushions spread out on the floor as an option to lie down because the energies will be strong and you may need to integrate and receive them and then maybe go out to the sky, to the galactic energy and lie on the earth and open to the energies of the stars during that time in the night. Be creative. Feel what is right for you inside. The natural forces are committed to working with you as well. They have a strong energy to support you in the integration of the Illumination Waves on the planet.

Would it be supportive to go to a sacred place?

The Pleiadians are saying that every place on the earth plane will be sacred on that day. The entire earth becomes a sacred place.

So be it.

Have an empowering and powerful 12/12/12.

With love and blessings, Christine

SaLuSa: November 28, 2012

As you are realizing, very few of the long-standing predictions for this year have come true and it has been very much a normal year. There is always much happening of a physical nature which goes largely unreported.

So it is nice to report that little has happened that could fulfil the expectations of those preparing for major upheavals and catastrophes.

You can take much credit for the outcome, as the vibrations of the Earth have been considerably lifted from what they were just a few years ago. The amount of Light attracted to the Earth has lessened the need for more energetic cleansing.

We of the Galactic Federation have also helped by taking part in the cleansing and generally preventing pollution from becoming worse. That also includes Chemtrails which had the potential to seriously affect all forms of life.

Now your path through the final few weeks of duality should pass quite peacefully, allowing you to concentrate on your preparations for Ascension. The best advice is to keep calm and peaceful, and do not let anything distract you from your focus on it.

You will be making history by being one that is actually on Earth to experience everything associated with Ascension. The old vibrations will no longer be able to interfere with your evolution, and in their place will be heightened vibrations that will lift you up. Most of you should register some pleasant reactions to the changes, although for some they will be difficult to assimilate. A total frequency change is naturally far reaching, and all life forms will be affected to some degree.

Dramatic changes will follow Ascension, many of which you should have already experienced. However all will happen in good time, but in quick time, to give you the advancements that should have already commenced, but for the stalling tactics of the dark Ones.

The Dark Ages with all of their limitations will be replaced by one that sees you uplifted in so many ways, and brings the people of your civilization together in mutual love and respect for each other. All past differences will be set aside, to bring you close together in loving co-operation and unity. That will no longer be difficult to achieve, as the false barriers placed between you will fall away as trust replaces the fears created to keep you apart.

You can start now to become your real self, by being outgoing and loving and able to express your true feelings. For too long you have been bound by fear of what others may think of you, that you have even hesitated to show your natural love for others. Find the inner child within your heart that knows not of your doubts and caution, but glories in being able to freely share its Light and Love.

You have been moulded into what you think of as yourself by selective training all through your upbringing. You are being set free to share your enjoyment of life with all others. In the future no one will be offended by a show of love and it will become a quite natural way of greeting each other, as you are all One.

Yes, the meek shall inherit the Earth, and those who have caused so much trouble with their deliberate wars of death and destruction will be removed from your midst. Only the gentle and loving souls shall remain to enjoy a happy and joyful life, such as they have not known in duality.

You have proved that you are mighty souls with hearts of gold, and all will recognize you as Ascended Beings. Your creative powers will be channelled into purposeful creations for the good of all. Hitherto, you have not realized how powerful you really are, and have not been in control of your abilities. Do not worry however as with Ascension your increase in levels of consciousness will change all of that.

You are co-creators with God, and your service to others will take you all over the Universe. You will have unique qualities resulting from your varied experiences in duality. You will be looked upon as the Masters of Light, and help other emerging civilizations to evolve. However, that time lays somewhat ahead of where you are now, but you will be drawn to serve others in that way.

You have had a long and arduous journey, but have gained much that is greatly admired by us. You will take your place along side us as equals, and many of you will choose to join the Federation. You know enough about us now to make such decisions, and our comments apply equally to both male and female. In that respect unlike now, you will both be balanced in the two energies, and the differences in them will be hardly noticeable.

In spite of the turmoil in your world at present the prospect of peace remains very real. It is being approached at the highest level, and the response is encouraging. It is removal of the fear of the big powers that holds smaller countries back, but we can easily maintain the peace once an agreement is reached to disarm.

