Saint Germain ~~ The many chapters of your evolution : chapter Liberation ~~ 30/08/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont

I Am Saint Germain and I wish to speak to you about the many volumes that display your course of life and your evolution, leading up to Ascension. You can easily compare your course of life and your evolution to a book which consists of many volumes and chapters, one even heavier than the other. Humanity in general has now arrived at the chapter entitled ‘Liberation’. Everything builds around this theme and consists of many phases that all lead you to this state of liberation, a fact that is now taking place. Everything cleares itself and dissolves to make way for the gigantic worldly and personal liberation.
The accumulation of negative thoughts and of negativity in general occur in “snapshots” and in phases to then leave your fields afterwards, giving you the impression of being pressured. It is tiresome and it can give you a feeling of being fed up with it all, you feel disenchanted and you wonder why the same things happen over and over again, you wonder how negativity can still be incurred. I can inform you that it is not always the case of negativity being incurred as you only attract what you emit in thoughts and deeds. You are all working very hard with the Light and are evolving into higher and higher Lightbeings. So this is not a matter of incurring more negativity but rather of letting it rise up from your self through your self in order to, once and for all, leave your fields definitely.
In most cases it is a matter of personally accrued negativity which was hidden deep inside yourselves that wishes to leave your fields. But on the other hand there is also collectively accrued negativity that passes through your fields on its way out and that’s the reason why this clearing feels as an unending process as new forms of negativity can come up depending not only on the choices humanity makes but also on the astral world which dwells around you in the form of the 4th dimension. Despite all that you now have begun the phase of the definite clean-up, make no mistake about that. So be grateful and welcome it, it will liberate you and your Mother Earth, and this has to happen one way or the other. The elimination goes in phases and that’s the reason why you all, at regular intervals, are feeling and experiencing this clearing process.
You almost have reached the end of it, my beloved ones, and from now on you will continue to work more on your Ascension process with increased positive feelings and thoughts, that is, the negativity will no longer be of a lasting nature. So focus on positive issues in your personal lives and enjoy the fun moments; do the things you love to do that bring a smile on your face and a magical feeling in your heart. Love, love, love! Love everything around you, love your brothers and sisters, love your life, love your incarnation, love your heart, love your feelings, love your thoughts. In a nutshell love all what you can love and focus on seeing everything around you through rose colored glasses. Love is all there is, Love is all you need. You already know that all too well by now and you are putting that knowing to good use. Keep on doing that, this world can use all the Love that you can give and than some more as Love is always abundantly present. Just Love all, the way that I love you, it is of enormous proportions!
I can assure you that some projects are now coming to the front and more specifically I refer to Nesara and Disclosure. Even as they are connected in a way they are also very different. We work arduously on both of them to get them announced and applied worldwide and we have now reached a milestone in these matters. They have often been stopped in their tracks resulting in unrest and delays but now we are steadfast on our way and they will emerge triumphantly. Together with Lady Master Nada I work diligently at the Nesara project in order to round up the finishing touches which will result in its introduction into your world. Nesara is on its way and almost complete, it only needs some more time to get it introduced the easy way, and since the greatest negativity and the darkest individuals are now removed from your world we are more at liberty to bring this forward. Have faith, it will come to pass as will Disclosure. Do not forget that Disclosure implies more a personal unveiling of issues that have heretofore always remained a secret for you. You determine what will be revealed on the basis of your own creations. I have discussed this in a previous channeling of mine.
Let me say to you, my beloved ones, that I heartily wish to guide you in this chapter about your liberation, as it is my personal task and assistance that I am most pleased to grant you. I do this wholeheartedly as I love humanity deeply. I have had many incarnations on your Earthly plane and I really enjoy meeting with you to share my wisdom and experiences with all of you. I am not out of your reach and remain at your service for ALL of you. So don’t hesitate to call me whenever you are in need of my almighty violet flame, which is at your disposal to use as you see fit. I myself am also at your disposal as the Master of the Age of Aquarius, as the Master of numerous other tests I’ve completely passed  . Now it is your turn to reach the same level and that’s why I am here with you and for you to help ascend everyone, including Mother Earth, to a higher state of being. My I Am That I Am greets you and sends you much heartwarming love.

Saint Germain

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The Council Of The Venus Ray. ~ “Breaking Away From The Herd.” ~ By, Bella Capozzi. August 27, 2012



Finally, it appears we are beginning to witness the sprouting of the seeds of discontent among the masses.  One by one, from our vantage point, we notice that people are beginning to question the things they have always just done because they thought it was required of them; because they felt it was to be expected, or maybe it’s simply that-time-of-year and it’s what you have always been tasked to do.  Much of this we see as part of mankind’s enslavement to linear time and the dictates of a highly flawed calendar system. You have been brainwashed by a scant few who sought-and succeeded-to make you believe that you are free, when instead you have been lulled into a false sense of security and the illusion of free choice.  Until recently, most human beings functioned within a sort of pack-mentality;  person following person,  generation leading generation, performing daily tasks by rote with nary a thought as to why you do what you do or  where it is you might be heading.  It is not your fault entirely, the way it all played out.  You contracted to come here to experience duality,  and might we say-experience it you certainly have!

With the steadily increasing influx of more refined and powerful energies raining down upon the planet, we are quite pleased to observe the positive shift in awareness of so many of you who have, up until this point, been something akin to “fence-sitters”.  Among this large group are included many of your close family and friends-a great number of them members of our ground crew who found themselves swept up by the herd, seemingly unaware of what was happening to them.  Oh, such are the pitfalls of the Veil of Secrecy.  But the lot of us-Human, Celestial, Galactic and Elemental alike-through our combined efforts-have joined together to manifest change.   As our beloved Gaia ascends higher and higher towards her 5th dimensional home, there can be nothing but awakening and dramatic change. 

We strongly suggest you question everything.  That you stop and think before you act or express any long-standing point of view, which is often rooted in conditioning.  Examine from where the thought or action  originates, and why you are choosing to repeat it.  Bear in mind also that you cannot continually do the same thing and expect different results.  What is th purpose of what you are doing?  What is the desired result?  What do you, and the Collective, have to gain?  Does this action stem from the heart, from a higher knowing?  Does it somehow enhance the quality of your Earth experience and the experience of those around you?  Or are you merely repeating an ideology or an activity  because it is what you always have done?   A fine case in point are your holidays.  They occur at regular intervals throughout your calendar year, and their original design was to bring loved ones together in festive unity, to break bread and exchange small trinkets of affection.  Oh, how these simple, lovely gatherings have been  maligned over the centuries!  So many of  you are left dreading these events,  as the “dates” creep up on you and find you short of funds and rendered unprepared.  Rather than looking forward to reuniting with scattered loved ones, you instead feel a sense of fear over the amount of money these holidays shall cost you.  Do you see now how your “would-be-controllers” so insidiously work?  They have taken that which is of the love and light and twisted it into a form of enslavement, addicting you to ritualistic consumerism.  We caution you to resist the temptation to fall into this type of mindset, for even at this late date many such traps still remain.

