Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/29/12 ‘You Represent Many Worlds’


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By Greg_ Giles – Posted on 29 June 2012

If we have managed to come this far do you not think that together we can travel the last mile and make it to where it is we set out to reach so very long ago? What we have accomplished here together so far is nothing short of miraculous, and what we have done has already changed for the better so much of this, our shared universe. We, together with you, have already built bridges between worlds who may not have seen eye to eye in some areas, and we have constructed a roadmap connecting worlds that at one time saw no connection and had no desire to create any interconnecting ideas, projects or philosophies, but today are connected because of you and because of we and what we together have accomplished.

We do not wish to stop here, however. We wish to continue constructing lanes and avenues of shared visions and dreams and continue to build on our project that has connected so many worlds now dotting this interstellar roadmap of friendship, teamwork and cooperation. We ask you to continue strongly your efforts and strive to persevere beyond any illusion of limitation and blockage and push through any and all obstacles that you may find, at one time, a formidable foe. There is nothing and there is no one that can stop us when we all work together as a team, and that is the most important treasure we are all discovering for ourselves while we work towards the final accomplishments of our shared mission.

Joining hands for the first time are worlds who may have not have agreed on several important points of this universal infrastructure, and raising the flag of truce, peace, love and friendship for the first time are a few worlds that have at one time battled and fought each other because agreements could not have been reached amicably in other more peaceful means. This is what we have accomplished so far together with you and we wish you to know this, and we hope it to give you strength, to give you the courage and the commitment you may need to continue your efforts and breakthrough any walls that stand before you and between any worlds within this entire universe.

Today here in your world are representatives from many different planets, star systems and galaxies that fill and brighten what otherwise would be a darkened universe. These representatives are you. That is who you are. We see so many of you trying to figure out and remember who it is you truly are and we wish you to know that who you are our representatives of the worlds that we who are members of the Galactic Federation of Light come from and call home. None of us are strangers to any of you. We are you and you are us. You just do not have remembrance of this, but we say to you that you will have your memory banks fully restored when your mission here reaches its completion, and it will be at that time that you remember that you are us and that there is no them or they, and it will be at that time that those of you who feel fear of us or who may be choosing separation and to believe we are invaders or uninvited strangers coming to your home will realize the futility and waste of such unproductive thoughts and emotions.

We have not come here foraging, exploring, mining, stealing, spying or to tempt anyone for the purposes of enrollment to fill our ranks. We have come here with you and you have come here with us. We have come here together, and we have come here on a mission in love and service to our Creator and to each other, and this includes all of the worlds of this entire universe and includes all of the representatives of these worlds here in your world at this time. We are all together in this. We all play for the same team. We would like more of you to understand this, as it will be soon now that we will begin the next stages of our operation where we will begin to work more personally, either directly or indirectly, with many of you that we feel are prepared to work with us and who would make positive additions to the teams that are now being organized to begin the many projects we see as necessary to advance this world to the standards of an intergalactic community.

This is what will be the end result of our mission here. This world that you call Earth will receive many modifications, changes, upgrades, purifications, cleansings and structural reinforcement that will strengthen her roots and strengthen her fruit for her continued growth and journey through this universe. You are the fruit that grows from your planet’s branches. It is you that are now growing stronger and healthier, allowed to ripen in the sunshine where at one time there was nothing but darkness. It is this growth and maturity, strengthening and blossoming that is at the root of our mission here, and these roots grow deep not only through this single planet, but throughout worlds and throughout galaxies that spin and shine throughout the entire forest of this universe.

Help us on our mission together by continuing to do your best to get along with each other, to respect others points of views and honor the choices they may make that may differ from yours. It is not imperative for everyone to believe the same things about themselves or about our mission here together. What is of importance is that you, the representatives from all the worlds that we come from, get along peaceably and politely as we move ahead now with the next phases of our overall operation. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and much needed in this respect, and we thank all of you for giving this area of your assignments your sincerest efforts. We thank you, and we look so forward to working with many of you in one form or another as soon as is possible in the days ahead.

We are your family and your friends from back home. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles English

Walking the Higher Path – Magenta Pixie

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 27 June 2012

Action is taking place but as you have realized it still does not hit the main Press outlets, but the news will become so important that a point will come when it can no longer be hidden or ignored. Governments like to be in control and have always tried to cover up news about demonstrations or rebellions amongst the people. However, once the media gets hold of the real truth behind what is happening, they will take the side of the people. Naturally there will still be those who take a defensive view of the happenings, fearing that the changes are going to seriously affect them. People do not want to face the idea that they are about to lose their power, or in some cases their ill gotten wealth. No one will escape the financial changes or sharing of wealth, which shall be even greater by the inclusion of Trust Funds set up for this occasion. Be assured that immense planning has gone into ensuring that this immediate period allows for everyone’s needs to be considered. It will take time to cover everything but first the old system must be rid off and a new one put into its place.

At the last moment there are inevitably stumbling blocks, but in the context of the whole mission they will not cause any undue delay. However, the pressure is mounting on those in the front line to get matters completely under way. It does require a lot of co-ordination and although we are mainly in the background we can nevertheless exert our authority to move things along. In fact in certain instances such as the cabals attempted false flag operations, we have been very much at the heart of matters. As always we do encourage you to take the lead as it was never intended that we did your work for you. The reasons are involved with karma, and you are expected to clear up problems created by yourselves. They do in fact go back a very long time during which periods you have met the same conditions throughout many lives.