Peace is an absolute must if you are to enter the higher dimensions, as it will not support the low vibrations of the threat of war. Together with the moves to achieve governmental changes that are also proceeding, dramatic changes will occur that will alter the whole face of your civilization. Then you can add Disclosure, and matters will be able to go forward with all speed. These events are not far away at all, and our allies are working very hard to bring them to fruition.

We clearly place a great deal of importance on Disclosure, as it is a means of bringing us together and entering a relationship that is necessary for your progress. More importantly is our part in overseeing the vast changes to your society, and helping your big commercial companies handle the changes affecting them.

There have to be changes that reflect the need for smaller groups rather than monopolies, and adjustments to new ways of working. You will see that in the future business will be on an open basis, so that everyone will know what is taking place and that it is operating on honest and just principles. That should be easy as those criminal elements that exist in your society now will have been removed.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and want you to remove your focus from the past, and give your energy to the new in accordance with your expectations. That way you will help bring it in much quicker, and also be more prepared for what will take place. We are with you Dear Ones, and it will always be so.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey

The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Reaching Personal Strides, Affecting the Collective and Unleashing the Light Energies Nov 26, 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Energetic upgrades and strides continue to be reached by the collective of Earth, and we are here before you all to give yet another happy energy update. We have only good news to display to you dear souls but as always, you have been going through the [most difficult] of the cleansing that has needed to take place within yourselves and within your outer world.

The benefits that you are to experience as natural results of the clearing and cleansing you have been performing as a collective and as individuals will be simply unparalleled.

The scope of pure, positive change that you are Creating in each and every moment can be very exponential if you dear souls would only allow it to be, as only you can make the decisions and enact the personal changes in your Lives that you know will benefit yourselves and the entirety of the Earth collective as well.

You are now reaching strides wherein you can feel the energetic, emotional and physical effects of the interactions you make with others and of each and every thought, feeling or emotion you bring through yourselves and we are happy to report that you are still being continually showered with pure energies that are indeed increasing in scope and purity with each active absorbing of such energies you perform within yourselves.

There are so many aspects of your inner -Self that are working overtime to see you dear souls as uninhibited as possible in reaching pure states of consciousness by going through various lessons that serve to expose and transmute the former pasts of yourselves that would hold you back forever if allowed, and as you dear souls make the conscious decisions to enact the best known changes within yourselves that will see you better -resonating with and matching the continually-pure realities you are beginning to find and perceive within yourselves, you will completely and totally free yourselves from any possible restraints that would hold you back.

You have given yourselves various things that were placed in front of you during your Earth experience and you have temporarily allowed your experience to cloud your vision but we ask you, are the realms of consciousness you are finding not so very pure? Are you not finding realms beyond your wildest dreams and beyond the scope of what you have imagined is possible?

We ask each and every one of you dear souls to look upon your Lives and the very real yet noticeable metaphysical experiences that many of you have begun to have for indeed, if one’s vibrations are aimed in a certain direction, the higher dimensional and spiritual validations will be endless. We laugh and revel with joy when many of you continually notice signs of your unfolding higher dimensional experience and then get the feeling that you are somehow ‘crazy’ for noticing an entirely new reality and for consciously receiving continual validations of such a reality as you are discovering and Creating it.

We laugh and revel with joy at such an expression or heart set because many of you, when beginning to awaken and understand more fully and purely the concepts of the higher realms, can still take to temporarily allowing yourselves to forget about a few key and fundamental aspects of your reality; one of which being that you Create it with each thought, intention and manifestation you bring through yourselves.

Everything that you are doing, finding and discovering within yourselves is serving to Create your realities, and the planes of full consciousness that you are gravitating toward are literally being pulled-in to your auric field by your vibration, because you are aiming it toward the higher realms and as such, you are naturally attracting such realms to yourselves.

If you attract realities of limitation to yourselves, than you will bring the inherent vibrations that drive such realities unto yourselves and you will Create based upon those vibrations, as they will be the prominent vibrations within your sphere of experience.

What you feel and bring through yourselves will determine the realities you Create because of those inherent vibrations, and many of you are beginning to feel the very real energy transfers that take place whenever you shift yourselves to a state of imbalance. The realities of Source are simply awaiting their time to make their full arrival on your world and we continue to encourage you dear souls wholeheartedly to make your efforts to feel these vibrations; to radiate them out and bring them through yourselves for by doing so, you are and will be Creating a very pure reality.