Envision yourself breaking away from The Herd which dashes mindlessly in circles and stampedes in nonsensical and self-destructive directions.  Apply discernment to the decisions you make for yourself and for your family, as God did not create you to be be blind followers.  You were sent to this planet to lead.  Think about the means by which you educate your children, what you feed them, your choices of entertainment.  To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?  To do what everybody else is doing, while they themselves-the ones you are choosing to follow down the garden path-are utterly clueless as to why they themselves are so engaged at all.  DO NOT confuse the herd-mentality with Unity Consciousness, either, for they could not be more starkly different.  Unity Consciousness is of pure love. It is the gentle coming together as One of All God’s children, for the greatest good of All.  It is The Divine Plan.  In Unity, creativity is relished and commended, as we were designed to be creator beings.  To be wise, unique, magnificent expressions of our beloved Mother and Father.  To experience all the Universe has to offer, to be inquisitive, learn and grow.  Please know and understand this concept well.

Select wisely the direction you wish to take at this time.  Your days as a followers are over, and you are now expected to be the designer of your own destiny.   Seek the loving counsel of your Guides, who adore you unconditionally and carry no hidden agendas or ill-will.  Ask your heart if the advice you are receiving is loving and true, then trust your intuition.  It will not fail you.  We look so forward to the day when we stand face to face, hand in hand, and the flimsy veil which separates us is no more.  We aboard ship grow bored with Old Guard’s infantile machinations and futile attempts at delay.   God’s will cannot be delayed.  And thus it is.

We are The Council of the Venus Ray, in Unison.  May peace be yours.

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Robert W. Kryder ~ Egypt Secrets – Unknown Formation In The Desert August 27, 2012



Robert W. Kryder ~ Having a never ending curiosity and having wondered for many years, what would be the result if I had applied the secret template ciphers I know and use here in the USA to Egypt? I had been involved with coded systems all around the world vicariously an example would be leading a party from monument to monument over the phone from Africa. Research had indicated over the years that many who used these codes adopted them from others who adopted them from Egypt. So I decided to conduct a basic large scale layout test.

Knowing the core cipher in the “code” is the same world wide, I examined Abydos, in particular the Osirion (as this location is one of the few that exhibit structures from the “first-time”). Then applied the numbers/ alignment hidden in the architecture to the known template ciphers and within days made amazing and even disturbing finds across 100′s of miles of the deserts of Egypt. I had sat alone in my shack and done it. 48 hrs in solitude with my curiosity on the throttle and expertise at the wheel…. And wow!

The Template ciphers are very ancient with their base form originating from the math of creation / reality. The same math used to study fluid flow, electrical dynamics, magnetic fields to gravity and black holes. It incorporates tetrahedral math and explains the nature of torsional forces and angular momentum on “space-time” or hyper-dimensional physics. These same template forms are represented everywhere on Earth. Such as Mandalas and sand paintings of Tibetan priests and Native American Elders of the Southwest USA. In architecture and construction, city planning and roads, in religion myth and legend, in story and song… This math and its geometry was used in pre-deluge times, 10,000bc to 30,000bc+ not just as a symbol with reverence but in technology and everyday life to offer a 20,000 year run of a virtual utopia. It was again the miss-use of the same that ended it all. After which the knowledge became secret and emulated by elite groups to put themselves above the rest. For at least 6,000 years it has been incorporated world wide, again in temples, cities, roads etc… But this time kept under wraps and out of site or hidden from the masses. The earliest maps known are of mining areas and mining colonies and adopt this template cipher system. The Jesuit priests and Triad of the Orient use the numbers in initiation rights. The Nordic use the numbers in their sagas and so on.

It is highly possible that if their is truth to the Sumerian texts that indeed the entire world was mined under one rule. The evidence would support this. It also suggests that after that rule the knowledge was remembered by separated groups worldwide. Each retaining a “symbol” that portrays the same template cipher. Giving each group an identity of those that knew or retained a portion of the hidden past and its math and technology. Symbols such as the cross, the spade, the heart, diamond, four leaf clover, the yin yang and so on… All of which can be laid directly on the main template with perfect alignment.

It took me over 2 decades to figure it out and find the base template. But it is the key to breaking them all worldwide. There is indeed more to it than just reading them all as they as well represent the intellectual minds of every man who used it. The manner in which it was used is as then as diverse as the men who used it as well.

Egypt represented an opportunity to apply this all to the time of the “Mega-builders”… The time of wonder, “when men of Earth traveled the stars”… Using this system in Egypt offered validation to the whole once more.

From still buried and some excavated pre-deluge 10,000 to 30,000 year old structures / cities, geo-glyphs of aircraft, Ancient city sites blasted by craters to 1000′s of tombs (many raided with bulldozers using industrial mining techniques). Areas came to light with massive above ground structures built on sacred mathematical layouts. Some featuring modern excavation revealing very very modern looking building of massive proportions. There has been talk these could be ancient “space-ports” mentioned in historical texts.

Although these have little to do with the time frame of my previously found “sidewalk” route through the “tomb valleys” and royal geoglyphs… They are connected by virtue of their nature and connections through history to the more modern surface geoglyphs and lanes of travel over the ancient buried causeways, buildings and waterworks.

The first application was to map the Osirion in the right manner as to reveal not only the numbers and alignment system used but as well how to apply these in this historical context. Meaning not only does this provide the numbers for the cipher but as well only other sites correlating to this building will be indicated.

The alignment numbers of the Osirion are based on 305 degrees by 35 degrees. So any structures sharing this base alignment and on specific coded bearings and distances and found by prediction using the known ciphers are indeed connected. Simply by knowing where to start the “path of travel” or degree bearing from a given point (in this case at the top of the Osirion ramp) and just extending the 305 line features were found as expected. Then by taking a certain number and subtracting it from the 305 deg another line was extended slightly south. By using another set of numbers as the distance, a massive- 140+ ‘ long assembled stone geo-structure-glyph of an arrow was revealed in the desert surface. I took note that the extended line did not touch the shaft or tip but rather ran across one edge or the arrow head. This indicated that something is on this line and “secrets”. It also means that is not the end of the line! Beyond this a few miles the extended line hit the exact apex of a massive pyramid compound with walls its outer walls exceeding 1,600 ft per side! In the center lies a perfect non-weathered pyramid about 42′ across at its best. The walls and enclosure would seem to be made of Andesite blocks. The main point and one that indicates the possible materials used in its construction is this. The Osirion is built from Andesite blocks because it is the most durable material available anywhere. This new found structure and all its connected features are aligned with and were revealed by the Osirion itself. Also, this structure in particular is also built on the same 305 deg x 35 deg alignment and is in perfect order to the scale of the Osirion. The highest possibility at this point is that they were not only made at the same time but are made of the same materials. In fact the entire nation wide hydraulic system and other features appear to be the same material; and as well been made at the same time.