Certainly you have made much progress since the turn of the century, but even so have had to make a supreme effort to stop the plan of the Illuminati reaching fruition. We have been part of the movement to enlighten people as to the threats against them and their liberty, and it has been very successful. Prior to that time you were being lulled into accepting the changes that were insidiously introduced bit by bit, that were removing your rights brick by brick. Thinking that they were infallible has allowed us to use the arrogance of the dark Ones to turn the tables upon them, and they have been taken unawares.

You should savor the coming times as you claim back your sovereignty, as it is nothing less than you deserve for having been treated as slaves for so long. As individuals it does not matter too much what you may have done in the past, as you came to Earth to experience duality. All of you have had your ups and downs and it is what you are today that really counts. It comes down to having learnt the lessons that you needed to evolve, and you will all know how you stand in that respect. If you consider yourself to be of the Light you are undoubtedly on that path, and are unloading any baggage that you have accumulated. You are beginning to understand your true self, and live up to your desire to be of the Light and you will know better than anyone else how you are doing. Be of good heart, compassionate and loving to all souls and if you are able to do so, you are well on the way to ascending.

Times are approaching when communities may need to come together to assist those who may well be confused by what is about to happen. It will seem as though the world is being turned upside down, and the future uncertain. Some areas may be inconvenienced by shortages due to normal services being restricted. So it is important that you care for each other when the need arises. The problems will only be temporary with no long term difficulties, as we are well prepared and already know where help will be needed. Face the future with cheerful anticipation and help maintain the peace that is essential at this time.

We of the Galactic Federation are so pleased for you that at last you can really see the outworking of all the efforts, that have been put in to bring an end to the restrictions that have blighted your lives. The Controllers are on their way out having been severely restricted in their ability to fund the vast operations they ran. When the banking changes are made that will further reduce their power, and no longer will shady or illegal deals be possible. Dealings that are open and transparent will be the order of the day, and possible because the rogue dealers will have been removed. However, much has come from the top establishment and that also will change with more accountability. You have capable people who know what needs to be done and we will work with them.

Your consciousness levels continue to rise and that is a good sign and your assurance of reaching a level high enough to ascend. The advantage is that you are now less likely to step backwards and it will become easier to keep your focus on the Light. You are getting immense help and the pathway through the final months has more key points to come, that will assist your upliftment. We continue to confirm that in spite of delays, everything proceeds well and we are ready to spring into action at a minutes notice. We are in fact present on Earth in ways that are not immediately apparent, as we have bases that give us useful access to our allies. We can also more easily keep track on certain members of the Illuminati that are trying to avoid having to surrender.

We wish your media would drop their hesitation to report the real news, as if it were carried out honestly it would reach more people who as yet have little idea of what is about to happen. In the meantime we look to you to spread the news where and when possible, and soon we shall arrange that our allies are given a voice that will reach the general public. Communication is very high up on our list and you shall see that a new system will be introduced far superior to what you have now. We want everyone to be able to use it and it will involve the use of free energy.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank you for your ongoing perseverance.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey. link to original article


Saint Germain ~~ The Essence of Life ~~ 26/06/2012 by GLR Méline Lafont

Dear Ones,
I Am Saint Germain and I want to talk to you about all the feats you have already accomplished in your lives. What used to be so hard has now become a ‘piece of cake’ compared to earlier times in which you found yourselves. You all have travelled the long, lonesome and winding road. On your way you were confronted with lots of obstacles only to defeat them again and again. You went ahead courageously and powerfully, never looking back.
This trying journey has taken its toll on you ; it has changed your worlds in the manner that your lifepath has left a trail in the world in which you live. In the meantime, this trail has been transmuted into the Light  resulting in the cleansing of your world. The thought of quitting, of just giving up has never crossed your mind, nor have you ever eluded the obstacles on your path. You kept on going, deeply believing in yourselves and in a better world. You faced the challenges head on, with much self-respect and now we can say that you succeeded brilliantly.
Tomorrow always delivers what is concocted today. So be very careful what you create today as it will be just that what tomorrow will deliver. In short, all will flow together to create the “Now”. That may seem overwhelming to grasp, but after all you have been through, this too will be a ‘piece of cake’. You have become accustomed to all these energies and adjustments. You have mastered them and  you gained expertise in handling them. You are becoming Masters ; before long you may call yourselves Masters and you may join us in the Higher DImensions.
The challenges you were faced with in this Dimension were the most difficult of them all. However, once these challenges are victoriously overcome, they will never return on your evolutionary path. The challenges you have faced were long lasting and they have completely gotten out of hand. That’s the reason why “intervention” has been granted to ensure the safety of GAIA, your Beloved Mother Earth, and of humanity. Enough is enough and the limit for that has been crossed some time ago. Being an Ascended Master full of Love I can guarantee that our attention is focused on this matter. All is involved ; not a single particle of energy remains inactive in this regards. All has been called to active duty to finish the situations that have completely gotten out of hand. Despite all the distractions from the Dark Lords you arrived at this point in your evolution, namely your Ascension! Your experiences in duality are almost over. Be at ease and enjoy, for we too are most pleased and we welcome you with open arms and loving intentions. We stand by your side, we will never let you down. Make the most of the loving energies that are coming your way and get lots of rest for the Summer Solstice has been the starting point for many physical changes.
I Am Saint Germain.
Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.