The task you have at hand is that of Creating an ascended Eden upon a planet who has always been meant to be an ascended Eden but who’s collective have simply acted much farther upon the instated freewill laws prevalent with a third dimensional experience, than was originally anticipated but the collective imbalance that is now beginning to be cleansed and transmuted by each and every one of you dear incarnate Lightworkers and starseeds, is finding its once-strong and prevalent influence diminished in every single moment of your Earth experience.

Our job has entailed sending the energies down that Create your reality in continual purity with each time these energies are delivered, and our doing so is the result of Divine decrees that we have discussed in previous communications.

Before such decrees were made, we were in charge of sustaining your reality and the very energetic framework that forms your reality, by being put in charge of the energy-transfers throughout all different Earthly realms, of the energy that Creates and sustains your realities and your conscious experience. We do not wish for it to seem as if we are solely Creating your reality, for we are only assisting you dear souls in a process that is your own entirely.

You are receiving the energies that Create your reality and helping to deliver your ascension unto yourselves, and whilst we are leaving our specific imprint upon these energies you are the souls who are taking them and exponentially expanding upon the Lighted foundation that they have garnered within yourselves and that you have garnered for these energies, with your mere absorbing of them and expanding upon them in the marvelous and wonderful ways that dear souls are at this time.

The work that you have been performing is and has been so very needed for your dear Earth because She was indeed struggling when the calls were made for the mass migrations of the Light Forces that have been answered tenfold with the presence of each and every one of you Lightworkers and Light bearers who are seeing the ascension of the Earth play-out quite smoothly.

Your actions work in accordance with ours, in that you are maintaining a steady connection with many of us souls and soul-collectives who help to bring the energies through that Create and sustain your realities and that are again, helping you dear souls to ascend at this time.

This energy you are being gifted through your chakras and utilizing to Create your reality-structure and the reality-structures of those around you which are being Created with the same energy through different, individual temples; this has always been the same energy that Creates and sustains your reality and while humanity as a collective has shown different traits throughout different generations and time periods of your Earthly history, the energies have always been the same and the density that has been built up around Earth is at is at its very core, the same higher dimensional energy of Source that can be transmuted into remembering its own inherent and unique connection to the pure energies of Source that it is and has always been.

What we are essentially attempting to communicate is that every vestige of darkness you may find around yourselves is transparent, changeable energy that you can make your Lighted effects on, regardless of the situation surrounding the density you would be attempting to transmute.

This of course, includes the energy that you find coming up from within yourselves for review and transmutation and you dear souls have long been transmuting the bulk of negative energy that has arisen to your surface consciousness for its due acknowledgement, release and transmutation.

The energies behind what you are doing are not just personal, individual or unique energies and rather, what you are bringing through yourselves and Creating on a mass scale with your mere intention to transmute lower and former parts of yourselves in preparation for your personal ascension; the ripple-effects that are Created as you do this grow to such large and collective scales that we exaggerate not when we tell you that what you are doing is affecting the collective ascension plan in very positive ways.

Each and every one of you who are absorbing this communication and every one of you who are not, are making the strongest and purest effects upon the collective as you go through lessons that serve to break down the fundamental nature of what you believe to be true and right within your sphere of experience.

You are being led to give up many of the frustrations you may find within yourselves, and such frustration can be based upon the belief that what is happening to you at the time of frustration is somehow ‘unfair’ or not meant to happen to you for one reason or another.

We speak not of course, of actual tragic events that may manifest in one’s Life and we speak of the instances in your personal Lives which seem to test your ego selves; your patience; your ability to remain in a clam and Loving center despite what you would perceive as a frustrating event occurring. Of course, you dear souls are progressing magnificently along the lessons of exposing and transmuting the always-prevalent ego self, and we hope to help outline some of what you are going through and help you dear souls to reach that moment of clarity and understanding that our perspective is meant, intended and hoped to help you reach and regain within yourselves.

The reason that we deliver our impressions, our communications and our specific perspective to you dear souls is because we feel after much consultation with many of you in the dreamscape, that we have something unique to offer you and your ascension and while we are in no way playing as near or direct of a role as you dear souls are playing with your incarnation unto a world of darkness, we still hope to deliver what could be seen as a helpful perspective.