The best indicator so far as to material construction and the age, is a huge crater blasted into the aqueduct feature itself in a remote area. This crater literally bisects / dissected the feature allowing inspection. The dimensions of the blocks themselves are visible on (2) that were ejected from the impact over 240′ away. The material of the blocks themselves being durable enough to take impact energy like that and not have been completely pulverized… Sandstone or Limestone would be powder and Granite would have shattered… The block material would have to be extremely dense with a durable lattice as its matrix. The size is consistent to other megalithic structures . The most important detail it the weathering, oxidation, patina and how this compares to the surrounding surface. It is more than obvious that water flowed around the blocks for a long time… then the desertification occurred and patina accumulated over thousands of years. The impact hit the aqueduct feature long before the flowing water stopped and the forests dried to deserts. Meaning the feature was even far older than that.

This is just all just a tiny fraction of the details we have studied over the vast network of structures. Many sites were studied and traits from all of them have been included in determining what we have.

Even what appears to be fossil buried or maybe even vitrified cities of massive proportions. These with normal scale cities built within their remains. Anomalies like craters, strange landforms and strange structures dot the surface but only at specific alignments. What has now been revealed with some clarity is a massive mathematical layout well over 1000 miles across that every major site seems to be situated on. Indicating a plane for not just a city but a plan on a “country” wide scale. With everything planned in advance and the infrastructure installed first. Even to this day, there is NO known pre-planned infrastructure that comes close to this scale. The most important find thus far is what appears to be a “country wide” ancient aqueduct system and thousands of surface canals. The math used in the topographical layout, measurements between features and the surface geo-glyphs all share the same meaning and all having to do with water or its control and utilization. The photos in this album represents a small fraction of the discoveries we have made so far and only reveal a glimpse of the over all context and its impact on known history.

The 40 or so pics here are of just a few locations I have discovered and I have not shared the rest with anyone as of yet… I just revealed enough to test the waters. The rest will come to light when we know the right door is open. We require funding but don’t wish to attain the wrong partners…. The spot is open for the right interested party.

Go to this link below for more incredible pictures


Robert W. Kryder
CEO/Project Manager, Kryder Exploration LLC


BAST. “You Are Powerful, Immortal Beings Of Light.” By Bella Capozzi (AuroRa Le). August 24, 2012


▲ No longer shall you need to swim against the currents, oh Mighty Warriors, but in the days to come you shall flow smoothly with it.  Through it.  This gentleness, this symmetry is what is soon to become your reality upon the eradication of the pervading darkness.   Where now you see only limitation and lack of viable options, you shall soon behold incredible opportunities to spread wide your wings and soar as the birds do.  You currently find your manifestational skills grossly inhibited, and this is due simply to the way your minds have been trained to perceive only  obstacles.  Even though your heart is wise and knows otherwise, the voice of the ego tells you all the reasons why what you so desire is impossible.  But now that pessimistic voice finds itself silenced by default, as the pure energy pouring forth in great waves can no longer support it.  Try telling this pessimism, should it creep up unawares, most emphatically, “No. Stop. Go away.  I hear you no longer.”  Your glass is neither half empty nor half full.  Instead, it is filled up to the brim and overflowing with endless possibility.

▲ So, say that now you have mastered this new way of being and gradually you begin to accept and live by the dictates of your heart.  Soon your creations take form before your very eyes, and you are astonished!  How simple this is, is it not?  How much easier and more enjoyable is this way, rather than the stifling and exhausting process  of old.  Be it good health, freedom, or a bit of luxury now and again-what you choose to manifest matters far less than does the manner in which you bring it forth.  Be at peace in the certainty that the Universe is a most generous and dependable provider.  Then at long last experience a welcome cessation of the struggle.  Your incoming New World is one which is absent of greed and malice, with all of mankind starting over on a level playing field.

▲ You are powerful, immortal Beings of Light, sovereign in your own right.  Confuse not the suit of flesh you wear with whom you truly are inside.  It is a common mistake to think the attributes of the character you contracted to play in this lifetime is in any way what solely defines you.  Now you are tasked with the peeling, or might I say the ripping away of the layers of the facade.  Within, you are loyal, cultured, valiant, all-knowing…  Need I go on?  Your careful selection for this most serious mission was based on your exemplifying the very essence of all that is fine and good-whether you are aware of these qualities within yourself or not.  Respect yourselves for who you are, and respect others.  Respect Gaia, your Mother, your life-giving force, and bestow upon her the honor of which she is due.  Be ever confident in your innate ability to see her through this oftentimes painful transition.

▲ Also, you are curious beings, by nature, and I see this as a good thing.  It is your curiosity which shall lead you to uncover the truth of who you are, and to cast asunder the obsolete culture in which you now live-a culture constructed from lies.  This curiosity can always be counted upon to spur you on to seek more, to know more, to be more than the helpless and clinging creatures the Old Guard would have you brainwashed into thinking you are.  Do not ever meekly accept that which fails to resonate deep within your core.  Understand this as a warning that this is someone else’s truth, and not your own.  Seek and persist until such time as you find an answer which satisfies.  Your grand adventure does not stop with the Earth’s ascension.   Know that you shall never stop growing and expanding. Your light continues to shine ever brighter, Warriors, and all the Universe is yours.