SaLuSa ~ 6~25~2012 ~ We are Gathering Around the Earth Allies, Many Actions are to Take Place

The numbers of people open to the idea of major changes are growing, and it is a sign that many more are becoming sensitive to the new energies that abound upon Earth. Some feel fear of change whilst others sense that behind it is the intent to move your civilization out of the morass that threatens to bring the world down. It is therefore a unique time for those with knowledge of what the changes are leading to, and an opportunity to let it be known that all ends well. At present matters are reaching a point of no return and we and our allies wait for the signal to go into action. All is prepared and although the dark Ones are aware that their time is up, the suddenness and extent of our arrests will still surprise them. Naturally there will be confusion amongst the public, but at the earliest possible moment they will be informed. When the media opens up to the truth the different sources will soon want to be part of the news about the changes.

Meantime we gather ourselves around our allies as they mobilize themselves for the first of many actions. What is starting in the US will spread to other countries, as people everywhere will demand their freedom, and a great cleansing will take place. Where there is resistance we shall back up our allies and explain that freedom must be given or else we will be forced to intervene. There is no choice for the old cabals and their power will be moved along with them if necessary. It is no time for false promises or going back to the old ways that no longer serve you. All countries will eventually base their Constitution on one that will be restored in the US according to the Founding Fathers, but modified to reflect the New Age that you are entering. These matters have already been addressed and prepared for a quick transition.

Some people wonder how the armed forces will react, and we must tell you that the majority are ready to lay down their arms and become the true protectors of Mankind as originally intended. No longer will they put their lives on the line fighting false wars, and instead they will act to maintain peace throughout the world. Weapons as such will not be used against the people, and a day will come when they will no longer be needed. We know where the hidden facilities are and they will be destroyed to ensure they are never used again. Indeed, we have already commenced closing down underground bases, and are disarming the dark Ones as quick as possible.

Bear in mind our actions are carried out in such a way that there is no loss of life. We can “remove” people quite easily and deposit them wherever we choose, and often it is off planet. We re-educate those who indulge in killing and violence, so that they may return to Earth as useful citizens. Those of you who are moving into the Light will know, that at a certain level you move beyond the negative emotions and they can no longer affect you. Your Light is your protection and will bounce back such energies to the originator. Such is the power of Light that where creation is concerned, nothing is impossible and it is only the lack of belief that prevents it.

Dear Ones, you are doing so well even though you are under a lot of pressure, but do try and relax and enjoy what should be an exciting time. Time is moving so quickly, before you know what has happened we will be talking with you and have regular communication. Our intent is to keep you well informed of our activities, and we look forward to addressing you directly. With us will stand those souls who will have been identified as of the Light, and will lead you to the goal of Ascension. Naturally it does not stop there and your evolution will continue in the higher dimensions. If you did but know it, you have so much to look forward to and your lives will alter for all time.

Whatever problems or predicaments you find yourselves in, take it in your stride knowing that before long the answers will come your way. The higher vibrations will alleviate many medical problems, and with the coming of the Cities of Light so will healing chambers and other advanced technologies be able to handle them. After Ascension you will have no illness or physical problems at all, as your bodies will be in a state of perfection. So bear with any existing problems as you do not have much longer to put up with them.

Drugs rarely act as a cure but as a containment and but for concealment you could for example have had a cure for the scourge of Man that is cancer. Many medical advancements have been kept back, so as not to hit the profit levels of the drug companies. Also many drugs are placed on the market that are known to have serious side affects, and others that are banned and withdrawn in one country are sold to the Third World. Shortage of water could also have been overcome, but again held back to maintain high prices. There are many such examples in various markets, and not least of all the Oil Industry. They manipulate the markets to create shortages and high prices, when in reality there are no shortages at all.

You will not have to suffer much longer at the hands of the Illuminati, as the answers to your problems lay with us and our new technologies that we ready to share with you. Already you have learnt of the true potential that is waiting for you, and we shall waste no time putting it into place. We simply wait for the new Government to be put in place, with representatives that will truly work for the betterment of Mankind. They are there and known to us because it is quite impossible for anyone to misrepresent themselves without our knowledge. It means that when we negotiate with the dark Ones, there is no point in them trying to fool us with words when we can read their minds.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and the Galactic Federation of Light assure you that you are in safe hands, and need not become concerned by claims that are intended to make you become fearful. It is not just the Illuminati that create disinformation sources, but also groups that wish to see a different ending to this cycle to satisfy their own beliefs. Also remember that many old prophesies are no longer relevant, as conditions have changed the outcome which is going to be less volatile and easier to deal with. Keep calm and stay within the Light and Love that continually bathes the Earth and raises its vibrations.

Thank you SaLuSa. Mike Quinsey. Website: Tree of the Golden Light

SaLuSa to Me ~ We are All Related and Connected ~ 25 June 2012

Dear ones, we are on the verge of great new changes on your world. As guardians and protectors of your planet, the Galactic Federation will closely work with the ones among you who will be welcoming our presence and who have a great understanding of the situation at hand. We have already made a subtle contact with many of you in a position of influence and who are open to spiritual understanding of the unique situation on Earth at the time.