We are so very happy and honored to be able to help and assist you dear souls in any way that we can and as we have noted before, we will be with you dear souls in your dreamscape to offer personal guidance, Love and companionship.

We are positioned in realms wherein we are able to see, sense and feel much more about your Earth and about your unfolding ascension process than many of you who still perceive within your own individual barriers of limitation may currently understand.

The energy work that forms the foundation of the Creation of your reality is much more important to the Creating and sustaining of your reality than many of your mainstream scientists know or have proclaimed publicly, and we as well as your Galactic brethren will indeed be with you to offer our perspectives and to show you dear souls the true and powerful effects of energy and sound frequencies especially.

Entire advanced technologies are based upon sound frequencies and the energies emanating from sound frequencies, and you will find that the power of energy far surpasses what has been acknowledged or understood within your current society.

There have been the few Lighted souls within your current society who have understood the effects of free energy, of sound frequencies and of the effects that they can have upon your reality, but the most Lighted and knowledgeable teachings have of course been suppressed on your world for so very long. Your society as it stands today is quite orchestrated indeed, and it should be understood that the souls orchestrating your society as you see it today did not expect that they would be dealing with the uprising of the Light that is occurring at present.

The original plan of the dark souls was that their attempted worldly reigns would be made known by the end of your 1990s. However, a very important treaty was signed as many of you dear souls know and have been told, and key [negative extraterrestrial] races who were driving the cabals on your world surrendered over to the side of the Light and have been helping the Light and your Galactic brethren especially, ever since to disengage the dark souls form their positions on your world.

What you are seeing at present is a completely orchestrated and plastic society that is based upon the hollow beliefs and heart sets about reality that a few influential yet private souls have thought up and decided would be the [silent] proclamations to be followed within various societies who are beginning to gain awareness.

The 1960s and seventies on your world proved to unleash an awakening that was not expected by the cabal heads in any way and you dear souls proved in such times and in plenty of other times throughout your history that you do not hear of, that the Light energies simply cannot be ignored and when the treaty of Anchara was signed and key negative factions joined over to the side of the Light, your cabals responded in many ways but were ultimately shown what they are being shown at this current time in much more exponential ways which is again, what they were shown as well in your sixties and seventies; that the Light simply cannot be ignored and will make itself known through billions of willing conduits who are beginning to remember their Lighted and Godly nature.

You are all conduits for the Light energies that you are beginning to bring-forth through and within yourselves and as you find these Light energies that you are at your root and core in increasing purity, you will find as well that your very perspective seems to shift and change in enormous and exponential ways.

Geopolitical and physical matters on your world may be seen to determine the outcome of how events play-out and manifest, but we tell you that your every conscious thought and intention as well as visualization will truly decide how events play out on your world.

The role we are fulfilling currently will be understood completely by each one of you dear souls in the time ahead as you will again, become aware of the reality of energy work and the importance of performing energy work to help cleanse the condition your world has been in. While you have all been steadily integrating the energies that we are helping you to absorb within yourselves, you have continued to but-heads with parts of yourselves who would convince you that your energy work and the necessary transmutations you are performing at this time, are somehow not real or are not helping you along your ascension processes.

As with all matters, we ask you dear souls to have complete and utter faith and to know that all that you are going through and finding yourselves meeting with at this time is not only necessary, real and helpful to yourselves and all those around you; what you are doing is affecting matters on the world stage and is affecting the collective consciousness on a mass scale, and the effects that you are making upon yourselves and each other are Cosmic in scope.

We use this term in an attempt to describe the very large nature of the effects that you are making upon yourselves, those around you and the entire planetary collective consciousness, because we feel the importance that all of you dear souls feel to peek under your instated veil for a moment and see the mass effects that you are making, even if this is only attained by receiving our perspectives of watching you dear souls Create massive Lighted ripples in the collective consciousness of the Earth with each miracle you bring through yourselves, without even realizing as you perform them!

There is absolutely nothing that can stop you from realizing the inherent and pure Light that you can feel and access within and that again, you are. You will indeed be told continually that you are the Lighted and Godly energies of Source, because you dear souls could use the reminder with your perspectives of continually subjecting yourselves to darkness and density that would teach you not to look inward for any aspects of yourselves and instead, to believe that you are only finite and limited beings who must look solely outward to find any aspect of happiness, sustainability or fulfillment in yourselves.