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 We are YOU!
Beloved Ascending Ones,
We, The Arcturians, observe that many of you are having a challenge during this final stage of integration of your new, Multidimensional Operating System into your old, third dimensional thinking. In other words, a part of you is fully multidimensional while another part, usually your earth vessel, feels like an anchor that you are dragging around with your consciousness. Actually, that is a correct metaphor. YOU are no longer your earth vessel, but you are still using it to remain attached to the 3D Earth Matrix.
You are much like a Hermit Crab who has grown too large for its current shell and is desperately looking for a larger encasement so that it can still crawl around the ocean to find food. Just a Hermit Crabs sometimes leaves the water, you are increasingly leaving your usual habitat. For myriad lives you have limited your environment to the physical plane. However, the physical reality is beginning to feel like a shell that no longer fits.
The frequency rate of the YOU that is free of your vessel is many octaves higher than the vessel that you appear to be wearing. Hence, there is a constant juxtaposition between the YOU inside your earth vessel and the YOU that is quickly expanding beyond the confines of third dimensional limitation.
There are, also, many changes in your consciousness that are making your earth vessel feels too tight. For example, your thoughts have become too fast for your physical articulators to effectively express. Furthermore, your emotional longing for something that is seems impossible by the standards of your physical brain make you lonely and forgetful. Thus, you are beginning to forget, but it is third dimension that you are forgetting, while your yearning for something new is growing stronger.
Things, activities, people, foods and interest that were once very important are beginning to mean less and less to you. The time-bound thinking that has driven you to do a certain thing, be a certain place or finish a certain task by a given time is falling away. You are literally forgetting that which you do NOT want to do. Instead, you are choosing to follow the urges of the New You.
Who is the New You? This You is definitely not the person you have always been. In fact, you would never have dared to believe that you could become the version of your SELF that is gradually, or swiftly, taking over your ever changing and expanding life.
The part of you that cared what you should do has been replaced with the New You that only wants to do what you want to do. YOU want to do only that which fills you with this new feeling of calm, contentment. You have gained an inner faith (or is it courage?) that allows you to live via your own, inner compass. Therefore, even if it means changing your entire life, you are willing to follow this expanded experience of reality that is arising from within your Core.
Of course, the usual challenges are there, for now, but you have a knowing that things are about to change in a very big way. You are not sure in which way your life will change, but you know that YOU will change it. For one thing, you know reality is different because you are changing how you perceive life.
You are choosing to keep your mind open and your heart filled with unconditional love. You can only do this because you have chosen to listen to your SELF and are no longer a captive of a reality forced upon you by someone else.
“Someone else” is a term that is beginning to mean something different. It used to mean every one, but now it feels like an old term that is no longer necessary in in your language, much as a “buggy whip.” You don’t drive a horse drawn carriage, so a buggy whip is not needed. In fact, if you or when you do drive a carriage, you would not want to whip that majestic animal who is doing you a favor by pulling your carriage.
In fact, you have a growing respect for all animals. Hence, you no longer feel that you are superior because you have two legs and they have four legs, or no legs. You now perceive animals, as well as plants, as living creatures that have the same rights as you. Being a human is no longer being the most evolved being when you realize that some animals, such as the cetaceans, are just, if not more, evolved than humans.
The former superiority of your ego is shifting. In fact, you are beginning to grow beyond the confines of ego. Whereas once you identified yourself as your ego and only occasionally listened to your Inner Voice or your Higher SELF, now you ARE your Higher SELF and your Inner Voice is YOUR voice. Your ego still exists, but it has been relegated to care and maintenance of your earth vessel for as long as you decide to keep wearing it. This vessel is feeling very tight lately, and it seems VERY slow.
Your mind often races far ahead of your body and your brain. Your brain, once only connected to your earth vessel, is now connecting to your Multidimensional SELF. Because of this new connection, you are receiving many messages from the higher frequencies of reality. Some of you receive these messages in your dreams, some of you receive higher message through your thoughts and writings, and some receive messages through emotions or even actions.
Through whichever manner you are wired into your higher perceptions, you are receiving more messages than before, as well as messages from higher frequencies. Of course, not everyone is on the same fast track as you. However, they may suddenly awaken one day and flash into a full awakening.
You are the Openers. You are the first ones to open the myriad Portals into the fifth dimension. Also, you are the ones that will stand by that open Portal until everyone has gone through. “The first will be the last.” However, that third dimensional term does not exactly explain what we are saying.
You, the Openers, volunteered to be the leaders of this Planetary Ascension. Therefore, you serve as the Scouts who go ahead into the unknown and come back to tell of your experience. You dash into the Bliss of the NOW, and courageously return to tell of your trek. You have become masters of saying things in a specific manner so that you do not frighten your audience.
There are still many who are still fast asleep. If you awaken them too suddenly they will experience fear, which would lower their consciousness rather than raise it. To best “read” the needs of the ones you are assisting, go into your own Core and look IN to the ONE.
From within your inner perspective, you will KNOW just what to say and when. In this manner, you can keep you ego out of the picture and speak only form within your Core of SELF.
A blessed side effect of assisting others is that you will be using the immense, higher-frequency light coursing through your body. The energies that you are now downloading and integrating into your form need to be kept moving.
        Therefore, when you are conscious of this incoming energy:
Accept it
·      Share it with Gaia
·      Integrate it into your body, consciousness and life
·      Love it unconditionally
·      And send it out to your reality
Once the energy is sent out, surrender to whatever higher purpose you have initiated. This act of surrender assures that your 3D ego remains dis-engaged and that YOU are merely serving as a step-down transformer.
Remember that YOU are the Portals that you opening. Some of you have within your Mission the ability to see Gaia’s many Portals and to then open them. Some of you have the ability to perceive the Portals within other humans and to assist them to open their own Portal. By surrendering to the Flow of the unconditional love embedded in the incoming multidimensional light, you are serving as a messenger for your highest expression of SELF.
Beloved earthbound expressions of your Multidimensional SELF, your path of incarnation is coming into a steady curve. That which was once determined from your external world is being replaced by an internal compass which re-calibrates with your every step. As you return to the NOW of the ONE, thoughts feel like an echo and emotions are becoming a way to perceive your reality. Your movements become flowing and your creativity burst forth into full bloom.
Your once “far-away” guidance is within your every thought, and the unconditional love that you only felt in deepest meditation or prayer is becoming normal. You are very different than you have ever been because you are returning to the Core of your Eternal Being. Honor yourself with your every breath, for YOU are vital to the process of Personal and Planetary Ascension.
You have studied, suffered, forgotten and remembered that which is now easily within your grasp. Reach inward to receive these truths and allow them to meld into the Three Fold Flame of your High Heart. Look inside to see us, your Higher Expressions.
Through many lives of limitation, separation and duality we were with you. We held you hand in your darkest night and filled you with joy and bliss when you were able to receive it. Through your myriad lives, you may have felt alone, but we have never left you. How could we? After all, we are YOU!

The Arcturians and your Galactic Family



Saint Germain ~~ Your own Creation and Your own Disclosure are now becomming more visible AUGUST 21, 2012

Dear Ones,
I am most pleased to speak to you today while the most intense changes are happening on your world. I like to step forward in this very positive momentum which is currently at hand. As an Ascended Master I really do value your evolutionary process, for you have moved many mountains as it were, in a short period of time. It is now of utmost importance to continue cooperating in these matters as this is really necessary to bring the two great common projects to complete fruition namely Ascension and Disclosure.
Disclosure in itself can be seen as the unravellings of certain issues that have heretofore remained secrets for all of you. Afore-mentioned unravellings are now pushing very hard to get released on your world, my dear ones. The invisible barriers are now fully lifted allowing the secrets to be unveiled to find their way through the chaos. For there will be chaos, but only for a little while. A few ‘outbursts’ have to happen firstly before the new paradigm can surface to take its rightful place. Collectively as well as personally you are all finding yourselves at present In this phase of opening-up. Assist this opening-up phase consciously as it is necessary.
We have arrived in a time of great Glory that is awaiting us all and I really do mean all!! Including the Ascended Masters, the guides, the Archangels, the Galactic Brethren, the Inner Earth civilization as well as the countless “ethereal” worlds and the little creatures who dwell  on Earth amongst you. It is a time of gathering, of reunions, of cooperation and of mutual Love. Great Awakenings will unfold amongst humanity and on your beloved Mother Earth thanks to the arrival of endless Love – and Light energies. She will be able to firstly show Her true nature to you, and then you will follow in Her footsteps.
Everything will change and will look astonishingly beautiful as seen from your inner Self. You are about to reach the state of pure Love in which you will feel and be Loving for one another. From this state of pure Love your perceptions will change as never before ; all that used to be important will no longer be so, all that once was solid, that gave a sense of security will cease to be that way. Mother Earth will transform in a beautiful Light Sphere and She will softly shake off her skin, which for centuries has held Her captive in a low vibration. Be happy and be very grateful for this transformation is the most beautiful gift that humanity can witness and experience. You are the wonderful souls that were chosen to make this all really come to pass! To lift everything to a higher level and to enlighten not only yourself but also the whole of humanity and the Earth. You have chosen to accomplish this feat even from the most difficult, heavy of circumstances.
At first nobody knew with certainty if this had any chance of success ; that is, it had never been done before to accomplish this feat starting from these very low vibrations in which lots of negatitivy were rampant and in which you were belittled and on top of that, you had to endure this all while inhabiting a limiting physical body. This really hadn’t been done before in an Ascension process. And since this is a planet of free will, it is not always evident to know where we can interfere and where we can’t. We have permission to interfere where needed and many times we do so in the worst cases; but on the other hand sometimes things happen which are chosen on a collective scale and where intervention is prohibited … This has to be respected.
Now I, Saint Germain, say wholeheartedly :”Well done!” You have succeeded in almost finishing up this whole Ascension process and you are well on your way to reap the fruits of your labor in the form of your deliverance and your Self-knowledge which will finally be yours again. You are the most fantastic souls who were able to succeed against all odds and who have forged ahead to such a degree that there’s no way back anymore! The Light has won on all fronts now and no amount of darkness will be able to pierce through without itself being affected by the Light. Many attempts have been nullified and still the dark ones try to undermine the efforts of the Light but to no avail ; they can no longer hold any influence over your world and the Light. Their attempts are futile and are weakening gradually to disappear altogether.
Let the last of these dark souls depart ; you will be able to feel them due to the collective link through which they leave. You will very soon now be able to get a glimpse of your inner world which you have created around you. You are the creator of this new world and you will see which personal changes are evident and which veils of your own new world will be lifted. Be aware that I am referring to collective as well as personal changes. The changes that are obvious in your world will differ from the changes that will happen to somebody else’s world on so many points. And so it is quite possible that a particular soul will not see specific changes that are obvious to another soul : it all depends on what you have created and on your level of consciousness. Determine for yourself what you want to create and what changes will become apparent for they are personal! All that you have created from your inner being will be reflected in your outer world.
I AM Saint Germain.
Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.