We very much look forward to working with you in a more open manner and without any hindrance. We are very aware of the resistance among you concerning our arrival on your planet. We are aware of the possible fear many would experience at the sight of our mother ships decloaking in your space. We wish to avoid a confrontational situation of course, and have no desire to spread doubt, fear and infighting in your belief where we are concerned.

We have made our presence more and more obvious in the past 60 years in your skies. Many of you are still denying our very existence; however, your scientists are preparing you to the fact that life in outer space is as common as the fish populating your oceans. Life in space is in no way different to life in the ocean. Your governments have done their best to keep you in the dark ages for many years where life in space is concerned. However you now know that water is found on many other planets, you are also told by your science that many planets exist in the universe, and you are also been made aware of the fact that life came from outer space.

Dear ones, as you know there are many words in the universe, many Suns, many Galaxies. Life is abundant and never ceases to continue it expansions. There are many planets and solar systems as old as your own world, and much older. It is not unreasonable now for the layman to comprehend the implications of life on alien planets. We are indeed very near to a mass acceptance of the reality of advanced intelligent life on other worlds.

There is also much talk about “your” world, not being “our” world. These are further attempts for separation between species and beings. For indeed, ultimately are we not all one and part of the same being? I would also like to reassure you on the fact that the species allowed to enter your space are benevolent beings or ascended beings. Ascended beings have the same level of consciousness, knowledge and unconditional love. It is entirely irrelevant to what species an ascended being originates from, as we all originate from our loving Creator, the same and one being. Ascended beings are just one step closer to him than not yet Ascended ones.

Furthermore, many of you have had many, many lives on other worlds, on far away planets, from other galaxies and other dimensions. It is only natural that we are all in fact linked and connected in the ethereal world. It is only natural that the beings who you had relationships with and who you had shared previous lives on other worlds wish to reunite with you all at a time such as this.

Dear friends, my message of today is very simple: we are all related, we are all connected and we are all ultimately love and come from the same One Creator.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, although I am somewhat attached to Sirius and use it in my name for recognition purposes; I also have had many lives on Earth, and on many other worlds. I wish you well and send my unconditional love to you all dear Brothers and Sisters from Earth.