Your very manufactured society as it stands today is built up entirely of hollow beliefs and lies that many souls who have forgotten their inherent and pure connection to their Godselves have attached themselves to and allowed to integrate unto themselves and Create as reality.

As always, the energies you are bringing through yourselves to Create your reality will indeed continue to be purer; not just with every time that you are given them and believe us, you are receiving them much, much more than one ‘time’ per second; this energy will also continue to be pumped-up in purity with every magnificent and powerful gate that you are to pass through, which is represented on your Calendar.

There are many more dates to pass through; some of which you may hear about less and will call for energy to be increased in purity a slight bit, to amp-up the lessons that you are learning which serve to break down and transmute the parts of yourselves who you cannot take with you to the realms of the fifth dimension because of the dense and outdated nature of such parts of yourselves.

We do not point toward [the important] dates as ones for physical manifestation on your world and are simply giving an energetic perspective and a perspective of being in charge of the energies that will be delivered to your reality, and while there is even much about the December energies we are being led not to express through channels because of the sensitive nature of such information; we can say with happiness in our hearts that your planet is to be brimming with the pure energies of Source and you are all going to feel and experience the results your own actions of anchoring the higher realms and the fundamental aspects of the higher realms that you are beginning to establish more fully and feed on your world. (1)

You dear souls are Creating so very much change and each physical action that you perform is aiding the collective in such ways that they will be able to absorb the eventual and inevitable disclosures that will be had for you dear souls, in much easier ways.

This will be because of the foundation that many of you are laying with your involvement in various important things that will bring the higher realms to your world, and we congratulate each and every one of you with supremely-pure happiness, Love and joy in our hearts, for you have long Created the change you have wished to see and you are simply awaiting the final manifestations that will see your world a brimming, higher dimensional Galactic planet.

Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.

(1)-Based on what is said here, I feel the importance of restating my belief that our ascension is a gradual process.

I’m not trying to put down what the Hathors are saying here but I know it could be misinterpreted into thinking that everything will happen in December. I’m sticking with the opinion that this is a gradual process and that it is more complicated than one day or month initiating everything. That is my opinion and may not be yours [or perhaps theirs] but hey, that’s ok! We are ascending either way.

Transending the Illusion of Separation: The place at which a division or parting occurs.

The route of all delusion here in our world, is indisputably the illusion of separation. All separation is merely a psychological misconception, and thus the ultimate illusion. An illusion that when confused with Reality, renders one in a state of painful insecurity and justified indifference to others. It renders one in excessive need for self priority before the consideration of humanity’s collective presence on our planet. It is in this muddied perspective that results in the birth of one’s ego, the definitive mental illness. It is the epitome of societal conditioning. It is in this vulnerability that corporations, the government, and organized religion will sweep in to offer artificial relief from this pain. A privileged aristocracy of illusionists that have conjured the false reality of division to sustain the idea that your servitude is necessary to experience oneness. They sustain your oppression through misconceptions of unity such as nationality, religion, sex, race, age, clothing style, musical taste, etc. Labels that sustain our confusion and delusion of severance. A system that ultimately acts as an anti cosmos of hate and annihilation.

Let us assess this physically. You view your environment, with the ability to differentiate objects based upon the space between them. This does not render them separated though. Our five senses are limited in their ability alone to perceive, so we have created devices that increase the capability of our senses to better grasp our knowledge of the universe. Through these tools and general application of the scientific method to all that is observable, we have achieved the understanding that all that is perceivable is literally physically connected. How could one ever experience a lack of contentment with the knowledge that they are one with all, and that all evolution is a personal testament to the very life that inhabits their body. In relinquishing the vanity of individuality, “I” becomes “we”, and “mine” becomes “ours”. We are mine, and I am ours. There is no self beyond our physical vessel. To believe we are separate from our environment merely because we are not rooted to the ground as trees, is ignorance. Allow your psyche to reconstruct itself with this knowledge. In syncing our perception with with reality as it truly is, we awaken from our nightmare of egotism. Apart from nothing, vain attempts to sustain one’s individuality decay gracefully as the universe opens it’s eyes to witness it’s all encompassing magnificence.