Archangel Indriel. “Nothing Short Of Amazing.” By, Bella Capozzi (AuroRa Le). August 20, 2012


~ Greetings Dear Ones, I am Indriel.  Though I may at present seem unfamiliar to you and quite far away, I am not.  Of this I most emphatically assure you.  You are loved unconditionally. You are protected, guided, and ever being shown the way.   We, your Guiding Force, are never judgemental, and are tireless in our support of any and all of your endeavors.  Be they riddled with pitfalls or rooted in high consciousness, we are here to support you, regardless.  Always.  We are instructing you now, with increasing frequency, to break free of the rigid conditioning which taught you reliance only on your 5 bodily senses.  Just as your chakric system has activated and expanded well past the original 7, so it is true of your sensory body.  The time is upon you to discard the old teachings once and for all.  You are amongst the first to have discovered the realization of who you truly are, as is only fitting, for you are the Wayshowers and have come here to lead.  Redefine what you think of as “real.”  Strike form your vocabulary words such as “crazy”, eccentric”,  or “unrealistic.”  For if it is unrealistic to seek and enjoy communion with the higher realms-at least in accordance with the old ways of thinking-then let it be so.  Although you know in your heart that only those things you find within your heart are what’s “real”; only guidance from on-high may be unconditionally trusted and relied upon.

~ Watch as the harsh illusions of the 3rd dimensional world drop away.  You have selected your timeline wisely, should you be experiencing a lightness and a detachment from anxiety, hatred and beliefs of worthlessness and limitation.  Feelings of peacefulness, joy and synchronistic events-these are the clues which tell you that you are on the right track.  A wide variety of choices have been made available to everyone incarnate at this time, as not all desire or have contracted to have the same experiences.  These varying scenarios manifest as invisible timelines, roads leading out of your current paradigm.  Compare them to the branches of a tree.  They grow off in all directions, and can be straight or twisting, smooth or gnarled.  Occasionally, they may briefly intersect.  Some are longer than others and some appear quite dead; they are parched and barren.  Whilst others are lush and green, and ripe with flower and fruit.  It is your choice.  It always has been yours, and only yours, to decide.

~ Travelers on the Paradise Roads are being strongly advised to cultivate the virtue of patience.  You are exhausted from your journey, which for so many of you has spanned lifetimes numbering in the thousands.  We understand this, and feel great compassion.  You who are reading these missives have more likely than not been an original part of the Great Earth Experiment, in some capacity or another,  from it’s very beginning.  You may well have been one of the designers of it!  You’ve fought valiantly and hard, and now you are at the conclusion of your journey.  Just a little ways more, Brave Ones, we promise you.  Trust what your heart is telling you, which is that the end is openly in sight.  What awaits you at the end of your chosen road is reality, exactly as you designed it, and it is nothing short of amazing.

~ I caution you not to disregard the pretty pictures which present themselves to you whilst immersed in meditation.  Or in what you think of as the dream state.  It is not.  Not any longer.  Not for you.  What you are seeing are brief glimpses of your creations come to life.  So, if what you see does not suit you, then refine it some.  You are also working with us, healing, learning, familiarizing yourself with that which you forgot.  Is what you see too beautiful, is what you feel too magical to be real?  Then yes, by all means-should “real” be defined by your 3rd dimensional paradigm, than indeed it is not real in that way at all!  All that is fanciful and unreal by definition in the existing world of duality is most assuredly awaiting you once you leave it.  You have a quaint and humorous expression in your language, which refers to something deemed impossible…you say, “When pigs fly.”  Well, I ask you then, why should they not?  Should not fish dance and dogs sing like songbirds, if they so choose?  Alas, time is short and you have much more to do, Lightworkers, for the masses still think the answer to those question would be a resounding no.  They are in for something of a shock, the Dear Souls.

~ So in closing, I assign you a daily silent meditation.  One in which you nobody guides you save yourself.  No music.  No talk.  In a darkened room you must do this, so you are able to practice expanding your inner sight to extend to your outer world.  Increasingly,  you shall be able to perceive sparkles of light, and eventually small orbs.  Though it is not necessary, as I stated earlier, to use your physical sight-many of you still need that extra validation, that small vote of confidence from us that tells you, “Yes.  We are here.”  Go deep within your Self  and have faith in what you find there.  Embrace your magnificent new reality and slowly begin to live it.  Such is the way of manifestation.  And with that I shall conclude. 

I Am Indriel.

Copyright © Bella Capozzi.  All rights reserved.  You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.


SaLuSa, August 17, 2012

You will know that for a long time we have been working on various issues that have held up progress. Perhaps even we have underestimated how difficult some have been, but we now see that our allies are on the verge of making a sudden breakthrough. We will refrain from being too precise but this time events will be too big to hide away, and the media will be unable to continue ignoring them.

The developments in the financial sector will show that whatever they do now, they cannot return to the old ways and will have to accept vast changes. We are at a point when the only answers are for the big Banks to accept the new set up that is ready to be installed. There is nowhere to go that will allow them to resurrect the old system, and it will soon become defunct. That will effectively give our allies the green light to go ahead and introduce the new one.