Thank you, SaLuSa

Channeled by Laura Tyco

Sentinels 22 June 2012

We come to guide those who are now moving closer and closer to TRUTH in their hearts.
From the outside the planet earth may appear to be in chaos but inside of YOU there is a
restructuring that is being done from cellular level outwards. We are the Sentinels and we
come to guide as more and more prepare to move to the new world that has been born.
Our role is one of guide and not of leader, for that serves no one. We sit on the outer
edge of your vision, guiding, whispering and nudging for we can SEE in ways that YOU
are now only beginning to imagine. For those who are now restructuring SELF this is a
challenging time but it is also an expansion of SELF, it is a growing, a reconnecting and a
SOUL growth.
We sit as gatekeepers to the portals of new worlds, our role is one of emissary, we are
not here to make rules and regulations to prevent the entering of the new world, on the
contrary we are here to help you shed that which no longer serves in order to gain access
to the new world.
As the humans on planet earth now shed their distortions, embrace the new energies and
begin to harmonise with all of the universe the change in their energy signature is vast.
Those who are now moving in elevation can FEEL this elevation, a lightness in their step,
a lightness in their BEing as they begin to remember who they ARE. For the movement to
a new planet is the movement that is dreamed of and those dreams are now unfolding for
many across planet earth.
The energies that now sweep across the planet are cleansing and they are clearing, this
is done at all levels through all dimensions and all timelines. This cleansing and clearing
is down to as we have guided cellular level, it is not possible to enter a new world with the
programming of the old world existing within your very structure. For you are the world,
the world is you, you contain the frequencies of the planet that you exist on and that
planet is now restructuring from the inside out.
The frequency of mother earth is now shifting and expanding, the ability to increase the
energy that flows through you is now being shown to you and we guide for all to be aware
and to embrace this new energy. Allow the frequencies to begin to shift and allow the
heightening of the senses that occurs when this happens. The abilities that you have as
human BEings are now expanding, that which is your natural state of BEing is being
shown to you at ever deepening levels.
We are here for you at all times and we guide for you to journey to meet us. By allowing
the dreamtime to open a gateway to our energies we guide we will meet you and show
you that which has to be allowed to dissolve in order to move and expand. It is vital that
you begin to allow this process that is starting on planet earth to begin, many are holding
back, trying to build more walls deep within to keep the pain at bay. We guide strongly
dear ones that the pain is the distortion. It is not a natural human state to hold pain deep
inside. It is a distortion that you have been TAUGHT how to do and it works against you
on all levels.
Distortion in the form of human emotional pain leads to a filter that is applied that screens
out the beauty in the world around you, many are now unable to see the beauty of the
new world for they use the eyes that have been taught NOT to see. Do our words
resonate dear ones? We are here to help you gain clarity of vision for whilst you walk in
the dark then the pain may seem as a giant that is now about to overbear you but shining
the light YOU ARE on the pain will show it for the distortion that it is in TRUTH.
So much has been kept from the human race that there is no way to enter the new world
without a measure of some discomfort. Know that any sign of discomfort is merely the
dislodging of a teaching of distortion. The energies of the new earth do not support that
which is not TRUTH, many are aware of this but unable to absorb the full depth of this
phrase. Anything you have built your life upon that is borne out of the teachings of
distortion will now begin to dissolve.
It may be a challenging time for many as you have been taught to preserve the teachings
of distortion and hand them down to successive generations. Many of the children born
onto the planet earth are alerted to this and will reject the teachings of distortion
immediately. This will prove to be further challenging for those who have incarnated on
planet earth and who have borne the teachings and not questioned them. The default
teaching of distortion that has been taught is to defend the “status quo”. This is a huge
distortion for energy is always moving, to try to preserve the “status quo” is pouring huge
amounts of energy into trying to stand still dear ones. There is no expansion and growth
for the SOUL if you try to stand still, it is not possible to stand still for energy moves
We guide strongly that if you are at this moment trying to preserve that which you have at
all costs then you walk in the teachings of distortion. Many are holding on tightly to jobs,
to relationships and ways of BEing, fully believing it is TRUTH but we guide the universe
only supports TRUTH and not the reflections of a teaching of distortion that may attempt
to appear as TRUTH but does not have the energetic imprint that all TRUTH has. Does
this resonate dear ones?
More and more humans across and within planet earth will now see their energy
signatures begin to move and to shift. The note that YOU are is changing as mother earth
is changing, the universal signature of the planet you have incarnated upon is now
shifting, it makes no sense for the BEings who are hosted on the planet to stay in the old
energies and therefore not shift with the planet. Does this resonate dear ones? Many
believe the teachings of distortion that create the notion that the new earth is a physically
different world and we ask for you to detach from this teaching. This was taught to cause
confusion and to scatter energies. ALL is energy, the different versions of SELF and
dimensions are energetic dear ones, it is YOUr perception that will change, your eyesight
become clearer and YOU will be able to access that which may appear hidden to you at
the vibration you resonate to at this moment. Heightening your vibration will reveal the
secrets that you have been shielded from.
Those who sought to control this planet knew that the change in frequency would alter
everything and this is what they sought to control. ALL is energy dear ones, we guide for
you to let go of the human logical brain and to allow the senses that show you TRUTH to
begin to reactivate. That which is TRUTH is not always logical for the human brain was
programmed to respond in certain ways. To move out of this way of BEing and of living is
therefore a challenge to many who cannot seem to move out of the original programming.
The removal of the stimulus of the old world is but the start dear ones.
Akin to a baby learning to walk the logistics of it make little sense to the baby who will not
be able to process them. The baby learns by actively attempting to walk. We would guide
for you to actively create dear ones, we would guide you actively begin to challenge that
which is taught as TRUTH, only by questioning and experiencing can you tell what is
TRUTH and what is not. Logic has no part in this. If you debate and debate then you will
not experience, we ask you why you would incarnate in human form on a planet to
experience if you would not then use the body to experience?
Many are trapped in the mind and we guide this has been taught. Many are very dormant
in that they do not use the human body that has been given to them. Dear ones if you
were here to sit and watch the planet you would not have been given a body that moves
around for what use would it be to you?
Experience has been adapted dear ones for your mind and we would draw your attention
to this, an experience is personal, it involves the exchange of energies with the realm in
which you are conversing. A walk in nature sees you experience and exchange energies
with the faerie realm, the tree realms, sprites etc. A walk in a computer generated
programme watched inside on a monitor is an exchange of negative energies for the
energies emitted from the programme do not harmonise with the human energies that
YOU are. Does this resonate?
It cannot be highlighted enough that YOU are nature. YOU are part of the planet on which
you have incarnated, the vehicle you have been given to move around on this planet is in
harmony with the planet herself. The SOUL can receive detailed information through this
human vehicle from the realms around it. YOU can connect with the energies that you are
and we guide this is the challenge. Many are leaving their physical bodies to do this, to
move out of the physical and to move into the etheric. This also has been taught and
conditioned into the human race. This is not the challenge dear ones, the challenge for
the new world is to experience all that YOU are in the physical. It is merging the physical
with the energy that YOU are to harmonise and to come into balance.
We guide this may trigger many who are oblivious to the means by which the human
body has been rigidly controlled over the aeons and that this is what is breaking down.
The ability to walk in human form and converse and SEE your galactic family and all
realms is the ability to move the physical into harmony with SELF. For the SELF that YOU
ARE , the divine part of SELF that IS all come together in the human vehicle. There are
humans on planet earth who have honed this skill and they are near to achieving the
challenge that IS, to harmonise the human body with ALL that IS.
We guide for you to begin to TRUST SELF, for the deep part of SELF is aware of this
need in this timeline and will show YOU how to achieve this. It is not done through the
interaction of the teachings of distortion for they were created to lower vibration. To
achieve harmony with the human vehicle and the SELF involves raising the human
That which is being shown to you as dissolving is what is stopping you from achieving this
higher vibration, frustration is the first signal to the body that there is a frequency that is
not in harmony with the rest of the body. This is the route to the new dear ones, seek out
the teachings that are hiding below the guise of LOVE, seek out the distortions and then
dissolve them, the lightness of BEing from this will elevate leading to more TRUTH and
dissolving of more distortion.
The world will now begin to make little sense for most of the population. The balance that
appeared as “status quo” is not TRUTH and will now break down. How YOU react dear
ones is entirely up to YOU for YOU are the only one experiencing this at this moment. We
guide for you to rely on SELF, to TRUST SELF and learn to use the internal navigation
system that is SELF. This will allow you to process TRUTH and to find the illuminated
path that lies at your feet.
The smoke and mirrors of the teachings of distortion may attempt to trigger deep feelings
within you for that was their purpose. Like mini bombs of destruction, they trigger to lower
vibration and shield YOU from TRUTH. We guide for YOU to seek them out and to
dissolve them with the LOVE that IS to allow TRUTH to flow through you and around you
for it is YOU, at a deep level YOU ARE TRUTH.
We are the Sentinels and we come to guide and support as the human race now begins
its preparations to enter a new world. We ask for you to remember to breathe during the
process for this will help YOU. We look forward to welcoming you to new world, for we
are YOU.