We celebrate our knowledge of interconnection through intimacy, both mental and physical. Genuine empathy is achieved through the realization of interconnection, the indisputable collective energy that is all life and courses through all things. This harmony is achieved psychologically through understanding that we can relate to all things based on mutual drive to create and progress. No longer must you feign interest in relating based upon petty consumer similarities to build relationships with others. We do not need to accept convenient delusions for the false security they yield. You will only discover true security in the understanding that you are one with all. You are consciousness inhabiting the physical, consuming the physical to sustain consciousness. You will discover that love is anything but rare, when you realize that nature and all of humanity is your soul mate. Life is collective and existence is purpose, the will of the cosmos.

– Paul John Moscatello

The manuscript of survival ~ part 228 Tension is Building 11/26/12

Aisha North

Tension is starting to mount in so many of you at the moment, and the reason for this is simple indeed. Your very core is almost roaring with frustration because it is longing to tear itself free from any restraints that are holding you back from thrusting yourself headlong into this immense project of immeasurable importance. You see, although you have all started to build the foundation for your new world, you know deep in your heart of hearts that your contribution to all of this will be so much larger than the one you are currently immersed in. Hence, the growing feeling of impatience in so many of you. This is only normal, because you see that your gifts are sorely needed, so the frustration of being held back as it were is only getting more and more pressing for so many of you. Again, this is only to be expected, but it is also something that needs to be endured, as you all are being kept in check with good reason. Let us explain.

All of this impatience is not anything negative, far from it, but it will feel so to any one of you feeling almost compressed by this need to literally spread out and tackle the challenges you see around you. But you must wait a bit longer before you can start to shine your true colours in earnest, and as always, the reason for this is the same: timing. We have talked about this issue before, so this will be a repetitious message to so many, but we will risk annoying you even further by saying it again. As you know so well by now, this is indeed a very complex and complicated process you are all taking part in, and even if you already by your prowess have speeded up the proceedings considerably, there is a carefully set sequence of events that needs to unfold at the right moment in order for all of this to go as planned. So yes, that dreaded word ”soon” will once again rear its head in these missives, as it is only a matter of time before you can unleash all of your powers into this process of rebuilding and redefining your world.

Time is of the essence, is an old adage many of you are familiar with. Let us rephrase that into ”time IS the essence” here, as what you are using as your instrument in this carefully planned process is indeed time, time in all of its connotation and all of its nuances. Time is as you know a very malleable and powerful source of energy on our side of the veil, and it will become more and more so on your side of the veil too. But as usual, this will be give in increments lest you should all drown if you overestimate your ”swimming abilities” and step too far out into the deep before you are fully prepared to do so. In other words, this plan is steadily unfolding according to the blueprints set up ahead, and there are a multitude of steps that needs to be taken before everything reaches 100% speed and power. So again, you must curb your impatience, or rather, accept it as a ”constant companion” for a little while longer.

And know that this impatience is nothing but a sign of your true powers slowly but surely stepping up and out into the open. And in a very short time indeed, you will be able to let it all out, and then, you will all revel in the joy of being creators in every sense of the word. Until then, know that you are already creating to the fullest of your abilities, that is, to the fullest of your current abilities. But know also that it is not you who are holding yourselves back, it is us, because we know what it takes to be standing in the full force of your light. And so, we will hold you all back until it is time for you to do so. Because then, and only then, will you all have the ability to wield this power of your light in a way that will not be detrimental to yourselves. This is in no way any criticism or rebuke of any of you. It is only a temporary measure to ensure that you all get through this amping up process unharmed and unfazed by what you are about to step into. For even if you are all magnificent already, it is nothing compared to the brilliance you are destined for.

Karen Doonan: High Council of Orion Message for 25th Nov 2012

Greetings dear ones, we are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and support ALL at this time of mass transition and mass heightening of vibration. Those of you who are in the midst of this process we salute you, for you have begun a tidal wave of vibration that is now speeding up the entire process. Those who are now beginning the transition we implore you to look within and to KNOW that this process is one that will bring joy and abundance to you daily life experience. It is heartening to KNOW that ALL are now in vibration with the new earth, even if you read our words and this does not resonate with you at this moment in time we encourage you to carry on and allow the transition to show YOU TRUTH. The new earth is being populated moment to moment and as you begin to release and to anchor the new then TRUTH is revealed to SELF.