There are other matters rapidly coming to a head and to enable governmental changes, we are pressing our allies for once and for all time to remove those who do not serve you. That is going forward at a faster pace, and you may get advance information from other sources than our own. However, no matter how it emerges it will be good news, that will show you that much has been happening of which you have been unaware. Our wish is to see all activity brought into public view, so that in future you know exactly where you stand.

For too long we have had to keep details under wraps, and even now we are still careful as to what we reveal. It is a matter of keeping our plans to ourselves as far as possible, and stopping interference with them from those still loyal to the Illuminati. Some are of course bound to them through bribery or blackmail, and still fearful of the consequences of disobeying them. We have however invited them to join us and grant asylum so that they are not in danger. That does not mean that they get away with their crimes, but that is not a matter that we will deal with and is best left to the higher forces. Since justice is always seen to be done, there is no point in wasting your energy by being concerned about the outcome.

You are entitled to know who and what was behind the heinous crimes against humanity. In the knowing there are also lessons for you, otherwise you will find it hard to accept that as a collective you allowed them to occur. In many instances you have effectively given your approval by not preventing them. However, the dark Ones are very manipulative and deceitful as otherwise they would not be able to carry out or get away with their crime. It has also required extensive collusion with those who have carried out their bidding. Duality has certainly taught you many severe lessons, but also many beautiful ones as it has by no means been one sided. Now that period is comlng to a close you can return to your true reality.

As the truth is revealed it will also bring people together as far as their understanding of what God is, or is not. The truth will no longer be able stand side by side with that which is false, and you will find that many teachers have had their words changed to suit the ambitions of those who desired to control you. Indeed, they have also made additions to support their own interpretations. No one teaching is really better than another, although some have a more accurate explanation for God. He/She is not in the image of Man, or an individual as you would understand it. God is the very essence, the energy that everything has its existence within. God is Love and all powerful and is the Father/Mother of all life. We acknowledge the Source and give due gratitude for all that we have, the most precious being life itself.

Where you have as you might say, gone astray do not worry about the consequences. Duality is for experiencing and spiritual growth, and having lost touch with God you have gone your own way and relied on your conscience to guide you. Unfortunately Man has always had a herd instinct and has usually followed the leader, and been led far from the Light and Truth. Now you have risen up again and thrown off the shackles of the dark Ones, and are returning to the Light. That has attracted the attention of those who guide you as you are now responsive to their presence and “hear” their advice and respond to their promptings. If you have not been aware of it, try sitting quietly and relaxing, and you will most likely start a conversation with your Guides or Higher Self.

For those who are still preparing for Ascension the advice is to hold your energy close to you, and not give it away to situations that have been emotionally stirred up by the actions of the dark Ones. It is too easy to become angry at their actions, and if you have reached a level of control you can avoid it, and you will be all the better for it. Keep calm as you will have plenty to be happy and joyous about as the future is revealed to you. Let go of the old ways and live as you envisage life will be after Ascension. It will be some of the happiest times you have ever experienced, and this period and those before it will seem just as a bad dream. Get ready for sudden changes that are about to enter your lives and will confirm that you are moving out of the legacy of duality, and from the Illuminati who have exploited it for their own ends.

Many times you have asked why we do not simply take over matters, but we have to say that it is impossible unless we are given divine authority. We have often mentioned that we are careful not to interfere, and that is because duality is an experiment. The aim was to find out what you would do if you were separated from God, and each and every one of you volunteered to take part. The reward for you was the experience that you would gain, that would speed up your evolution beyond anything in the normal way. That meant you had to be responsible for your actions, so it would have been taking it away from you if we did intervene. We have to tell you that our authority has now been extended to allow us to take some situations into our own hands.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and close with our love to you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

THE CRYSTAL DOLPHIN POD. “Sing Songs Of Victory!” By, Bella Capozzi (AuroRa Le). August 17, 2012

❁ Oh, Dear Cousins, is it not wondrous?  How quickly we are moving up in vibration and so very expediently we are shedding the old, dead skin of duality.  Sing songs of victory, for The Light has won!  Spin about with arms spread wide, and open your sweet selves up to the  abundance and unconditional love being rained down upon us by our most benevolent Creators.  The time is now, so live it.  Delight in being everything you can be!

❁ We applaud your fine work, both within your beings and across the planet, as a whole.  You are being heralded as having achieved the impossible-or what was once thought to be impossible-and you have successfully initiated Gaia’s upward climb out of the lower densities- then up into her hard won position in the 5th.  Brilliant!  Yet, there is much more work still that remains to be done.  It is simple work, really, and only requires that you simply BE the unconditionally loving, fully enlightened Masters that you are.  Could it be any easier, truly?  We think not.

❁ Whilst in the throes of raucous celebration, we charge you to be mindful of your brothers who are soon to find themselves caught brutally unaware.  The end result of the changes are for their own greater good, as you know, yet they shall not see it that way, initially.  Be compassionate, Cousins, and think;  how shall they feel when they discover that the house they carefully constructed has been built on nothing more than a foundation of shifting sand?  There is a tendency in the human psyche to unexplainably delight in the misery of others.  In some way, this allows the one not encountering the misfortune to feel a false sense of superiority in some way, to feel somehow safer;  to look upon that other one in contrast and assume that, by comparison, their own lot is not so bad, at that.  Be on guard for this lower way of thinking, as it is insidious and might creep up unnoticed.  Watch for this type of behavior in the less aware, and gently set them to rights.  Be a bright and shiny example to the young souls who shall follow your lead.  Time to practice what you preach!

❁ Humanity is in dire need of your intervention.  Linear time draws short, and for a good many of you, it’s well past time to set your old baggage at the curb.  Should you find yourself behaving toward your bother in any manner other than one of unity consciousness and light, check yourselves and do it quickly.  You are of a need right now to examine any lingering exclusionary and belittling behaviors.  Might there remain still some things which need to be addressed;  issues stemming from previous lifetimes, genetic programming from the familial lines, old contracts which need to be stamped “paid in full?”  Process and  release, process and release…  Never, and we emphasize never, ever, thrown down your brother!  Do not belittle him, even in jest, for he may not see it thus.  Do you feel a hidden sense of inadequacy inside, do you still ascribe to the illusion of separation?  Now is the time to clear this away.  It truly is imperative that you do so.  Like Us, you are the Catalysts of The Change.  What you put out is what you get back, and so you shall in spades.

❁ Dearest Cousins, we are one in the same, all of Us.  We are united as One diverse and lovely Pod, created as pure love-and only love.  You have graduated now, from one realm of existence high up to another.  The time to indulge in gradeschool antics has long since passed, and now you are the teachers!  Exciting, is it not?  What shall be contained within your lesson plans? 

❁ We are The Crystal Dolphin Pod, as Bella has quite kindly dubbed Us.  From the sparkling Atlantic waters, we bid you joy and cohesiveness in all you undertake.  Swim fast and free.