Channel: Karen Doonan

Power of Twin Flame Divine Love by Liora The Power of the Divine Love of True Twin Flames uplifting Humanity at this time of transitioning into a new consciousness of Unity. For all twin flame guidance and understanding from the deepest core Soul Level session with Liora, and the downloadable Teachings for instant information. View website for all details.

Pleiadians: The Dimensional Energies Are Changing Rapidly June 21, 2012

A Loving Message from the Pleiadians

Beloved ones, The dimensional energies are changing rapidly on your planet earth, and this is creating a powerful effect within your cells. There are waves of movement within you and your energy is going through a rapid change. This is a direct result of the crystalline structures birthing through your physical body.

You are birthing now and the transformation of your consciousness is aligned by your crystalline structure. This enables you to align to the dimensional shift and begin to wake up.

To support your Self in this step of your transition, it is important that you use the energy of the earth, the sun, the wind and all that exists within the natural forces. Just open up your conscious awareness to these elements and an accelerated integration process will take place. The crystalline structure within you will birth and activate to a new level with this interaction.

This transformation process that we speak of is creating a lot of activity within your Ego consciousness; so much movement, trying to work things out so that you can feel in control. When, in fact, your ego mind is simply not in control.

The message we are bringing to you now is “let go, all is in hand.” Breathe and take this in: ‘all is in hand’. Now is the time to breathe and let go of all attachment to how you think things should be. Just allow a natural unfolding of events to take you where you are supposed to be, doing what you are meant to be doing, moment by moment. Allowing each step to unfold in front of you. Doors open and you walk through with a trust in your heart knowing that you are being divinely guided and held.

This is a blessed time. There is a grace opening up for all of you on your planet now, a magical energy that touches you in every moment, if you will allow it. The magic is here for you, open up and feel it around you now, sit still and breathe while you hold your heart. Take this moment in time just to Be. Open up to what you are needing in your life right now. Be precise about what you are asking for, what it is that you need today, now. Breathe and let go, allow the support into your world, and then let go.

Blessings The Pleiadians


Wes Annac ~ Solara : A Summer Solstice Message ~ 21 June 2012

~through Wes Annac-

Your New Earth is blooming into being on a Grand scale at this moment and we, having a pure vantage point of matters on your world, can tell you with happiness that the foundations you have been laying for so very many years are now setting the stage for the many events, both physical and etheric in nature, that are to grace the surface of your world in the current thread of reality you all find yourselves within.

Indeed, foundations have been laid. The years leading up to this final year within your third dimensional reality structure have seen each and every one of you, no matter the circumstances of your finding yourselves on this world and how long you have been involved in your own awakenings in your current Lives, laying supreme and Lighted foundations for you to supersede the need to continue feeding any lower vibrations of any type or form.

The lower vibrations are tricky and will come to one whenever one least expects it, and will show up in various different forms that seem to be nice and within the best interest of the soul in question, but such things are still left with the residue of the lower vibrations and in many cases, much of humanity has not begun yet to understand the many things that actually serve to hold you back and make your bodies and spirits unhealthy.

This current cluster of days that you are going through are very powerful in purity as your Sun is reaching several alignments and completions at this time, many coming subsequently right after another in a row.

Dearest souls, if you feel that your year 2012 has been crazy and energetic thus far, just wait until you begin to feel and adjust to the events playing themselves out right now on your world and on a Cosmic scale in favor of the achievement and manifestation of the supreme and wonderful ascension that is gracing your world and all of you at this time, in accordance with the long-decreed cycles and prophecies on your world, given in many cases by your ‘extraterrestrial’ and Galactic brethren.

As always, there are an infinite amount of heavenly rituals being performed at this time and in the days, weeks and months ahead to help Earth and you all adjust and align better with the continually pure energies that are reaching such strong proportions, that many of you are finding yourselves tested exponentially.

Have we not informed you, dear beautiful souls, that the dualities were going to increase in yourselves and upon your world?

The majority of you dear souls are seeing this very happening in play at this very moment, and in general it is very clear that your world is in a state of seeming chaos as so very many for the most part, have yet to understand fully the lower and gruesome nature of the acts that have been fed on your world for so very long and that have been and still seem to be normal, and the collective density which is still fed every day is being exposed on a widespread level in accordance with the continual clearing out of lower vibrational influences and densities upon the astral realms of your world and within yourselves.