Events will now transpire within the human life experience at society level that will confirm our guidance and our support. For as ALL work to release ALL from the bonds of the veils of the teachings of distortion then more is available to see and to anchor. That which you may have glossed over or paid little heed to will now be shown to YOU in technicolour. For many of you are under the impression that only small sections of humanity are able to understand the bigger galactic picture and this is NOT TRUTH. Those who have connected with us are now more able and more willing to state this publicly and this will once more increase the vibration of all. Those teachings that kept their words and their actions below the surface are now unable to hold back to the flood of information that will now begin to pour across and within planet earth and we guide for ALL to realise and accept this.

There are those in the public eye who will now begin to reveal TRUTH to ALL and we guide that this is part of the unfolding. For whilst you believe yourself to be in a minority you are still bound in the veils of the teachings of distortion. The ability for ALL to speak their TRUTH and have that TRUTH heard is now expanding. Support will now show for YOU where it has been “lacking” before. We say “lacking” as that is a human phrase and the one that perhaps best fits. ALL has been before YOU as ALL now is before YOU but the vibration of the planet and of the human race may have hidden this from YOU. As YOU now move in vibration, as the planet moves in vibration and as human consciousness in general moves in vibration then more will be revealed.

Ancient knowledge will now pour across and within planet earth and we guide this is not restricted to “few” for that is not TRUTH. The ancient knowledge is within each and every human BEing upon planet earth for you may be in human form at this moment but YOU are more than human, do our words resonate? Do you understand how the ancient knowledge that YOU contain will now be accessible by YOU through YOU?

THIS is the information that has been kept from your grasp, it has been kept energetically inaccessible to YOU for aeons within your human form and this will now shift and move as YOU shift and move in vibration. Those who are now remembering will continue to remember at deepening levels and we call out to those who are now beginning the process for ALL is a process. Reach out to those around YOU, allow TRUTH to be shown to SELF on ALL levels and as with all information please process through your heart, for the heart KNOWS TRUTH.

The landscape of planet earth is changing vibrationally as YOU change vibrationally and this will continue to expand and grow as once more the energies heighten. YOU have all passed the point of no return and we guide to confirm that ALL is perfect. That which YOU came here to BE is revealed within SELF. Let not another try to hide YOUr TRUE identity for that is not TRUTH and will not be supported by the new earth energies. We ask for ALL to anchor TRUTH and to accept that ALL are vast BEings of LIGHT within the universe.

That which has stopped your inner vision will now be revealed to SELF in order that you dissolve the teachings that have blocked said vision. We ask for ALL to hold SELF in the LOVE that IS and to pour the LOVE that IS through ALL for ALL ARE ONE. Do you understand our guidance dear ones? Do you understand that the great unveiling of TRUTH begins within SELF? Do you understand the need for self to KNOW SELF?

The work done within SELF is the key to the work done at planetary level, for YOU are planet earth and planet earth is YOU for ALL ARE ONE. The planet you have incarnated upon is now aligned with SELF and we ask that YOU align SELF with planet earth. YOU may be a child of the stars but YOU also inhabit the vehicle of a child of planet earth and we guide for ALL to anchor this TRUTH.

“Do unto others as YOU would do unto SELF”, is the phrase that we would guide for you to anchor at this time for ALL are a reflection of SELF. That which you are working to dissolve may be shown through the reflections of those around YOU. That which is trying to be revealed as TRUTH will also be reflected in the mirrors that are around YOU in the form of other human BEings. ALL are reflections for ALL, do you understand our guidance ? our analogy?

TRUTH just IS dear ones, it has no right, no wrong for ALL just IS. As YOU move into balance and harmony this TRUTH will be revealed at ever deepening levels. We are the High Council of Orion and we are here with YOU as you now walk a new landscape. Take time to venture around this landscape for at first it may seem somewhat strange, even “alien” to you but soon YOU will recognise it for in TRUTH dear ones it is YOU. We wrap YOU in the LOVE that IS dear ones and we ask that YOU embrace ALL for ALL ARE ONE. We are YOUr galactic brothers and sisters from the stars and WE ARE YOU.

Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved. Article may be reproduced in its entirety of it remains unchanged and intact and author and authors websites are clearly stated.

Quantum Coherence into the Zero Point Field (Stargate 21st December, 2012)

Template Portal for 12/21/12