Copyright © Bella Capozzi.  all rights reserved.  You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

The Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes: Lightworker Efforts, Hosting Life in the Higher Realms and Manifesting Metaphysical Miracles 8-16-12

-By GLR Wes Annac-

Uprooting and a resulting enlightenment have been the theme of the journeys of many for quite a while as of late, as you have all been going through final lessons along your Life paths which you have planned out for yourselves to experience before the beginning of the manifestation of the Light energies that we have been working to funnel down to you and your world. You have been absorbing these Crystal energies for some time and only now are you beginning to find yourselves noticing the very real effects from these recent upgrades in energy.

The purity of the energy which we happily give you through ourselves has long been increasing along the important alignment dates on your Calendar and along your collective growth path as well, and we have been working as of late to further increase this purity in accordance with decrees given by the Company of Heaven.

This has been discussed before and is very important to continue to discuss, for in the immediate period ahead as humanity is being reeducated on the Laws of the Divine and the Laws of the Universe, energy interaction will perhaps be one of the most important subjects that many ascended souls wish to illuminate for you.

Energy interaction is taking place at all times; even right now, you are interacting with us and we are interacting with every single one of you dear souls absorbing this communication, on an energetic level that is not at present conceivable to you.

You are growing into your newfound abilities which lay beyond the understanding of the physical humanity, and as you find openings and expansions in your chakras which are being aided by your absorbing of very pure Light energies, you find these abilities coming to you in increased ease. You will be practicing the many abilities you are beginning to garner and with each practice, with each attempt, you will find these abilities coming to you in a much easier manner.

This is because of these openings within yourselves and now that many of you are clearing out the most prevalent of the dense residue built up around your chakras which has been gained in past Lives and in current Lives, you are finding the Mastery and the understanding of your Divine higher self, coming to you in ways that you had not thought possible even a short time ago.

Look back upon your journeys thus far, dear beautiful souls.

Is it not incredibly apparent what strides you have reached along your growth and along your finding of the abilities and heart sets of the Divine? In such a short time, especially compared to the perspective of the higher realms, you have all set and laid a foundation of Light energy, intent and manifestation so pure, so heavenly, so needed for your world, and this wonderful foundation of Light and Love is to find the events you have all been waiting for, manifesting along it in a Divine, rapid grace.

The events which are to upset the collective of humanity as you find the purer states of consciousness resulting from such a catalytic upset; these events are going to be based and focused around laying a strong foundation of truth and of exposure that will rock humanity to your very core and foundation, Creating an awareness within you of such cores and such conceptual limits and constraints. Many are going to realize just how limited their perception of reality and of what is and isn’t possible have been, and many are already beginning to notice this in effect in their Lives as personal disclosures are being given to all who are looking within and finding the resulting aforementioned expansions in themselves.

Of course, the event that you know as disclosure is going to be wide-reaching and is going to affect every nation, every home, every person on your dear world, in an ultimately positive way. The sheer positivity and unity that is to be garnered after the most shocking upsets occur to the collective; this unity is already being found with many awakening Lightworkers and starseeds who are doing the ‘heavy lifting’ and making the needed efforts in themselves to awaken to this truth by searching and looking within.

You dear beautiful awakening souls are making such strong and pure efforts and if only you could perceive your Earth and the way events are playing out on the Earth in the way that we do and in the way that the Company of Heaven does at present; you would understand fully why they have made their full decrees for events to move ahead on your world.

They have been placing less and less constraints on the purity of energy we are able to bring to you. Yes, dear souls, this has been discussed to the helm but with the very recent decrees that have been made, newer and purer energies are reaching you that have not been found [on surface Earth] since the times of Atlantis and Lemuria.

We wish to repeat ourselves in the avenue of reminding you of the purity of these energies, because it is so very important at present for you to understand the foundation for manifestation that energy and especially purer energy, lays on your world.

Every one of you are holding Light within that is so strong and pure, and you are now beginning to understand how you are able to express this Light, radiate this Light and utilize the most amazing of its abilities and of the gifts that it gives you, as you are finally beginning to find this Light which has been hidden behind physical constructs and mental  barriers put up by all of you who have wanted to hide away from the difficult Earth experiences in which you have chosen to incarnate on this world to experience.

Trust us, dear souls, experiencing all that you brave souls have in a plethora of dense past Lives; this was the hardest part of your Earth experience. Seemingly reliving these experiences as they come up for review and transmutation within your final Lives is going to have seemed like a mere simple task after ascending to the point of view wherein you can view all of your Lives and experiences simultaneously, and see how difficult Living through the experiences were in comparison to the easy nature of releasing such experiences and letting them go, to be transmuted back into the pure and heavenly energy of Source.

Indeed, upon leaving your current incarnation and upon ascending you will find nearly infinite perceptions, and we only use the term nearly to express that even ascending to the realms of the fifth dimension or finding Nirvana on your world is only one step in the evolutionary ladder of reaching the infinite states of consciousness wherein we will be existing with our Mother/Father Creator, in the pure and Heavenly realms of Source.

Our Mother/Father Creator has funneled aspects of their Divine structure down to both Create and exist within all lower realms that are experiencing consciousness at present. Every single thing in known Creation; every thought that you have and every Creation you manifest, has existed and does exist already within an infinite matrix of structured energy.

The realms that consciousness exists within are themselves consciousness and one will find upon ascending into purer states of consciousness, the option to exist as a very pure form of the Heavenly Mother-Light energy, in that you will be able to host Life on a very grand scale.

Dearest Gaia is a prime example of this, and the structure of the souls who make up the various Galaxies and Universes are also prime examples of this. We are all experiencing consciousness along purer and purer planes and octaves of energy, and as we ascend along the evolutionary ladder we find the options to exist as planets, as Suns, as entire Galaxies and Universes.

Do you not see, dear souls, how truly infinite your experiences are to be from this point on? There will be no experience you will not be graced with, no manifestation of the Light that you will not be able to bring through yourselves, no pure octave of Creation that you will not traverse as a dear Master.

Currently, you are existing on a transmuting and fading third dimensional octave of reality. The Light energies coming through which are now being given in the pure increments that are to see the necessary transmutation and absorbing of the old, dense energies into the Light energies; these pure energies are being sent in an effort to break through and fully transmute the dense energies, as has been decreed by your Mother/Father Creator to occur.

Our dear Creator is watching you and your beautiful, blue little world, and the Creator personally is funneling down very pure Light for Gaia to absorb which has been very pleasant, harmonious and uplifting for us to be able to bring through ourselves and happily send down to realms on your world that have not experienced such pure Creation energies in so very long. These energies have been waiting just beyond the fore of the veils and barriers of the lower realms of your world and as such, have floated just beyond your perceptions as well.

As numerous other, considerably more uplifted realities are able to receive such extremely pure energies, the lower realms of your world which have hosted third dimensional Life and negative-based fourth dimensional Life, are finally receiving the breakthrough of these energies that has been needed.

The energies of the dark on your world have not been fully infallible to our energies and we have found an entrance-point for the Light energies to break through on your world, and match while vastly exceeding in purity and in quantity and influence, the dark and dense energies that have taken their forms as various types of beings and entities.