We have been assisting with your finding of the higher vibrations that are taking the place of the lower vibrations and densities that have kept you feeding a lower vibratory Lifestyle for so very long.

We’ve stated many times that we dearly wish you beautiful souls could understand and fathom the depth and number of ascended and advanced souls assisting you in even your daily and moment by moment endeavors, as all of us Love you and your world so very dearly and will do anything that we can while acting in accordance with your freewill, to see this ascension come forth as has been planned for so very long.

You will find infinite assistance along your path, if you make it your intent to ask for and request such assistance and if you make it your intent to continually be able to wade away from your [former] self while Loving, understanding, integrating and transmuting, those lower mindsets and heart sets which still creep up in many of you and attempt to get you to feed the old and broken-down patterns and behaviors that you have enticed yourselves with throughout thousands of Lives within the lower dimensional matrix on your world.

Dear Mother Gaia has always been an advanced and ascended soul, and is a soul who has come from very pure realms and echelons of Creation to experience the fifth density as a planet, and She did not plan in any way to be ‘dragged’ down to realms lower than those of the fifth dimension but She Loves you all so very much that she wanted you to be able to experience the realities that you wanted and that you have Created for yourselves.

As you have slowly but surely begun to grow out of the mindsets that have garnered such ‘realties’ and as you are beginning to realize in very true, pure and intense ways, the extent to which you have deceived yourselves, we and many other ascended beings are assisting you and your world in ridding yourselves once and for all of the lower vibrations which you had Created for yourselves and wished dearly to exist within.

The illusion and distortion of freewill permitted you to think and feel while within the third dimensional matrix, that you could act however you wanted and treat those around you however you wanted and there would be no repercussions. Eventually, and for some this took many, many Lives and cycles to figure this out, you began to realize that that which you do to others is indeed reflected in your own experiences and in general, what you give out is returned to you, sometimes in very bold ways.

Of course, there are still many incarnate souls on your world at this very moment who do not believe that karma and the Law of Attraction are real, and this is because the very ideas and concepts of such things have been as muddied and distorted as the concept of true Love.

True, pure and unfiltered Love is the energy which Creates your reality, and this energy is the product of our dear Mother and Father Creator funneling parts of Him/Herself down to various and multiple different octaves and planes of reality.

The true and pure energies of our Mother and Father take quite a process along one’s Life and evolution path to reach, and the masculine and feminine energies that have been fed on your world for so long have been twisted and distorted, as have the concepts of Mothering and Fathering and again, the overall concept of what you know as Love.

As this imbalance in relation to the true energies and expressions of our Mother and Father are fed, the actions garnered as a result are themselves based in a lower dimensional, illusory experience.

Imbalanced masculine energies and expressions are those of acting patriarchal, employing ego to the extent of assuming one is always correct and in a position to judge or control others, and imbalanced feminine energies and actions are those of taking to deceit, gossip, and a hurting of others whilst putting up a fake shell, an alter-ego of sorts, to those whom one does not assume to be worthy of getting to know [the real them].

Another example of imbalanced feminine energies would be those of letting oneself be controlled by any other soul, for any reason, in any area of one’s Life.

There are many dear, beautiful feminine souls on your world who are letting themselves be controlled by those around them – some may be controlled by an abusive spouse, some may be controlled by family, but the common theme is always that such souls are letting their opinions and feelings be molded and formed entirely by another around them, who happily steps into such a role because of a want and perceived need to control somebody [who is] perceived to be weaker than them.

This is usually a heart set that is brought on from one not feeling enough Love, wholeness and completeness within themselves, just past their conscious awareness – and this is the cause of many other serious and strong problems within many Earthly souls as well.

Nearly all of your mental illnesses, all of your intensely fed angers, frustrations and fears; your feeding of the collective manifested density which is caused by an innate and inherent lack of Love within oneself, subconsciously helps you to feed the continual cycle of lower emotions and resulting experiences that you are granted through looking toward the lower vibrations in any form and pleasure that they have to offer, to fill the void of true Love that has been missing from your hearts.

We know that for many, when the terms Love and Light are used the concept of hollow shells of expression are brought forth as it is perceived that these are simply ‘new age’ terms that mean little, but it must be expressed that what are routinely called ‘Love and Light’ by many channeled sources are actually two of the purest distortions which can still be considered distortions, of energy being sent down from our Mother and Father Creator.

Love and Light represent our Mother and Father; our beautiful Creator seemingly divided into two United polarities and segments. One lays the foundation for Creation and experience, and the other sees such experiences brought forth through the Creation of a mirror-energy; a mirror consciousness to experience the landscapes, templates and blueprints that have been Created by the Universal energies.

The Masculine Logos energy Creates and sustains your realities, whereas the Divine Feminine Light energies which you all are as well, sees such a mirror consciousness Created in the form of all of you who experience the lower dimensions and various planets in every form that they take, as you are experiencing such Creation and consciousness while at the same time, mirroring it and being a part of it.

The Divine Masculine energies of Love and the Divine Feminine energies of Light are increasing in potency and purity now as they make their way to your world through very many star gates and energy gate stationed in many areas throughout Creation, which are connected with various star and energy gates on and around your world, as well as within your world in your skies, where such gates are not visible.

As other ascended sources have been speaking to, there will be a time when such energy gates in your skies will no longer be invisible and you will be able to both see these gates and see and feel the beauty and pure Logos energy that is being given through these gates, in the immediate future ahead.

Already, so very much pure Logos energy is reaching the surface of your world and reaching your bodies and spirits as well, as you continue to lay such a strong and pure foundation through your gained knowledge, attained by going through many experiences and lessons on your world and within your third and fourth dimensional experience.

Again, you have always been meant to reflect the state of the Earth [and vice versa] and as humanity has fed so very much darkness, the Earth has had to have such darkness experienced on Her surface as a result, as the Earth reflects every action, thought and feeling that is fed and garnered in each and every individual, and by the collective as a whole.

Some of the darker-inclined events which have happened because of the releasing of the negative energies manifested which needed to be expressed, were those of various natural disasters that in some cases, took out whole cities and collectives who were experiencing and continually feeding vibrations so very low and dense that such vibrational feedings called for a collective clearing event of such proportions.

Another example of this collective density and darkness needing to be expressed to be balanced out, has been that of the incarnation of the dark heads on your world who have been called by many the ‘elites’ as such souls have truly shown you dear souls how pervasive the vibrations and densities you have manifested truly are and just what your continual feeding of lower and dense vibrations for generations of your time has caused.

You will notice that Gaia has recently not had to undergo many of these physical clearing events on a mass scale and we say that this is because many ascended beings are continually monitoring your world and helping your Earth in any way they can to see that the Earth collective is able to realize these lower vibrations without the need for the causing of physical events and manifestations.

There will still be small rumblings and what not as Gaia continues to release the densities and vibrations that have been manifested for so very long and when the big clearing events come, it will be decided by the collective of humanity how such cleaning and cleansing events are to take place.

There have been several different possible ‘timelines’ planned out for such [Earth cleansing] events and one is that humanity can choose to receive assistance from your Galactic brethren while collectively meditating on a mass scale, and by this we mean on a scale of everybody on your world performing such meditations in the highest alignment and intent. Your Galactic brethren will assist by taking the energies that you manifest as a collective and funneling them through both the lower realms of your world [including 3D reality] and the higher realms alike, to give such higher realms a boost.

With this much Love being given to Gaia, Her lower astral realms and the energies and entities who would still reside in such realms by this time and trust us dear souls, that number will be very few; such events would serve to see Gaia able to clear out such density without the need for expressing it in very intense [catastrophic] ways upon Her surface.

This is one timeline and scenario that has been planned out and we can say that it is the most likely timeline and scenario, but the choice will be left entirely up to humanity. There will be several options laid out before you as a collective, and suffice to say dear beautiful souls these decisions will have to be made far after the disclosures and revelations and after your Galactic Brethren have made their Resumed Contact with you and your world.

Such times are not as far off as you may feel and yet, the majority of you are still working within your veils and doing the best you can at this very moment to break away from the densities that have kept you energetically chained to the vibrational state that has been fed around you and by you for so very long.

With the many alignments and intense upgrades and reboots of energy that are occurring right now and that will continue to be occurring, you will see much assistance with this process, from us and from many other ascended beings, again, only if the pure and clear intent is made to have us with you.

In this current moment [of the Summer Solstice], we here within the realms of your Sun are stationing ourselves in many different Solar realms at once, to assist with the bringing-through of energy so very pure that it may knock many off of their proverbial egotistical pedestals.

What we mean by this is that many of you, and this includes many unawakened souls as well, are going to find these energies transforming you and seeming to turn you inside-out even more than they already have, and we can say only to do your best to ride the many waves of energy that will be and are currently being given, and to use the tools you have around you of Love, Peace, Harmony, acceptance of all situations around you and of course, your Divine Violet Flame abilities.

Use such tools to see yourselves better able to ride the pure energies being given to you at this time for you will not be able to feel the energies and the resulting upgrades that many of you would like to feel, if you are still employing the blockages and willful feedings of frustration, tenseness and anger of any kind.

Allow the Universal and pure energies coming to and through you now, to shine brilliantly through such parts of yourselves still based in illusion, and you will find yourselves opened up and awakened exponentially upon doing so.

Each and every one of you are invited to the many, infinite rituals and mass meditations occurring right now, on your world and throughout many other realms to assist in the anchoring and mass integrating of the continually pure energies that are being given to you on important celestial dates that are indeed occurring closer and closer to each other.

As you are all continuing to align yourselves with and integrate these alignments which are coming at you one after another, in part you are beginning to get used to navigating these energies and subconsciously, many of you are doing wonders in integrating yourselves to the continually pure energies, to the extent that your Lives are much easier than they would otherwise be.

From here on out, your experiences are going to prove to be more and more validating as you make the efforts in yourselves to shed and integrate the final densities you find around you.

We all Love you so very much, and we are excited for you to lean all about us beings existing within your Sun, for we happily do so very much for you dear, beautiful souls on a moment-by-moment basis. We employ the energies of Love and the desire for Service to Others when assisting with the Creation of Earthly realms, and as we both Create your reality and continue to sustain it while helping you to receive purer and purer upgrades of energy, we give you as well our specific encoded Love.

Thank you to Solara. link to original article