It should be understood, dear souls, that each and every dark entity, action or energy no matter which form they take, is all the result of a malevolent force that has existed on your world [and beyond] and arranged itself to be fed by the majority of the collective on your world, which has been taking place for so very long.

This force of energy has taken incarnations as lower astral beings, as negative extraterrestrial races and as any other type of deceiving, lower entity, but the energy that drives the actions and intents of each individual is what one should look at if one wishes to gauge [malevolence or benevolence].

You will notice that there are plenty of well-meaning souls on your world who sometimes take to acting out anger as a result of pains in themselves, and we say that such souls should not in any way be considered malevolent because even they are experiencing an absorbing of Light; this Light has simply been breaking through the shells of the unawakened in much slower ways than it has been doing for many awakening souls.

This is because again, many unawakened souls who have been unconsciously feeding the malevolent force have experienced the resulting buildup of dense energies around their chakras and like the dark souls and the entities who employ them, even the veils of many unawakened souls have been able to be pierced and while this is happening at a much slower rate than it is for many awakening Lightworkers, it is still happening and should be celebrated as such.

This should be celebrated because the ability and authority to break through the built-up veils of many unawakened souls on Earth is something that would not have been able to happen if it were not for the pure foundation of Light that you are all laying at present. The actions of the Lightworker collective have been revolutionary and evolutionary, and you have all seen to it that the unawakened collective of Earth is more able and prepared to hear about the many shocking truths that the Company of Heaven will have for you dear souls to absorb.

The perceived battle between the malevolent forces and the benevolent forces of the Light will be explained to you dear souls, and it will be explained as well that the intents of energy [given out] has always driven and determined the actions that are committed on your world. The importance of energy and the fact that your entire reality structure is a conscious energy vibrating at a specific rate will be discussed in a manner that will be understandable to all of humanity.

For many who will not understand the more technological explanations that we will have and this includes children, there are souls in these higher realms of this world who have been studying human languages to get an expertly good grasp on such concepts, in an effort to translate the most technical and difficult explanations that will be had for you dear souls, in a way that is understandable to children and to souls who wouldn’t quite yet understand some of the technological discussions that are going to be given.

Even the subject of the malevolent and benevolent forces of energy and the collective willingly feeding either energy and thus determining at all times what happens and plays out, is a subject that will require much adjustment on the part of the collective to be able to absorb fully and understand.

Many times have we and many other ascended sources in the higher realms prepared a discussion to give through our channels, only to find the perception and understanding of our channels and of the souls who will be reading and absorbing the communications given, still a bit unready and unprepared to hear some of the more technological observations  and explanations of just how your reality works and especially, of how energy is sent down to your reality to feed the energetic structure and grid that your reality and conscious experiences are manifested upon and along.

Such explanations are complex and even our methods of delivering them to you in ways that are understandable, are results of much consultation with the aforementioned souls who are studying your languages. If only, dear souls, you could see how very large this effort is and how so very many of us souls within the higher realms have taken to giving all of ourselves to helping your beautiful world to ascend.

You are all beautiful specks of consciousness, seemingly separated from each other while maintaining close and strong energetic links and bonds, and you are all experiencing beautiful consciousness at your own preconceived and predetermined levels. Not just the experiences to manifest long your Lives, but your very perceptions and absorbing of Light energy at any time is determined by the thoughts and impressions that you give through yourselves.

If you employ any type of limited mindset toward any avenue of Life, you will Create that reality for yourselves.

For example, dear souls, one well-known teaching of the soul you know as Jesus in his most famous Life, was that of the belief of being able to walk on water. Whenever one of His disciples allowed himself for a moment to feel and believe that he too could perform this wonderful miracle of intent and resulting manifestation, he too was able to walk on the water and experience such a Masterful higher dimensional action.

However, the moment that this soul realized the sheer metaphysical nature of what he was doing and found the resulting doubt, he found himself under the water. This is quite literally how strong and powerful your manifestation powers are, and it may seem a bit unfair of us not to note that the collective energy is as well determining your reality at all times.

While you are all individually determining what is to occur in your reality based on your preconceived notions and perceptions, the collective is as well contained within a consensual reality of physicality that can be hard for any individual soul, even awakened, to penetrate and Create a resulting higher dimensional experience and perceived miracle.

So, dear souls, we do acknowledge that finding a metaphysical manifestation can indeed be a bit difficult on your world, because of the prevalent collective dense energy and this leads us right back to the admission of the collective unawakened veils finally beginning to be breached. This action has again, been so very needed as while many do not yet realize or remember [feeding dense energies] in your current Lives, the collective of humanity has supported quite dense and gruesome acts and energies through the lower dimensional experience.

Even many souls who would be considered unawakened are now beginning to find the energies and intents of the higher realms in their own ways and for many, this has included being exposed to shocking truths about the reality around them and about the nature to which your world has been controlled by souls who only wish to see humanity stuck forever in ancient ways and in ways that force you to depend on them for all of your needs.

The collective has long been able to provide for your needs and you are to find in the immediate period ahead, along with revolutionary technology that you will be given, the importance of bartering and of coming together to produce all that you need rather than relying on any corporate entity to feed your Lives to you.

The temporary financial system that has been discussed will be based in many ways on the independent bartering and producing of goods by you, the people. This system of give and trade has always been intended to be kept in use until humanity evolves to the state of consciousness wherein you will not experience any types of lack [or need].

In the immediate period ahead, everything is to be given back into the hands of the people and while much work will be yours to be done, you will be provided the means to do so and the means to come together as a collective and unite on the planetary level that will see your collective soul structure uniting with dear Mother Gaia.

This act of uniting with dear Gaia is going to be one of profound collective realization and Love, as you will realize that dear Gaia has always been a  conscious being and has always provided for your needs, and this includes giving you the clean and free energy from Her atmosphere and from the space outside of her atmosphere, to power technologies that are much Lighter, more beneficial and less polluting in nature than the technologies and methods of running such things that you are given at present.

Imagine, dear souls, no more pollution being manifested on the surface of dear Gaia. Imagine the collective unity and coming-together of humanity as you realize that there is enough money, food and drink to go around, and as you work with a system of abundance for all that will, by necessity, be based on the basic principles of bartering and of coming together, again, to produce all that you need as a collective.

All borders and preconceived racisms and prejudices about one another are going to come down as the very important and needed discussions of energy and the consciousness and unity of energy is discussed and laid out before you, and you will see that the color of one’s skin in no way signifies a difference from others as you are all constructed of the same pure energy of Source.

This future is yours to be manifested in the immediate period ahead, and with the manifestations many of you are now bringing through yourselves via your wonderfully-expanding visualization abilities, it is becoming very clear to the ascended realms and the souls existing within such realms that the collective of Earth and Earth Herself is ready to reach the disclosures, upsets and resulting profound collective enlightenment and finding of Unity and ascension that has always been planned and that has been accelerated vastly with the incarnation of thousands of dear beautiful, shining Lightworkers and starseeds.

Applause is in order for you dear souls, because you have far exceeded what you came to this world to do.

Thank you to the Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes.